tagErotic CouplingsA Thanksgiving Seduction

A Thanksgiving Seduction


Meg stretched her lanky body as she got up from her bed. She could smell the Thanksgiving breakfast cooking downstairs and hurried to put her black robe on. Meg scampered downstairs, her long blonde hair flowing behind her. Meg's blue eyes sparkled with delight as she entered the kitchen only to be taken by surprise by the handsome stranger sitting at their table. He had brown hair and brown eyes, a thin beard and mustache with a tall athletic body. Meg smiled as her sister Jess introduced Meg to her friend. Jess almost looked like Meg except her hair and eyes were brown.

"Meg this is Adam... He will be spending Thanksgiving with us." Jess told Meg as she set the kitchen table.

"That's cool Jess, nice to meet you Adam." She said holding her hand out.

Adam took her hand kissing it softly. "It is my pleasure Meg." He told her.

"So how do you know each other?" Meg asked since she knew all of her sister's friends.

"We met a week ago in college." Adam told Meg.

"Won't your family miss you for Thanksgiving?" Meg asked Adam as she sipped her morning coffee.

"No, my family lives in Puerto Rico... I am here to get an education." Adam told her as he eyed Meg's sexy body under her black robe.

Meg could not control herself as she was interested in this man, a complete stranger she had never met before. A man her sister was interested in as well. Jess was unaware of the small flirting going on between Meg and Adam at the breakfast table.

Adam was thinking how he would get the two sisters in bed with him today. He flirted with both women hoping to get one or both in bed with him. The three cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. Adam then challenged them to a game of basketball. Jess declined his offer, but Meg accepted his challenge. Meg ran upstairs putting on her black lace bra and thong, her denim daisy dukes with a red midriff top cut low exposing her petite cleavage. She quickly laced up her sneakers and nervously ran downstairs to find Adam waiting for her at the bottom of the stair case. She instantly got butterflies in her stomach upon seeing him. Her eyes sparkled with life as they exited the house heading to the near by basketball court. Meg tried to act cool as she drove her red Altima to the courts. Adam was very interested in getting to know Meg better in a more intimate way. Meg had almost forgotten that Jess saw Adam first and she to wanted him. "May the better woman win?" Meg thought to herself as she pulled the car into the deserted parking lot.

Adam would purposely grab Megs waist as they played and one time got brave enough to grab her breast accidentally that is. Meg's thong was becoming wet and she decided she was going to fuck him before they left here. Meg waited for Adam to wrap his arm around her waist from behind her as he tried to get the ball. Meg turned her body around facing him and looked him in the eyes as her breathing was rapid.

"Kiss me." She told him as her hands laid upon his chest.

Adam wrapped both arms around Meg's waist; he slowly brought his lips to hers. His tongue found the inside of her mouth and his hand found its way under her shirt to her breast. Meg melted in his arms.

"I want you." She whispered in his ear.

"I want you to, but where could we do it?" He asked her.

"My car." She told him leading him by the hand.

"What? What if someone sees us?" He asked following her lead.

They climbed into the back seat and began to kiss with such passion. Their tongues danced around each other, touching, sucking and nibbling on each others lips. His hand went under her top and under her bra. Meg gasped as his fingers played with her nipples. Meg removed her shirt and bra quickly as Adam suckled her nipples. Her pussy quivered as his hands unbuttoned her shorts and began to remove them. Adams cock throbbed in his pants; once he had her out of her shorts he released his cock from its confinement. With his hands he guided her hips so she was over his cock. He felt heaven when he penetrated her wet pussy with his hard cock. His fingers gripped tighter on her hips. Her body moved slowly and he could feel her clit quiver against his pelvis. He softly bit her nipples and felt his cock dive deeper into her pussy as he pushed down on her hips. Her breathing was becoming rasped and she let soft moans escape from her lips. He now had both ass cheeks in his hands as his cock became so hard and wanting to unload its heavy load deep inside of her. Meg was on the verge of Cuming when he with drew his cock. Meg looked at him wide eyed.

"Why have you stopped? I need to cum!" She told him feeling agitated.

"You will baby, you will." He told her.

He scooted down the seat so he her pussy was in his face. He got her pussy just right where he could use his tongue to bring her into a climax. He wanted to taste her, to drink her juices.

His middle finger slipped into her asshole making her grind her hips hard against his face. She suddenly moaned so loud and so deeply as she came. Her body became limp as the climax over took her. He moved her off of him and leaned her over the front seat where he entered her ass with his cock. He gave two hard thrust when a loud grunt emerged from his throat and cum soaked her ass.

They pulled themselves together and Meg kissed him softly. "Guess you'll be fucking my sister tonight?" She asked him feeling jealous.

"No, I thought you'd come spend the night with me." He told her not letting on that he knew she was jealous.

She smiled at him. "Okay." She told him.

They went back to the house where the turkey was cooking. Jess knew something happened between the two. She bit her bottom lip as she felt betrayed by Meg. She refused to let it ruin Thanksgiving, it was not worth it. Jess sat the dining room table for dinner as she made conversation with the two. The door bell rang and it was the start of the dinner guest arriving. Jess sipped on bourbon while dinner finished cooking as she watched the two love birds playing around with each other. The smell of turkey lingered throughout the house and everyone sat down for dinner. Laughter filled the house this Thanksgiving and Jess even shrugged off that Meg got Adam.



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