A Tempting Vacation Ch. 15


He griped his pulsing cock, enjoying the sexy vision before him, even as his mind began the difficult task of recalling the events of the previous evening. While a few enticingly vivid memories came to him, most specific details of the night remained a blur. He couldn't recall anything about Pam or Beth returning to the room. Hopefully he didn't do or say something stupid. They didn't appear upset as they went about making some breakfast, but he decided the best plan was to feign sleep and hope they'd leave the condo. At the very least that would enable him to slip from the bed and grab some clothes.

Beth noticed Ron watching them, then pretend to go back to sleep. She quickly grabbed the resort pen and pad of paper on the counter and scribbled, 'R awake, follow my lead', and slid it in front of Pam.

"So, I was thinking about what you said last night, about being concerned that it might be awkward for Ron, you know, with Amy away." Beth said in a low tone, but easily loud enough for Ron to hear. "And I think I have the solution."

"Um, okay, what do you mean?" Pam responded apprehensively, also in a similar hushed manner, with no idea what her friend might say next.

"Well, the way I see it. No matter how hard we might try to maintain our modesty, or shield Ron from our abundant physical charms," Beth said in an embellished, husky tone while striking an exaggerated cheesecake pose, "the fact that we are on a tropical island vacation will pretty much make that impossible. Besides, I don't intend to go home with some old lady tan just for the sake of some silly false modesty."

"Yeah, but what are you getting at?" Pam pushed, wondering what Beth intended by purposely allowing Ron to overhear this conversation.

"What I am trying to say is that I know why you are concerned. Most boys in this predicament would be viewing this as material for a Penthouse Letter, but I don't think that will be the case with Ron. Given that he comes from such a religious family, is so obviously head-over-heels about your daughter, and, well, just rather naïve about women, I am certain he won't give us a second thought. I know I came down pretty hard on him about dropping his towel the other night, but in all the jostling about, it could very easily has accidentally slipped off, just as he claimed. I simply decided to take the opportunity to chastise him and make sure he keeps in line. I think we both know Ron and doubt he'd ever intentionally do something so vulgar."

"You know," Pam, still not completely certain where this was going, felt the need to offer some feedback, "I can see how it could have been an accident, and you're right, it did seem completely out of character for him."

Beth kept on track, "Good, and to help him feel comfortable, I think we should just act like the whole towel thing never happened, as long as he continues to behave that is. At the same time, we should do everything we can to treat him like one of the family. We won't make a big deal out of how we dress around him, or act like we are walking on egg shells about sharing a room with a teenage boy. I know this sounds funny, but the more I talk this through, I think the best thing we can do is basically treat him like one of the girls. Don't you agree?"

Finally, the light bulb moment, and Pam saw that Beth was simply trying to condition Ron for the plan they had arrived at last night. "Um, yeah, I guess you're right. I already pretty much think of him as my own kid, so this shouldn't be all that difficult." Pam delivered this lie in what felt like a believable manner. Of course, had she known Ron had been buried in the sand that afternoon when she confessed her growing obsession with his cock, she would have realized the transparency of her manipulative efforts.

"Good, I am glad we have all that put to rest, now we can get on with enjoying our vacation. Let's wake our young roommate up and get this day underway."

Beth went to the bed, and went through the charade of jostling the 'sleeping' teenager awake. His cock was still erect, and as Beth sat on the sleeper sofa bed less than three feet from him, Ron rolled to his back, being careful to bend his legs so that the sheet was pulled up to conceal his hard-on. She started prattling on about the pool and the weather, but Ron was distracted as Pam sauntered from the kitchen area to the dresser at the foot of the bed.

Ron tried to be discreet, but as Pam moved from the kitchen, the outline of her sexy physique was clearly visible through the backlit nightie. Her tiny white panties contrasted with her tanned skin and the yellow material to present an image straight from Hugh Hefner's studio.

