tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Time and a Place Ch. 01

A Time and a Place Ch. 01


My sisters arrived a few weeks ago to attend my high school graduation. Sandy, twenty four, just finished her four year degree at Princeton. Tanya, twenty two, has another two years before she graduates from Cornell. My parents didn't attend any of our respective graduations for the simple fact they died in February; a car accident in the California hills.

After the dust settled; my sisters were deciding whether or not to take their planned European vacation. They had concerns about leaving me here, my home since birth, alone until they got back early August.

I acknowledged their concern about leaving me here in the states alone, but I also brought up the fact that I took care of myself for the last few months.

Heck, I was eighteen when our parents died, still am. The bills got paid, shopped, etc... My mom made sure I knew how to take of myself when I went off to college.

They finally agreed and set some typical standard rules. I had to stay in contact with them every few days either by phone or text. No parties, no staying out late, texting them who I was with if I did leave the house, things of that nature. I agreed but knew I wouldn't follow them.

The day came when they were ready to leave for their trip, the bell rang, and the limo driver took the bags to the car. I walked them out, we hugged, and kissed, said our goodbyes, then the limo driver insisted that they should be on their way before they missed their flight. I watched as they left the driveway and disappeared into the sun.

Once back inside I started to cry; I felt abandoned.

There were no studies and no people as usual to keep me busy. I decided to hit some tennis balls on the back court until I figured out my next move, but I tired quickly and retreated to the house; depressed.

A cold glass of water quenched my thirst; then I poured a small vodka and orange juice and downed it. Tanya taught me that...she taught me a lot of things!

I headed upstairs to my room but on a whim turned and entered my parent's room. It reeked of stillness; it was eerie. There bed, still taught like a marine made it... and everything else was tidy and in its rightful place.

Dad's closet was neat and tidy.

Mom's immaculate and in perfect order.

I starred at mom's dresses for a while... then ran my hand through them. I took one of my favorites and held it against myself as I peered into the full length mirror.

I saw my mom looking back at me; uncanny.

I hung the dress back on the rail and headed back into their room and into their master bath. They had a huge soaking tub; bigger than the rest of the ones in the house.

I reached for a bottle that read "Fragrance of Zee Heart" on it. Twisting off the top I was mesmerized by the aroma; it reminded me of mom.

It was all automatic at this point, I read the directions, plugged the tub, turned on the water, and poured a generous amount of "Fragrance of Zee Heart" in the tub.

I undressed , stepped into the tub, and laid back. The water was refreshing and relaxing. In fact, I dozed off a few times.

Finally awake, an idea popped into my head. I would honor my parents by doing something they each liked to do; possibly a hobby.

I lifted myself out of the tub and started to dry myself off when I noticed how smooth my skin was. Peering into the mirror an idea suddenly hit me; I would go shopping.

My mom loved shopping and spending time at the mall. She would come home with bags of clothes just to try them on, prance around, and then return most of them.

I gazed into the mirror, ran my hands through my hair, and puckered my semi-full lips. There she was, my mom, she was staring back at me. A runway model until she married; I was a dead ringer for her.

That's it!!

I'll shop; I'll dress in feminine attire and go shopping!!

It's like riding a bike!

Dressing...not shopping!

My sisters dressed me in fem since I was young and made me play house with them growing up. They even taught me female mannerism, speech and intonation, and to do my own hair and makeup. My vocal range was close to theirs so it was easy for me to sound totally feminine.

They even took me out quite a few times with them to the mall and I received as much male attention as they did. It's not what I wanted but it was very flattering and funny to say the least; and my sisters got a kick out of it as well... especially when I had to fend off suitors.

My mom thought it was cute; my dad thought it was totally sick!

I always had the "new" time of my life with every outing.

He finally gave into the fact that this was our reality, started listening, participating in our conversations, and laughing along hysterically at our stories. He even started treating me like the third daughter when I was in character.

To be perfectly honest; considering my bone structure and features, if I was born with a set of boobs and a vagina I would look like any other hot young teenage female. I was a killer 32B-24-33 with a padded bra.

Anyway...back to the problem at hand.

