tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Thunderstorm Never to Forget

A Thunderstorm Never to Forget


Thunderstorms can be so sensual... raw power and boundless energy. Tonight was no different as a powerful one moved into the area and I sat on the front porch watching it roll in. Watching the sky turn from blue to gray to black... the smell of rain and the flash of lightning in the distance... curled up on the front porch with a soothing drink, readying myself for the storm to come, is one of the most relaxing and soothing things I like to do. But as the rain starts to come and the wind picks up, I know it's time to go inside as the rain is moving underneath the porch with the force of the wind.

Putting my glass into dishwasher, frowning a bit as the lights flicker and the wind picks up. It's going to be one of those nights... The rattle of shutters at the windows and then the tell-tale sign of the satellite signal breaking up on the T.V. brings my feet into motion, moving to unplug things in case the lightening comes too close, unwilling to loose my brand-new stereo system to the raging storm outside. Moving to the window, I can see out as the wind is flapping the edges of my step-son's trampoline cover and then suddenly a sharp clap of lightening broke the silence of my self-induced trance. Nearly jumping out of my skin, I had to laugh a bit, telling myself to stay calm that it was just part of what I naturally loved.

Still shaking my head at my unusual jumpiness, I grabbed a nearby book that I had just started and settled into the comfortable crook in my couch, pillows just so and began to flip to the page where I had last left off. Being single again after 13 years takes some getting used to and nights like this made me miss the comfort of someone else around. Just as I began to read, the lights gave way to the electrical storm, bringing a soft curse from my lips as I slammed the book shut. So much for reading... all is dark in my world except for the occasional flash of light from the storm outdoors.

Rising slowly, careful not to knock my shin on the coffee table, fumbles around for the fire place lighter while visualizing where all my candles are placed throughout the large living room. As slender fingers curl around the automatic lighter, a soft sigh of relief slips from my lips as I flicker it on and begin to kiss each one with the dancing flame. Before long the room begins to glow with the soft hue of subtle light, even as the storm rages on. Just as I flick the lighter off and replace it in its drawer, a loud knock at the front door startles me momentarily, wondering who that could be out in this kind of weather.

Crossing the distance to the door, lightening strikes once more as the door swings open, almost forcibly beneath the wind that comes howling in, and the silhouette of a massive man almost hidden in the shadows of the doorframe is suddenly there. A soft gasp is bitten back even as his deep voice fills the room, "Trouble with your electricity, I see." All I can manage, for some odd reason, is a slight nod as I drink in his form, surprised at the sudden lack of a voice as I take him in. And before I can react or say anything in response, he is moving past me, through the open doorway and into the warmth of my home.

Where my mind screams that a stranger has just entered my safe place, there's something that keeps me from saying anything, as if I am held captive beneath his very presence and the stirrings of something dormant, starting between my thighs and tingling throughout, beginning to grow as I watch him remove his coat and hat to hang them on one of the many pegs beside the door. A sharp pain to the side of my cheek quickly brings me back to reality; a cry of surprise heard as he cuffs me unexpectedly, sending me flying across the floor to slide to a short stop. My eyes widen, glancing up as I scoot back the short distance to the door, my hand coming up quickly to cover the heat from his abuse. The taste of fear mixed with an alarming amount of desire quickly fills me, morphing to frenzied panic as he begins to remove his wet clothes, his intent beginning to appear.

Frightened, yet still rational, I know that this is my time to run but it is as if I am rooted to the floor, watching in horror as he peels away wet clothes to reveal a perfectly sculpted body, accentuated by a rock hard cock that stands in blatant triumph as he faces me. "Feed slut," he commands, as if this is a daily ritual in which we participate. I can feel the blush growing at my hesitancy to scream and run or even, being the strong individual I am, to defend myself. Instead, I find my gaze centered to that thick, long steel rod commanding me closer just by his stance. Just looking at it fuels a fire in my belly and the beginnings of delirious need pooling between my thighs. "Don't make me repeat myself, bitch," I heard him growl.

