A Tempting Vacation Ch. 15


As Beth spoke, Ron's eyes darted back and forth from her moist lips, to the well-manicured hand rhythmically jerking him off, to the way her dress had been inching upward, until her bare pussy was almost visible. He did, however, manage to register what she had said, and through his labored breathing, managed to voice his defense, "But....ah... I didn't, ...I mean, you...well,....you sort of.....you know,...came and told me ....."

"Oh please," Beth interrupted, doing her best to keep her growing arousal from her voice, "Don't deny what happened - I was there. And furthermore, that day on the beach, I will admit that I finally did succumb to your repeated tempting and flaunting of your big dick, but truthfully, I think I resisted longer than many women would have. At any rate, you need to learn some self-control."

Before Ron could mount another protest, Beth cut him off, "Please, don't try to defend your actions. Just tell me you'll do exactly as I say, so that Pam doesn't feel like you're ready to grasp her firm yet bubbly ass and mercilessly skewer her onto this perpetual erection at any given moment."

The absurdity of Beth sitting next to him, now flashing her crotch and jacking him off, all the while chastising him for sexual misconduct, past and future, was not lost on Ron, even after ping-ponging through this latest conversation with this seductive 35 year old.

Her grip tightened and pace quickened, yet Beth spoke slowly, "Okay, listen very closely. You have three rules to follow until we get home. Number one, if you feel an erection coming on in front of Pam, do your best to hide it. Number two, if it can't be hidden, then do your best to ignore it. I'll convince Pam that you're not misbehaving, but just a walking hormone factory that can't really control himself, and to avoid creating an embarrassing situation she should ignore it as well. And number three, no matter what happens to you, never ever respond sexually. I want you to act completely innocent and naïve, as if you believe anything we tell you that might justify any particular scenario we find ourselves in, no matter how absurd. Okay? Repeat that back to me."

Ron was breathing heavily as Beth's hand job was getting more serious, but he still managed to give her the attention she'd demanded, and was able to catch the gist of all three rules. "Hide erection, Ignore erection, and Naively play along."

"Very good. And just to show you I sympathize with how difficult these next days could be, I'll try to help out when I can." As she spoke, Beth ever so slowly leaned over until she could take Ron's towering morning hard-on in her mouth. She tenderly suckled on just the head, her left hand toying with his quickly tightening ball sack. She kept this up for almost a full minute, alternating between sucking him in earnest and sporadically lapping up his pre-cum as it began to profusely leak across the purplish head. Beth toyed with him as much as possible, for she didn't want him to cum, and was actually pleased when the sound of voices outside their window gave her an excuse to stop. She abruptly pulled her suctioning lips free, making an exaggerated show of tonguing some of his pre-cum from her naturally red, full lips. "Sorry to have to quit, but we have to be careful not to get caught, plus we certainly can't let Pam walk out to discover you forcing me into blow job, now can we?" Beth paused, glad to see the confused and defensive look on Ron's face. "Now I may be open to doing that again, but you need to understand that it will be only on my terms. If you ever attempt to initiate something sexual with me, like you did on the beach or in the dressing room, I'll tell your parents, and they'll believe every single word I tell them, no matter what sort of fantastic version of events you try to sell them. I know you wouldn't want that, now would you?"

Ron sat there flabbergasted, with his dick throbbing and jerking about, seeking out the stimulation needed for relief. By this point in his dealings with Beth, he knew arguing or defending himself was useless. Instead, he simply agreed with her then reached for the sheet to once again conceal his condition.

"What are you doing? You can't sit there under the covers all day with a hard on. Get up right now, get into your trunks and go get in the pool. Hopefully the water will remedy your situation. Well, hurry up!"


