tagLesbian SexA Thing of the Weekend Ch. 01

A Thing of the Weekend Ch. 01


Hi guys this is boyrocker666, this story contains materials related to School Uniform fascination and the erotic desires to wear a School Uniform. There are Lesbian sex scenes in this story, if you are uncomfortable to read such materials then leave, otherwise let the story begins.

Note: All the characters that are characterized are over 18 years old.


Chapter 01 (Surprise Gift)

Megan's POV:

It's been one of those days where the weather is neither cold nor hot but the contrast of the between. The day is peaceful and full of promises and the sun shines brightly on my face as I am lying on the couch on the patio at the backside of my house. To be honest the weather is quite nice and refreshing in the afternoon. I am currently wearing a white bikini with loose thread that cover my backside and along with white thongs, which kind of brings my natural beauty. Then I suddenly felt a warm and soft hand covering my eyes from behind.

"Guess who is it?" stranger asked.

"Since we are the only two in the house, I am gonna go out on a limb and say Sara."

"That's not fair, but it kinds of excites me to do this to you." Sara said.

"Then please can you remove your hands from my eyes otherwise I will go blind."

"You are not gonna go blind, you are just kidding with me right. Right?" Sara asked.

"Yes, but like you said that it excites me to try this on you."

"Fine, I am removing my hands now." Sara said.

As she removes her hands from my eyes, the brightness from the sunlight makes my eyesight a little blurry. I try to rub my eyes slowly and carefully and then blink a couple of times to adjust my eyesight finally I can see clearly and sharper now. As I turn around to see Sara I kind of just open my mouth in awe because she is looking amazingly gorgeous and stunning.

What's to tell you about my girlfriend Sara, she looks like one of those girls that appears on the cover of the Victoria's Secret Magazine. She has golden strawberry hair which are formed in curls around the shoulders, her hair is perfect and fall haphazardly onto her shoulders. She has white and flawless skin, as soft as velvet. She has neither big nor small breasts but firm and average breasts which kind of compliment her body and long legs that begs for attention. She is currently wearing a gold silk cocktail dress which hung around her body leaving the backside completely bare and the dress goes to the foot. She is looking some kind of a blonde goddess from some other planet or universe. As I standup straight and look in her eyes, I am captivated by her blue eyes kind of like a clear and calm sea. I compose myself and just stare at her for quite some time.

"What are you wearing right now Sara?"

"Don't I look amazing and beautiful in this dress?" Sara asked.

"Well I am kind of resisting myself not to kiss you, that's much stunning you are looking right now my darling girlfriend."

"Well then I have to wear dresses like this more often and please you." Sara said.

"So are you going on some kind of a party right now, the way you are dressed right now in the afternoon and I didn't get an invite?"

"No, I was going through my closet to try out some clothes and see which looks best on me and thought why not show it off to my beautiful girlfriend." Sara said.

I kind of blushed by the flirty complements I get from Sara. I am usually a blusher and every time Sara complimented me on any occasion I kind of get the blushing mode on without much working.

"When I was looking through the closet I found some clothes that I want you to try it on and show it to me. Will you wear it, pretty please?" Sara asked.

"Then your wish is now my command darling, I will wear it."

"Good then follow me." Sara said and extending her hand to me. I take her hand, her hands felt smooth and soft as a baby's cheek.

As we approached to the backside door and to the hallway and up the stairs I can feel the temptation coursing through Sara's hands through mine that are now intertwined together like a solid pact. I can hear the click-clack sound of Sara's shoes tapping against the metal stairway.

"What are you wearing in your feet that are making such a sound?" I asked midway through the stairs.

"Well..." Sara said and lifted up her dress to reveal golden stilettos that are quite high, which makes her even taller.

"I wanted to try out the whole outfit to the high heels which sure compliments my appearance on such a magnificent level and to have been fully dressed as a whole." Sara said.

I kind of awe struck by the beautiful girl that is standing right in front of me, and it takes so much resistance not to pounce on her wearing that dress, but I have to follow the rules that are set up by Sara and follows to the upper section of our house. This section contains two guest bedrooms and a master bedroom that we both sleeps in. The house in which we are living together for more than 3 years has been owned by Sara's parents as a midway house between their house and the university. As Sara steps in the bedroom I follow her and just stands in the middle of the room feeling like a kid who is about to get something.