Pam could feel Ron's eyes on her, but did her best to ignore his stare, as was the agreed upon plan. Furthermore, having been focused first on fixing breakfast, then on her quasi-scripted conversation with Beth, she had failed to notice the translucency of their gowns when positioned in just the right lighting. By the time she had crossed before Ron's line of sight, the sunlight from the kitchen only indirectly illuminated the room, so her reflection in the dresser mirror, while certainly more sexy than most mothers would portray to her daughter's boyfriend, was nowhere near the erection producing, or in Ron's case, prolonging, vision she'd just afforded him. She couldn't deny the sexual excitement from knowing Ron was covertly taking in her every move, as the thin material was putting up very little resistance to her ever-growing nipples. Still, Pam knew it best to remove herself from this increasingly inappropriate display. Ironically, it was probably more perilous to empower Beth with the knowledge she would intentionally prolong this naughty exhibition, than to actually linger for Ron's viewing pleasure. Just as she retrieved her bikini from the top corner of the mirror, where she'd hung it to dry, and prepared to excuse herself to go take a shower, Beth spoke up.

"Pam, would you be a dear and open up the front blinds. I think Ron needs a jolt of vitamin D to rouse him from the dead."

Turning to face the beds, Pam failed to see any sign of manipulation in Beth's face, and to Ron's credit, noted how his eyes dipped only briefly to take in her protruding nipples. Rather than make an unreasonably hasty exit, Pam kept to the game plan of indifference, and tossed the bikini on the foot of Ron's bed before quickly stepping over to the windows.

Relieved by positioning to face the window and hide her tell-tale arousal, Pam reached for the little rod and twirled the blinds open, the already intense Caribbean sun flooding the room with even more intensity than from the West facing patio door. Without turning around, she moved down the line, welcoming the warm light while opening the other three sets of blinds.

Ron and Beth stared in admiration, as Pam's gown seemed to melt away in the golden rays. For some reason, this unintended presentation of her exquisite figure appeared even more alluring than had she been nude, as she moved gracefully beneath the now transparent material of her previously opaque night gown. Neither said a word; each content to silently observe Pam's inadvertently erotic display playing out before them.

Her task complete, Pam composed herself to once again "unknowingly" display her erect nipples, and spun back around to face Ron and Beth. "Mmmm, you are right Beth, that warm sunlight feels fabulous, don't you agree Ron?"

Rendered nearly speechless by the vision of his girlfriend's incredibly sexy mother, standing there blissfully ignorant in her exposure, Ron managed to respond, "Uh, yeah, I guess so."

"Well, I think it feels great, the tropical sun...." Beth kept on, but Pam very quickly tuned her out upon seeing herself in the closet mirror on the far side of the room. It took every ounce of self-control not to immediately run for the safety of the bathroom. Another glance to the mirror confirmed she was essentially presenting herself to Ron in no more than her teeny panties. As was so often the case, her emotions seemed to instantly transition from humiliation, to guilt, to an undeniable arousal. She certainly didn't want to call attention to her awareness of her near nudity. That would simply be too embarrassing. She would just have to promptly slip....

"Pam.....Pam....earth to Pam!?" Beth interrupted her thoughts, and she redirected her vision from the mirror back to her friend, and the lustful gaze of the teenager she'd earnestly vowed not to tease, at least not so blatantly.

"Uh, sorry. Just spaced out for a second." Pam replied as she began to walk away from the windows, the denseness of her nightie steadily reestablishing with every step from the streaming light.

"Ah, Pam.....won't you open the windows like I asked, you know, for the morning breeze?" Beth repeated the question Pam had failed to comprehend.

There was little doubt her friend was purposely trying to keep her in the direct light and on display to Ron. Even as she paused briefly, contemplating her course of action, Pam felt her pulse quicken. She could either deny Beth's request, appearing unreasonable and all but confessing her awareness of her near nude appearance, or do as she ask, and maintain at least a modicum of deniability with Beth, while at the same time being forced to continue this admittedly exhilarating game of inadvertent exposure. The idea of Ron recalling her, stretching before him, so provocatively exposed, as he stroked his hard penis later in the shower suddenly flashed across her mind, and fueled her internal fires even higher. She told herself to behave as normally as possible, and hopefully, neither he nor Beth would realize she was aware of the sun-induced sheerness of her gown.

