tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Terrific First Meeting

A Terrific First Meeting


I first chatted with Kathy a few months ago. She was a really nice person and I enjoyed our repertoire while we talked. The first time our conversation turned to sex, I was worried that I would offend her. But as we talked further, I realized that this girl was as sexed up as I was and everything was gonna be ok. The other cool thing is that she enjoyed taking pictures of herself... nothing slutty, but sexy pics of her striking poses. 99 percent of these were just clothed pictures. She finally trusted me to send more revealing pictures. The first time she sent me a pictures of her DD breasts, I immediately took my penis out and stroked myself to orgasm. God it was a wonderful feeling. She also loved to take her picture with her panties up her crack. Until we met for the first time I had never seen her clit. She told me she was saving that for our first meet.

Well I finally got the idea that our meeting should have an added bonus to it. She obviously had a voyeuristic streak to her which I liked, so I had this idea that we should get a webcam and let others enjoy our first time as much as we would. I was worried that she wouldn't like this idea so I broached it slowly. To my happiness, she agreed but to not show our faces which was fine with me.

We met at her house. We shared just a hug at first, agreeing that our first time needed to be seen by everyone as well. I had such a hardon on the drive over there as well as all the time we were hooking things up. When we got into a chat room appropriately titled, "couples fucking on camera," I was a rock. I was more than worried that the show would be a short one as I had wanted to fuck this lady for a long time now.

We chatted with a few people until finally they all started clamoring for her to show her tits. No one wanted to see my ugly ass and that was fine. She brought her shirt up for a quick flash. I was not surprised to notice she wore no bra and the room went wild. We got bombarded with pm's and told everyone that if they wanted to see us then it would be public. Kathy told me and the room that she was going to take requests. Of course, that meant everyone telling her to show some pussy. We were both nervous as she slowly lowered her sweats to reveal a wonderful pair of thong panties. God I was so horny and I noticed she had a wet spot on her panties from her excitement as well.

She put her back to the cam and then stuck her ass right in the camera and I quickly took the thong and pushed it aside to reveal her pussy lips. I couldn't resist sticking a finger around the hole as she moaned softly. Then she turned around and sat down. I stood up and lowered my jeans and let her take over. She took my cock out of my underwear and put me in her mouth. At that point I realized her face would be on cam. She said that was ok as long as it was from the side. now I am not a big guy maybe 6 inches so it was no problem for her to take it all into her luscious mouth. Oh one other thing I forgot to mention. We agreed that we would get together for some hot fucking but that I had to wear a condom. That was ok with me, but I had wanted to fill her up with my cum. But for disease purposes, the condom was a smart thing.

So here we are on cam, my condom covered cock just getting lathered up by that hot mouth of hers. I was so close to cumming that I pulled her off of me but she told me that it was ok, that she could entertain the room while I recovered. So as I got close I told her that I wanted to spurt on her tits, so she started jacking me off and then as i got close she took off the rubber and jacking my hot cream all over those hot huge tits.

While I sat back spent, she turned the cam on her body as we continued to endure pleas from the room for her to show that hot clit. She played then until the very end as she teased and chatted and flashed. No one, not even me had gotten a good look at it. Finally as I started to get aroused again, she took off the panties and we all finally saw the pussy. I immediately wanted to slurp it up and we positioned the cam so it could be viewed. After about 10 minutes of licking and bringing her to an orgasm, I told her I could wait and that I needed to be inside her.

So on went another condom as she leaned over the desk and let me enter her from the rear. God it felt like heaven to stick my hard cock into her wetness. Months of teasing and fear (yes) had kept us from our first fuck. I slowly entered her but I got caught up in the moment and started banging this girl for everything I was worth. Her ample ass cheeks shuddered with every thrust as I watched my dick go into and out of her hole. The popping noise was audible as I pounded and pounded her. The room went crazy! We lost quite a few as I know there were guys jacking to our lustful event. Kathy started backing her ass into me and I just stayed in one sport and let her fuck her cock for awhile. She pushed and pushed and moaned and her hot slit was so wet I could barely feel myself in her she was so slick. She tightened up her muscles and I immediately began to feel her again.

I slipped out and when I did I almost went into her ass. I exclaimed, "whoops" as I adjusted myself to re-enter her again. Then Kathy says, "you know since we are getting all these firsts out of the way, why don't we go one better?" I said, "what do you mean" and she says, "I have never had anything in there before, could we try it?" and I said "you mean in your butt?" and she just smiled.

"It's ok if you don't wanna, I know its very naughty to do that," she said. DUH, I wanted to, but fucking the butt can be gross sometimes. However, I was happy to notice she was clean and the area wasn't nasty, so I was up for it. "Now go slow, cause if it hurts, I will not want to do this," she told me. I nodded and took a lube off the nightstand and lathered up. I took my cock and pushed into her hole. She moaned and I stopped but she told me to go slow. Little by little it disappeared into her bung and she started pushing backwards until my whole dick was in her tight pooper.

To be in someone's most private insides an hour after you meet is such a rush!! I moved slowly out and every so slightly she told me to move faster. Her hand was massaging her clit as I moved into position to work on that ass of hers. I moved into and out of that hole and peeled her ass cheeks back so I could watch myself disappear into her poop shoot. Well that was more than enough visual for me and I threw caution to the winds and I again began pushing harder and harder and Kathy squealed and told me to bang her ass and I went to work. I was just delirious as I fucked her harder and harder. Seeing my cock pump her hole and watching the hole just consume me was plenty and I came a huge load into my condom.

We got many cheers from others in the room for our performance. Of course after the moment we both got embarrassed and shut the cam down. We spent the rest of the evening playing without the cam. She is moving to out West in the spring but I hope to meet her a few more times for some more fun before she goes.

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