tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 09

A Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 09


Chapter 09: Father-in-Law Seeks Daughter-in-Law

He felt lost without his right hand man. A Thakur without his henchman was like a man in the Wild West without his gunslinger. But there was no way Thakur Singh could have gone to the city with anyone else, given the mission in his mind.

Binita had avoided him for several months now. It all started with her late evening visit to his farm to convince him that she should be allowed to marry his son. The hot, wild sex started that day. Since then she had allowed herself to be taken a few times. The last time was in his car and she had found herself trapped. She was sitting on his lap in a crowded car and when everyone else had left, he did not allow her to get off him or the car. The ride that followed was a battle between Binita and her own desires. And Thakur represented the darkest side of her desires.

This was why she stayed away from. She weaned herself off the need to be fucked by the brute monster of a father-in-law. The lust that overcame her when he touched her scared her. She found a solution for herself by staying away. Yet, for family occasions she did have to come by and the last time that happened the Thakur had ravaged and plundered her completely. Her unprepared cunt was raw from the fucking it received. Her tender, soft lips were splayed and stretched with the jolts and jerks from the car ride. Every violent jerk from the car had allowed her dirty -- but manly- father-in-law to stab her deeper than ever and in newer ways than before.

Her orgasm had been sucked out of her as had her juices. She hated him for it but she also hated herself for it. She had married Pritam out of love and felt stuck with his father out of lust. Undoubtedly, the Thakur was all man. He knew how to fuck and pleasure her. But for God's sake, the man was the father of her lifetime love.

She stayed away. The last family occasion that man -- dirty, lecherous bastard -- had pounded her into submission. Thereafter, she made excuses for family occasions as well and stayed away.

The Thakur had come out of his jungle looking for his quarry that was staying away in the city. That last time she had come to the village, the sex in the car had been electrifying. That was always the case about her. He had suspected that he had misread her desire when she resisted him so stoutly even as he plundered her. But the copious flows from her pussy and her endearing pleas to him were encouraging. And then there was the blabbering while cumming, calling him dirty and obscene but the only real man she knew.

He continued with the women in his haveli in her absence. But none would do. Dear old Lajjo, his favorite before the daughter-in-law invaded the scene tried hard. Her breasts were delicious but her pussy lacked that throbbing urgency which Binita had. Then another one had a tight cunt but she lacked Binita's sauciness. Binita was a package which was irreplaceable. Despite fucking more than one woman during the day, every night he ended up masturbating, thinking of his daughter-in-law. She was incredibly sexy. Perhaps more so because she was illicit.

Her demure resistance attracted him. The beating of fists was music to his ears; it alternated between thumping out the drumbeat of pleasure and a sign of impossible resistance. He wanted to feel that demure girl's resistance and then the dam of lust bursting around his cock. That thought caused a massive spurt as he orgasmed alone in his bed one more night. Damn! That girl had to be had.

And so he ended up venturing into the big city, Binita's office address in one hand. He found a hotel near her office without too much difficulty and went out to look for the woman who could satiate him like no other -- his daughter-in-law.

She had a shock when she saw him in her office. The man seemed a misfit in the environment. Here was a large man with a twirling mustache wearing a dhoti among computers in a steel and glass office.

"Babuji!" she gasped in surprise, spontaneously smiling.

His eyes wandered over her tight t-shirt and consumed the contours of those breasts which he loved to grip as he fucked her. Thakur felt a familiar stirring in his loins. He tried to guess if she was wearing more under that revealing top but could not make out. He was a bit taken aback that his 'traditional' daughter-in-law was so daringly dressed. Was she inviting sex from her friends at work? His rustic mind could not differentiate between a city work environment and what in his village would have been an open invitation to be plundered at will.

"Beti," he mumbled, his usually deep and resonating voice gone dry with the excitement of having found Binita.

"How come you are here?" she asked, "Pritam never told me!" She reached for her cell phone to call her husband when the Thakur grabbed her wrist. "Abhi nahi!" he said. (Not now).

Binita felt the familiar strength in his hands as he gripped her. "Chodiye!" she whispered. (Leave me!).

"Lekin main tumse milne ayaa hoon," he explained. (But I have come to meet you)

"Haan par yahan nahi," she insisted. (yes but not here)

"I know," he replied. He opened his hand and showed her the key to the room at the hotel.

