tagIncest/TabooA Tight Spot

A Tight Spot


Wendy wiped the condensation off the bathroom mirror and critically examined herself. She was exercising regularly while walking the dog, and had lost a fair bit of weight recently, so rather than being round she was now more curvy. Her breasts sagged a bit, but she seemed to have been blessed with a pair of 38D tits that didn't look all that bad. Especially considering she had just passed her 45th birthday, and she had a child, now 19. Her hips were a little wide, but at least her waist went inwards now, giving her a slight hourglass figure. She tried a couple of poses, and thought the results were quite passable.

Her hands slid over her slightly damp body, and one explored her bush of hair. Her breath caught, and she smiled a little bitterly to herself. If her husband hadn't left her 5 years earlier his bones would surely have been jumped tonight. She hadn't had sex since he'd gone, and was just about ready to pounce the next guy that even looked at her that way. The naughty things she would do with a giant cock to play with...

A knocking on the door snapped her out of her dirty thoughts. "Mom? Are you about done in there? I need a shower pretty bad."

Wendy sighed. The only man in her life and it wasn't one she could vent her sexual frustrations on. "Be right out, honey!" she called back. She grabbed her robe and shrugged it on, belting it tightly around her waist. The robe was a deep magenta satin, and she loved the feel of it against her skin. She opened the door, and saw her son, Carl, waiting there.

Carl, without thinking, glanced down at his mom's body. She had a pretty damn good figure, and he could see her nipples poking hard against the thin material. His eyes snapped up guiltily, and his mom pretended not to notice, but for some reason felt secretly pleased. Her son was a strapping 6 foot tall, and very muscular. While he wasn't great academically, he excelled at sports and was playing soccer for the state, hopefully soon his country. As such he had an athlete's build, and was pretty handsome to boot.

Wendy pushed past her son, and as she did she caught a scent of his body. He had been out jogging, and while he stank of sweat and exertion, it triggered something primal in Wendy's mind, and it smelt like pure sex to her. She inhaled it in and her breath caught a little in her chest, and she felt her pussy moisten. She quickly lowered her head so Carl couldn't see her blush, and strolled quickly into her room just across the hall.

In the privacy of her bedroom she undid her robe and paused. She had a strong desire to masturbate, but she felt a little guilty, with her son right in the next room. What if he heard? In a way she wanted him to hear, wanted him to think of her as a sexual being... She reluctantly decided to put off the wank until a later date, but rubbed her mound a few times as a promise for later, groaning slightly at how sensitive she felt.

She cocked her head as she heard a rumbling sound from somewhere in the distance, but getting louder quickly. She closed her robe, and hastily tied it up again before opening her bedroom door.

The floor suddenly started bucking wildly below her and she was flung against the doorframe. She cried out and held on tight. An earthquake! The sound was enormous, and the house creaked and groaned as the ground beneath it shook Somewhere in the house there were the sounds of things shattering as they fell off the walls and out of cupboards. She cried out in terror, and the bathroom door in front of her was flung open, and her son stood there, stark naked and dripping with water from his aborted shower, prepared to help his mom even while his eyes were wide in shock.

The ceiling above her creaked, and shifted. Plaster rained down as a beam began to break through – it was going to crush her! Carl cried out a warning, and then leapt across the hallway, tackling her to the ground and landing on top of her as the whole house crashed down around them.

It seemed to take an age for everything to settle down, the house to stop crashing and falling, the ground to stop shaking, and the dust to settle. Carl was pressed heavily on top of Wendy, his body protecting her from the worst of the debris. They seemed to have been lucky – they were caught in a little pocket of air and were left remarkably unscathed. They could breathe, and were protected from most of the roof by a great wooden beam than came within less than an inch of crushing Carl's back before it halted.

