A Tempting Vacation Ch. 14


Ron attempted to shake the still substantial alcohol induced fog clouding his brain. As Shannon lit the joint, he managed to croak, "Ah, why are you here and where is everybody else?"

Shannon blew the toxic smoke toward the ceiling before answering, "Ron, like I said, your mom asked us to stop in and check on you. I think her and that oriental lady were going to dinner or something. Just relax and take a couple of puffs on this....it will make you feel better."

Ron was so drunk and sleepy, he hardly hesitated to take a hit on the joint. He'd never smoked pot before, but he knew kids that did. Right now, he'd do anything to get his head to quit throbbing. He tried to hold it in like he'd seen at a party once, but erupted in a series of coughs. As soon as the coughing subsided, he settled back into his pillow.

Courtney crawled back on the bed, having to once again rouse him to hand him a glass of water. Absentmindedly taking a sip, he momentarily tried to orient himself to the day's events. He tried to recall what he had done that afternoon, and after only time for a few random images of various salacious situations, he began to fade back to sleep.

Courtney and Shannon looked to each other, not quite sure how to keep Ron awake. As they each took a second hit on the joint, Courtney said, "Well, if he is going to pass out again, let's give him a nice deep sleep and a very realistic wet dream."

"Are you serious........ooh, what a little slut you are." Shannon whispered. "What now?"

"Just follow my lead." Courtney replied, "Ron! Come on, have another toke to make you feel better." She took him by the cheeks and urged him awake. He nodded his agreement, coming around about as much as he had to that point. Courtney turned the joint around so she would trap it between her teeth and shotgun a steady stream of smoke directly to Ron's mouth.

This time he had no choice but to inhale a substantial hit of the unique smelling smoke. The subsequent coughing fit seemed to rouse him even more. He asked for another drink, only this time, Shannon handed him her rum and coke. He took a big gulp, his half conscious condition retarding his ability to even recognize the rum laced drink. After swallowing, he plopped back to his pillow, again shutting his eyes from the bright lamp.

"Feeling any better?" Courtney asked, passing the joint to Shannon. "We promised to take good care of you, and that is what we plan to do. Let me get a cool towel for your forehead........you still look pretty hung over and clammy." Rather than walk around the bed to the bathroom, Courtney crawled over Ron's still prone body, intentionally sliding her leg ever so lightly across his crotch, effectively rolling his soft yet fat cock from his right to his left thigh. Ron didn't comprehend her actions, as he was drifting closer back to the slumber his body needed.

While Courtney was getting a damp wash cloth, Shannon happened to spy Ron's prize bag of liquor and sex toys Beth had stored in the corner. "Hey Court, check out the bag of goodies from this afternoon. I bet if Ron can't perform, we can find a nice dildo in there to help out."

Courtney came back with the wash cloth, "No chance, I am going to get some of that cock. Having to helplessly watch that bitch Helga bounce around on him made me vow to track him down and get a turn, and now is our chance."

She crawled back up on the bed, "I am starting to feel the ganj, let's have one more toke, and one more for Ron too. That should be plenty to get him buzzed enough for us to have a little fun without him putting up a fight."

Shannon nodded her agreement, and repositioned the joint so she could administer a shotgun blast to her friend, then to Ron. They managed to stir him enough to take another substantial hit, then again let him chase his coughing with a drink of the rum and coke. Ron barely comprehended the actions of the girls hovering near him on the bed before his eyes shut to once again escape the bright light and he dropped his pounding head back to the pillow.

"Okay, let's wait a few minutes so he can get in a deep sleep." Courtney said, "and then as soon as we get him hard, I am going for a much needed ride on that thing."

"Why do you get to go first, you'll make him cum and leave him useless for me." Shannon shot back.

"Okay, okay, I hear you.........I know, let's check the stuff from earlier, maybe find some toys to help us keep this fair." Courtney said, hoping that if she found a unique vibrator, Shannon might be content to let her have Ron first.

Shannon was not thinking like Court, instead looking for something entirely different. Sorting through the bag of goodies, she'd pull out select items to laugh about with her friend, and was about to give up when at last she found what she'd hoped for.

