A Tempting Vacation Ch. 11


Much to Lil's surprise, the lunch had been interesting, and she even found herself liking Beth, and Sue for that matter, as they carried on a friendly conversation. She couldn't even blame her husband for staring, both women were immensely attractive, each with physiques likely the envy of most every woman they met, and neither the least bit inhibited about flaunting their assets. Lil found herself more envious of their self-confidence than disgusted with their brazenness, actually wishing she had the courage to so obviously go braless in public.

Ron tried to suppress the awkward feeling he had, knowing all three women had just had varying degrees of sexual interaction with him. Eventually the conversation with the Morgan's three kids managed to push the thoughts of the three ladies from his mind.

Over the course of lunch, Beth learned that the Morgans were also staying at their resort, and an hour later, as the two groups headed their separate ways, all agreed to look for each other around the hotel.


Sue and Beth had made the decision to hang at the resort's beach, so there would be a safe place to leave the shopping bags full of what had recently been Dave's credit line with American Express. "This should send little Davey a not so subtle message about how pissed I was, don't you agree?" Sue laughed as the three dumped several shopping bags of bikinis, lingerie and clothing on the bed. Sue was actually glad the price tag had been so large at the boutique, because even if her hasty exit had resulted in having bought something that would never fit, it would only be a waste of Dave's money, and given his poor behavior back on the ship, that would be just fine with her.

Ready to move on to some fun in the sun, Beth said, "Let's change, stop by the bar and grab a drink on the way to the beach."


About one hour, and several margaritas later, the three unlikely companions were in the early stages of an afternoon tequila buzz, comfortably basking in the Caribbean sunshine. Ron couldn't believe he was on the beach with these two incredibly sexy women, one he had actually fucked and the other that might eventually be Amy's stepmother, a totally exotic babe that seemed to enjoy their sexy interaction back at the boutique.

He was still baffled by Beth and the twisted logic she kept laying on him. It seemed she was completely into the whole exhibitionist thing most of the time, but then if he acted like he was onto her games, she'd get all "church lady" pious on him. Not to mention that she had practically raped him twice now, only to seemingly regret it before she could even get back into her clothes. Her behavior was keeping him guessing as to how to behave, not only around her, but Pam and now Sue as well. He was almost certain Beth wasn't going to bust him to Amy, but he wasn't completely sure how Pam might react if there was another "exposure" incident. She had most definitely come across as genuinely perturbed last night in the hotel room.

Laying there on the sand, his towel having been wedged by Beth in between her own towel and Sue's, Ron examined his new foam green trunks, the bulge of his surprisingly semi-flaccid penis still unmistakable. Beth was behaving once again in her normal behavior, that is to say dressed as if straight out of a swimsuit calendar, but behaving as if the teeny bikini she wore was the equivalent of a sweat suit. Right on cue, she lifted her arms over her head, stretching her hands upward like it was the most normal thing in the world to do, with no indication at all she was aware of the way her breasts threatened to spill from the bottom edge of the bright orange material, barely big enough to harness her substantial boobs even when she was completely motionless.

Feeling his cock beginning to once again swell and thicken, Ron decided to go cool down in the ocean. He'd use that time away from Sue and Beth to think further about everything that was happening to him on this vacation. Between being perpetually horny, and now without the twisted protection of Amy's presence, he just couldn't seem to think straight.

As Ron headed to the surf, Beth struck up a conversation with Sue, eager to perform the reconnaissance about her and Dave, as requested earlier that morning by Pam.

"So, Sue, how did you come to meet Dave, if you don't mind me asking?"

The margaritas having loosened up her tongue, Sue quickly responded, "We met at work. Dave visits the Doctor's office I work in pretty regularly as part of his sales job. He kept asking me out, and eventually I took him up on it. From there we just seemed to hit it off and ten months later, here we are meeting his daughter and ex for the first time." Sue answered; hoping her displeasure with having to deal with Amy earlier didn't come across to Beth.

"A doctor's office.........so are you a nurse?"

"Well, yeah, I mean I am working toward my LPN. Dr. Govind doesn't really have me perform much other than taking vitals, and basically assisting him with patient exams and follow ups." Sue answered, somewhat evasively.

