A Tempting Vacation Ch. 08


“Amy. Hand me my dress please.” Pam said from behind the bathroom door.

Beth answered for Amy, “No way, I told you that you are going to wear one of my outfits tonight. Come on out here and you can try a couple on that I have in mind.” Beth not so discreetly winked at Amy as she attempted to lure Pam into the bedroom wearing only her panties and bra.

“Beth! You know I am not dressed. Now, Amy hand me my dress!” Pam said in the most demanding voice she had.

“Aw mom, if we let you get that dress on, you will never even try on Beth’s, and besides, you’ve been wearing bikinis smaller that your underwear in front of Ron. It’s not that big of a deal.” Amy responded to her mother.

“Amy!” Pam said, “I am not kidding around, get my dress.” Pam paused, wondering if Beth had indeed been right about Amy. Was she intentionally trying to get her to tease Ron. She felt a little jolt shoot through her body at the thought of Ron seeing her in only her bra and panties, especially the sexy set she was wearing now.

Beth interjected, “Pam, Ron is going to get in the shower when you come out anyway, just walk on out and he will walk on in. Besides, after hanging out on the beach with Amy and all those college girls today, you don’t care about seeing us old women in our bras, do you Ron?”

“Ah, sure, er…. I mean no. It’s, well you know, no big deal.” Ron stammered.

Pam hesitated for only a second, telling herself that the bra and panties really were bigger than some of her bikinis. Of course, her bikinis didn’t accentuate her cleavage the way this bra did, but….then she felt the jolt again, stronger this time, and decided to go for it, besides, how bad would it be to simply walk past Ron as he went past her to take a shower.

Ron was trying to will his cock down, but it was a losing battle, especially when he saw Pam tentatively step from behind the bathroom door. He told himself not to stare, but the way her boobs pressed together, with the lacy bra barely concealing her nipples, he couldn’t pull his eyes away. Even though it took Pam only a couple of seconds to scurry past him, it seemed like forever. He immediately felt foolish and embarrassed for so openly gawking at her, like the horny schoolboy that he was. He quickly slipped from the bed, taking care to keep his back to the women, and hurried into the bathroom.

Ron wanted to jerk off into his soapy hands, but given that he was told to be ready to catch their cab in 10 minutes, he opted for an ice cold shower instead. The cold water worked to deflate his erection, but had little effect on the lustful thoughts bouncing around in his brain. Only when he stepped from the shower and began to dry off did he realize that all his clothes were in the bedroom.

After summoning Amy, she handed him a pair of khaki pants and a polo shirt. “Amy,” he whispered, “where’s my underwear?”

“That’s the new rule, I’m not wearing any, remember, so you can’t either. It will be fun, believe me. Now hurry up, we have to leave.” She said, then turned and left.

Not having any choice, he dressed quickly and joined the others out front to await their cab.


Beth was quite please with herself for convincing Pam to wear a more daring ensemble. She didn’t get her in her sexiest outfit, but she never expected to do that, at least not yet. They had reached a nice compromise with a mid-thigh length skirt and a fairly snug, black silk blouse with a modestly scooped neckline that would provide only a hint of her bra-enhanced cleavage, unless she allowed herself to bend over. Beth wasn’t sure Pam really knew how much of her breasts could be seen in this manner, but was certain that given the height advantage Ron held over Pam, he would benefit throughout the night from the cut of her blouse.

Pam noticed the way Ron’s eyes kept dipping down to the valley between her breasts every time she leaned across the table during dinner. She tried to remain modest, but the blouse Beth had convinced her to wear seemed much more revealing now than it had back in the room. Beth kept the daiquiris flowing, and after finishing her second drink, over appetizers, Pam decided to do as her friend and daughter kept telling her, and quit being so uptight. If Ron was going to peer down her neckline, then so be it. Besides, Beth had indicated that she had a test planned for Amy and Ron tonight, to see how Amy would behave when given an opportunity to let Ron lust for her own mother. The rum was simply giving Pam the courage to start the test a little earlier, on her own terms.

After dinner, and a third daiquiri, Pam even agreed to Amy and Beth’s pleading to stop by the adjoining dance club. The club was not yet too crowded, and they easily found a table on one of the platforms in the back. It was a semi-circular booth situated so that everyone at the table had a view of the dance floor.

