tagLoving WivesA Terrible Mistake

A Terrible Mistake


I am writing this for someone I met on Literotica at his request. I'm sure it will piss some people off, but that's the way it goes.


Brittany, my wife, and I had talked about it many times, especially before and during sex, which by the way has always been incredibly good. We'd talked about the idea of me watching while she had sex with another man. It was a fantasy and it turned me on to the point that when we played out the fantasy, me pretending to be the other man and Brit acting the part of the reluctant wife giving in to keep her husband happy, our sex became even better, hotter, more intense.

Almost always after we cooled off my gorgeous wife would ask me, "this is just a fantasy right? You wouldn't really ask me to have sex with another man while you watched us?"

Of course I told her "No Brit, just a fantasy." which was a lie. Like a number of husbands, the idea of watching the woman I love lying naked beneath another man, panting and moaning while he filled her pussy with his cock, becoming one with the woman who swore her body belonged only to me, was a weird, but complete turn on. Still it remained only a fantasy that occasionally charged our intimate moments.

Once in a while I would ask Brit if she would ever consider doing such a thing, but her answer was always the same, "absolutely not." To my beautiful wife, fantasizing about it and actually doing it were two completely different things, light years apart.

My wife Brittany is a stone fox, 5'7", beautiful, long brown hair and dark eyes. My name is Jess Reed, I'm a self employed attorney specializing in business law. I'm considered an attractive man, 6 foot, black hair graying at the temples. She's 34, I'm 36. We've been married 9 years and without a doubt they have been the best years of my life.

We have a number of close friends and spend a great deal of time with them socially, going out to dinner, concerts and weekend trips to the coast or the mountains to ski. Probably my best friend was Tyler O'Neal, a good looking single guy a little shorter than me, a little stockier with a darker complexion.

Tyler and I played a lot of golf together and after a few beers he would often ask, "How the hell did you manage to land a beauty like Brittany, she is one hot babe?" I would laugh it off and tell him that she was the lucky one to land me, but of course we both knew it was the other way around. I could tell by the way Tyler's eyes followed my wife around when we were together that he would give just about anything to get into her pants. He wasn't the only guy who felt that way, but he was the only guy I felt like I could trust to fulfill my fantasy.

For several months I thought about trying to talk Brit into giving in just once, but couldn't get to the point where I actually did it. I even mentioned Tyler to her once in awhile just to test her reaction. She always laughed it off, telling me that Tyler was a great guy, but she simply wasn't interested in letting him or any guy other than her husband fuck her. I was discouraged, but not beaten and then an idea came to me and I began to hatch a plot. A plot I hoped would lead to Tyler and my beautiful wife Brittany lying naked on my bed having sex while I watched.

I started dropping hints to Tyler when we were together. He would make one of his comments about how I was the luckiest guy in the world to have such a hot wife and I would tell him, "You have no idea how lucky I am, she is the greatest lover you can imagine". He would groan and tell me to stop killing him, but I kept it up, letting him know how active a partner she was when we were having sex. The sounds she made, the way she moved beneath me. I totally drove him crazy until one day I figured I'd primed the pump enough and told him about my fantasy. He seemed excited at the prospect and asked me what Brittany thought of the idea and I told him, "not much", but I wanted to set something up to see if it would work.

Tyler looked at me like I was insane, but jumped in with both feet. My fantasy was to watch my wife being fucked by another man and his fantasy was to fuck my wife, a perfect match.

That night I told Brittany that I had invited Tyler over for dinner Friday night and I hoped she didn't mind. She gave me an odd look, since I'd never done that before, but said "sure, Friday night is fine." Then she asked me if Tyler was bringing a date or coming by himself? "By himself" I told her, trying hard not to look or act guilty. She nodded her head, gave me another funny look and dropped the subject.

For the next few days Brittany would ask me things like "What time is Tyler coming over? What would I like for dinner?" and then the question I knew she really wanted to ask, had to ask. "Jess, this isn't about your fantasy is it? You're not inviting Tyler over because you think you can talk me into having sex with him are you?"

"No Brit, of course not, he's my best friend."

