A Tempting Vacation Ch. 09


Ron allowed himself to look down for the first time since Amy removed the top. His dick was snugly wedged between Pam's smooth breasts, the miracle-bra enhanced cleavage enveloping his steel hard cock, still glistening with Amy's saliva. Even though Ron wanted nothing more than to grab Pam's luscious tits and begin to slide his shimmering prick back and forth between the tanned valley between her boobs, he knew the right thing to do, and his mind kept telling him over and over to get out of this situation before something really bad happened.

Ignoring Amy's obvious delight at the predicament he was in, he whispered emphatically, "Dang it Amy, help me get loose!"

"Okay, Okay, don't get all freaked out on me, believe me, I don't want mom waking up to this any more than you do," Amy truthfully stated. What she didn't say was that she had never seen her mother so drunk before, and was certain she would not come to until morning. Encouraged by this belief, and the unplanned, yet incredible opportunity to delve move deeply into her twisted teasing of her boyfriend, Amy quickly decided to try and torment Ron even further.

"Can you slide out if I push it down a little?" Amy asked, even as she gingerly allowed her petite hand to touch the top of Ron's ensnared shaft.

Ron looked on as Amy pushed his cock firmly down into her own mother's cleavage. The tip of his cock was three or four inches from the green strap of material so effectively tugging Pam's bra cups, and subsequently, her lovely breasts, together. Realizing he had little alternative, he agreed to allow Amy to assist him and retracting his dick from its current confines.

As he slowly withdrew his cock, Amy pressed down even more firmly, resulting in an almost unbearable friction between Pam's tanned skin and the sensitive underside of his penis. Ever so slowly, more and more of his shaft withdrew from beneath Pam's bra, even as the stiff under-wire scrapped over his tender skin. The head of his cock, swollen and throbbing, began to wedge more firmly into Pam's cleavage, and closer to the material of her bra that had ensnared him to this point.

Amy watched silently, her own body simmering from the erotic sight before her. She was actually glad to realize that the near-nudity of her own mother was in no way exciting her, but rather the idea that Ron was likely on the verge of an orgasm as a result of the forbidden temptation before him that was really getting her going. Amy also allowed herself to admit that the only thing better would be for her mom to someway be aware of what Ron was doing. She envisioned how frustratingly exciting it would be for her to have such a beautiful cock so close, but be unable to take advantage because he is your daughter's teenage boyfriend.

Amy continued to press her index and middle fingers firmly against Ron's shaft, just below the purplish mushroom head of his cock, watching intently as it approached the main obstacle to freedom. Just before she would have been able to guide it beneath the bra, she removed her fingers causing his shaft and head to spring up firmly against the ungiving material of her mother's bra, leading Ron to wince from the discomfort, and relent from his planned escape.

"Amy, why did you let go?" Ron complained, even as his cock continued to twitch and throb against Pam's cleavage. "Come on, do something to help me out here." He pleaded.

Intent on prolonging his torment, Amy said, "I don't think this is going to work, it will be easiest if I unfasten her bra." She didn't think Ron had noticed that the clasp was in front, hidden discreetly behind the small lacy flower between her mother's boobs. "Help me lift her up some so I can get to her and unhook it."

Ron was skeptical about his ability to withstand much more friction with Pam, but in his still buzzed state, Amy's plan seemed to be the only way. As she lifted Pam by the shoulders, Ron assisted as best he could in raising her up and off of the bed. Of course, the result was that his cock, still sufficiently slippery with Amy's saliva, retraced its path up Pam's chest. Amy pushed her up and over more and more, until Ron could feel his balls pressing firmly against her midriff and sliding up until the lacy bra prohibited him from moving further. The head of his prick was up well past Pam's cleavage, occasionally poking into Pam's chin as her head lolled back and forth while Amy attempted to reach beneath her to unhook the bra.

Amy pretended to be struggling to find the clasp, all the while observing Ron as he struggled to control the tormented, yet incredibly sexy looking cock as it pulsed and jerked only inches from her mother's lips.

As his cock pressed once again against the underside of Pam's chin, Ron could feel the pre-cum, which was by now freely coating his cockhead, smear across her chin and neck, allowing him to easily slip to and fro against her smooth skin.