"Here we go........just what our boy here needs." Shannon squealed, the pot buzz now kicking in nicely. "I was hoping there'd be one of these." She continued, now holding up a leather cock ring encased in its clear plastic packaging. "Ooh, and these too, they're perfect." She almost yelled, thrusting a box of condoms skyward in her other hand. "Check it out Court, these rubbers say they're coated with an "endurance" cream. Rick got something like this once, and it took him forever to get off. But, I think we should still take turns, you know, switch up like every 5 minutes or so, just to be safe, okay?"

Courtney wasn't that thrilled with agreeing to the tag-team agreement, but it was only fair. "Okay, so what first, the cock ring or the rubbers?"

Shannon was practically squirming with the anticipation. "Both, Rick also liked cock rings, and he had a few. I liked them too, they made him seem fatter and firmer, plus if I really paced him, his erections would practically never go away until I let him cum. Let me get this one open and we'll put it on before it gets hard, then the condoms."

Shannon pulled the sheet from Ron's body, so that he was spread across the bed completely nude, and tossed it to the corner, unintentionally covering the 'goodie' bag in the process. She crawled between his spread legs as Courtney took a ring side seat next to the passed out boy. "Good Lord, look at his cock, long and fat, and he's not even hard. This is going to be fun!" Shannon squealed. "Try to wake him one more time, just to make sure he's out cold." She now whispered, suddenly concerned with the decibel level of her previously unrestrained voice.

Courtney shook Ron, gently at first then more aggressively, calling out his name a increasing levels as well. He didn't even murmur a word as his intoxicated mind and body were unresponsive.

"Good," Shannon said, as she began to rip the package open. The black leather ring, fell to the bed just below Ron's balls. It was less than in inch wide, and had 4 holes closer to one end, and a about a half inch long rod protruding near the other end, obviously to be inserted through one of the eyelets. Shannon picked it up and experimented with how it hooked together. "I don't get it, Rick's was just solid rubber that rolled down over his dick. How does this stay together?"

Courtney picked up the discarded packaging, looking for some sort of directions, "Ha, here is how, there is a little pad lock and key in here." She handed them to Shannon. "See the hole in the little rod, the pad lock will slip in there to lock it all in place."

"Cool," Shannon said, "Now let's just see if I can get it on." She said, tugging Ron's rare flaccid penis up from his body about 5 inches. "Here, hold him Court, but don't try to get him hard, just hold it up while I fasten this."

Courtney eagerly wrapped her fingers around the head of Ron's cock and kept the tension adequate to give Shannon the room she needed. She looped the leather around the base of the still rather thick shaft, pulling it snug until the stainless steel rod slipped through the third eyelet in the ring. After quickly slipping the tiny lock through the hole in the rod, she slid it shut until it clicked. Both girls sat back to fully examine their handiwork. Ron's cock had grown slightly from the activity, and flopped sideways over the leather now encircling the base of his dick.

"Now, let's get him hard." Courtney nearly purred. The marijuana buzz seemed to intensify the sensitivity of every nerve in her body, as she gently grasped Ron's cock and lowered her mouth to plant a light kiss on the large mushroom shaped head.

"Let me play too." Shannon squirmed in close, squeezing her thighs tightly together in response to her tingling pussy. She leaned in and began to lick Ron's balls and randomly flick the tiny lock hanging down from the leather ring.

As Courtney became more daring in her actions, she looked to Ron's face, pleased to see he was still deep asleep. She could feel him rapidly growing more erect as she closed her lips over the mushroomed head and gently swirled her tongue side to side. Even in his unconscious state, the day's teasing and Beth's sneaky Cialis dosage led to a near immediate response to the co-eds oral attentions.

Courtney could feel Shannon kissing up the lengthening shaft, until her kisses eventually traveled from Ron's hard cock to the soft skin of her own face. Shannon planted light kisses across Courtney's cheek until her soft lips and damp breath settled against her friend's ear.

"I can't stand to wait any more, he's hard enough now......let's get the condom on and take a ride. Who's first?" She whispered through labored breaths.