A soft whimper escapes my lips in fear even as something within me responds to him strongly, in shock as my body, as if on its own accord, moves across the floor to him on hands and knees. And before I can think, I am at his feet in an open kneel, taking his full length into my mouth as if I had done this hundreds of times before. The sting of unshed tears grow strong in my gaze as I feel his strong fingers entwine in the fiery curls that spill around my shoulders, his hand forcing my lips farther down his length and with a groan, I can feel him throb and pulse against my tongue. My mind spins even as my mouth feeds, wanting to cry out for help, holding back the gag as his cock slams into the back of my throat but something within me revels in this overwhelming power that he suddenly has over me. I can feel his balls slap against my chin as he pushes again and again into the recesses of my throat, his fingers splayed against the back of my head, fucking it like he was between my legs.

I find myself falling into a familiar place... that place that only my imagination has ever allowed me to go in my deepest and darkest fantasies and I eagerly take him in, long withheld lust beginning to pulse through my veins. I can feel warmth and wetness beginning between my thighs, pushing aside the shock that I know I should be feeling but can't seem to conger up within me. It is as if I can't get enough of this delicious pulsing rod that spears into the back of my throat again and again. A sharp yank on my hair sends me spiraling back into reality as he slips his swollen cock from my mouth, an involuntary whimper escaping as if pleading for him to let me have some more. But as he lifts me forcibly up by auburn curls and sends me sprawling back onto the couch roughly, the fear wells up within me once again, a look of horror and shock crossing stricken features as both fear of not knowing what is coming next intermingled with eager anticipation of the same. My eyes close reflexively as if blocking out a nightmare, the silence only punctuated by the crash of thunder, sending my eyes flying open only to notice that the candlelight looks different. It's almost as if the light has changed just to keep his features hidden from my view, his silhouetted again the only thing I can make out as he crosses the distance between us.

I cower reflexively, as if hoping that the couch opens up and swallows me whole, to protect me from this huge stranger, but darkness finds me once again as I am roughly blindfolded. My voice is gone, my fears are so strong and I can feel panic growing quickly as he binds both my hands and feet tightly and pushes me to the unforgiving floor. A low growling laugh is heard as he moves away from me and I can't help but tremble. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that I can't decipher if it is out of uncontrollable fear or blatant excitement. "MY pleasure, slut... not yours," he says, as if in answer to my unspoken question, a hint of laughter blended in the deep timbre of his voice. I can feel a surge of pleasure slip between my thighs at his words and I can't help but feel shame from the obvious slut that I really must be not to cry and scream for help.

I lay helpless, bound on the floor, but yet I still do not scream or beg for mercy, even when I hear him move away from where I am. It's as if the storm is forgotten as the rush of blood is loud in my ears, the pounding of my heart threatening to drown out the thunder that continues to sound outside and then I hear him return, the tell-tale shaking of ice in a glass. 'For fuck's sake, the bastard went and made himself a drink! Who in the hell does he think he is?!' My anger begins to grow at the audacity of this man but a quick and deadening pain in my side breaks my line of through as the toe of his boots land in my ribs.

"What should I do with you slut? Give me a hint as to what you desire and I will make sure it does NOT happen!" he laughs again. And then I feel his strong hands on me once again, a horrified scream lodged in my throat as he rolls me onto my back and cuts the bindings from my legs, along with the pajama bottoms and panties that lay beneath. All I can do is whimper, pleading softly for him to not hurt me as he opens my legs wider than I have ever felt before and a scream passes from my lips, almost foreign to my ears, as I feel hot wax flowing down over my clit, coating it in a thin layer.