But I was so wrong, instead I got slammed against the wall by Sara and she starts to kiss me furiously but slowly at first, My God her lips felt so soft and sweet that I kissed her back full force not holding one thing back. First our kisses deepened then Sara enter her tongue asking my permission to enter in my mouth. I obliged and let her enter her velvety tongue, then both our tongues make collision with each other. I follow my hands to the golden silky dress of Sara and just started to feel everything at once, but I know that I have to be patience to please and pleasure Sara. I cup Sara breasts through the satiny material and Sara release a small moan in my mouth which turned me on so much to the point of getting my panties wet around my pussy. Sara released the kiss and then grab my breasts through white bra and then suck and nibbled on them. I release a big moan from my mouth, but before anything can be done further Sara releases herself from me.

"What was that for?" I asked as I try to catch my breath which is coming out in shaky equilibrium.

"Sorry, I can't resist myself. You look amazing and very sexy right now, which is why I had to do what I had to do." Sara said.

"So you just wanted to drag me all across the house to the bedroom to do this, and not show me what you choose for me to wear."

"No, I still want you to try some clothes. I am not kidding on that part." Sara said.

"So where is that million dollar dress you are so eager for me to try it on?" I asked.

"Just wait one minute, I will go and retrieve it right now."

Sara then make her way through the room to the closet and retrieve a bag which must contain the dress she wanted me to try it on, as she approached to me she drops the bag on the bed which is right behind of me. I smell her lavender and citrusy perfume which wafts up in my nose. I kind of just stare at the bag for a moment and then decided to open the zipper to reveal its contents. As I am opening the zipper, Sara's hand stops me from doing so.

"You can't change right now. First go take a shower and then come out to change in it, please." Sara said in a cute way.

"Why can't I change right now?" I asked.

"Because once you wear it I am gonna do somethings to you, that you are gonna remember for the rest of your life. I promise it will be a moment worth reliving." Sara said in a husky voice near my ears.

I get shivers right down to my spine and decided to follow Sara's instruction. I get into the bathroom and stripped down the white bikini and thongs and steps into the shower. As the cool water dripples down on my body to my breasts which kind of hardens instantly, as it causes some changes down in my body. As shower finished I steps out and approaches to the mirror to grab a white robe from the handle right beside it. As I stepped outside of the bathroom and into the bedroom I can see Sara sitting on the bed with the same dress she was wearing before I got into the shower.

"Are you happy, look I took a shower and I am pretty clean right now."

"I am very happy, but don't dress in front of me. I just wanted it to be a surprise. I will go into the other guest bedroom, when you are all dressed up knock on my door and I will come." Sara said.

Sara then approaches to the closet and takes out another bag and steps out of the bedroom to the guest bedroom which is adjacent to it. As I begins to open the bag, the first thing I see is that bag is divided into two sections. One section contains a shoe box and the other one is covered by an opaque sheet. I lift up the sheet to inspect the materials hidden inside. I found a red and white plaid pleated skirt. As I begin to get everything out of the bag and onto the bed. I just kind of get shock right there because what I am seeing is not possibly true.

I see a red and white plaid pleated skirt, a white shirt, a white bra and panties, a navy tie. As I open the shoe box I found a pair of black Mary janes shoes with white socks at the base. I quickly come to a realization that it is a School Uniform, but why does Sara wants me dress in a School Uniform I got no idea.

But I have to respect Sara's wishes and strips my robe and starts to wear the garments laid out in front of me on the bed. First I grab the White school bra and put it on my breasts, my breasts are neither big nor small just average and firm. Bra fits perfectly and then I grab the white school cotton panties and wear it on also. The softness and silkiness of the materials overwhelms me big time. Then I wear the white school shirt and done my buttons properly, the shirt also fits perfectly upon my slender and slim body and then I grab the red and white pleated skirt and wear it around my waist and then closes it with the zipper. I sit on the bed and wear the white school socks and then put on the black Mary janes shoes, and finally I wear the navy color school tie.