"I know he is" she said, "but I know what your fantasy is all about and I've also seen the way he looks at me. He wants to get in my pants and he'd be there right now if I'd let him"

"I know he would, I've seen him look at you too" I told her, "Sure, he thanks you are beautiful and hot. Brit, every man who looks at you wants to get in your pants."

"Does he ever talk about me?"

"Sure, he says he thinks you're hot and he thinks I'm the luckiest man on earth to have you."

"Is that all? Has he ever come right out and told you he wants to have sex with me?"

"No, he's never mentioned that, I just know from how he looks at you that he would give anything to fuck you in your sweet pussy just once. Anyway, isn't it kind of flattering to know that a man besides your husband wants your beautiful body, especially a good looking man like Tyler?"

"I'm a lot more than just a wet piece of meat Jess, but it is a little flattering I guess in a way. What's weird though is that it gives me a strange feeling down in the bottom of my stomach knowing even though he's your best friend he would fuck me in a heartbeat if I'd let him."

"See?" I told her.

"Just remember Jess, Friday night is dinner only, nothing else, none of your tricks." She put her hands around my neck, looked me in the eyes and said, "Your best friend is not going to fuck me Jess."

"I know baby, just dinner, nothing else."

Tyler arrived around 7 that Friday night and he and I sat in the living room and drank a few beers. Dinner was in the oven and Brittany was upstairs. "Do you think she'll go for it?" Tyler asked me.

"I don't know" I told him, but we're about to find out.

When Brittany came down the stairs and made her appearance, Tyler and I were both stunned. She was wearing 5 inch spiked black heels and a simple black dress that I'd never seen before. It came down to six or seven inches above her knees, just barely covering her panties. It hugged her perfect ass and the bodice formed a spectacular dip between her breasts, showing just enough cleavage to whet any man's appetite.

"Wow Brittany, you look great!" Tyler told her.

"Thank you kind sir". Then she came to me and gave me a kiss.

"Nice dress baby."

She smiled and whispered, "Don't get any ideas. I'm dressed like this for you, not for Tyler" "Dinner is ready" she announced.

During dinner we shared lots of friendly banter and a couple of bottles of wine and afterwards settled in the living room with a warm brandy for each of us.

"Great dinner" Tyler told her "Jess is a very lucky man to have a gorgeous wife that can cook too."

"Why don't we put on some music and dance?" I said and went to the stereo and put on some slow, romantic stuff.

Brittany knew that I seldom wanted to dance and gave me an odd, cautious look and as I took her hand and guided her into a slow dance, our bodies pressed together she whispered in my ear, "No Bob, no tricks, Tyler's not getting this girl tonight". I thought to myself, "want to bet?"

Tyler watched the two of us moving slowly, pressed against each other and I could read the lust in his eyes.

Brittany put her lips to my ear. "I don't want Tyler to fuck me Jess. Remember that. Please don't try to push me into doing it and don't make Tyler crazy so he ends up raping me."

"Come on Brit, you know I would never let anyone hurt you. I know you don't want to fuck him, but just dance with him that's all, make him feel a little good holding a beautiful girl in his arms." Another song came on and I said, "Here Tyler, you dance with her while I freshen our drinks."

I pulled her by the hand and led her to him. She was reluctant to let go of me, but Tyler took her hand from mine and began dancing with her. I went to the kitchen and got the bottle of brandy and by the time I got back to the living room Tyler had managed to pull Brittany close and they were dancing slowly, their bodies pressed together.

I saw him whisper something in her ear, she looked shocked, then smiled, whispered back and leaned her head demurely against his shoulder. I filled all our glasses and sipped my brandy and watched Tyler manage to work his thigh between my wife's legs, applying pressure to her crotch. It was fascinating watching Brittany tighten her legs, trying to keep his thigh away from her most private area.

I heard her tell him "no Tyler."

And his reply, "Yes Brittany" and though she resisted him, little by little Tyler coerced her into opening her stance, spreading her gorgeous legs apart just enough to accomplish the task.