Pam took a deep breath and moved deliberately back in front of the window, fighting her urge to once again confirm her image in the mirror. Instead, she turned her back to the room, and went about raising the previously opened blinds, then sliding the lower window panes upward, one after the other in a deliberate and methodical manner. The entire time, envisioning the way her white panties and escaping ass cheeks must look beneath the translucent, increasingly wind tussled nightie.

Beth was thrilled. She had anticipated Pam would notice the sheerness of their gowns in the light of the kitchen, but when she hadn't, the opportunity to have her stand between Ron and the windows was just too tempting. Now, as she lifted each window so that the island breezes could flow into the room, the thin gown was wrapping around her perfect little body, and flapping about. The otherwise modest hemline was occasionally dancing up, playing a tantalizing game of peek-a-boo with her teeny panties and bubbly ass.

Ron looked on, even taking the chance to slip his left hand beneath the taut sheet to grasp his needy cock, and thought to himself, 'My god this woman was so sexy, and she didn't even know it, and so unlike Beth', whom he had quickly come to believe never made a move without calculating the impact it would inflict upon any nearby males.

Her task complete, Pam turned, not at all surprised to see the inadequately concealed lust painted across the teenager's face. She allowed her eyes to shift to Beth, who, even though doing a much better job, still could not completely mask her keen attentiveness to her friend's indecent predicament. As she began her necessary escape to the bathroom, Pam couldn't resist stealing another quick glance to the mirror. Her image in profile was, she must admit, deliciously erotic. Her bubbly ass and full breasts provided a curvy and titillating contrast to her trim torso and toned legs. Feeling her pussy growing damp from the excitement of presenting such a teasing vision, all while acting completely unaware of her actions, she could only imagine how excited Amy's young boyfriend must be.

Pam made it to the bathroom just as her growing excitement began to overtake her entire body, coating her with goose flesh and sending a slight nervous-like shiver up and down her legs. She leaned against the wall, staring at her reflection. Even though the sexy silhouette had vanished, her erect nipples, the faint sheen of sweat beading on her forehead and upper lip, plus the glazed-over stare greeting her from the mirror simply screamed of her arousal. As she steadily gained her composure, the realization of what she had just done, in the first 20 minutes alone with Ron and Beth, hit her. Even though she hadn't intentionally orchestrated any of it, she had to take control of her actions, or else Beth would eventually maneuver her into a situation that might prove too tempting. She undressed and stepped under the hot water, intent on taking this time to cleanse her body and clear her mind of these seemingly perpetual troublesome and tempting thoughts.

As Pam was assessing herself in the bathroom mirror, Beth took the opportunity to be alone in the kitchen and covertly grind up two more Sensuvive tablets. In only minutes, she had them fine enough so that their morning Mimosas would never disclose her sneaky additive. She thought about mixing a Cialis laced juice for Ron, but decided that at least for today, she should give him a fighting chance. She grinned to herself, as if spending the day with her and Pam, after what he'd just witnessed in front of the windows, and later in the bikinis she had picked out, could seriously be considered as giving him any chance at all.

As soon as she heard the shower water running, Beth went to the still unpacked shopping bags, and grabbed a swimsuit for Pam. She was saving some of the really daring ones for later, but this little red and white striped number would still be much sexier than anything Pam had brought to wear. She took the suit, and one of the drinks, to the bathroom. "Hey, I brought you a yummy Mimosa to kick start the morning. I also have one of the new bikinis I bought yesterday. You simply must wear it.....otherwise you'll hurt my feelings. I'll leave it here, on the counter. See ya."

Before Pam could protest, Beth slipped quickly back to the bedroom, clutching her friend's night gown, panties and old bathing suit, then grabbed all her other bikinis, panties and bras from the dresser, stuffed them in an extra pillow case from the closet, and tossed them on top of the tall TV credenza, safely out of sight. She noticed Ron watching, but didn't care. If he would be stupid enough to tell Pam where they were hidden, then he didn't deserve the delicious trysts she was planning for him.

Next, she turned her attention to Ron, and went to sit at the edge of his bed. She didn't address her hiding of Pam's clothes, nor the fact he was still apparently touching himself beneath the covers. "Ron, we have to talk, and I want you to pay attention, understand?" Beth said in a no-nonsense tone.

