A Tempting Vacation Ch. 12


At the end of two minutes, Ron's cock was granite hard, protruding obscenely in his white trunks, as he stood exposed to the crowd with his hands still cuffed behind his back. Their team was determined to have the most red balls in their pool.

Hilda approached Ron, eying his bulging cock as she spoke. "We appear to have a winner, but first your Mistress must confirm you have not violated the rules." Hilda exclaimed as she playfully swatted Ron's ass, the suddenness of her actions causing him to thrust his hips, and therefore his cock toward the crowd. As the shouts and applause in support of Hilda's actions died down, she continued, "Let me confirm how many blue balls remain in the boy toy's shorts."

Hilda began to lightly guide the crop around Ron's misshapen crotch, deliberately tracing up and down the obvious outline of his granite-like shaft. As the crowd exploded with unbridled encouragement, she gave Ron's cock a gentle, yet firm swat with the riding crop.

Ron jumped instinctively, even as Hilda barked "My slave will remain motionless while I conduct the examination! Any movement is strictly Verboten!! Must I further restrict you for complete compliance?!?" Again the crowd responded affirmatively, even as Ron shook his head to convince the mistress of his cooperation.

"Very well, I vill allow you von more chance to be a proper boy toy, now let me confirm the color of your balls." Hilda spoke slowly, looking to the raucous audience for encouragement as her hand began to tenderly grope the front of Ron's shorts.

Ron did his best not to move, even as Hilda increased the urgency of her groping hands. Finally, she turned to Courtney and Shannon, yet speaking so that all could hear, said to her assistant, "Come to me with tequila shots for each of us, all must have some liquid courage as we confirm the winning team!"

After Ron was essentially forced to down another shot of tequila, Hilda directed the two coeds to stand on each side of her, all three only a foot in front of Ron and for the first time shielding him from the gawking crowd.

Losing the fake dominatrix accent, and speaking at a level so that only Shannon, Courtney and Ron could hear, "Hilda" stepped closer to Ron, her lips only a few inches from his face and said, "You're packing quite the tool there, aren't you sport? You having fun flaunting that big thing for all these horny girls today?" The entire time she spoke, her hands softly traced along the outline created by Ron's excitement, as much to torment the two girls as Ron, as they remained unable to free their hands to join the "mistress" as they longed to do.

She continued in her steady voice, "Stand close girls and we'll see if he has two blue balls." Hilda then pulled the waistline of Ron's shorts away from his flat abs, steadily revealing first his purplish head, then steel hard shaft of his cock. She teasingly allowed her fingernails to trace down the granite shaft until her hands could grasp the blue ping pong balls that were nestled against his own figuratively blue balls. She extracted the balls, again prolonging the friction as she rolled them up against Ron's cock as she slowly pulled the balls free of his shorts.

Before turning to face the crowd, she directed his cock head over so that is was sufficiently, if barely, concealed behind the elastic waist band of the still damp shorts. "I present to you, the winning slave-boy's balls!!!" she exclaimed, holding the ping pong balls up as if they were the spoils awarded the victor after a gallant battle. The crowd's roar devolved into some noticeable whoops and laughter as Hilda moved aside so that all could see the unmistakable protrusion jutting up from Ron's crotch.

"Now, free the losers and remove them from my sight, while I take the winning team to my dungeon for their reward!" Hilda barked at no one in particular. Again the drunken audience reacted as she led Ron and the girls from the stage, alternately swatting the barely covered asses of Shannon and Courtney. The next game host quickly entered the stage to introduce the erotic banana eating contest, knowing she had a hard act to follow.

Hilda led the handcuffed trio to the logo emblazoned RV parked in the lot just around the corner of the building nearest the pool. "Here, we can go in here were it is cool and get you the prize packages." She said matter-of-factly as she unlocked the door and held it open for them.

The tequila was certainly having an impact on all three, as they continually sought to maintain their balance while entering the RV. The inside of the vehicle was cluttered with cases of tequila and bags full of sex toys and games, all marketed from the contest sponsor's bondage web site. The small couch along one wall was the only seating available not covered in products. The small kitchen area looked as if the inhabitants had been living on alcohol and pizza, as the counter was covered with empty containers for each.