Amy, pretending for the first time to realize that the clasp was not located on the back strap, said, "Oh no, Ron, the clasp isn't back here, it must be on the front."

She lowered Pam back against her lap again, but only enough to ensure that Ron could not slide free from his predicament. His cock was now trapped by Pam's bra, firmly at the base of his cock, while his shaft and head strained, only somewhat successfully, upward and away from Pam's warm flesh.

Ron actually groaned from the sheer torture his dick was being forced to endure. His almost blood red head was now only inches from Pam's lips as Amy repositioned her head against her lap. He was concentrating so on not cumming across his girlfriend's mother's face, that he didn't even notice Pam's eyes open ever so slightly.

Pam, spurred on by her pent up lust and the considerable amount of alcohol residing in her blood stream, had willed herself to keep he eyes tightly shut and continue to pretend to be passed out cold. Feeling Ron's steel hard penis slipping and sliding over her skin was almost more than she could endure. It was so wrong, so very wrong, yet even more thrilling, the way Amy was deliberately tormenting Ron. Pam ever so slightly allowed herself to peek from behind her long, almost completed shut eye lashes, and felt her body temperature rise once again from the sight before her. As she discreetly watched Ron's pulsing cock, her own daughter's hand descended and began to lightly drag her fingernails over his pulsing shaft and head.

Amy looked down to her boyfriend's lovely cock. It was visibly throbbing and producing a near steady stream of slippery fluid. "Oh my god Ron, I don't think I have ever seen your dick so big and hard. I hope you don't think I am too big of a perv, but I am so turned on right now looking at you." As she spoke, Amy lightly traced her fingers up, then down the length of Ron's granite hard shaft. "I guess I can see how this would be pretty exciting for you, I mean my mom does have a fabulous body. I really should be jealous, don't you think...but I guess most any boy would like to do what you've been doing to her...Of course, since this isn't really your fault I won't hold it against you." Amy finished her rambling, lust filled remarks as she observed Ron, his face contorting as his cock continued to jerk and throb.

Ron's eyes were transfixed on his cock, bobbing only inches from Pam's face, as Amy began to stroke her fingernails ever so lightly along his super sensitive skin. "Amy, please...please...don't do this to me. I...can't...take...anymore." Ron pleaded, beads of sweat no rolling down his forehead and across his face.

Hearing her boyfriend beg as a result of being manipulated into rubbing his huge cock against her own mother, was causing Amy's own sexual arousal to simmer hotter and hotter. She wanted to continue to torment Ron, but knew she'd have to be careful to keep him right on the edge of an orgasm for a little longer.

"Okay, okay, I won't do anything else to you, just let me wipe you off some before you drip all over my mommy." Amy cooed in her little girl voice, even as she firmly traced her index finger up the underside of Ron's cock, collecting a steady runner of pre-cum as she neared his pulsing head. In response, even more of the slippery fluid streamed forth. "My goodness Ron, you seem to be making more goo than I can catch with my finger, let me just do this one other thing real quick." And with that, Amy once again leaned her face down and swabbed Ron's pulsing prick head with her velvety tongue. Soon she allowed her lips to join in, but only on the top half of Ron's throbbing mushroom head. She licked and sucked the warm liquid from his prick, almost as quickly as it streamed out.

Ron only partially stifled a moan of equal part pleasure and torture. "Amy! Please, I really, really can't take much more!" he pleaded.

Pam, still peering unnoticed was thinking the same thing. Already she could feel Ron's sticky juice drying on her chin and neck, and as her own daughter was coaxing still more from him only inches from her own lips, she could feel the near steady drop of liquid from Ron's penis, mixing with the dampness already coating her chest and cleavage.

Amy ceased her oral assault, knowing she was pushing Ron to his limit, and decided to torment just a little more, as she went about extracting him from this sexy predicament. "Sorry about that, I just can't help myself sometimes." She explained as she withdrew her lips. "Let me help you get loose, now I will undo Mom's bra, but you will have to help, okay?"

Ron was past worrying about Amy's deviant orchestration of events, and simply needed to free himself before a massive orgasm erupted all over her mother's chest and face. "Sure, I'll do whatever, just get me out, please."

"Alright, first, you need to push Mom's bra together some so I can unhook the clasp between the cups."