Courtney pulled her mouth free of the now hard cock with a noticeable popping sound. Both girls looked again to Ron, each still mildly surprised to see the continued serene expression on his sleeping face. Satisfied the owner of their lustful obsession was still out cold, they turned their attention back to his stiff penis, the leather ring now urgently gripping the shaft just above his balls.

"Is it supposed to be that tight.....it almost looks painful." Courtney commented, as Ron's cock was obviously impacted by the cock ring now being strained by his expanded girth.

"Oh yeah, it is perfect. The whole point is to keep the blood flow from leaving his dick. When Rick would wear one, his cock would always look like this.....well, but not nearly this big." Shannon giggled. "Look at the head.....it's almost as big as my fist." She continued, holding her petite, clenched hand next to Ron's blood engorged cock head.

"Hand me the condom." Shannon directed to her friend.

Courtney tossed the unopened three pack box of Trojans onto the bed next to Ron's leg. Shannon quickly ripped into the packaging until she held one of the lubricated rubbers over the erection wavering above the lean body of the prone teenager. She could feel the coating of desensitizing lubricant on the inside as she pressed and rolled it against the tip, until the rubber ring at the base of the condom was able to snap snugly against the thick shaft, just below his spongy, purplish colored mushroom shaped head. She unrolled it completely, the fully extended condom stopping more than an inch from the tight leather cock ring.

As Courtney gathered the condom box, preparing to toss it back toward the goodie bag in the corner, Shannon spoke up, "Wait, I have an idea.......why not put all three on him, that way between the cock ring, desensitizing cream and three rubbers, we might be able to fuck him as long as we want, watcha think?"

"Genius," was all Courtney said as she began to open then encase Ron's long prick with the second, then third prophylactic. "I think for having such a brilliant idea, you should get the first ride......but remember, only 5 minutes, and you have to promise to take it slow so we make him last, even with all the toys helping us, agreed?"

Shannon was untying her bikini as she answered, "No problem, I just can't wait to feel something so big sliding inside me........I've never had a guy anywhere close to the size of our boy here." By the time she finished speaking, Shannon had already climbed on the bed and was straddling Ron's triple coated cock. "Do you think he might wake up?"

"I doubt it, at least not for a while. He took some healthy hits, plus a few gulps of rum. All that on top of the buzz he already had, I'd say he's out pretty good."

"Okay, well here goes." Shannon said, lowering her already wet pussy until the tip of Ron's cock nestled between her labia, poised at the throbbing entrance to her canal. She pressed down slightly, then paused, moaning softly as she adjusted to the feeling of being so stretched.

Courtney laid her head on Ron's chest, "God, this looks so sexy." She watched intently as her friend dropped down more firmly, the condom covered cock stretching her open as about 1/3 of the thick erection was engulfed within Shannon's sexy body. "Go on, take it all." Courtney urged.

Shannon did as the bikini clad co-ed lying before her asked, and steadily dropped her body to take another 1/3. The girth pressed against every square millimeter of her inner walls, stimulating the countless nerve endings already primed to respond by the erotic anticipation of the situation and the marijuana buzz impacting more brain cells with every passing minute.

Courtney, likewise, was on fire with excitement, "Go on, take it all, I want to watch that fat cock disappear inside you.....you can do it.......please, let me see you take it!" She said, while at the same time placing her left hand on Shannon's hip and tugging her downward.

Shannon gave in to her friend's urging, and sat fully down on the impressive erection already driving her mad with desire. She could feel the leather ring at the opening of her pussy, confirming she really had taken him almost to the hilt. Having such a thick cock deeper than she'd ever experienced pushed Shannon over the edge, and her body began to quake with what she liked to call, a "starter orgasm". She usually only got a "starter" from really good oral sex, but as the subtle quiver worked its way over her body, Shannon could hardly wait to commence a serious fucking of young Ron.


Lil and Mike were still sitting at the high top bar table, rooting on the Tar Heels. It was not quite half time, and Mike was already on his third beer. Normally Lil would have nagged him by now to slow down. He would usually only have a couple of beers, always in the privacy of their own home, while watching UNC. Lil would throw a fit if Mike ever went out drinking in public, for the pious judgment whispered behind her back would make going to church almost unbearable. But tonight, on the island far away from prying eyes, she had actually agreed to go to the hotel bar to watch the game.

