A Tempting Vacation Ch. 14


She had read once in a Cosmopolitan Magazine at the hair salon, about how men got numerous erections during their sleep, and with no knowledge of the day's unending teasing and temptations he'd been forced to endure, or the Cialis coursing through his bloodstream, assumed Ron's body was simply behaving as God intended. Staring more intently at the lanky teen and the barely adequate towel draped over his groin, Lil smiled briefly to herself, thinking that if the penis pulsing beneath the thin white towel was also as God intended, then Ron should be on his knees nightly, offering thanks for his truly beautiful and oversized blessing.

As her ironically twisted sense of humor faded, Lil finally snapped from her sinful daydreaming, and accepted the fact that she had to do something to conceal Ron's unmistakable erection before Mike arrived. She didn't see how she would get him under the covers without waking him, which was the absolute last thing she wanted. She began scanning the room, and eventually spied a spare sheet in the closet. It wasn't thick enough to actually hide his excitement, but at least his body would be fully concealed. She would just cover him, and go head Mike off before he could come in the room. Then later, if he came back with her, hopefully Ron's erection would be gone, and if not, she could feign shock and embarrassment for Mike's benefit.

The sheet poised in her hands, ready to be slung out across his body, Lil paused, taking note of how his penis wavered beneath the towel. Of course, the easiest thing to do would be to simply drape the sheet over him. But then again, perhaps she should just quickly remove the towel first? It seemed like the nurturing thing to do, after all, it was likely damp, and was probably making all the bedding wet even as he lay there right now.

Almost as quickly as the rationalization entered her brain, she admitted to herself it was a self serving lie concocted to justify exposing this boy's penis. Lil now found herself at the foretelling crossroads so many otherwise good Christians fail to properly navigate. What if you can make what you know to be a sinful choice, but no one will know and no one will be harmed? She of course knew right from wrong here, but after seeing Ron in the dressing room, and now, in her heightened state of sexual arousal, she just couldn't resist this perfect opportunity. Lil told herself she'd just pull the towel free, visually admire Ron's manhood for a few seconds, and then spread the sheet across his body and leave. A very simple plan.


Mike hurried toward room 101, anxious to retrieve Lil and lead her through the bar. Even if it were still mostly empty, he'd at least get a reaction from the bartender. He approached the room quietly, remembering the whole point of this exercise was to check on Beth's sleeping son. Just as he prepared to lightly knock, Mike noticed the door cracked open an inch or so by the security bar. He pushed it open ever so slowly, and then saw his wife standing there, holding a sheet and staring at the sleeping boy. She appeared to be mesmerized as she stared at Ron. Something seemed off kilter to Mike, and he eased the door back to rest on the lock, then leaned in closer to observe.

It only took him a couple of seconds to notice the now tented towel over the young man's crotch as the focal point of his wife's trance-like stare. Then, she lowered her hand and stealthily lifted the towel free and dropped it to the floor at her feet. Now he was staring as well. My god, this kid was sporting a world class boner. Mike knew he himself was about average in size, and had never had any complaints, but damn, this teenager was a porn star in waiting. He shifted his vision from Ron's cock back to his wife, noting the lustful expression on her face as she gazed upon the youngster's erection.

Lil was motionless, visually sizing up the large sex organ jutting up from the lanky body of the passed out teen. It had looked thick and long back in the dressing room, as Ron's fist had pistoned up and down the shaft, but now from only a couple of feet away, without the obstruction of his large hand, it appeared even bigger. She glanced quickly to his hand, then to her own, noting the substantial difference in their size. My goodness, how big would it be in comparison to her own smallish hand? Lil looked back to Ron's face, where his expressionless features had remained unchanged since she entered the room, then her eyes dropped back to his penis. Before her conscious mind registered her actions, Lil's left hand moved to lightly touch Ron's thick shaft, tracing the prominent vein down its length before gently wrapping her fingers around the base. They failed to fully encircle the girth, and she gently tugged the rigid flesh to and fro as she viewed her grip from multiple angles.