Carl started to speak, but ended up coughing. He turned his head so he wouldn't cough straight into his mother's face. He was uncomfortably aware that he was completely naked on top of his mother, and he could feel his penis brushing against his mother's leg. Her robe must have slid loose. He tried again, his voice a little croaky, "Mom, are you okay?" At first he thought she was crying below him, he couldn't see her face in the dark shadows of the debris, but then he realised she was laughing. "Mom?"

"Sorry, Carl," she giggled, slightly from shock, "I just couldn't help thinking what they are going to think when they find us here, like this." She patted his hip, to emphasise he was naked on top of her.

Carl had to smile at this, although he was beginning to panic at the thought of being hauled from the wreckage of the house buck-freaking-naked in front of some news cameras. Hopefully they wouldn't jump to any conclusions. The other thing that was worrying him was his mom's laughter, it was causing her body to jiggle against his, and his body was beginning to react. He willed his cock to stay sleeping, but the monster was aroused by the semi-naked flesh pressing against him, and the adrenaline coursing through his body.

"Carl, can you get off of me? Do you have room?" asked Wendy, when she finally composed herself. She too felt Carl's reaction, and it brought up some pretty shocking thoughts in her, which she just put down to the stressful situation they were in.

"No, I can't. There is something on my back, pressing me down. Perhaps you could wiggle out from underneath me?"

"I'll try." Wendy struggled back and forth to move, but it was slow going. Her breasts brushed back and forth against Carl's chest, and she felt her nipples harden. She was in a life and death situation with her son, what was her body thinking!? She winced in pain a little as she tried to move her leg that was being crushed by Carl's.

"Are you okay, mom?"

"Yeah, could you move your leg a little? It is crushing me a bit."

"Oh, sorry." Carl lifted his body as high as he could, and Wendy wiggled her leg until it suddenly leapt free, and Carl dropped between her wide legs. They both suddenly stopped, wide-eyed. Carl's cock was pressed between them, now very hard, resting on Wendy's pubic hair. They both realised that Wendy's robe had shifted, and now there was nothing between their exposed genitals.

"Mom, I'm so sorry, I..."

"Hush, it's okay. It is just the stress and the shock, don't worry about it." She lifted her head to kiss his cheek, but in the dark she felt her lips meeting his. She broke off quickly, hoping he wouldn't read anything into that.

Carl meanwhile was feeling pretty bad. It wasn't just the stress and the shock, it was the soft, warm, obviously female form moving beneath him. He was always shy around girls, and had only had sex twice before. The feeling of her thighs outside of his, her breasts pressed into his chest, her breath on his cheek, it was almost too much for him. He had to get out of here, as soon as possible.

"Mom, I'm going to try moving downwards. I will try to slip under the beam and get out, okay?"

"Okay, but you be careful now, you hear?"

Carl took a deep breath and pressed himself into his mother as much as he dared without hurting her. He then moved with his hands and toes and started edging backwards. Wendy felt the problem first. Carl's cock slid along her mound, the head running through the pubic hair, briefly sliding over her clit (Jesus, has it EVER been this sensitive before?) and down until it was pointed directly at her pussy lips, the head only just touching it. Then Carl stopped.

"Carl? Can you get out yet?"

"No, the beam is pressing hard against my back now. It actually really hurts," he gasped. "I don't think this is going to work." He relaxed his body, and it automatically slid forwards, and the tip of his cock pressed into the lips of her pussy.

"Carl, no!" cried Wendy, and Carl immediately jerked backwards, eliciting a grunt of pain as the wood ground into his back.

"Mom! I'm so sorry!" cried Carl.

"That's okay. Can you... lift it over or something?"

"Mom, I can't do a thing. With this thing pressing into my back, I can only go one direction – forwards. Could you scoot over to the side, or something?"

"With you on top of me? Not a chance. I guess we are stuck like this until someone finds us."

"How embarrassing."

They stayed like that quietly for some time thankful their little air pocket was not filling up with smoke or water. Wendy began to feel Carl trembling above her.

"Carl, are you okay?" she asked, raising her hand to touch him, before realising the best she could do was his bare hip.