On those rare occasions, in their own den, when the beers started to go down faster than normal, she'd admonish him into slowing down so as not to get drunk. Drinking alcohol, while not permitted within the Baptist Church, was actually referenced in the bible, in the passage about the wedding and the turning of water into wine, so Lil believe a drink or two was probably acceptable, but certainly not to the point of getting drunk.

Tonight, however, was different. Not only had Lil refrained from chastising her husband, she'd actually given in to his persistent suggestion that she should try a drink as well. His argument, just as used to talk her into the red dress, was that they were on vacation, with no friends or family around, so they should cut loose a little. Given the way she had already somewhat embraced the sexy dress and Mike's perverted sexual advances, Lil decided having one of the fruity island drinks was likely to be the least of her transgressions for the day.

She actually liked the frozen fruity flavored concoction Mike had brought back from the bar. What she didn't know was that her dear husband had lied when telling her it contained very little alcohol. The truth of the matter was that after Mike had wormed his way through the U of L students all hanging around the bar, catching lots of good natured ribbing for his UNC shirt, he had asked the bartender for a nice strong drink, but one that would disguise any alcohol taste. The guys surrounding them all turned to look at Lil when they overheard Mike explain his request to the barkeep with the fact that his wife never drank. She had waived nervously in response to the grinning group all staring at once. The bartender mixed a multi shot drink that, as promised, tasted almost disgustingly sweet and fruity to his beer accustomed taste buds.

When she had asked as to why all the 'boys', as she put it, had turned to look at her, he had simply told her that one of them had noticed he could see up her skirt and she was commando, so the rest, of course, turned to get a look. As much as she had suspected he was lying, he refused to give in to her persistent efforts for another, less hedonistic reason for the attention she had received, even as the lingering glances continued sporadically from several of the young men. Mike found it interesting that she had responded to his explanation with a playful refusal to believe his story, rather than getting angry with him, or becoming self conscious about her newly acquired sexy appearance.

That had been almost 30 minutes ago, and now, his wife's drink was almost gone. It was obvious to him that she was getting a pretty good buzz, however she seemed clueless to recognize her own rapid speech and giggly demeanor as she repeatedly insisted the tasty sweet concoction was having no impact on her at all. Mike knew better of course. Even had it not been for his knowledge of how her drink was mixed, the fact that she was now allowing his hands to sporadically roam over her legs, neck and bare back were proof enough. Such public displays of affection were not the type of behavior his buttoned up wife would normally tolerate. But now, with at least one of the college guys seemingly always glancing her way, Lil seemed oblivious to his still mostly innocent, husbandly strokes of affection.

Mike was truly interested in the game, but at least part of his mind was continually aware of his interaction with Lil and her response. He noticed in his peripheral vision how she would periodically glance to her chest, seeming to confirm her nipples were still fully erect and threatening to rip through her thin dress. He also noticed she was no longer as diligent about readjusting her dress over her legs when his caresses would push the hemline higher up her thighs.

As halftime approached, and Mike's mind managed to move solely to the TV for the final 20 seconds, Lil, clueless as to the game situation, leaned into her husband's shoulder and whispered, "Mike, those boys keep staring at me like they know me or something, do you think the one in the white cap might have been on the snorkeling boat with us?" she asked, " He just looks so familiar."

Mike glanced at the one she was talking about, noticing how he not so subtly kept glancing at Lil's tanned legs beneath the high-top table. He knew perfectly well why they kept looking at her, and he doubted recognizing her from an earlier encounter had anything at all to do with their interest in his wife. He truly couldn't remember what the guys on the boat looked like, but liked the idea of Lil making that connection, whether she was correct or not. He remembered how obviously turned on she had been with the young man kneeling at her feet, and decided to play along to gage her reaction. "You know, I think you are right. I am pretty sure he is the one that helped out with your flippers, do you think?"

"Um, yeah, maybe. It is a lot harder to tell for sure when they have clothes on."

"Oh really, you want me to go ask them to strip down for you? Would that make it easier?" Mike responded in a good natured tone, lightly tickling his buzzed wife at the ribs, just below her breasts.

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