Beth noticed the way Sue seemed to choose her words carefully, and pushed on, "You don't sound that thrilled with your work. I guess most any job can get boring after a while, huh?" Beth's own career as a marriage counselor had taught her how to ask probing, directive questions without the other person even realizing they were being manipulated.

"Far from boring, my job is actually rather, huh, shall we say stimulating." Sue replied while barely suppressing a tiny giggle, the alcohol and earlier sexual serendipity causing her to reveal more than she might normally say.

"Stimulating huh?" Beth pressed on, "You make that sound interesting. What kind of medicine exactly does your doctor practice anyway?"

"Technically, Dr. Govind is a plastic surgeon, but over the past few years, he has emerged as the premier penis enlargement specialist in Los Angeles. You can imagine the number of wealthy pricks in LA and Hollywood that want to be an even bigger prick." Sue laughed, pleased with her own wit.

Now she really had Beth's full attention. "Wow, that does sound like a fun work place. So what do you do again......exactly?"

Sue sat up, her breasts straining pleasantly against her relatively tiny bikini top. "Well, like I said, I mostly take blood pressure, temperature and so forth. But my main job, and while I won't put this on my resume, I do realize that I get paid quite a bit more than more educated nurses, is to look a little sexy, flirt just a little with the male patients, and subtly encourage them to let Dr. Govind help them achieve their full potential as men, if you follow my drift.'

"Oh my, that sounds like the perfect job for me. Do you get to, well you know, handle the goods?" Beth was completely intrigued to find out more. "Maybe help with the before and after measurements?"

For some reason, Sue felt completely at ease letting Beth know about her job. She didn't let most people even know who she worked for , much less exactly what she did, but Beth's unrestrained sexual aura, the drinks and the fact that they were 3,000 miles from home on an exotic beach, gave Sue the comfort level to tell her more. The fact that Beth would likely tell her boyfriend's ex-wife every word of their conversation didn't register through Sue's alcohol retarded decision making.

"Yeah, well, as a matter of fact I do. It is never sexual, really, and Dr. Govind is always, always in the room, but I do get to assist in measurement, especially during the post surgery follow ups. Dr. Govind always wants the patient to be pleased with the results of their enlargement, so I usually get to be a little more, shall we say, enamored with them in that exam."

Beth sat, momentarily stunned. "Wow. I am not sure what to say. So your job is to measure huge cocks every day. Where do I sign up."

"Oh no, to tell the truth, very few of the penises are really large. Typically Dr. Govind can add about an inch or so in length, and some noticeable girth, and most guys that come in start around 4 or 5 inches, so the end result while nice, is not jaw dropping."

"Well, that is too bad, but your job still sounds more fun that being a marriage counselor." Beth admitted. Then, as if suddenly remembering how this conversation began, asked, "So what exactly does Dave sell to your penile enlargement clinic anyway?"

"Oh, that, Dave is a pharmaceutical rep. His firm carries Cialis. The doctor usually prescribes it to the patients as a means of getting more blood flow to the penis to encourage healing, plus a super stiff erection plays well with these guys, helping them be proud of their improved equipment. I'll even confess to you, sometimes we mix in a powdered tablet into a post surgery patient's orange juice they drink after giving blood. Since they fasted prior to coming in for the bloodwork, the powdered Cialis, without the time release coating, gets into their system pretty quickly. Then we make them wait about 40 minutes for the exam, and once I finish "unintentionally" allowing them a few peeks down my slightly inappropriately low cut smock to see my completely inappropriate non-nurse-like lacy bra as I kneel between their legs to perform the measurement for the doctor, they are sporting some very serious wood."

"My oh my, you just get more interesting by the minute. I have a few guys back home I'd like to slip some of that powdered Cialis." Beth joked.

Sue thought for a few seconds, then said, "If you swear to not tell, I'll let you in on a secret. I brought some on this trip. Dave doesn't know about our little Cialis cocktail we give the patients, I don't want to put him in some sort of ethical bind about his job, but sometimes Dave unknowingly gets a little help, especially when I am in the mood for a really good session." Sue took another long sip of her margarita and reached for her beach bag, to retrieve her small purse. Unzipping one of the side pockets, she pulled out a labeless pill bottle. She kept looking and pulled out an aspirin bottle as well. In no time at all, she had emptied the aspirin and poured in about a third of the powder for Beth.