Ron was swimming laps, alone in the otherwise still empty pool, steadily accomplishing his goal of redirecting the blood from his increasingly flaccid penis. His mind was doing its best to overcome the headache from his first ever hangover, while at the same time processing his recent talk with Beth. She had basically asked him to do what he'd already learned from experience as the best way to deal with these sexy older women - act innocent and oblivious to their sexuality, while to some degree, 'unknowingly' exhibiting his unusually large dick. Beth had convinced him that Pam would indeed be on alert for any intentional overtures from him, so he'd have to be careful to make any exhibition on his part seem completely unintended. It also seemed that no matter how Beth maneuvered them, Pam wouldn't let things go too far, which would really be best, for even after all that had happened, he honestly didn't want to lose Amy, or get in trouble with his folks, by crossing a line with her mother. As he slowly breast stroked toward the ladder, Ron could feel his now flaccid cock swaying within the trunks Beth had given him to wear. He was surprised it hadn't been one of the clingy lycra blend suits from the boutique, but was a more conventional men's bathing suit material, albeit somewhat short and quite baggy. While it would not conceal him to the degree his original board shorts would have, at least he wouldn't feel completely exposed as he did yesterday, on the beach with Sue and Beth.


By now, the steamy shower had been pelting Pam for almost 15 minutes. As soon as she had stepped beneath the cascading water, her conscience took control with a self-chastisement for the indecent window-front display, and vowed to be more careful in the days to come. She did fight her inner voice a little, and allowed herself some clemency by blaming Beth for orchestrating the entire scene, but in her heart, Pam knew her willingness to saunter around Ron in the less than modest night gown had made her an accommodating participant. Before she even realized it, her mind was replaying the scene, specifically recalling her image in the closet mirror; and she felt her body involuntarily respond. She conveniently decided that it would be best to squash her mounting libido, rather than join Ron and Beth in her bikini, aroused and simmering from the morning's events, and slid a soapy hand past her flat stomach to bring the stimulation and pleasure for which her body called. As her fingers began to strum over her clit, she suddenly recalled Beth's advice, as her friend had so realistically acted as if she were fucking Ron on the beach. She had suggested that Pam essentially use the boy as a prop, tease him until she was so turned on she could go masturbate in private, and gain the relief she needed. Even though she'd had no intention of adhering to Beth's advice, the reality was that she had done exactly that, and here she was, her hand between her legs, unintentionally following Beth's playbook for sexual gratification.

After reliving the most recent exhibitionist experience, Pam began to envision the various past interactions with Ron as her fingers brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Eventually she moved on to the fantasy she'd first had of the well-hung teenager, back on the plane, imagining herself in her own bedroom, teasing the boy as she rubbed lotion over her body while he spied from the partially opened door. Eventually, he'd snapped, and was upon her, forcing her onto the bed, his lovely cock sliding forcefully over her writhing, slick body. In her mind, he had just forced her legs apart, and after slipping his thick head back and forth across her clit, was preparing to drive into her with all his might. Pam's fingers were working feverishly, and her orgasm was quickly approaching as the quasi-rape played out in her brain.

"Pam? Hurry up in there. We are losing some valuable sun time." Beth said after bursting into the bathroom, unwittingly interrupting her friend's masturbation session.

Pam's hands jerked to her side, as if Beth had seen her through the curtain. Quickly catching her breath, she tried to sound as normal as possible when she replied, while turning off the water, "Ah, okay, just now finished."

"Good, hurry up and put on your new suit, I can't wait to see how good it looks on you. I'll go and fix us a bagel and meet you by the pool. Don't forget your Mimosa." Beth instructed, anxious for Pam to get on a steady regime of the sexual enhancement drug. It seemed to be legitimate, for even though Beth herself was always ready for some sexy fun, she couldn't deny the perpetual moist heat between her legs since taking the drug yesterday afternoon. And even though she didn't really know Sue well enough to unequivocally credit the Sensuvive, she had certainly spent the afternoon with only minimal resistance to Beth's scheming manipulations, until finally giving in to temptation and slowly impaling herself onto a drunk, bound Ron and his deserving erection.