No sooner had they settled in than Beth headed to the bar. She quickly returned with four drinks. Pam, already buzzing from the drinks at dinner, gave in pretty easily and allowed Amy and Ron to have their own fruity, yet alcoholic concoction. Everyone was on their second round of drinks when the DJ played a song that was one of Amy’s favorites. She quickly grabbed Ron by the wrist and led him to the dance floor.

Almost immediately, two good looking, but obviously college aged boys, came to the table to ask for a dance. Beth quickly shut them down, wanting this time alone with Pam to push her further into her plans for teasing Ron.

“Beth…..why did you do that,” Pam said in her melodiously tipsy voice, “I feel like dancing!’

“Don’t worry, we’re going to dance, but don’t you want to know about the test for Amy that we decided I would come up with for tonight?”

Beth leaned in close to Pam in order to be heard over the pounding music without having to shout her deviant little plan across the table.

Pam listened intently, but at the same time her body began to respond ever so subtly to Beth’s words, and the way her voice vibrated next to her ear, while her hot breath washed across her earlobe and neck. Pam tried to block the tiny, yet unmistakable sexual twinge beginning to course through her body.

Once Beth pulled away, Pam said, “You can’t be serious. Do you really think Amy would let that happen? And even if she did, you don’t think I’d play along do you?”

Beth saw the goose flesh popping up across the exposed portion of Pam’s breasts as she leaned in closer. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I think Amy is brazen enough to do exactly what I said, if not more. And as for you, I may be wrong, and you don’t have to commit to anything right now, but just know the plan, and be thinking about how much fun it could be. I saw the way you let us coax you out of the bathroom today, to parade in front of Ron in your bra and panties. You and I both know that pretending it was no more sexy than one of your bikinis was pure bullshit, thrown out by Amy and latched onto by you. And I am willing to bet it made you hot, just like you got hot tonight knowing that Ron has been peeking at those luscious boobs of yours.”

As Beth finished her little speech, Pam followed her friend’s gaze down, to her substantial cleavage that was threatening to escape due to the way she was leaning over, against her own forearms. The sexy little tingle from earlier moved quickly down her body, until a warmth took hold of her sex and her face flushed with embarrassment, knowing the perverted path down which her body was coaxing her mind.

Beth gave her a sweet smile, saying, “You can’t really blame the boy, you know, you are one hot, sexy woman” and as Amy and Ron approached the table to rejoin them, she whispered, “just think about it for a while, ok? I’ll be right back.” And with that Beth slid from behind the table and headed, once again, to the bar.

“Here mom, show Ron how it’s done.” Amy said, offering her boyfriend’s hand to her mother. “Besides, I have to go to the rest room.” Amy turned and left, even as Pam began to scoot from the booth.

Ron’s cock was half hard from his dance with Amy. She had ground her gyrating ass against him most of the song, and when she did turn to face him, she had repeatedly reached down to briefly stroke his throbbing dick through the thin, loose fitting pants she had forced him to wear commando style. Even though he’d love to watch Pam shake it on the dance floor, he was relieved when she stood next to him and said she’d want a dance later, but for now she had to join Amy in the ladies room.


Ron allowed his eyes to follow Pam’s exquisite ass as she strode to the other side of the club, to the ladies room. His lustful thoughts interrupted by the sound of Beth’s soft voice, whispering in his ear, “Enjoying the view?” she said with a lilting giggle.

“Uh, no, I er, I mean I was only looking at, …..oh, nevermind, yeah, I was enjoying the view.” Ron stumbled through his confession. He realized that he had not been able to privately speak with Beth since the beach episode, but given what they had done together, or more specifically, what Beth had done to him, it seemed silly to deny leering after Pam’s ass.

“Here, take your drink and sit down, we need to talk before Amy and Pam get back.” Beth spoke, now in a somewhat serious tone. She had spent the entire time earlier in the shower thinking about the best way to approach Ron about their beach encounter. She thought she had a general feel for the best way to continue to fuck with his mind, and now seemed like a good time to begin.

Ron slid around the booth, closely followed by the woman he had actually had sex with only hours earlier. Nervousness immediately consumed him as Ron tried to find the courage to let Beth know that his feelings for Amy were too pure to ever have a repeat session. As much as part of him wanted to throw Beth across the table and slide his cock into her, he knew that his commitment to Amy meant he had to suppress those lustful yearnings.