Mike couldn't believe what he was seeing. Lil, his wife of 18 years, the ultimate church lady, and the woman who would not even show a hint of cleavage in public back home, was touching another man's cock. More specifically, she was taking advantage of the opportunity to fondle a passed out teenager's towering erection. Even though he was jealous of her obvious infatuation with a cock so much larger than his own, to see his normally prudish wife behaving in such a sexually depraved manner was an immense turn on. The latter emotion prevailed, as evidenced by his now steel hard dick. Still, he was torn by the feeling he should storm in and put a stop to her deviant behavior and silently watching, to see just how far she might go. Ultimately, he decided to give in to his lustful desires, and covertly observe his wife with the sleeping, nude boy.

Lil continued to lightly squeeze and maneuver Ron's penis, willingly suppressing the inner voice feebly espousing the sinfulness of her actions. Deliberately allowing her hand to slowly, yet steadily slip slightly further up, then down the shaft, Lil found herself mesmerized by the way the thick shaft felt both rock hard, yet somehow smooth and spongy. Perhaps she was more aggressive than intended, for Ron suddenly shifted his position slightly, and emitted a barely audible groan. Lil immediately released his penis, as if it were suddenly on fire. She took a step back and held her breath, her inner voice now regaining strength. What in the world was she thinking? Touching an unconscious teenager, even if he was 18, her actions were completely out of bounds. She stood there for about 15 seconds, making sure Ron wasn't going to wake up, then smoothly floated the sheet out over his nude body, allowing it to softly billow down until his penis was once again obscured from her sight.

Lil's body was on fire, her vagina practically oozing from the excitement of her brazen actions. She was actually glad Ron had moved and caused her to step away, because in her current state of arousal, she may not have shown the appropriate self control. Besides, Mike should be coming down to meet her soon. Thank goodness he didn't walk in during that 30 seconds of lapsed judgment. While he had been more than willing for the sexy dress and lack of underwear, Lil hardly thought he'd appreciate her groping Ron's big penis.

Mike sensed Lil, having subdued her lustful temptation, was ready to make her exit. He repositioned his erection as best her could, and untucked his shirt so that his tented shorts were concealed. He quickly slipped around the nearby hallway, and waited just a few seconds until he heard Lil quietly shut the door and begin walking toward his hiding spot. He then rounded the corner, as if he were just now coming to retrieve her.

Lil was still doing her best to process what had just happened back in the room. The obvious moral and ethical boundaries she'd crossed presented her the challenge of easing her culpability with an acceptable rationalization. Just as she was developing a position that such an unplanned and victimless encounter was hardly worthy of the degree of guilt she knew to be heading her way, Mike's voice startled her back to reality.

"Hey baby, already through checking on the kid?" He spoke as evenly as possible, doing his best to conceal the excitement stemming from the recent voyeuristic discovery about his wife. He did take note of how her nipples looked even bigger than when she'd left the room, blatantly threatening to burst through her dress, presenting a tell-tale sign of her arousal.

"Oh, Mike!" she exclaimed, "you scared me."

"Sorry about that. So, what's his name, Ron. Is he okay?" he said, anxious to see how she'd respond.

"Yeah, he's out cold, but looks to be doing just fine. Just remind me we need to stop back by after the game for one last check." Lil replied, hoping her guilt wasn't completely obvious.

"Too bad for the kid, he missed quite the show of you in that dress." Mike said, motioning to her breasts and plainly evident nipples.

Lil glanced down to confirm Mike's view, ashamed to see her nipples were even more prominent than before, "What has gotten into you Mike Johnson? You sound like you'd be okay with me being dressed like this alone with another man." She answered, not wanting to address her hard nubs with him.

"Well, I don't know about another man, but I am not too concerned about a teenager, even though I can only imagine how thrilled he'd be to wake up to the sight of a sexy babe like you." Mike said, then grabbed her by the hand and led her into the nearby vending/ice room. "As a matter of fact, I am thrilled right now by the way you look."

Mike pushed Lil back against the ice machine, began to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear, even as his hands slipped beneath her dress. His right hand caressed her bare ass cheek and his left dipped between her legs, all before she could put up any significant resistance. Finding her pussy hot and overly wet further excited Mike, and he pressed his now completely hard dick against her hip.

"My goodness, Mike, you are so naughty........ahh....but you have to stop......what if somebody comes by.....mmmm.....please, you have to quit." Lil's words conveyed reluctance but her body remained compliant to her husband's roaming hands.