"Sorry for the mess, but we take this little show from resort to resort around the island, so me and the other girls tend to let it get a little trashed." Hilda explained.

Not really caring about their housekeeping habits, Shannon asked, "Um, can you unlock us now?"

"Yeah, sure, I mean as soon as Mandy gets here with the key. She was unlocking the others first and she'll be over in a few. Why don't you have a seat to wait?" Hilda asked, but then firmly directed Shannon to one end of the couch, deposited her rather roughly given that she couldn't use her hands to guide herself into position. Courtney was treated in much the same way as she plopped down on the opposite end.

Hilda then turned to Ron, and appeared ready to guide him to sit between the two rather drunk coeds, but then stopped and turned so that he was facing Courtney and Shannon. "You know," she said, her authoritative mistress voice bubbling back to the surface, "perhaps I should go ahead and retrieve our props, lest I forget."

Ron traded looks with one bound girl, then the other, all three faces conveying uncertainty as to what was to come. "But, I thought you couldn't unlock the cuffs until the other girl got here?" Ron ask nervously, as he observed Hilda absentmindedly stroke her fiery red fingernails along the length of the crop still clasped tightly in her other hand.

"Oh, silly boy toy, it is not the cuffs, but do you not recall that the shorts you are wearing are not yours? Surely you didn't plan to take them with you? I will simply help you remove them."

As Hilda began to tug the waist band down his hips, Ron squirmed free, even in his drunken state he intended to keep his revived loyalty oath to Amy. He heard the smack of the crop against his thigh, just below his bound hands, before he felt it. While it didn't really hurt, it certainly got his attention. "Do not move, or I will have no choice but to reprimand you once more, do you understand?"

Ron again looked to Courtney and Shannon, their expressions conveying both apprehension and keen interest in what the mistress might do next. "Yes, I understand."

"Very goot!" Hilda again tugged on the shorts as she stood behind Ron. His cock was pulled down at an uncomfortable angle until finally plopping free of the snug material. Hilda continued until the shorts were at his ankles. She prodded him to step free and then slung the no longer needed trunks across the room. "Now, perhaps you would like to rest with your girlfriends while I change from this ungodly leather outfit." Hilda guided Ron forward, turning him at the last second before pushing him back to land roughly between Heather and Shannon.

Ron landed haphazardly next to the bikini clad coeds, his cock bouncing off his flat abs until it settled poised above his belly button at a 45 degree angle. All three were struggling with their balance, sitting more or less on their bound hands, and each girl had involuntarily fallen against Ron's shoulders as a result of his forced occupation of the center of the couch.

Even though Ron had seemingly been sporting a hard on for much of the trip, the impact of the unknowingly ingested powdered Cialis, coupled with the continuous titillation he was being subjected to, was keeping him at a level of hardness not normally obtained, especially for such a prolonged period. He was further perplexed that the humiliation he had been forced to endure didn't seem to impede his erection in the least. The thick cock did not go unnoticed by either Courtney or Shannon, as they not so subtly fidgeted next to Ron while repeatedly stealing prolonged glances at the object of their lustful desire.

Hilda stood there in silence, gazing at his cock and taking in the situation before her, trying to decide where to go with this fortuitous discovery of Ron and his impressive equipment. She really liked the idea of pushing the bound threesome to their limits while denying their ultimate satisfaction, evidence of her dominatrix character perhaps bleeding over into the real world.

Ron, the tequila spreading through his blood stream and steadily scrambling more and more of his cognitive ability, still intended to remain faithful to Amy, spoke up, "Ah, can you, well, I mean, are you going to unlock us?"

Hilda tried to maintain a straight face as she responded, "As I have already explained, just as soon as Mandy arrives with the key, but until then, we will all just relax here together, okay?"

"Well, sure, ...but can you maybe give me my trunks back, or at least cover me up?" Ron replied, his desire to give in to his burgeoning exhibitionism overcome by his pledge of restraint; a restraint being actively tested by the way Shannon and Courtney were moving against him. As she watched the two girls squirm against the boy-toy, their bikinis beginning to haphazardly shift to expose what little pale skin remained on their bodies, she came upon a devilish idea.