She shook her, indicating a firm no.

A passing colleague saw that and stopped to ask, "Any problem?

"Babuji, don't make a scene here," she pleaded.

"That is why I am saying just come with me," he replied firmly. Suddenly his voice had eh authority of the village landlord, which eluded him in the anonymity of the city.

She gripped his arm to lead him to the reception area. "Aap idhar baithiye, mai zara bol ke aati hoon," she said. (You sit here while I go inform my boss.) As her hand tried to close around his arm she found the bulge of muscles and thickness of his arm was too large for her small, soft hands. But of course, she remembered having clutched him in various stages of passion and had found him to be large and hard everywhere. What a body! How could the son of such a man be so soft and fleshy?

She shook herself back to reality as she felt unwelcome warmth spread through her body. She would leave her father-in-law in the reception and go call her husband Pritam. She would get him to come to the hotel immediately and that would make her feel more secure. It would certainly scotch any plans this dirty old man had. For months now she had kept away and neither did she have any plans in the near future to go visiting. Her sexual encounters at her in-laws' place had almost entirely been risqué and taboo.

"Pritam! Your dad is in town," she told her surprised husband. "I don't know what it is about, I thought you would know."

"Neither do I," replied the surprised husband. "When did he come?"

"Just now," said Binita, "and he says he has checked in at Hotel Raj International near my office."

"Why wont he stay at home?" asked Pritam.

"How would I know? Anyway, he wants to meet us there. Please come there quickly," said Binita.

"I have some meeting lined up. Let me try," said Pritam, completely puzzled by his father's behavior.

As Binita replaced the receiver and turned around, she was startled by the towering broad figure of her father-in-law who was standing close behind her. She felt her face go red and her ears were burning.

"Babuji! Aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?" she stammered. (Babuji, what are you doing here?)

"Tumne usey kyoon bataya," asked Thakur. (Why did you tell him?) "You and I have a special relationship, isn't it?"

Much as she wanted to deny it, something inside her prevented her from rejecting that special relationship to his face. That 'something' had tortured her for all the time she had stayed away from him. There were days when she ached for his powerful and vigorous fucks. There were times when Pritam was inside her and she found herself comparing the yawning stretch of her pussy to the thickness of Thakur's cock. And there were days when, desperate to simulate her love-sessions with her father-in-law, she used a cylindrical bottle of lotion from her dresser and masturbated herself. Mere masturbation would not do; to mimic that he-man, she also needed to pinch her nipples and maul herself so she would feel his vigor.

The violent masturbation sessions helped. Binita had managed to control, if not put away her feelings of lust and desire. She fully intended to stay away so that the illicit feelings would not receive any fresh fuel.

And yet, when Thakur was face to face, she found it difficult to tell him off. In fact, that was the reason she stayed away.

He reached for her wrist and with a sense of ownership gripped her in his large rough hands. "Chalo!" he commanded here. (Come!) And he walked out of that office, with his daughter-in-law in tow. She was pink with embarrassment. She was demure in office and was not known to be loud, except in business meetings when her aggression shone through. She wanted to be her natural demure self as a daughter-in-law but the aggression she had shown in confronting the Thakur who was opposed to the marriage had led to the explosion of lust between them. And try as she might, she could not put Thakur's uncorked lust back. He took several women from the staff and the village and she knew him to be indifferent. There were favorites, but no fixations. It seemed to be different in her case.

Binita suddenly felt that all eyes were on her and she hated the thought. She decided to quickly leave with the insistent man and avoid any scene at her place of work. In any case, Pritam would arrive at the hotel and that would prevent any moves from Thakur.

Or so she thought. The first thing the Thakur did on arriving at the hotel was to leave instructions at the reception. "Mera beta abhi ayega. Unko idhar rok lo, aur mujhe phone karma. Bahu aur mai nichey aakar ham sab baahar jayenge," he told the front office staff, leaving a large generous tip. (My son will come here shortly. Hold him here and give a me a call so we can all leave for an outing.)