I decided to shave the minuscule amount of body hair on my body before picking out my wardrobe. A razors never touched my face before and didn't see anything I had to worry about; lucky me. Then I looked at my legs and arms and decided a once over would be sufficient though I didn't have much to worry about in that department either. Of course my arm pits and groin area needed some attention; when I was done I was smooth as a baby's bottom.

Again looking in the mirror I pondered what I should do about my hair; it was an absolute horror.


Zucchini's Salon; the salon my mom and sisters have been using since, well, forever. Except for every Halloween, I've never gone out by myself but I was determined to do this. I grabbed my cell phone from the marble counter top and looked up Zucchini's on the web; then pushed connect.

"Zucchini's, May I help you?" the girl answered so pleasantly.

"This is Sasha Tatum..." I started before she interrupted.

"Are you related to Penelope Tatum?" she inquired.

"Yes, I'm her youngest daughter," I chuckled.

"We were so upset when we heard the news; we'll miss her," she said obviously distraught.

"Thank you," I responded.

"What can we do for you today Sasha?" She questioned.

"I wanted to do something special in memory of my mom but my hairs pitiful and my nails are awful...," I explained sadly.

"No problem; I'm sure we can do something for you. Can you hold for a moment?" she asked.

"Sure," I answered.

She almost immediately came back on the phone, "When would you like to come in Sasha?"


"Can you be here in two hours? She asked.

"That works," I replied cheerfully.

"See you then," she said.

"Thank you," I said before hanging up. It's amazing what a name can do for you.

Hell, this wasn't rocket science; I could easily pull this off. I just had to do my makeup and find something to wear. I was doing both by myself at twelve years old; thanks to my sisters. The hard part was already done; making the appointment.

I headed to Tanya's room to find something sexy but classy to wear for my appointment. If I felt the part I could play the part and going to a high dollar salon that catered to the rich and famous I would need all the confidence I could muster up.

I decided on a beige body con dress with sleeves that reached to my elbows and a beige laced bra and panty set. The bra and panty set were from my own collection; the panty was slightly redesigned at the crotch to hold me in place. I also accessorized with a gold matching necklace, watch, ankle and wrist bands, and a pair of beige wedges with instep straps.

Now that the outfit was put together I sat at Tonya's vanity and started my makeup. I knew what I was doing and it went quickly; I was extremely happy with the outcome, not too much but just enough to make a difference. I quickly tucked, dressed, and slipped on my heels then stood in front of the full length mirror.

I was hot; maybe too hot for a boy in a dress.

The boobs were inserts I presented a desirable 32B-24-33 female figure. My narrow shoulders were no wider than my hips; my slim waistline was noticeably thinner than my hips and shoulders which gave me an hour glass figure. The heels really did a number on my ass...though I didn't really need them to show a girly figure. All this was possible because of my small female bone structure and the right amount of fat on my posterior.

My lips were fuller than an average male, I had no signs of an Adam's apple, nor did I have a defined brow ridge. I was a dirty blonde, blue eyed bomb shell that possessed the assets to fool the wisest alpha male on the hunt.

Having a runway model figure and an androgynous look certainly catapulted me into female territory when wanted.

After admiring myself it was time; I went to my room and grabbed a dainty brown and gold handbag packed with all my female needs. I managed the steps, grabbed the car keys and headed to the salon.

Once there I was greeted by the young woman at the front desk.

"Ms Tatum I presume," the young woman says.

"Yes," I said surprised.

"You have your mothers face and figure; and she was extremely beautiful" she tells me.

"You're so kind," I smiled.

She laughed, "Kind but also true."

"Thank you," I replied.

"There is one thing Vince insists from his clients...and that's being on a first name basis," she informed me. "Does that bother you?" she inquired.

"That is so cool; I love it!" I exclaimed.

"Great, just follow me, I believe Vince is waiting for you," she said as she led me to the back.

"Thank you," I said.

"I've got it from here Jessie," a voice said from behind me.

"I'll see you when you're done Sasha," Jessie said flirtatiously.

"Okay!" I said excitedly as I turned toward the voice behind me.

He was a tall green eyed man, light skinned, and probably mixed.

"Hi, I'm Vince, I own this establishment," he said introducing himself as he held out his hand.

"Sasha, nice to meet you Vince," I said as I took his hand in mine.