As I stands up in the full School Uniform, I am overwhelmed by the softness and silkiness of the School Uniform and something happens down my body around the school knickers I am wearing. I raise the school skirt and try to feel the school panties with my hand, I can feel something wet around the area of my crotch. I touch the panties and then slowly brings my hand to the eye level I can see clear white mucus forming between the two fingers. This much erotic pressure has never happened before in my entire life. I then go to the dresser and brush my hairs and let them fall to the shoulders and apply some makeup and put some lip gloss and then put some kind of a perfume which smells faintly of strawberry flavor. Finally, I decided to go to the full length mirror besides the dresser to have a full look of myself. I see a girl who is blonde and have blue eyes and then look at the whole me, wearing a full School Uniform at 3 pm. I maybe of 25 years old girl but wearing a School Uniform makes me look like a 19 years old teenager girl. I kind of giggled at the thought. After fully dressing up I make my out of the bedroom to the hallway. I am fully aware that I am wearing a School Uniform at broad daylight, if anyone catches me I would be so busted. I am shaking a little bit and as I knock on the door I can feel the quick heartbeats and sweaty palms.

"I am fully dressed in the clothes you give it to me."

"Good, now be a good girl and just wait for me in the bedroom I will be right there in the moment." Sara said from the other room without opening the door.

"First you wanted to dress me up so eagerly and now you can't open the bloody door to look at what you have brought me to wear." I said rather angrily.

"Please, just wait in the bedroom I will come there as soon as possible. Please I beg you." Sara said in a pleading way.

I feel guilty for showing my anger towards Sara and feel a little sad by this prospect, but otherwise I follow to the bedroom and sit on the bed and just wait in the bedroom. After some time, I feel rather sleepy and just couldn't keep my eyes open therefore sleep wearing a full School Uniform.

Later some time I felt a light and chaste kiss on my cheek which immediately vanish the sleep I am kind of getting and stand straight ahead in front of Sara and immediately try to cover my School Uniform with my hands.

"You look smoking gorgeous in that dress Megan." Sara said looking a rather pleased and biting her lower lip which is a sign of something sexually is gonna happen very soon rather than later.

"Why do you want to dress me in the School Uniform." I said.

"Why, do you not like it?" Sara asked.

"The point is that why you choose to dress me in School Uniform." I said.

"Well I kind of had an erotic desire or fascination towards the School Uniform. The ties, the white school shirt, the school skirt, the feel of white school bra and panties. The sensation of wearing white socks with the black Mary janes school shoes. The whole outfit just brings out some kind of lust and sexual tendencies towards it." Sara said rather quickly but clearly.

"So why dress me in a School Uniform?" I asked.

"Well, I have a sexual relationship or to be simply called a fetish towards girls wearing a School Uniform, and since I have a School Uniform of my own I would rather wear it sometimes till the evening or the dinner before going to bed in which case I have to change out of it. I don't know the erotic limit of School Uniform fetishism until one day I decided to do a little experiment of my own and wear my School Uniform late at night. Thankfully my mother always washes the School Uniform every day and we have a pair of it actually. I grabbed a clean school Uniform and decided to wear it in the middle of the night across from the room where my parents sleep. It kind of resembles a lot like you are wearing right now and after dressing fully up I got this huge turn on I have never experienced in my life. I kind of lay on the bed and start to feel the whole outfit and stroke my pussy from the school panties. The cotton school knickers almost get wet and I can see a strain forming in my panties and decided to take a one step further and slip my hand under the panties and begin to masturbate and suddenly I can feel myself breathing heavily and keeps missing the beats of heartbeat then a sudden stop occurs and I could feel something coming out of my pussy and trying to escape the school panties and onto the bed, which would be quite bad as I have to explain it to my mother how it happened. So I block it with my hands and all the juice got on to my hands and then I slowly pulled from the School panties and brought to my face and just smell it. It smells nothing and after much thought I decided to lick some of the juice from my hands and I could tell it taste kind of salty and sweet at the same time, so I lick all of the juices that are formed in my hands and then strips the School Uniform and change into night clothes and just sleep it off so as not to have been caught by my mom in the morning. I cannot imagine that I have just cum in my School Uniform for the first time and it was a mind blowing experience. The erotic desire of wearing School Uniform is so high, since then I do not change out of my School Uniform after school and just wear it till dinner sometimes. Sometimes I even masturbated in school's toilet section, and wear the School Uniform almost 2 to 3 times on nights throughout the whole week. So now you know why my desire to gift you a School Uniform is so much great but I am not gonna fuck with you since you are my girlfriend, I want to make love to you wearing a School Uniform and make you forget your own name in the process." Sara said with just a little bit of tremor that goes throughout her body.