"Yeah, I'm good," Carl grunted out between clenched teeth.

"Seriously Carl, what is it?"

"The beam. It is pressing pretty hard into my kidneys. Hurts like a sonnova bitch. It's all I can do to keep myself off of you."

"Has your... Is it safe for you to relax?"

"Uh... no. I can't believe it, but no, it most definitely is not safe." In fact, every time it looked like his cock was relaxing, his mom's breathing would brush her still satin-clad nipples against the hairs on his chest, and back it would go to rock hard.

"But the rescuers could be hours! You can't stay like that for that long!"

"Do I really have any choice?"

Wendy paused. Her son was in pain, and there was something she could do to stop it. But did she dare? A spasm passed through Carl's body and he grunted in obvious agony. Well, being a mother was about making sacrifices. She made up her mind.

"Yes, Carl," she whispered, "you do have a choice."

"Mom?" Carl asked, incredulously.

"Just relax, honey. Just relax."

"But, but, then I..."

"Shhhhh, I know, honey, just relax. You can't stay like that forever. Let yourself go."

Wendy thought Carl was not going to do it for a while. He stayed silently above her, poised and tense, and then slowly, gently she felt him relax his tight muscles, and she felt the tip of his cock press once again against her pussy. He paused again, his breathing quite rapid, his body still trembling.

"It's okay, just relax," whispered Wendy again, rubbing his hip. Carl relaxed slowly, and the tip of his cock parted her lips and he pressed just below her opening. It sent a jolt of pain through her.

"Heh, good thing it didn't actually go ins..." began Carl, but then Wendy shifted her hips slightly to release the pain and Carl's cock popped half-way into Wendy's wet, welcoming pussy.

Both Carl and Wendy gasped. They stayed that way for some time. Carl's cock twitched inside of her, and her pussy walls clenched in response. It felt so good to have a cock inside of her after all this time. But it was her son's cock half-buried inside of her! But her pussy had opened so easily for the hot length now buried in side of her. But it also felt frustrating that it wasn't all the way inside. She desperately wanted it deep inside of her, filling her up. She had never felt so conflicted, or turned on. She moaned.

"Mom, I'm sorry, does it hurt?" asked Carl, worried.

"Quite the opposite, actually. Sorry, Carl, it's been a long time for me, I know it shouldn't, but it feels so good."

"Glad I am not the only one who felt that!" said Carl in a weak attempt at humour, and Wendy could feel his sheepish grin in the dark. He adjusted his weight over her, and his cock slipped in another inch. Wendy cried out, her head coming up, her mouth biting his shoulder slightly. "Oh, sorry again."

Wendy was the one trembling now, but it wasn't from pain. It was from lust. There was a cock inside of her and her body was telling her, no, it was SCREAMING at her to fuck it hard. She had no control over her body as she raised her hips, forcing more of that marvellous cock inside of her. She let out a slight whimper as it pressed further into her warm, wet embrace.

Carl froze in surprise when his mother started to wriggle awkwardly beneath him. At first he thought that she was writhing in pain, but her soft moans did not sound like they sprang from pain, in fact quite the opposite. And she wasn't pulling away from him anymore, was she? Was she trying to fuck him? His mother? He spent a few seconds considering how he felt about this, but his mother's internal muscles started squeezing him. He held his breath and gave a small, experimental thrust. His mother reacted immediately, hands reaching up to grip his hips and groaning, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Carl mentally shrugged. For all he knew, he could die any second, so why not make the most of it? He began to push in and out slowly, cursing the beam over his lower back preventing him from moving freely. His mom's breathing was shallow, and his began to join it as the forbidden sensations washed over him.

Their movements were quite constrained by their situation, but they made up for it for sheer, unbridled lust as they writhed and thrust against each other. Wendy lifted her head and kissed Carl, before falling back. Carl followed her mouth down and kissed her deeply, still moving against her, inside of her.