They entered the lift to go up to the lavish suite which Thakur had taken. Binita went to the far end of the lift. Thakur silently reached out for her and gripping her arms made her stand in front of him. He decided to make his intentions clear to the girl by holding her close and letting their bodies touch. She may have reduced the time he had but he fully intended to use that time. Now he would have to be quick. Binita felt her father-in-law lean into her. She felt the familiar thickness press along her ass. she shivered, hating herself for all those nights when she had wanted to feel this.

She wriggled and tried to free herself from his grip. All she succeeded in doing was rub her ass against the engorged, trapper monster in its lair. Thakur's lips went to her ears, "Don't tell me you didn't want to feel this?" he whispered, thrusting himself at her.

His cock was impossibly large and this what he liked about Binita. There was an excitement that made him more of a man than any other woman he spent his lust on. she was special. May be because she was illicit. But more likely because she and he were bodily built for each other.

Binita was trembling with anticipation as they entered the plush suite. She knew he was going to unpeel her layers of restraint and expose her raw sexual desire. Her mind was spinning and her thoughts were torn between resistance and expectation.

She crossed her arms across her breasts and held her shoulders, signaling to him that she was out of bounds. "Who abhi aate hee hongey," she mumbled. (He will be here soon.)

Thakur, inflamed as he was with desire was even more agitated at the thought of being thwarted. He pushed the girl against the wall, rough in the way he handled her. "Babuji!" she protested. "You are hurting me!"

"I never heard you complain of that when I have used this to push you," he hissed, his face close to hers, his hand taking her hand and leading it to feel the contours of his massive erection he now sported. Her fingers were in a clenched fist. He let her knuckles feel the cylinder of flesh. Binita stared into his lust-filled eyes. His breath had the sweetness of paan in it. She knew those lips and that tongue of his but she didn't want any further dealings of that sort.

But her loins were inflamed and she felt herself juicing up. This was the problem zone for her. She needed to hold out and this could be conquered. Thakur needed to be given the message that their encounters were a thing of the past. She had never told him plainly. She now needed to. As she opened her mouth to talk to him, he moved.

His head moved past her breasts, which were tight in that t-shirt she had chosen for the day. Why today of all days for a t-shirt she cursed herself. He knelt in front of her and buried his face in her crotch. The material of the jeans prevented him from using his tongue and he cursed her inwardly. If she had worn a churidar, he could have lipped her through the layers. Damn these Western clothes. He used his entire face to massage her crotch, hoping to melt her resistance. The last time, too, she had resisted and it had seemed to him like a game she played with him. But combined with her staying away, it seemed his daughter-in-law was breaking free. And a Thakur never let his prey go free...

His hands reached up and searched for the edge of her t-shirt. Her hands were on his head pushing him away but useless against his strength. He pulled at the t-shirt which was tucked in. she held his hand trying to stop him from doing what he was. She tried to break his grip on her by interlacing her fingers with his. He allowed her fingers to interleave his. He opened his hand and now he had her palm against his. Success! Any flesh to flesh contact was a route to lust. He ground his palm against hers while using his other hand to coax the t-shirt out of the jeans.

That there were erogenous zones between her fingers and on her palm was something that was a discovery to her. Thakur slid his fingers between hers, as if they were sexual organs. She felt shivers run through her body. She closed her eyes, her other hand clutching at the hair on his head. Was he winning? She wondered.

The answer came when his other hand found the gap between t-shirt and jeans and his hand slid around her waist. Binita gasped and her body hunched over that of her father-in-law. His coarse, callused palms played havoc with her soft, silky skin and Binita felt herself melt. It was time to take the battle to his camp. "Babuji!" she groaned. "Yeh sab galat hai!" (This is all wrong.)

He undid the button of her jeans and sighted the lace top edge of her pink panties. She looked delectable in these beautiful undergarments thought Thakur. The village belles whom he routinely fucked were directly accessible under their skirts. Binita was not. She almost always wore panties. It was an obstacle but he loved the way she looked in them and maddened him. Strange things, he pondered. Wearing them only hastened the need to remove them.

He pulled at the top edge but it could hardly be peeled down as the jeans were hugging her tight. Both of his hands raced up under the t-shirt to her breasts as he nuzzled her underbelly with his face. She was aromatic, and even here he could smell that she had started to juice up.