Hilda smiled the way a teacher might bestow sympathy upon a slow learning child, "Certainly, I would if I could, but we don't have any boy clothes here, and even if we did, I highly doubt it would be big enough for you." She said, staring at his pulsing cock the entire time. "But let me look anyway, maybe I can find something to at least provide you a degree of modesty." She moved to a big plastic tub in the corner of the room, and bent at the waist to begin searching through the various products used as give-aways to promote her employer's web site.

Her drunken audience all focused their attention on Hilda's tight leather shorts, highlighting her toned ass. Further down, her tanned skin was playing peek-a-boo through the laces binding the leather boots that covered her legs to just above the knee. The spike heels only caused her to have to bend even more prominently to pick the items she desired. Already damp from the fun she'd been having throughout the day, Hilda wriggled her ass even more suggestively, creating a delightful friction as the seam of her leather shorts slipped back and forth against her pussy. She also took the opportunity to untie the knot securing the lacing in the front of her bustier, allowing her movements and gravity to loosen the confinement of what she considered her best feature, her all natural, nearly D cup breasts.

Satisfied with finding each item she was seeking, Hilda eventually stood, likewise untying the laces securing the tight shorts across her hip bones, before turning to face the couch. While holding several packages in her hands, her supple breasts now threatened to spill free of the leather top, just as she had hoped. She could almost feel the laces pull farther apart as her breathing deepened, seeking more and more oxygen to sustain the sex-fueled adrenaline coursing through her body. She slowly moved closer to her prey, as she now thought of the three young spring breakers, acutely aware of the way her shorts loosened with each step. She knelt between Ron's legs, dropping the packages near his feet.

"Ah, what are you, ah, doing?" Ron asked, the concern evident in his voice. As much as he would love for Hilda to give him a blow job, he was not so drunk as to know that in his current bound state, he would not be able to stop her from fucking him, and was convinced he loved Amy more than he wanted that to happen. On the other hand, he was just buzzed enough to know that if Hilda did decide to take advantage of him, he would soon enough be a more than willing participant.

"Don't worry, I am only doing as you asked and finding a way to cover you up some. I am sure the girls don't want to see such large and angry looking penis much longer, do you now ladies?"

Shannon was leaning against Ron more so than her sorority sister, and as Courtney managed to gain a more comfortable location for her still trapped hands, the pressure against Ron lessened, causing both he and Shannon to shift unexpectedly. Hilda watched with keen interest as Ron fell slightly into the bimbo to his right, and the other girl's head slowly slid right down his chest and stomach, eventually stopping only when her nose and mouth pressed against the base of Ron's granite like shaft.

Hilda began to open one of the plastic packages, seemingly ignoring what had just transpired. She pulled an indiscernible item from the wrapper, and began to read the small print of the instructions. "Sorry, " she said, " but I've never used one of these before."

"Hey," Ron stated with an urgent tone, "Aren't you going to help, ah, help...her.. move back to her seat?" he finished, no longer remembering the coeds names, much less which one was which.

Hilda looked first to Courtney, a slight smile playing across her features, then down to Shannon, who was tentatively taking advantage of the situation and beginning to lightly lick the towering shaft at its base. "I have been patient with you boy-toy, but I am growing tired of your repeated demands. The wench will not interfere with my effort to appease your desire for concealment, so she may remain as is." Suddenly Hilda produced the forgotten riding crop, and pressed it to the head of Ron's cock. "Do not make me punish you as before, do you understand the need to remain silent?" she inquired, gently smacking his engorged head.

Ron nodded his agreement even as Hilda began once again to read the packaging of the item still concealed in her other hand. "Hmmm, this says the skin should be damp for the best application.....Come here wench and dampen the area for application." She then grabbed Courtney by the upper arm and pulled her over so that her mouth descended on the head of Ron's prick. Using her shoulder and her pony tail, Hilda guided the helpless girl down until she gagged after only a few inches, then pulled her free, only to direct her firmly down, this time allowing her to gag a few seconds longer before removing her and placing her back on the couch next to Ron.

Ron was panting at the sudden and unexpected stimulation provided by Courtney's forced deep throat attempt. Shannon still kissed up the shaft as best she could, her position and restrained hands limiting her range.