Wendy was making mewling sounds as her son thrust into her. While the wooden beam was making things difficult, the sheer time it had been since she had been so thoroughly fucked was causing her pleasure to build, and she felt her orgasm building from a million miles away.

"Oh, yes baby... keep doing that... fuck mommy... like that, baby... make mommy cum..." she began whispering, and it was all Carl could do from stop himself from cumming in her there and then. But he wanted this to last as long as possible, so he kept his orgasm at bay with sheer force of will.

There was nothing he could do, though, when his mother began to hold her breath and let out a long, almost pained yell, and then started to convulse beneath him. Her pussy clamped down on him like a vice and he could not stop the waves of cum pouring out of him as the both screamed out their ecstasy in mutual orgasm. The earth itself seemed to react to the power of their orgasms, and an aftershock shook the house around them. They shook with the tremor, they shook with their orgasms, and they shook at the forbidden sin they were committing. The tremors caused some more of the house to come crashing down, and some more of the roof fell, levering the beam up by six inches or so.

Both Carl and Wendy did not notice at first. They clung together, shaking in the aftershocks of their own lovemaking and orgasmic releases. Finally Carl shifted slightly, and recognised the lack of beam above him.

"Mom, the beam has moved! I can get off of you!" He pulled out of her warmth, and she let out a sigh, partially of disappointment, and he climbed up and over her body, where he could see some light. His still quite erect cock brushed her cheek, and she reached up a hand to touch where it had been, still left a bit senseless by what they had just done. Finally he was clear of her, and she turned and followed him on her hands and knees. They had to crawl a fair way before they found an open space – the house was pretty trashed. They squeezed through a hole in the wall and found themselves in Carl's bedroom.

Carl quickly grabbed some jeans and pulled them on, suddenly a bit shy at his nakedness

Wendy waited for him to put his pants on, then walked up to him and put a hand on his cheek. "Baby, what happened down there... well, it was an accident. Even though we enjoyed it, it was just a mistake, and we probably shouldn't tell anyone, okay?"

"Uh, yeah, of course, mom. Who would I tell, seriously?" He grinned, his face a little red.

"Well, there is nowhere for us to go. It is too dangerous to crawl around the wreckage again, and we can't go out the window – the electric shutters are down. I guess we'll have to stay here until we are rescued." Wendy grabbed a tissue from a box and began to clean the cum that was dribbling down her legs. She glanced up and saw Carl was staring at the length of leg being exposed, and the bottom of her bush poking out from the robe, and at her cleavage as she bent forwards. His eyes were wide, and he swallowed. His pants began to bulge. When he saw his mom notice, he looked away. This happened to mean he was now looking towards the bed. He glanced back at his mom, then back at the bed.

"We have a long wait ahead of us, don't we?"

"Yes, mom."

"It's going to be pretty boring waiting around here, isn't it?"

"I guess."

Wendy sighed, shrugged off her robe and said, "Well, I guess we'd better do something to keep us occupied then, huh?"

Carl grinned and stepped forwards as his mom lay down on the bed, reaching for him.


A couple of weeks later, Eric was sitting in the bar, having a drink, re-telling his story for the hundredth time.

"I first thought that no one was home in the next-door neighbour's house. I went over to check it out, anyway, cos I'm that sorta guy, and the lady that lived there with her son was kinda hot, and a divorcée with huge knockers.

"Anyways, as I was passin' a window, shutters down tight, I heard what sounded like a scream or two. I thought someone was hurt or something, so I dashed to my tool shed and grabbed a crowbar and began attacking that shutter.

There was the lady, Wendy her name is, and her son Carl. They were pretty red-faced and looked puffed for some reason, like they'd been on a run. And I never could work out what they were screaming about in there, because neither of 'em was hurt more than a coupla bruises. They must have just been screaming at each other, although it was a hellova time to have an argument, with the house falling down around them like that. Yeah, that must be it, because since that day they have been screaming at each other most nights, despite seeming so friendly-like in public."

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