Eager to free himself, Ron did as Amy instructed, and gently brought his hands to the side of each lacy green bra cup. His cock twitched as his fingers made contact with Pam's tanned skin around the material of the bra. Amy's fingers were now unsuccessfully working to unhook the clasp.

"Just a little be more slack, and I should be able to get it undone." Amy encouraged Ron to squeeze her mother's already bra-enhanced cleavage even more closely together. The two teenagers each watched intently as more and more of Pam's soft and sexy breasts enveloped Ron's cock.

Pam, for what seemed to be the 100th time, was telling herself she should do something to stop this, to stop this perversion from continuing. But as her body responded to the feel of Ron's hands, and more importantly his cock, she remained motionless, even as the inferno developing between her legs intensified. She had allowed things to progress this far, she rationalized, hopefully just a few more minutes and Ron would be able to slid his throbbing cock free from her tingling confines.

Ron gazed on in disbelief as his hands cupped his girlfriend's mother's boobs, pressing them together until only the blood engorged head of his cock escaped the tight cleavage snugly squeezing his saliva coated shaft.

Amy still pretending to be having difficulty in getting the clasp undone, instructed Ron to move back some to give her more room to maneuver the tiny hook. Ron kept Pam's breasts tightly pressed against his cock as he slowly scooted back, dragging his tortured prick along Pam's perfect body. At the point his cock head disappeared between the valley of her boobs, Ron had to stop his movement, feeling the orgasm that had been building for hours, now on the verge of exploding all over Pam's chest and face, waiting for the slightest stimulation to propel the explosion he so desperately needed, yet dreaded at the same time.

Amy, while taking immense pleasure in the agony she was subjecting Ron to, did not want him to cum all over her own mother. She knew her actions so far had really been pushing her limits, but going the next step was just too wrong, even for her newly acquired perverted boundaries. Reading Ron's body for the signs of his impending orgasm, she immediately "managed" to unclasp the bra.

Ron's cock sprang free, and after realizing Amy's success, his brain, somewhat reluctantly, instructed his hands to release Pam's luscious boobs. Her bra pulled apart slightly as Amy released the clasp. The sight presented to Ron, as the lacy green cups managed to conceal only a portion of each rosy pink nipples, was one of the sexiest visions he had ever encountered. He forced himself to avert his eyes, as he remained motionless, willing his orgasm away. With every second that passed, he felt both relief and regret that his tormented balls would not be provided the release so badly needed.

"Oh my god Amy!" he whispered, "I almost couldn't hold back just then, you are really pushing me too far. Please, let's go to the hot tub and finish this, alone, okay?"

"Sure, but first help me get mom's nightgown on her." Amy wanted to keep up the teasing, but at that moment, she heard the shower cut off. "Uh oh, Beth will be out soon, maybe you should get your trunks on and I will finish with Mom."

Ron, his erection still bobbing obscenely before his slender, yet athletic body, searched frantically for his only pair of trunks. "Oh no, I left my suit in the bathroom earlier when I changed clothes, you have to go get if for me."

Amy's mind began to quickly process this latest bit of fortuitous information for the benefit of her own kinky pleasure. "We don't have time, Beth might step out at any second, you should go on out to the Jacuzzi and I will bring your suit out in a few minutes."

Ron started to protest, but as if on cue, he heard Beth shuffling behind the closed bathroom door, and decided to, once again, do as Amy instructed. He peered cautiously outside the sliding patio doors, and after determining he was alone, slipped out and ran to the relative cover of the steaming water.

Amy managed to slip the gown over her mother's body, slide her skirt off and get her under the covers before Beth emerged from the bathroom. She was even half way undressed herself, her back to the bathroom, when she heard Beth's voice. "I thought you were going to Jacuzzi before bed?"

"Oh, we are. I had Ron help me get mom up on the bed, then I sent him on out while I finished getting her undressed." She said, amazed at how telling the truth could be so misleading.

Beth, still clad only in a towel herself, only half way heard Amy's explanation, as her eyes took in the sheer sexiness of her friend's daughter as she tugged her tiny bikini bottoms up and over her curvy ass. She quickly slipped on the top, grabbed a couple of wine coolers from the fridge, and excused herself to join Ron.