Beth had chosen to wear a pink halter top, that was thin enough to only moderately conceal her braless nipples, was tight enough to accentuate her curvy figure, and short enough to allow her belly button to peak through when she moved in just the right manner. As expected, Ron had not so discreetly been stealing glances her way all night. Of course, as was her vacation rule, she was pantyless beneath the matching pink skirt. She stretched her firm body while scooting across the seat, until she saw Ron’s gaze dip down to her boobs and then to her increasingly exposed, tanned and toned legs, then she began to speak.

“Wow, this is a little awkward, huh?” Beth began, shifting her body slightly and pulling her left knee up, closer to Ron, her skirt quickly rising up to reveal more of her sleek thighs.

“Yeah, uh, I guess so.” Ron responded, even as he was trying to will his eyes away from the tempting allure of Beth’s sexy legs. He took a deep gulp of the strawberry flavored drink Beth had brought him as she continued.

“Well, I have wanted to talk to you about earlier, you know, on the beach, but I haven’t had the chance until now. You realize how wrong it was, what we did, don’t you?” she said, studying Ron’s face closely for reaction to her statement. There appeared to be both relief and disappointment conveyed in his expression, even before he spoke.

“Oh, believe me, I know, I mean, I felt so guilty having to lie to Amy this afternoon, and with her leaving tomorrow to go with her dad, I wasn’t sure….well you know, how things would be when she left.”

“Now Ron, do you mean to say that you were afraid I would be chasing you around the island, forcing you to fuck me the entire time Amy was gone?” Beth interjected, intentionally throwing in the word “fuck” to mess with him a little.

“No, I didn’t really think, well, you know, I wasn’t sure, especially after the things you and Pam talked about while you were, I mean, while we, um…..you know, when you were……”

“When I was fucking that gorgeous cock of yours jutting up from the sand, right under Pam’s nose, is that when you mean?” Beth said, leaning just a little closer to him as she spoke.

Ron felt his face turning crimson, “Yeah, that’s ah, what I meant.” Hearing Beth talk so graphically was making his dick grow and thicken in his pants, forcing his cock to expand down the slightly loose fitting material over his thighs.

“Oh honey, I guess you must have misunderstood a little. I was just saying that stuff to give me an excuse to squirm around on your prick. It was throbbing and jerking inside me so much that I couldn’t stand to be still any longer. That’s why I was talking to Pam about teasing you and masturbating, so I could pretend to be fucking you, well, even though I really was getting off on you for real, you know what I mean.” Satisfied that she had pushed things far enough, Beth redirected her effort to screw with Ron’s untested psyche, and changed course.

“I am sorry to be so graphic, I get a little excited thinking back to the beach, but like I said before, I was wrong for doing what I did, and I don’t want you to worry about me making any advances toward you. I think we should just forget about what happened on the beach, ok?” Beth finished, giving Ron her sweetest, most innocent ook.

“Sure, I mean, I appreciate you agreeing to act like nothing happened.” Ron responded, mostly relieved, but still somewhat disappointed to know he would not get to experience those incredible feelings he had when Beth slowly rocked up and down on his cock.

“Now, I can’t speak for Pam, you heard the things she said about you. It seems she’s quite obsessed with what you are packing around between your legs here,” Beth said, while gently tapping her left hand on Ron’s thigh.

Beth’s hand remained on Ron’s thigh, as his cock grew still harder and longer, down the inseam of Ron’s pants, forming an unmistakable bulge only inches from her fingers. Ron looked up toward where Amy and Pam had gone to the restroom, anticipating their return. Instead, he saw them on the dance floor, dancing with each other, but with an attentive audience of college guys admiring the way they moved their bodies to the pounding beat of the Reggae music.

“Don’t worry about them, they’re having fun, and we still have some time to finish our talk. Pam really has an amazing body, doesn’t she? And the way that bra is making her cleavage just scream to be ogled, pretty sexy if I do say so myself.” Beth said in response to the object of Ron’s attention. “I bet you’d like to see her naked as much as she wants to see your cock up close and personal, huh?” Beth said, eager to redirect the conversation once again to more suggestive dialogue.

“Um, I don’t know, you know, she is Amy’s mom and all.” Ron lied, nervous about Beth’s hand still lightly resting on his leg, and about the direction she was taking their conversation.