"Very goot", the in character Hilda declared. "Now I will do as young Ron asked and cover him up." Hilda took what appeared to be a condom made of rubber. Only in this condom there was an obvious hole that allowed much of his purplish head to peek through as Hilda rolled it over his cock. The snug fitting sleeve covered the most sensitive underside of his cock, leaving only the head, including the pre-cum oozing tip of his penis, exposed. She continued to roll down the "condom" until about half of his shaft was coated in the stretchy yet tight black encasement.

The duality of sensations became immediately apparent to Ron, as the pliable sheath applied constant, pleasurable pressure, yet as he watched Shannon's lips and tongue repeatedly move from exposed skin to the black material, the sudden absence of tactile stimulation was perceptible.

"There, I hope you are pleased now that you are covered up." Hilda spoke, a hint of smug sarcasm coming through in her words. "Now, to be fair, I have a little surprise for the Frauleins, and this is one of my favorite toys we sell on the web site." Hilda picked up another package, holding the large egg up for all to see.

Ron barely focused on the egg, his eyes locked on the way her succulent boobs were escaping inch by inch as the laced enclosure of her top spread further apart, until a portion of her large dusty pink areola was contrasted against the black leather. Feeling Courtney squirming next to him, Ron turned to observe the way her eyes darted from Hilda, and the large egg she held, and to her friend, still lazily lapping at the bottom 1/3 of Ron's thick pole.

Hilda scooted tighter in between Ron's legs, her large breasts rubbing against first one thigh, then the other. She dipped her head as if she were going to kiss his cockhead, half emerging from the leather sheath, then abruptly leaned across his left leg, touching Shannon's thigh and urging her to lift her left foot onto the couch, as the right remained on the floor. Shannon did as instructed, never ceasing her unvarying oral assault on Ron. As soon as her legs were spread, Hilda took the egg and quickly slid it beneath Shannon's tiny bikini bottoms. Shannon squirmed from the sudden contact, then gasped when the egg pushed rather easily past her slippery lips and into her pussy. Hilda grabbed her firmly by her left shoulder, and pulled her saliva coated mouth up and away from Ron's still incredibly hard penis, until she was once again more or less upright on the couch.

Hilda procured the second egg and turned to Courtney. "Your turn," was all she said. Courtney looked to her friend, still slowly, yet perceptibly moving her lower body as she explored the sensations provided by the foreign object now residing within her. Feeling Hilda's hands moving up her thigh, she spread her knees to allow her greater access. As with Shannon, Hilda simply slid her hand and the egg past the hem of the bikini, pressing it firmly over Courtney's clit as she guided it to its ultimate destination.

Her mission complete, Hilda stood and began to slowly unlace her bustier as she spoke, "You may amuse yourselves while I change from these confining garments, and indulge in a quick shower." She had all but the last eyelet freed of the leather laces when she stopped. "Oh my, I almost forgot what I like most about those little eggs." She reached down, again Ron observed how her large breasts threatened to spill from the barely held together top, and retrieved a small item from the floor. She held it out and pressed a button, and immediately both girls gasped as the eggs began to vibrate. "There, now that is much better, no?" she asked of both co-eds.

Their writhing bodies all the answer Hilda needed, she continued to disrobe as all three watched her intently. She again stepped closer to Ron, placing the pointed toe of her left foot on his right knee, and bent slowly to begin unlacing the back of the thigh high boot. The movements were resulting in her nipples now playing continual peek-a-boo with the dangling leather bustier, and the ties binding the front of her shorts had loosened enough to allow the well groomed, dark landing strip of pubic hair to escape between the crisscrossed laces. In short order, the boots were removed and she began to slip the top over her shoulders, turning just before providing the clear view of her chest Ron desired, and headed to the compact shower down the hall. Looking over her shoulder to make eye contact with Courtney, she directed,"I will be quick...........have fun but the boy toy is not to ejaculate while I am away! Or you will be reprimanded!"

Before the three realized they were on their own, they could hear the sound of the shower running from behind the thin wall. "Oh my god!" Shannon exclaimed, "What the fuck is this chick up to?" she finished, her tone more apprehensive than fearful.

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