He had to admit he was a little concerned about someone walking in on them as well, but Mike wanted to keep the heat turned up on Lil. The image of her so obviously aroused by the nude boy kept flashing across his brain, and he was increasingly excited by the thought of her, at least for tonight, being his sexy hot wife, hopefully willing to let loose of her normal buttoned down demeanor. Willing to take the chance of exposure for a few minutes longer, Mike dropped to his knees, slid his head beneath her skirt, and orally attacked Lil's panty-less crotch just as he had back in the room.

Lil's instinct was to push Mike away, but she'd been so horny all day, especially since first agreeing to wear the red dress, and now increased exponentially by the encounter with Ron, that she just couldn't force herself to stop her husband's talented and relentless tongue.

He could feel her hands, guiding his head beneath her dress. He had her pinned rather firmly against the cold ice machine, and his lips were locked around her clit as his tongue lapped steadily across the now hard little bud. Mike could feel her hips grinding in concert with his actions, and as she began to softly moan, he suspected she wasn't far from cumming.

Having been initially paranoid about being discovered, Lil's attention was now fully focused on Mike's tongue, to the point she failed to hear the approaching footsteps. Her eyes shut tight, she was bracing herself for a much needed orgasm, only to be jarred back to reality by the sudden voice in the doorway.

"Holy shit! Dude, check it out!" Came the exclamation of the spring breaker peering into the vending room. Almost at once, another similar looking guy joined his friend, "Damn, she is fucking hot!" He said, in an equally excited tone.

Lil pushed Mike's head away, smoothing down her dress as she turned her back to the door without ever making eye contact with the unwanted audience. "Oh my God! Mike, we have to get out of here."

Mike turned to face the boys, his face glistening with his wife's juices, and his own hard-on tenting the front of his shorts. "Guys, no show here, head on, okay." Mike spoke in a stern yet friendly manner, hoping to avoid and confrontation with the younger, stronger boys.

"Ah, sure dude, no problem.......it's cool. I don't blame you......if my woman looked like that, I wouldn't make it to the room either." Said the first boy, giving Mike the dual, universal thumbs up approval of his actions.

As the second followed his friend, he paused, saying, "Hey lady, if you want to dump the old guy for some real fun, come find us." A chorus of laughter followed from the boys as they moved down the hallway.

Without turning around, Lil said, "Are they gone?" She could feel her face flush from the utter embarrassment of being caught.

"Yeah honey, they're gone."

Lil turned to face Mike, then playfully, yet firmly, gave him a two handed shove to the chest, "I told you we'd get caught! How humiliating!"

"Listen baby, don't get all worked up over this. I mean, we're never going to see those two again, nobody back home will ever know about this......everything that happens on this vacation between me and you will be between us....and no one else." Mike began his task of soothing his wife, while at the same time hoping to keep her engaged in this potential sexual awakening he was seeing in her. "Besides, did you hear what those guys said about you? About how sexy and hot you are, doesn't that make you feel kind of proud, I know it does me."

"Mike, really, you like the fact that two college boys saw us just now, and said I looked good? Don't you feel embarrassed?"

"I think it is an exciting little adventure we just shared, and they didn't say you 'looked good', they said you were 'smokin' hot' and that you should dump me for them. I think I officially am married to a very sexy babe." Mike could see her demeanor softening. "Come on, don't worry about it, let's go to the bar, I am starving and want to watch the game, then we'll go back to the room and finish what we've started here, okay?"

"Well, okay, I'll let you off the hook, since we're on vacation, but you had better be ready to perform later.......cause I have to admit, I am definitely in the mood, thanks to the way you've been molesting me." Lil offered, although she was conflicted, to a degree, with her recent thoughts and actions versus her lifelong, dare she say, prudish behavior. She had never really thought much about sex beyond it being a responsibility of marriage, and she certainly didn't dwell on the various fantasies and kinks that were said to mold the sex lives of those she would consider 'sinners, but now here she was, delving into desires and perversions she'd never imagined back home. Lil strolled through the courtyard toward the bar, holding hands with her suddenly sex-crazed husband. Each step sent tingles through her core as her arousal was refusing to subside. As more than one man did a double take, she began to realize why so many women she'd looked down upon for all these years dressed the way they did. They got a thrill from being lusted after, just as she was now. She made every effort to hold her head high and not look down to see just how prominent her erect nipples remained, nor did she glance toward any of the men not so subtly trying to undress her with their eyes.