After Beth exited, Pam pulled the curtain free, and for the first time spied the tiny pile of red and white material that was to be her bikini for the day. As she dried off, Pam gulped about ½ of the drink, as if it might squelch the unbridled sexual frustration that her failed self-pleasuring had only served to intensify. She slipped on and adjusted the bottoms, actually surprised that knowing Beth, they weren't smaller than they were. Still, the front was snug and cut low enough to make her grateful for her liberally trimmed bikini line, and her board flat abs. The roughly ¼ inch wide elastic sides rode high over her hips, likewise pulling the back up tight, dividing her buns before spreading across her firm, upper gluts. Looking over her shoulder, Pam had to admit her sexiest body part was definitely highlighted by the colorful stripes running horizontally over her cheeks, leaving about 1/3 of each exposed.

Next Pam examined the top half of the suit, then adjusted and hooked the straps behind her neck and across her back She attempted to maneuver her breasts beneath the brightly striped triangles, but much like the bottoms, the top fit very snugly, with the stretchy straps pulling her 'high and tight', so to speak. She had never been one to shy away from showing a socially acceptable degree of cleavage at the beach, but these taut patches of red and white stripes seemed to mold to her ample breasts, while acting to lift and distribute them for maximum exposure. She couldn't really slide the striped material left or right, as she could on an, ironically, more skimpy string bikini. The result was that her cleavage was prominently displayed, but unlike with her typical swimwear, a substantial portion of each breast was also exposed from the side. Pam posed and twisted to examiner herself in the mirror. She couldn't deny that the body-hugging suit looked as if had been painted on her, but didn't really think it was too 'out there'. She'd certainly seen others wearing far teenier suits so far during this trip. Surprisingly, Pam found she actually liked the red and white stripes, for even though this material was too thin to prevent her erect nipples from testifying as to her lingering arousal, the alternating colors seemed to mask them better than her other solid color suits did.

Still admiring her sleek form in the mirror, Pam was attempting to convince herself that the abundant, scantily clad co-eds prancing about would diminish her appeal to Ron, but she knew it to be a lie. For Beth was indeed diabolical when it came to the art of the effortless tease, as this suit, on one hand, covered as much skin as many bikinis one would find on any beach anywhere. Yet, the snug fit combined with her athletic physique was undoubtedly going to be a tantalizing temptation for their young friend. Still, she was wearing a bikini that covered a relatively normal amount of skin, and as she and Beth had discussed, Ron would just have to deal with it. Pam confirmed with her inner morality that she would not do anything intentionally to increase his torment, and certainly would not allow herself to be manipulated into another erotically inappropriate exhibition as had occurred earlier, in front of the windows. As she spun to exit the bathroom, Pam glanced to the mirror to admire her profile and the way her right breast was bulging from the side of her bikini top, and to her surprise, the ease with which her erect nipple was visible in profile. A hot, moist jolt of arousal seemed to detonate between her legs, and her mouth became instantly parched. Pam silently screamed to herself to get control over her body, downed the remaining Mimosa and headed out to the pool to join Beth and Ron.

More to come.....


Thanks for reading this relatively uneventful chapter. Here is where I need your help. After 15 chapters, I need a creative assist. I have about three more, what I think are very erotic situational chapters to come, but none of those scenarios really fit for Pam's first full day back on the island. She needs to be moved a little further into the depths of Beth's sordid plans to make them seem plausible. (one upcoming chapter is slated for "tomorrow", with the group working out in the gym, then sharing a sauna)

If you've read the previous chapters, you know the type of set up used for most of the story. I have been playing with all of the following activities around which to craft a plot line, but don't feel I've got a winner yet.

Jet skiing



Night Club

Horse back riding

Hot tub

Feel free to offer a twist to one of the above, or go in a completely different direction.

I am also open to using any of the characters to date: co-eds Shannon and Courtney, Lil and Mike, "Helga" the contest "dominatrix" host. And there is still the prize bag full of assorted sex toys.

My only certainties are that Amy is still away with her dad for two more days, and Ron does not have any sort of acknowledged sex with Pam. (i.e. they can tease, touch inadvertently, or maybe more if it can be framed in a believable manner). He can have sex with someone else, or not, I can go either way with that.

Please, feel free to email me any suggestions, from a scant one sentence summary, to as much detail as you feel necessary. I will submit another chapter, and hopefully I'll find inspiration from a reader's idea.



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