A Tent


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We began walking back down the trail and back to the tents when I felt her hand brush mine. I tensed, not sure how intentional the contact was, when she took hold of my hand and pulled. I turned to face her. I was thinking now that it was about an hour to sunrise, so we had plenty of time, I wondered if she was thinking the same thing.

Walking into her tent, she answered me, leaning forward and kissing me passionately on the lips. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her tight. We looked around and found a blanket which we threw on the floor. I began unbuttoning her blouse and kissing her neck as she worked on my belt. I opened her blouse exposing her beautiful small breasts and immediately leaned to rub my face across them. I ran my lips over her firm nipples as she arched her back to me. She pushed me back a bit and kneeled in front of me, first stroking my hard cock and then slipping it into her mouth. I heard her wet sucking sounds as she devoured me.

It had been some time since I had been with a woman and with the tight quarters at camp, it had been a while since I had taken matters into my own hand, so almost immediately I felt a rush come over me. I moaned to her, "It's been so long, I'll come if you keep that up," but as I tried to pull away, she grabbed my ass and held me tight. She continued sucking and running her tongue over the head of my cock. She moved one hand from my ass and grabbed my shaft, quickly stroking it.

The sensation of her mouth on my cock as she pumped it with her hand was incredible and I suddenly felt the wave rush over me as I quickly came, pulsing my come into her mouth. She kept me in her mouth, drinking the last of me.

"I'm sorry, I wanted..."

Removing my cock from her mouth she spoke, "Shh, I just love it like that. God, you wanted me didn't you?"

"You saw how quickly I came," I replied.

"Yes, I loved that."

"Now I think it's your turn," I whispered.

Standing up she moved to the other side of the tent, next to her cot. She sat down and opened her legs to me, where I kneeled and followed her scent, slowly kissing her thighs as I moved slowly toward her. She rested one leg on my back as my lips touched hers, my tongue parting her and slipping inside, tasting her pungent heat. She began that rhythmic motion, like the waves, as her wetness drew me in. My tongue slid from inside her, upwards toward her clit as I slipped my two fingers into her wet pussy.

Finding her clit, I circled my tongue as I looked up at her face, savoring the look of intense pleasure that washed over it. She moved her hips as her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her. I worked my fingers quickly in and out of her, occasionally circling them around the wet walls. Then I slipped my lips over her nub and began to suck. That sent her over the edge.

"Oh yes, I'm coming," she moaned, arching her back and pressing her cunt against my face. I felt her juices cover my chin as I felt her involuntary contractions pulse around my fingers. I was about to stand up and start getting dressed when she noticed my cock had hardened again. She grabbed for it and began stroking it again.

"The sun will rise soon, the others will be waking up," I protested.

"Then we will need to hurry won't we."

I sat down on the blanket and she pushed on my chest, guiding me onto my back. I lay there as she stood above me, her beautiful legs straddling me as she lowered herself onto my erection. Entering her for the first time was incredible, she had given me a blow job just minutes ago, but this was something different, a sensation we shared.

She moved slowly above me, drawing pleasure from me as she ground her clit into my pubis and then rose up my glistening rod. Descending again, she would moan with each inch of me. When she came, the intensity of her emotions overcame us both, and we both exploded into tears as then I came, flooding her with my sticky white.

She lay on top of me for a few minutes, until a ray of sunlight first streamed into the tent. We quickly jumped up and got dressed. Before anyone else rolled out of their tents, I quietly kissed her and then snuck back to my tent.

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