Again he laughs as a single tear slips out from beneath my blindfold, fighting the pulsing desire that rages through me. God! I hate him... I despise this stranger that so boldly walks into my safe haven and claims what is unwillingly his... but at the same time I can't help but love how he has awakened things inside of me that I had no idea existed. Again, I feel the burning, but soothing sensation as hot wax flows over a tender inner thigh... first one and then the other. A sharp clap of his bared palm against my clit sends me over the edge and I can't control it as I begin to cum, so long it has been since I have felt so powerfully overwhelmed. But suddenly my head is jerked up by his strong hand gripping my hair and I can hear the deep timbre of his voice strongly command, "Not until I command you to cum, slut! You will resist the urge!"

I can't help but sob but another quick jerk on my head brings forth a startled moan, my mind beginning to reel. I cry out as I feel him rip away the thin pajama top that was keeping the rest of my slender form from his view but now I shudder apprehensively as my whole form is exposed blatantly to his view. I try to gather my legs underneath me and arrange my body so that I can scoot away from him, so frightened am I from both his physical domination over me as well as my own responses to him. This is wrong! This is rape! There has to be some way to get away but suddenly the courage I have managed to muster is suddenly gone as I feel him grasp my legs, forcing them wide once more as his cock pushes past my swollen labia and press deep into hot willing flesh. Oh God, how did I get so fucking wet?!

Slowly he begins to stroke me, deep and hard... the feelings are overwhelming and any fight that I thought I might have toward him fade quickly into the distance. I can't help but love this... this strange man whose face you have yet to see. He plunges into me time and time again, each time the head of his cock pushing into the back wall of my weeping cunt. I can't help but begin to cry out, to whimper and moan beneath his ravaging of my body. His steel rod feels as though it is swelling and growing, as if it was made to fill me so completely and I am lost, at his total mercy as I reflexively begin to beg for him to not stop... "Oh god, yes... please, fuck me," I mutter, unable to stop myself, unable to control the unbridled lust that he has forced upon me. "Ohhh, use me... don't stop, I am yours!"

I can hear his laughter, almost cold and unfeeling but with a hint of pleasure as I succumb to his control. "Believe me slut, I will," and folding my legs farther back, he withdraws and stabs his cock deep into my ass. Screaming, shuddering beneath him as he rapes my virgin rose-hued hole, I still want more. I can feel his rhythm quickening, his strokes coming harder and faster even as his hand reaches for my dripping quim, his fingers dancing like lightning over my rock-hard clit and as he brings me closer and closer to nirvana, I can feel his cock swell as he fills my ass completely, knowing he is about to cum.

Then, just as I think I cannot bear another second of this exquisite torture, he suddenly plunges three fingers into my quivering cunt, his cock twitching before shooting thick ropes of pearly cum into my ass, filling me with his hot seed. "CUM FOR ME, YOU FUCKING SLUT! CUM!!" and I scream with pleasure as I explode, shocked at the control that he has over me. I can't stop the shuddering, the quivering of contracting walls as he slips his cock out of my ass. I've never came so fucking hard and my whole world flashes before me, feeling as if I am going to pass out. I can't move, except for the quivering that shakes my whole body, lying in a pool of cum, my mind not quite what it once was.

I am vaguely aware of the storm beginning to let up, the movements of him around me as I slowly come down from the place where he took me, gasping for much needed breath. I can feel him releasing the bonds on my hands and then yanking the blindfold from my eyes and I blink, trying desperately to focus on the man standing over me but the dimness of the candlelight and the adjustment of my eyes to the light once more only allow me to make out his strong silhouette. As I try to find the words, one hand reaching out reflexively, uncontrollably for him, he is suddenly gone and I hear the door click shut as the lights suddenly return. I can hear the flicker and return of the movie I was watching begin again on the television.

I can't help but burst into tears as I push myself to a sitting position but what bothers me most is that I know I am crying because I am once more, alone. This man... this stranger, burst into my world, took control of my existence and awoke so many things inside of me... is gone. But as I glance towards the door, a soft smile appearing in spite of myself, something inside me knows that he will return. Another reason to love thunderstorms...

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