When Brittany finally felt his thigh press into her pubic area she got a strange look on her face. She told him, "Tyler, I mean it" and placed her hand against his chest and started to push him away, but Tyler pressed into her even harder and told her,

"I mean it too Brittany". She frowned at him and looked into his eyes meaning to tell him to back off, but she saw something there in the way he looked at her that made her pause and obviously change her mind. Maybe she saw his determination to bend her to his will, or overwhelming lust for her or his need to take her or just how much he really wanted her, but whatever she saw caused her to stop pushing against his chest and slowly move her hand back to his shoulder.

It was right then, that very second, some very intimate, silent message passed between them causing Brittany to look confused and like someone pressed a button, without saying a word to each other, they both stopped dancing.

Tyler stepped into her applying even more pressure with his thigh to my wife's nether region and Brittany noticeably pushed her crotch back against him. Their joint movements caused Brittany's short dress to ride up so that Tyler's thigh was now pushing directly on the crotch of Brittany's panties.

Again she looked shocked at how intimate things had suddenly gotten and she said "Tyler I can't" and pulled back for a few seconds.

Tyler had other thoughts and told her, "yes Brit, I think you can, I think you want too" and pulled her back against him, his thigh once more pressed tightly against the crotch of her panties. Brittany closed her eyes and her face looked flush, but she again started to push against him and I could tell by the look on her face that she was rubbing her clit against my best friend's thigh.

Strangely it bothered me more than I thought it would. The whole scene looked like a remake of Dirty Dancing. They stayed like that for several minutes, just pushing against each other, taking tiny steps into each other, not even attempting to match the rhythm of the music. It sort of looked like they were stumbling into each other.

If it hadn't been so sensual and erotic, it would almost have been funny. Suddenly the sexual tension in the room was palpable, Tyler was sliding his thigh against my wife's groin area and Brittany sliding her crotch against his thigh. I knew Brittany's vagina was already lubricating profusely since it never took more than a little stimulation from me to get her wet and ready.

I so wished I could walk up behind her, run my hand up under her dress, pull the crotch of her panties aside and finger her. Occasionally Brittany would look at Tyler's face and then she would glance at me, a kind of faraway look in her eyes as if she were saying, "Don't you see how dangerous this is Jess, I don't even know what I'm doing."

I watched Brittany's face take on a red glow of embarrassment and excitement which added to her growing confusion, so I decided the time was right to stir the pot a little. I cut in on them saying "OK big guy, my turn." I moved between them and assumed a similar position with Brittany, holding her close, whispering in her ear. "That was cozy, you looked like you were having fun".

Her green eyes met mine and cut through me like a knife, "Jess, he wants to fuck me." She told me in a soft but tense voice.

"Is that what he whispered to you?"

"Yes, he said he's wanted me from the first time he saw me."

"What did you tell him?"

"That I love my husband."

"And his reply?"

"He said you told him he could fuck me. All I had to do is open my legs for him and let him take me"

"How did you respond?"

Her eyes burned into mine again, "I told him, I had to think about it, but we'd see"

"How do you feel inside?"

"Confused, excited, scared, maybe a little angry. I feel like you and Tyler are pulling me into some kind of steamy sexual vortex and I can't seem to stop it from happening. Tyler wants to fuck me, you want him to fuck me"

"And how do you feel, do you want Tyler to fuck you Brit?"

"I don't know Jess, it's tempting, so maybe, yes, NO, I guess, probably, I don't know."

"Do you think it would feel good?"

"He wants me so bad I think he'd fuck my lights out Jess so yes, I'm sure it would feel really good, dangerously good."

Figuring she was almost there, I kissed her and said, "Your turn Tyler" and watched as my best friend took my wife into his arms and pulled her without resistance into the same stance they were in when I interrupted them earlier.

Brittany didn't fight his advances this time and she automatically opened her stance and allowed Tyler's thigh to press tightly between her legs again, once more he applied pressure to my wife's groin region and when she felt it she looked at me and mouthed, "Do you seewhat's happening here, how he's making me feel. I want to feel him inside me Jess, I don't think I can stop myself."

I gave her some kind of quirky look and shrugged my shoulders and watched, mesmerized, as they began to press their bodies as tightly together as they could get them.

At one point Brittany let Tyler Pull the hem of her dress up to her waist where she helped by holding it in place, kicked off her high heels and stood on her tiptoes a few times sliding the crotch of her panties down Tyler's leg. They weren't even attempting to dance anymore; he was just dry fucking my wife with his thigh and she was helping him.