I just kind of just stare at her for I don't know how long but I noticed that Sara is wearing a bathrobe which covers her from neck to toe, as I inspect it further I can make out a black shoe which is peeking out from under her bathrobe.

"What are you wearing under your bathrobe Sara?" I inquired.

"That would be a million-dollar question isn't it." Sara said.

Slowly but sensually Sara begins to take off her bathrobe and I can see a white shirt peeking on the chest section and then she reveals some more to make out the view of a skirt and when she finally takes off her entire bathrobe, my breath is caught in my throat. Sara is wearing a School Uniform exactly like mine down to the black Mary janes shoes.

"You are also wearing a School Uniform also Sara, but why?"

"Is it yours?" I amended further.

"Well it's my school Uniform but it is not my Uniform, I purchased it for you." Sara said

"Well I kind of wanted to try out somethings that I have been holding out for so long and to do that with the erotic desire towards School Uniform is so much more than the usual experience. I have never make love to anyone wearing a School Uniform but I love you and I want to make love to you with both of us wearing a School Uniform." Sara explained further.

Then slowly Sara approach me and just hug me full force. I could feel the material of Sara School Uniform rubbing against mine and I kind of just overwhelmed with the whole situation. I am already wet in my School panties and this added erotic pressure is killing me slowly. I can feel something liquid flowing against my leg but I didn't move a muscle. Sara then lifts up my chin and kiss me slowly and passionately then our tongues come in action and my body just blown away. That's it I am going to release my pressure right here and now in front of Sara. I reach my hands in the School panties but before I can do such a thing Sara's hand grabs my hand from doing such a thing.

"What do you think you are doing right there darling." Sara said against my ear which causes shivers run down on my body.

"Please Sara, I need some release right now or otherwise I am gonna explode." I said rather desperately.

"But Megan you are gonna get your release very soon but not by your hands but mine."

"But first, lay on the back on the bed until your head reaches the pillow. I want to see you lying on the bed wearing a School Uniform so I can pleasure you more erotically."

I follow Sara's instructions and lay on the bed till my head reach the pillow. I am feeling a little vulnerable right now. As Sara approaches me and lay on the bed and just move very close to me and then cuddle with me with both of us wearing a full School Uniform. She strokes my blonde hair and tuck a strand of it behind the ears. She then lifts my chin up and I can see the blue irises have gone dark and the environment around us feels thick with lust and sex musk. Sara then kisses me slowly then bit my lower lip to make me escape a little sigh, and then she captures my whole mouth and kiss me hungrily. After a much kiss session Sara traces her hands all over my School Uniform. Sara is feeling my School shirt, tie, skirt, my open legs and when she is approaching to my School panties, Sara just stops and looks at me.

"Megan you are really wet down there; in fact, your juices are kind of flowing to your knees." Sara said and showing me clear white mucus forming between her two fingers.

"Is it because of the full School Uniform and the erotic sensation to be entrapped in the soft and silky material of School Uniform." Sara asked.

"It may be one of the factors."

"Well then let me show you how the School Uniform desire can turn you on much more." Sara said.

Sara then reaches to my breasts and cup them in her hands in above my School shirt. I just gasp some air and try to remain calm from the upcoming pleasure that has to happen very soon. She then brings her lips to my School shirt and kissed where my breasts are and then suck and lick and suck and lick them again and again till she could see the white School bra underneath the shirt.

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