No sooner had the door slid shut, and Pam bolted upright in the bed. "My god Beth, you were right. Holy shit, you were even more right than you think you were. Amy practically forced Ron to stick his dick in my mouth. It was the most incredible, perverted, sexy, demented, and oooh, I can't even describe it, it was, well, it made me so horny I can't stand it." Pam rambled, verbally venting the frustration he body had been subjected to for the past 20 minutes.

Beth, still incredibly aroused herself from the nights events, took note of the way Pam's nipples tented her modest cotton gown. "Yeah, you've got yourself quite a little vixen on your hands. That girl has bigger balls than I did at her age, there's no doubt. There's no telling what is going on out there in the hot tub."

Pam's body tensed as she imagined the state of arousal Ron was in after helping Amy get her undressed. This was not good, she had to make sure Amy and Ron didn't do the deed out there. If she could just get through the night, Amy's virginity would have survived her own twisted temptations and perhaps the separation from Ron would give her time to reassess her behavior.

At any rate, she couldn't leave them out in that hot tub, alone under a Carribbean moon, drunk, and with Ron's oversized cock likely emerging from the bubbles like a glistening lolli pop, presenting a near irresistible temptation to Amy to kiss, lick and suck on, and perhaps more... Pam's mind drifted away as she visualized the way Ron's cock would look playing peek-a-boo in the gurgling water.

"Are you okay?" Beth asked, noticing Pam's glazed over expression.

"Oh, yeah," Pam snapped back to reality. "It is just that I have to get them back in here. Ron is out there naked, and if he is half as turned on from the little stunt Amy just pulled as I am, then he may be ready for more than a blow job." Pam paused briefly, thinking, then said, "I need you to go out and make sure they aren't alone."

"Um, okay, sure, but I think I should wear more than this towel, I mean all this talk of Ron being naked with a boner might be too much of a temptation for me." Beth quipped, then turned to go back into the bathroom only to very nearly knocked over by the still very tipsy Pam.

"Turn out that light," she instructed over her shoulder, "We'll spy on them from the bathroom window to make sure nothing happens."

Beth quickly did as she was told, then joined Pam in the dark bathroom and peered over her friend's shoulder, at the two teenagers in the hot tub. The bright moon and pool security lights cast a yellowish glow over them. Adequate to tell that technically, only Ron was in the water, partially, as he leaned halfway over the edge, his face buried between Pam's daughter's legs. "Well, at least he's not fucking her. Oh my god! Look at the way she is squirming around, he must be pretty good with that tongue." Beth remarked to her motionless friend.

"Well, you are right, I suppose, I mean how could they not seek some relief after what just happened on the bed." They watched on in silence, as Amy writhed around on her beach towel, pulling aside her bikini bottoms with one hand and grasping at Ron's head with the other. "God how I would love to be Amy right now, feeling a hot pair of lips sucking and licking me down there." Pam, embarrassed, turned quickly to look at Beth, "Oh my, did I just say that out loud, all that rum and teasing has me saying and doing things I've never done before. It's all your fault!" she concluded, only half joking about Beth's degree of blame for her state of frustration.

"Hey, you can blame me if you want, but it is not my fault. And don't feel all alone on this one, I'm all hot and bothered too"

"Well, I do seem to recall you saying something about how teasing Ron would be a good way of responding to my lustful thoughts, and well, you see how today has turned out, with me ten times more frustrated than I was before you convinced me to pretend to pass out as a test for my daughter."

"You seem to recall only the first part of my advice, surely you didn't forget my suggestion to play with yourself when remembering all the sexy things that you did that day, think about how things could have gone differently, provide your own relief, at least until you find somebody to help you out." Beth spoke soothingly to Pam as she rested her soft hands on her friend's shoulders.

"yes, I remember, but there hasn't exactly been much opportunity for me to let my fingers do the walking, so instead I am here, pathetically watching my own daughter have a better sex life than me, and even more pathetically, getting more turned on by the second, imagining Ron, his young athletic body, tight buns and eager tongue, but mostly, his beautiful cock." Pam declared, no longer caring about hiding her thoughts from Beth.

They continued to stare at the hot tub action, neither speaking nor moving from their positions by the window. Ron had slowed his attack on Amy's crotch, and was now teasingly kissing his way up her torso.

"Oh my, would you look at him," Pam whispered. " What a tease. I am so turned on, I can almost imagine his lips on my skin."

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