Mike was thrilled with the way Lil was handling herself with the heads turning to watch her walk past the pool. Finally at the door to the bar, Mike swung it open and immediately noticed it was about one half full, mostly with spring breakers from the University of Louisville, the Heels opponent tonight. With the majority of the crowd being guys, it didn't take long for many of them to give Lil the once over as they made their way to an empty table.


About 20 minutes after Lil had left Ron, still soundly sleeping beneath the thin sheet, Courtney and Shannon arrived at the front door to his room, accompanied by the property maintenance man. The hardest part had been tracking him down, but once the girls, each now wearing their skimpiest bikinis, flirted and teased the older Bahamian man, he gladly believed their story about Shannon's boyfriend passing out and leaving them locked out of their room, especially when he briefly saw the prone boy asleep on the bed.

Shannon was careful to lock the door behind them, flipped the switch to turn on a bedside lamp, then turned to join her friend.

Ron was still on his back, in the same position as when Lil left. His erection, however, had finally subsided so that the bulging sheet over his crotch was not the focal point upon entering the room.

"What now?" Courtney whispered to Shannon. "Do we just wake him up and tell him we want a taste of his yummy cock?" She continued, only half joking.

"I don't think so, you know how he's been a little reluctant around us, I think he is all hung up on that girlfriend, what's her name, Tammie? I say we wake him, maybe get him stoned and tease him some, until he is more than willing to fuck us. We have until at least 11 before they get back, according to what you heard his mom say, right?"

"Yeah, that gives us almost 3 hours, and I am already getting wet thinking about how long and thick his dick looked earlier today in that trailer."

Shannon sat on the edge of the bed, now observing the still noticeable bulge Ron's nearly flaccid cock was making beneath the sheet. She gently shook him, calling out his name, yet got no response. She looked to Courtney, gave a slight shrug of her shoulders, then more forcefully grabbed Ron by the arms, saying, "Ron, hey Ron! Wake up......you ok.......wake up."

Finally, he began to come around. He opened his eyes, still exceedingly drunk, and with his head pounding. "Oohhh, what.?" He finally managed to say, before turning to his side and slipping immediately back to sleep.

"Ron!" Shannon spoke loudly, "Wake UP!" She clutched at his shoulder, turning him back on his back.

Again, he seemed to come around a little, shielding his eyes with his hand and saying, "Huh, why are you here?" As Shannon began to answer, he closed his eyes to the light, as it was exacerbating the pounding behind his eyes.

"It's ok, your mom asked us to stop in and check on you while she was gone this evening, you know, make sure you are doing alright." Shannon lied as Courtney made her way to sit on the other side of the bed.

Ron was roused again by Courtney's impact on the bed next to him, and he turned his head to see the other girl that had practically raped him on stage that afternoon, in front of everyone, yet his mind was still slow to comprehend exactly what was happening.

Seeing the confusion on his face, Courtney said, "Just take it easy. How you feeling? You want a drink of water? Maybe an aspirin?"

"Oh, um, yeah, my head is killing me." Ron answered, his now squinting eyes for the first time registering that both girls were wearing very tiny bikinis. Walking to the kitchenette, Courtney's ass was on display, split only by the string running between her cheeks.

Courtney went to get a glass of water and noticed the rum on the kitchen counter. She took the liberty of mixing some in a big tumbler of diet coke for her and Shannon to share. Even though it had only been a couple of hours since their tequila shots with Ron and Helga, they hadn't drunk as much as Ron, plus, she had no doubt that he was a light weight drinker.

While Courtney was mixing the drink, Shannon grabbed her bag. "Ron, I have just the thing for your headache. You ever get high?" Not waiting for an answer, she pulled out a pack of Camels, and shook free one of several rather fat pre-rolled joints from amongst the few cigarettes. She'd gotten this pot from one of the many local dealers on the beach, and it was by far more potent that anything she'd smoked back in Bloomington. Anything more than three hits seemed to put her in a blissful euphoria....plus it made her incredibly horny. Hopefully it would do the same to Ron.

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