Tyler's hands moved down her back to Brittany's ass cheeks, he squeezed them and pulled her tightly against him. Brittany tucked the hem of her dress into the belt at her waist to get it out of their way, locked her hands around Tyler's neck turned her face so it was resting under his chin, her eyes closed. She appeared to be trembling slightly. He whispered in her ear and I saw her head jerk in response, a spasmodic little nod of shocked understanding and she whispered back to him. Then she turned her face to me and mouthed the words, "He just told me he's going to fuck me."

And I mouthed back to her, "what did you say?" she looked at me with a mixture of sorrow and fear in her eyes and said

"I told him, yes Tyler, I know you are." That was the message I'd been waiting for.

I went to them and touched Brittany's shoulder lightly and spoke softly to her, "Brit, I think you two have made your decision and you want to fuck. You can go upstairs and wait for us in the bedroom, I want to talk with Tyler for a minute before the two of you.. you know..before it happens. We'll come up to you in a minute."

She stared shyly at Tyler for several seconds looking for all the world like an 18-year-old girl, memorizing the face of the man she knows in a few minutes is going to be inside her body fucking her, then she looked at me, her eyes slightly glazed over. She started to say "I'm not sure what to, how to, I've never..., changed her mind, nodded a slight "ok", pulled the hem of her dress out of her belt and let it fall, picked up her heels and without another word, turned and walked slowly up the stairs.

"Are you sure she's going to let me have her?"

"Oh yeah, she is. If she was going to back out she would have done it right then. She did what I asked her to do and went to the bedroom so yes, you're going to fuck her.

Be gentle with her Tyler, this is a totally new experience for her. She's never been with another man and she's scared and confused. I think she feels like I've betrayed her, but you did your job, she's turned on. I know her so well, you've got her wet and ready. She wants to be with you now, she's just afraid of what the consequences are going to be when she lets you take her. Her lack of experience with other men comes out when she gets like this. This isn't her idea, it's mine. She fought me over it for a long time before she finally gave in just now.

Once you're inside her, fucking her, she'll be ok. She will be very emotional about it. Sex isn't a recreational sport to her, she takes the act of giving herself to a man very seriously so treat her like the lady she is. She knows my cock and she's used to it. No one else has ever been inside her gorgeous body, ever, just me. She's going to make you feel things you've never dreamed of"

"Jess, why are you letting me do this?"

"I don't really know, I guess I'm crazy. Oh and one more thing, don't cum inside her, leave your sperm on her stomach, or her tits, but not inside her, the inside of my wife's vagina is strictly mine where sperm is concerned". He nodded and we shook hands and without another word we went up the stairs to my wife.

Brittany was standing next to the bed, nervously watching us as we came into the room, her eyes were larger than normal. She was scared and she didn't know what she was supposed to do. She'd had sex with me a thousand times, but this was different, this was someone new, her husband's best friend who was going to fuck her, while her husband watched. She'd never faced anything like this before.

She'd set her shoes on the dresser, but made no other preparations for sex. She looked beautiful, but her face was pale and her eyes showed fear. I got the feeling she would like to bolt and run. She looked around the room like she was somewhat bewildered, like a lost young woman knowing she was about to lose her virginity and not prepared for it, wanting someone to save her or at least guide her through the life changing moment.

I held her shoulders and kissed her forehead and she whispered to me, "Jess are you sure about this, it could really change us?"

"Do you want him to take you Brit?" Again she shyly peaked around me to look at Tyler, looked back at me, closed her eyes and nodded her head 'yes'. I kissed her head again, turned on a lamp by the bed and switched off the overhead light, casting a soft, intimate glow over the scene. While Brittany and Tyler stood looking at each other like shy teenagers, the full emotional impact of what they were seconds away from sharing together washed over them, two people who hardly know each other about to merge their bodies into one.

I pulled a chair away from the wall and placed it beside the bed. Brittany's eyes followed my movements. "Is that where you're going to watch us do this?" she asked quietly. Not trusting my voice I nodded yes and waited.

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