tagLoving WivesA Thank You Letter

A Thank You Letter


I want to thank you for letting me take care of you. We were uncertain in the beginning when we sent out emails; when you saw my passion profile ad and knew that I had touched something off in you. What a journey it has been.

You read my profile and it was as if I had been reading parts of your mind that you had felt ashamed to share. It was not just that your wife was restless and you felt her frustration, but you were restless too. You felt ashamed that when you had made love to her you could only see her being pleasured by another man. You felt ashamed and thought that you were sick to have such feelings and you were alone in the world. Yet these feelings wouldn't go away.

The feelings were so specific weren't they? You didn't want to go to big house parties or hot tub parties or strip clubs. You didn't want her to be sexual with someone who would be a passing stranger. You knew what you wanted. You wanted her to lust after someone she would become familiar with. And you wanted a man who would commit to you, permanently, to be available on short notice.

You also wanted someone who would have something that you didn't. You had kept yourself in shape and were self confident in that regard, yet she and you had maddeningly distanced sexually. you felt it and didn't know why, because she was still hot to you.

And then you read my profile. Words began to move you. Words and phrases like attentive, and 'hour long intercourse' in the narrative it hit you hard. You could be oral and bring her to the brink and then push in and hope that she would finish. But she felt soooo goood and you couldn't hold back.

It struck you that I hadn't mentioned words like foreplay. You immediately wondered if, when men had mentioned really liking foreplay on their profiles if it really meant that they needed to make up for orgasming too soon. You realized that it was what you meant when you would talk about it.

She was not a novice to playing around. The two of you had done so and as a result, were rapidly finding out what you didn't like. Encounters with strangers weren't exciting. Groups weren't fun either. You knew her well enough to know that, while she had fun, she wasn't getting 'moved' by it. You didn't know why. And then my profile was there.

You love your wife, that much is clear. She has never doubted it and I never will either. You want her to receive pleasure beyond pleasure. and you wanted to feel fulfilled in her receiving it. It seems so simple to understand that now, but before we met, you weren't sure what was missing.

The first night we met was a threesome. We disrobed, you were turned on and wanted to have her go down on you. I wanted her body to commit to me. So she moved her head to take you in while I probed between her legs. It probably seemed like any other meeting you had in the beginning. I didn't bang her or do any hard movement. I took my hardness and let it probe her. I felt myself first make that soft entry, and she was used to 'hard and fast', so she began to gyrate for me. But when she would gyrate, I would still. So I began to angle to find her spot.

I love looking at that joining; it's the most beautiful sight in the world. I didn't push deep, I just moved my hips gently and then my head found your wife's spot. For most ladies, it isn't deep, but it is a little hardened and is on top of their tunnel. So I let my head find it and I rubbed it gently but relentlessly. and she began to let us know how good it felt.

Then I pulled away before she could cum.

I moved my cock to her edge, and to parts of her that weren't as effective at feeling pleasure. She began to suck on you more furiously and I understood why, but I needed to train her to know that I could find her spot and that I held the answer to her pleasure.

She and you were in different worlds. She couldn't tell you what had just happened because she loves you sooo much. So she began to lick you and looked up briefly. She acted nonchalant, saying, 'baby let me move just a little', and then positioned herself more centeredly, more openly, to me. I felt the discomfort between the two of you as she tried to move me to her spot and take you in her mouth. I looked at her try to please while being pleased and looked at you as you showed frustration in your face.

I rewarded her by began to rub her spot again, but I also knew you needed relief. So I moved away from it again and she groaned, then focused more on you. She now was learning a lesson from me, that your pleasure had always gotten in the way of hers. I held my cock at her edge as she took you in, leading you to your pleasure. You came in her mouth as you had many times before, and as I saw you open your eyes and look at me, I winked at you and you smiled and slumped onto your seat.

She kept her eyes closed as I began to move my head to her spot again. She wanted to gyrate and move, until something new happened. She realized that she didn't have to. It was then, almost against her will, that she opened her eyes and locked them on me, to let me know that she wanted more.

No foreplay was needed. My cock was hard, my stamina long, and my skill subtle. I still had not moved deeper into her. I angled under her and then dragged my cock over her spot again, and again and again. I wanted to seduce you through her. I focused on her, looked at her and stroked her, but I felt your presence. I saw you steal looks at my cock as it pleased your wife.

She began to show that face in your presence that you needed to fulfill your desires. She opened her legs wider and laid more still. I wanted her to find what you had been looking for. And I wanted the two of you to marry yourselves to my cock.

When you had come in her mouth, you didn't expect to be moved into arousal again that day, much less within several minutes. But as I lowered myself onto one elbow and put my arm under her head, stroking her face with the back of my hand, you saw your fulfillment in us. She was going to cum without doing the work. I felt her begin to yearn for the completeness, and I wanted her to marry this new experience, the one where she didn't burn her joints or her muscles, to my cock. I wanted you to marry your pleasure in seeing her to my cock.

I moved my free hand to the edge of your bed. I grabbed it and thrust deep, so that she could imprint her orgasm to me. We did this once, and again and again, for 45 minutes. Finally, she looked over at you with glazed eyes and said, 'I love you baby'. and when she did, you began to stroke yourself with more purpose.

Then you came, and you came hard. I continued to stroke your wife, keeping the same maddening pace, brushing her hard pleasure spot, bringing her to the brink, and then thrusting deep. You looked at her sweat and became thirsty. You needed a drink!

This gave me the final opportunity to become your man. I knew I was fairly close to our first affirmation, our first time in which each of us would know that my pleasure was something you both needed. But I also knew that she needed to know that it was hers, that she was the reason that I had felt pleasure.

So as you fumbled and stepped over our clothes in the floor, walking thru your bedroom doorway into the hall, I began to move in the way I knew would please me through your wife. I brushed my head furiously over her love spot, and leaned in and said, 'Is this our spot? because it's going to make me cum'. She looked at me with a little uncomfortable jolt of surprise, such a bold statement seemed to do that to her for a brief moment.

And then, she instantly realized it was her opportunity to take me as her man. In the background, the refrigerator door opened, and she knew she could speak. 'It's only for you'. I then felt that tingle and thrust in, the only time I was out of control that day. I consummated our new lives together as the glass clinked to the ice cubes in the kitchen.

Now, I am in your lives, and I have you to thank. And so does she. There are times that we meet together and you get to fulfill that part of you that only a man like me can fulfill. And, there are times that are coming, when she and I will fulfill another fantasy that you haven't openly embraced. but we will take that journey together as well.

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