I could tell he was gay by his movements and intonation but he was supposedly the best and that's all that mattered to me.

"So beautiful; you look just like your mother," he told me.

"Thank you," I said.

"I am so sad to hear of her passing," he told me holding both hands over his heart.

"Thank you," I said.

"I love this girl; she's so polite," he yelled across the shop as everyone laughed.

I laughed with him; I felt so comfortable and alive. This was for my mom...and I was going to do it right.

"I know Sandy and Tonya but your mother never mentioned she had another daughter," he said curiously.

"It happens I guess," I replied smiling.

"I suppose," he stated with doubt in his voice. "On with business; I hear you want to do something special for your mom," he said.

"Well, she loved shopping so I thought I would do some shopping, go home, show off, and return everything on my next outing just like she use to," I admitted to him.

"Great, I love it! He laughed aloud.

Again I laughed with him.

"So, you have a particular style in mind?" Vince asked.

"Yes," I answered as I opened my dainty purse. I pulled out a picture of my mom and handed it to him.

"Perfect, I could not have chosen better; a medium layered bob with fringes and razored ends. I would suggest past the collar bone right above the breasts," he told me.

"I can't wait," I said excitedly.

"Let's get started," he stated.

He didn't talk much but he moved quickly as I saw my hair fall to the floor.

"Highlights, what do you think?" he inquired.

I wasn't too sure what to say. "Whatever you think Vince; I'm putting myself in your hands," I answered as I relaxed.

"The exact words your mom spoke when we first met; highlights it is then," he confirmed.

Then he threw me a curve ball.

"Your ears...they aren't pierced.

"I guess I never thought about it," I stumbled not being prepared for the question.

"Would you like to take care of those today?" he asked.

"I wasn't planning to," I answered; not wanting to do anything that wasn't reversible.

"Are you sure honey; it's free of charge and I've never lost an ear yet,"

He made me laugh and I calmed down.

"Actually, I'm surprised you haven't done it yet considering all your peers probably have,"

He's probably right; and all those sales women in those high class stores I'll be shopping at will probably bring notice too; bringing more questions.

He stopped clipping, "What do you think?"

"Sounds like a plan," I said. Though I didn't want any permanent markings on me I figured I've gone this far.

"Great, I guarantee you'll be happy or your money back,"

"I thought you said it was free?"

"Then I guess I don't have anything to worry about then,"

I laughed again. Then he threw another curve ball.

"So Sasha, where have you been hiding?" he inquired as his fingers continued dancing through my hair.

"No where really," I answered.

"Well, what's your story?"

"The black sheep of the family trying to change her ways maybe," hoping that would stop some of the probing questions.

"Fair enough, we all have our dirty little secrets,"

"I guess so," I said.

I guess that satisfied his curiosity; he finished up and started my highlights.

A female stylist walked towards us; she was extremely beautiful. Pitch black hair, a killer body, and a belly ring that I admired and couldn't keep my eyes off of. I never saw one up close and was intrigued by it. I thought about it... then thought better; maybe to noticeable.

"You like that?" he asked.

"Like what?"

"Her belly ring,"

"You don't miss a thing do you Vince?"

"We can give you a belly piercing when we do your ears,"

"I don't know,"

"You have plenty of time to decide; think about it,"

"I will,"

Jessie approached, "Hey beautiful; how are you doing?"


"Hey Vince, I'm going to take a break once you're done with Sasha," she told him.

"That's fine,"

"See you later beautiful," she said winking at me then returning to the front desk.

"Don't mind her; she's just a flirt," he informed me.

"I figured,"

"Are you into girls?"


"Just curious, these days all you girls want to eat at the "Y". Personally I think its gross; give me a man any day, "he blurted out.

I giggled.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that, it's just your mother and I could be ourselves around each other and not worry about offending one another," he sniffled.

"That's okay," I said feeling he truly missed her.

We made some small talk...fashion and such. Thanks to my sisters I could keep up with him.

"While the color is taking effect I'm going to make a few rounds to my customers; you know...business," he said.

"I'm good,"

"You're absolutely wonderful; I wish your mother would have brought you around when you were younger. Anyway, I'll be back shortly," he said.