Ron instinctively sat a little taller, in deference to Beth's authoritative tone, although he still kept his concealed hand resting, unmoving, on his hard-on. He did his best to respond without staring at her legs, the left of which she had cocked up at an angle, closer to his own hip, and resulting in an exorbitant exposure of both thighs, almost to her crotch. "Ah, okay, I am listening."

"Good. I want to start by making sure you realize that you are a very lucky boy. First, for being blessed with such a large, gorgeous cock." Beth yanked his sheet free, loving the shock value of her behavior. After Ron unsuccessfully acted on instinct to grab for the cover, he relented, quickly dropping his hands to his side, resolved to the fact he was sitting there nude, next to the sexy older woman. Beth continued with no further attention to his nakedness, "and secondly, to be stranded here with Pam, me and my devious little brain."

As was the norm when he talked with Beth, Ron was rather confused. "um, thanks, I guess?"

Beth chuckled at the cluelessness of the young man. She glanced to his still hard cock, then continued, "I know you overheard us talking this morning, about how we are going to treat you. What I want you to understand, is that Pam is 100% serious about this, and truly concerned about the dynamics of our situation. She obviously knows you have this big tasty piece of man-meat ready to stand alert at moment's notice," Beth reached over and lightly grasped Ron's shaft, as if it belonged to her, "and even though you overheard us doing some naughty scheming, while you were buried that day on the beach, I believe her now, when she tells me her time with Amy yesterday made her realize just how wrong she was to allow her mind to wander in relation to you, well, more specifically, your luscious cock."

Beth had begun to very slowly stroke up and down, while looking to Ron's face. "Do you have any questions?"

Ron shook his head, completely dumbstruck and having absolutely no idea what the near naked woman playing with his dick was talking about.

"So here is the deal. You had better get yourself under control. Pam is going to have zero patience with you if she thinks you are trying to make a move on her. She certainly made it clear to me earlier that she won't hesitate to tell Amy, or even call your parents if she thinks you'd be such a lowlife as to pursue something sexual with your girlfriends own mother." Beth had ceased her stroking as she spoke, consciously navigating this talk to keep Ron off balance.

"Now, the tricky part," she continued, ever so slowly dragging her fingernails lightly around Ron's balls and pubic hair, "is that Pam is going to be dressing a little more provocatively than normal. I am going to convince her to do this, because I think seeing Sue make over Amy's dad so much has her feeling a little like the old, discarded divorcee. When she sees most every male head turn at the way she looks in the outfits I have for her, she'll have no choice but to feel sexy and attractive."

"So, you see your predicament, right?" Beth asked, once again ceasing her manual teasing. "What is your plan going to be?"

Ron seemed to always have difficulty following Beth, and sitting here, with his brain losing blood by the second to his increasingly engorged dick, his concentration was severely lacking. "Uh, well, I don't have a pl.....er, I mean, a plan for what?"

"Oh Ron, you have got to get focused. Let me make it simpler for you. Pam doesn't realize it yet, but thanks to me, she is going to be wearing some progressively skimpy clothes and bikinis over the next couple of days. I mean seriously, do you want to thank me now for the see-through nightie I had her wear this morning? Luckily she didn't realize how much she was showing." Beth said, still uncertain herself if Pam was wise to the scenario she had orchestrated only minutes earlier. "And thank goodness you were able to maintain your composure, because Pam also has made it clear she expects you to behave like her daughter's boyfriend, and not some horny teenager looking for every opportunity to fulfill his fantasy of nailing his girlfriend's sexy mother. Does that help clear the fog a little for you?"

Ron nodded his understanding. Hearing that Pam would be dressing even sexier than normal, on the heels of one of the most erotic displays he'd ever witnessed, sent yet another jolt through his cock, and he looked down to see it waiver above Beth's still unmoving hand.

"You are going to have to exercise more self-control than you have so far on this trip. I mean, the way you practically raped me in the dressing room yesterday," Beth said in a sultry, hushed tone as she resumed the stroking to Ron's cock, "is completely unacceptable. Just because I asked for your assistance with the zipper on a sexy little dress doesn't mean you had the right to pin me against the wall and ram this hard, fat cock into me over and over again, now does it?"

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