"Oh my God! You need some of this too!" Sue nearly squealed. "Dave's company sells this new pill for the ladies. It is called Sensuvive. It is the equivalent of Cialis for women. Between this and the little powder I slip Dave, we are going at it like horny teenagers again!" And with that, she also slipped a dozen or so Sensuvive pills in with the powdered Cialis.

Beth couldn't believe her luck. The remainder of the trip just got much more interesting thanks to Sue's ocean side pharmaceutical disbursement. She was still profusely thanking her as they noticed Ron making his way back from the water.

"Wow, thanks Sue, this is great. I am going to run and hide this in my suitcase right now so I don't screw around and lose it. Keep Ron occupied and I'll be back in a few". Beth said to Sue as she adjusted her suit and headed toward the hotel.


The cool down in the amazingly clear and calm Caribbean water had allowed Ron some time to assess things. The transformation from being a completely inexperienced and naive teenager, to a more typical "boyfriend" with many of the "backseat perks" that had developed between he and Amy just prior to this trip, to seemingly being cast as the leading man in one sexual adventure after another, had transpired so quickly and effortlessly, his mind was struggling to process it all.

While he couldn't seem to wrap his brain around it, he did know one thing for sure, he really did love Amy. He was as utterly certain of that as was every teenager experiencing their first "true love". The fact that she had never even entered his mind from the moment he entered the boutique with Beth and Sue was now causing him a considerable amount of guilt.

Of course, the fact that Amy had developed into some nypho exhibitionist sex goddess, putting them in situations that seemed unimaginable to him only a week ago was helping lessen his remorse. After all, she had practically forced him to molest her own mother just the night before. And even before the trip, Pam had been the subject of many a jerk off session, so it wasn't like he hadn't longed for the opportunity Amy had goaded him into.

That is where his real confusion came from, Amy. She had put him in so many situations to tease him mercilessly, using both Pam and Beth to drive him crazy, that now, in Amy's absence, Ron didn't quite know what she'd find acceptable or not. He was certain, however, that having sex with Beth would, as Beth stated, be crossing the line as far as Amy was concerned.

Then there was Beth. She had expertly teased and tormented him, to some degree with Amy's knowledge, to the point she had actually had sex with him twice. As Ron stood there in the waist deep water, his cock once again swelling as his mind flashed with examples of Beth's devious behavior, it didn't take long to conclude that she was definitely getting off on teasing and tempting him. The fact that she wouldn't admit it to him, or maybe even herself, didn't seem to ultimately inhibit the devilish teasing to which she had been subjecting him. Her pattern seemed to be to blame him after the fact in some sort of twisted way to make herself feel less guilty,

And he had been falling right in line, accepting the blame as part of his guilt for letting happen what he knew wouldn't have if Amy had been there. But what to do. Ron couldn't deny his lust for Beth, Pam, and now Sue. What red-blooded teenager wouldn't be walking around with a perpetual boner while hanging with such sexy women.

He knew Beth would be his biggest challenge. She had already ensured he'd be on display in the only swim trunks he now had, so hiding his reaction would be next to impossible. As if on cue, the latest wave was pulled back into the ocean, leaving the water level at mid-thigh. He glanced down and saw the way the thin green material literally clung to his cock and balls, essentially leaving nothing to the imagination. The sight of his dick on full display triggered his brain to call for more blood to rush to his crotch, further confirming his growing exhibitionist desires.

Ron knew he wanted to show off. He wanted to have them lust for his big cock as much as he lusted for their incredible bodies, and he also knew he'd be playing with fire. He wanted to be true to Amy more than anything, but then again, he was pretty certain Amy would be okay with some degree of teasing. She'd practically forced him into it this entire trip. But he also knew he would have to refrain from any action to move beyond any plausibly deniable exhibitionism on his part, especially any forwardness toward Pam. Saying or doing the wrong thing to Amy's mom, no matter the situation, could be disastrous.