Soon after he left that same stylist with the belly ring walked toward me. I stared at her belly ring once more; our eyes met as she drew closer. I smiled, and so did she as she passed by.

A moment later she was standing next to me, "Excuse me."

"Hi," I announced otherwise speechless at her utter beauty.

"Vince took over my customer and sent me back to do your nails," she explained.

"Great!" I replied with enthusiasm.

"You have a great figure; do you work out?" she inquired.

"When I get the chance," a little white lie.

"I noticed you were looking at my belly piercing; would you like to have yours done?" she asked.

"I'm not sure yet but it looks good on you," I answered.

"Thanks, we look about the same size; about 5'8, 120 and 32B-24-33? She guessed.

"Close," not wanting to give any actual information away.

"Follow me,"

I followed her to a nail station and sat across from her; she started right away.

She took my hand and examined it; then the other, "Wow, your nails are in perfect condition."


She looked at my feet, "Again, amazing, all that's left is the color."

"You decide," I blurted."

"Rose Red is always good," she said looking at me.

"Rose Red it is then," I replied.


She was a real pro; she finished quickly and my nails were perfect in every imaginable way.

"Thank you, they're beautiful," I acknowledged.

She wrote something on a tiny piece of paper and walked me back to the chair.

She slipped me a piece of paper, "Here's my number in case you want a shopping partner or just want to get a better look."


"Don't lose it,"

"I won't"

She turned and walked away.

Thank the man upstairs that I never get an erection when I'm in fem.

"Let's check out your highlights," Vince said as he appeared and removed the foils.

My eyes tear up; I wanted to cry as I looked into the mirror. I looked exactly like my mom; I was beautiful.

"Well, what do you think?" He inquired.

"I look amazingly beautiful; thank you," I said emotionally raising my hands to my mouth.

"Your mother was beautiful; it's amazing how much you look like her,"

"I look exactly like she did when she was younger," I said taking my hands away from my mouth.

"You've always been beautiful; I just made you desirable," he laughed.

"Thank you," I said emotionally.

Something happened, I felt desirable. This wasn't supposed to happen, it wasn't supposed to; this was supposed to be fun like before. I decided to ride out this emotional roller coaster and get some shopping done.

"Let's move on to your piercings shall we,"

"Absolutely," I felt so girly.

"Follow me to the back so we can get those ears pierced," he said.

"Sounds good," I rose and followed him to the back.

"Have a seat and we'll get started,"

"Will it hurt Vince?"

"You'll feel a little pinch; nothing to worry about,"

I closed my eyes as he rubbed both ears with what felt like cotton swabs. Then I felt a slight pinch on my left ear then another on my right.

"Open your eyes and tell me what you think,"

I opened my eyes and smiled, I was ecstatic, I felt different; feminine and natural. "They're wonderful," I stated.

"They're diamonds, loaners, you'll have to bring them back next visit,"

"I will; they're so beautiful,"

"You're so gorgeous I might just keep you all to myself,"

"What?" I asked giggling.

"He laughed," I'm joshing with you honey ...I adore men,"

We laughed.

"You're all done,"

"Thank you so much," I told him as we stood and hugged.

"I'll walk you up front,"

I pulled out my credit card from my dainty purse to pay for my services. Since Sasha is a dual gender name I had no worries.

"Oh no Sasha, next time honey, it's on the house," Vince whispered.

"Thank you Vince," I told him.

"You're welcome," he replied. "Jessie, go ahead and take your break. Rachel will watch the front," he said.

"I've been craving Dipping Dots all day," she looked at me.

"They have Dipping Dots...here...in the mall?" I inquired.

"Down by the fountain; would you like to come?" she asked."

"Wow, I haven't had Dipping Dots in quite a while,"

"I wouldn't mind the company if you're headed that way,"

"I was hoping to get a little shopping done ...but I guess it can wait,"

"Great, now I have an accomplice; let's go see what kind of trouble we can get into to," she said giggling.

"We're in a mall," I laughed.

"Appearances can be deceiving," she remarked as she laughed.

She in her own right was beautiful, around my age, brunette, bright blue eye, and a killer body. I'm sure she knew her way around; she just didn't know how true her statement really was.

I truly looked exactly like my mother when she was younger; though she looked as though she was in her young twenties when she passed.

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