As he felt her torso, he found the lower edge of the bra. He slipped his hands under. The straps dug into Binita and she whimpered half in pain, half in delight. Soon the elastic stopped biting into her as the hands slid into the cups. Her breasts were in his hands and he kneaded at them with vigor.

"Babuji, aap sun nahi rahe," she complained. (You are not listening to me.)

"Nahi," he confirmed. (No, I am not.)

His thumbs found her nipples and he toggled on them as he felt her soft flesh in his hands. Binita felt as if triggers to her passion were being fired and suddenly the yawning gap between her legs opened further. Involuntarily, her legs spread. The expert lover that he was, the signal was not lost on Thakur. It was this way in which her father-in-law read her body which she missed in her husband.

His hands left her breasts. Binita groaned at that. She didn't need him to stop now. Her nipples and receptive flesh ached for the touch again.

Thakur busied himself with pulling the jeans down from the hips. Her hands left his head and grabbed at his wrists trying to stop him. "Ruk jaiye! Yeh sab naa jayi hai," she pleaded. (Stop. All this is illicit.)

That infuriated him. Still kneeling, he reached up to the neckline of her t-shirt. He stretched the fabric to its breaking point and then ripped it down. He stood up. The girl was shocked, leaning against the wall on her shoulders. His hand went behind her and he pulled her ass off the wall. Then he pushed the jeans down past her hips. It got stuck at her thighs. Binita refused to help him. Thakur then pushed up her bra, forcing her breasts out of the cups and under the elastic. He was unwrapping his parcel. When the time came he would need those nipples in his mouth.

He knelt again and pulled the jeans down. Binita raised one leg, then another. She was scared at this anger. Worried about what she would do if he damaged her clothes. She was now in her panties. Thakur furrowed his head to her crotch and bit at her pussy. She gasped at his naked aggression and the waves it sent through her.

His nose dug into her cunt through the fabric of the panty. Thakur was checking out her readiness. The bitch! She was damp. She was ready. This was the second time her body had shown her readiness even as she resisted.

He was furious. She was wasting precious time. She did not realize how much he needed to fuck her. Or she needed to fuck him. He would teach her a lesson. He pulled down her panties and they rolled up tight around her thighs. As his hands tightened around the fabric, Binita feared he might destroy that garment too. Meekly she raised one leg then another to remove the garment. When she raised her leg, Thakur could see her pussy agape. He teased her lips with his fingers. As soon as the panties were off, he stood up.

"It has all been one big mistake," rued Binita as she fought off the tears welling her eyes. If she had not encouraged her father-in-law after that first spontaneous encounter, she wouldn't be in this situation today. And who was to blame for the spontaneity of that first instance? It was as if cotton and match had been brought together.

Hands went under her and Binita was lifted off the ground and pressed back against the wall, right next to the door to the room. His hands gripped the back of her thighs as he lifted her so that the legs spread as much as they would. Binita refused to lift and wrap the legs around his hips. she would do nothing to help him she decided, even though her cunt had decided otherwise; it was flowing like a river to welcome the invader.

She was laid back against the wall like a frog, open, with her toes pointing downward. She trembled and her pussy quivered, knowing that an assault was imminent. The quivering caused more juices to flow for which Binita was glad because she knew she needed lubrication to imbibe that weapon. Resistance was going to be futile because she now how strong he was. A less open cunt would make him cum quick given his state of excitement, she reckoned.

He could feel her weight and it made his task tougher. But he was up to it. His cock was rock hard, jutting upward, as ferocious and as angry as he was. With her legs slumped down the only help he was going to get in penetrating her was the excited, open-petal state of her lips. If she had held her legs wide and over his hips they would have parted further; but that was not to be.

Thakur slid one arm lower under his daughter-in-law so that he could control her weight with one hand. With his other hand he held his aching cock and pushed apart her leg as far as he could, lodging the ram at the gates. He then grabbed her ass in both hands and held her hard against the wall and himself and thrust upward. The thick, brutal cock parted her lips with ease as her pussy surrendered to his invasion. Far from making him cum, the rapid spreading of her tightness caused her to shudder. Her hands which had been idle, grabbed his strong shoulders as the daughter-in-law tried to climb on top of her father-in-law and gain some control over the situation.

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