“Now don’t get me wrong, Pam would never do anything with you like I did on the beach, I was weak, a little buzzed from bloody marys, and well, just awfully damned horny. Pam is stronger than me, but I do believe she might be planning on some mild cock teasing for you. That whole thing about you two in the backseat, and then on the plane really got her all worked up over your prick. As a longtime prick teaser myself, I understand why she’d love to know she was making you get a hardon for her, but, if you acted like you were onto to her actions, or tried to respond in some way, she’d turn and run like you had the plague.” Beth said, glad to work into their conversation one of the few preplanned topics she wanted to get across to Ron. She had to work things so that Ron would never let on that he suspected Pam of intentionally teasing him, and she’d have to convince Pam that Ron is so shy, nervous, and naïve, that not only would he not respond to her actions, but that he would not even suspect her of intentionally tempting him.

“You play things right with Pam, and she might “accidentally” give you an opportunity to see some of her sexy body. Oh, but wait, I forgot, you already spied on sweet little Pam when you hid in the bathroom closet our first night here, didn’t you?” Beth continued, before Ron could answer, “Don’t worry about it, we all have our sneaky peeping secrets, I mean, I actually watched you rubbing my panties all over your rock hard prick later that same night, so we are a couple of voyeurs I guess.”

Ron could barely believe the things Beth was saying to him, and he couldn’t wait to hear more about her peeping on him, but as she finished speaking, the waitress came with yet another round of drinks. To Ron’s relief, Beth removed her hand to get money from her purse, but when she leaned across Ron to give the girl her money, her hand went back to Ron’s thigh, and “accidentally” slid over until her fingers met resistance from the steel like shaft of his penis.

“Oh my, oh my goodness, have I done this to you, just talking about how we must refrain from any sexual shenanigans?” Beth asked, not removing her hand, and knowing full well what she was doing to young Ron.

“Yeah, and I’ve been like this more often than not so far on this trip. It’s kinda embarrassing trying to keep everyone from noticing.” Ron said. Beth’s hand was still there, perfectly still and resting lightly on his shaft, her index finger less than an inch from his throbbing dick head.

“I understand, I mean if I had something that big protrude out from my body every time I got horny, I’d never be able to leave the house.” Beth laughed, “I mean, my nipples are a dead give away, but I kind of like the attention they command.” Beth said, directing Ron’s eyes downward to her pink halter with the quick dip of her head as she spoke.

If Beth was telling the truth about her nipples gauging her level of horniness, then she must be almost as horny as me, Ron thought. Her nipples were straining to break free of the sexy pink material tightly encasing her breasts. Ron allowed his eyes to wander further down her body, noticing how her skirt had ridden further up to expose even more thigh. A few more inches and he’d be able to see her panties. Then Ron remembered what she had said that first night, while he was peeping from the closet, Beth never wore panties or bras on vacation. He knew he was only inches away from benefiting from her vacation rule, the same rule Amy was now adhering to, and has forced upon him earlier this evening.

“You see, this is what is so hard, hehe, no pun intended,” Beth giggled, as her fingers remained unmoving on Ron’s very hard cock, “so hard about having a line that mustn’t be crossed. I mean, after having your beautiful cock in my mouth and pussy earlier today, and now, feeling it pulsing beneath my fingers, I’d like nothing better than to give it a few strokes, kinda like this,” Beth said softly as she allowed her fingers to wrap firmly over the bulge in Ron’s pants, and trace up then back, up and back before stopping to rest, motionless once again in their original position. “But that would be so wrong, especially after we agreed to forget about earlier today, don’t you agree?”

Ron’s breath was sporadic now, “Yeah, would be wrong.” He stammered while squirming beneath Beth’s talented fingers. He knew he should break free from her grasp, but he just couldn’t, besides, as hard as his cock was now, even in the dimly lit club, it’d be difficult to conceal if he left the booth.

“If the line wasn’t there, you know, the line we can’t cross, I’d have a tough time resisting the temptation to pull your big fat cock from through your zipper and then sliding down under this table cloth and giving you a sexy blowjob.” Beth continued to not only mess with Ron, but to make herself hornier by the second. Her fingers resumed their path up and down Ron’s cock, “Can you imagine how much fun it would be for me to be sucking your dick when that cute little Bahamian waitress came back to the table. I bet she’d stand there and watch, do you think?”

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