In his inexperienced mind, Ron settled on a plan. He decided that maybe, if he finds himself in another tempting scenario, he should kind of play along, and act as innocent as he could, not really acknowledging the sexual nature of the situation. He'd get to show off and be a tease himself, but hopefully if he didn't get aggressive, thing would play out without going too far. Rationalizing to himself that this was an acceptable plan, Ron decided to exit the concealment of the water and rejoin the ladies on the beach.

So, emboldened by his new resolve to deal with the temptation that awaited him on the beach, Ron positioned his fat cock across his balls and thigh so as to maximize the image he would portray. He then exited the concealment of the rolling waves and strolled slowly back up the warm sand to join the two incredibly sexy women bracketing his beach towel. He knew the light green trunks were now clinging indecently to his semi swollen package. Even with his newly self admitted desire to be on display, he couldn't deny that the double takes he was getting from the college girls as he headed past them to join Beth and Sue was providing him with mixed emotions. On one hand, he felt like a deviant pervert for being on such blatant display, but on the other, the overwhelming, undeniable, sexual excitement coursing through his veins seemed to drive him onward, just as it had increasingly won out each time Amy had contrived ways to show off his seemingly perpetually swollen penis over the past few days. And now, after this morning's events, Ron began to accept that the exhilaration from flaunting his, as he now realized, obviously larger than normal cock, was winning the battle against the deeply ingrained, but ever crumbling modesty with which he had been raised. As he watched Beth strut toward the hotel, Sue looked over his way as she began to apply some more Hawaiian Tropic to the already bronzed portion of each breast escaping from all sides of the snug purple bikini. Ron realized his new resolve to "unknowingly" put himself on display while continuing to act as a clueless teenager, and yet not sport an immediate boner, might prove to be more difficult than he imagined.

As he got closer to Sue, and despite her eyes being hidden behind designer shades, Ron was certain that her vision was locked onto his wet and clingy trunks. He stopped just at her feet, grabbed a spare towel and began to vigorously dry his hair, excited by the way he could feel his cock and balls sway beneath the snug material. Knowing Sue was stealing prolonged peeks at his cock only made him grown longer and thicker. It was an enormous turn on to see such a sexy older woman ogle him yet again, and almost at once Ron began to slowly grow hard beneath his trunks. To conceal his pending tell tale excitement, he eased down onto the blanket, just as the intoxicating coconut aroma of Sue's glistening skin assaulted yet another of his sexually responsive senses.

*** As Beth passed the bar on the way to the hotel room, a deliciously devious idea came to her, and she ordered three rum daiquiris to take with her to the room. Once safely inside she carefully slipped a pinch, then two, of the Cialis into what would be Ron's drink. She then took two of the Sensuvive tablets and crushed them up as finely as she could in a bowl, with the back side of a spoon. It took several minutes more than she had hoped, but most of the tablets were ground fine enough to mix into Sue's drink.

"Well, let's just see how this stuff works...." And Beth took one complete pill herself before heading back to the beach, drinks in hand.

Ron and Sue were glad to have the fresh drinks, and Beth slipped back down to lie on her stomach, her bubbly ass barely covered by the tiny orange bikini bottoms. She was relieved that Sue didn't seem to suspect her of doctoring the fruity concoction, and glad to see Ron so blatantly displaying his obviously semi-swollen cock beneath the clingy trunks.

Sue had found herself somewhat confused as to Beth's apparent disinterest in the way her son was so obviously on display in the nearly indecent trunks they had bought at the boutique. Of course, Beth herself had put on one of the tinier bikinis Sue had ever seen someone wear to the beach, so maybe near public nudity just wasn't a big deal to her. As Ron lay stretched out on his back, his impressive package emerging from his groin and demanding attention, Sue was glad Beth's nonchalance was affording her the opportunity to admire her teenage son lying next to her on the beach blanket.

In the sweltering heat, all three drinks went quickly. Sue managed to carry on a sporadic conversation with Beth and Ron, even as she continued to steal glances at his seemingly never shrinking penis. Sue's gaze was interrupted when the smoldering summer sun was suddenly replaced by a shadow falling across most of each of their bodies. She and Ron looked up at about the same time, greeted with the sight of two, what looked to be, college aged girls.

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