tagGroup SexA Time I Was With Many

A Time I Was With Many


This is a story I wrote mainly based on fantasy.

I was twenty one and had been going out with a new boyfriend for a few months when we were invited to a party by a friend of Peter my boyfriend. He actually didn't know this guy really well as he met him through playing football for the local team he played in.

At the time I had been with several guys so I was not what you would call a prude, however I wasn't a slut either. I'd say I was more just your average young girl having fun. My b/f knew I'd been with a few guys before him and liked to try new things which I went along with most of the time. He'd asked me if I had been with a few guys ever and I'd told him no not really. He knew I may have cause I never gave him a direct no.

One night after being out most of the night and reasonably tipsy, he asked again this time he pushed the question so I told him once I'd been in a threesome. He was ok with it and actually used to bring it up sometimes when we were playing in bed. Asking about how it was, how I liked it, what they did and every time we discussed it I actually got aroused. He knew it turned me on making me recall the events and thinking about it. For a while things went along much the same. Till the night we were invited to the party.

Here is what happened that night at the party.

I wore a summer dress, a little revealing but not over the top. It was hot so a lot of girls were dressed in similar dresses, some not quite as revealing but still smallish. My breasts I knew could be seen if someone was at the right angle beside me and I was leaning forward a little. At first this wasn't a problem but as the drinks took effect I gather the guys were all trying to get a look. Things were going great, everyone was having fun, drinking, dancing and chatting. It was actually a really fun party, the guys and girls all mingled and mixed unlike some where the girls all sit together and talk and the boys the same over the other side.

As the party went on Peter danced with me a few times and even had me dance with some of the other guys there. Some couples were getting a little amorous and some even went inside, I gather to find somewhere more intimate and quiet. My glass was being refilled continually by not just Peter but a few guys. As we danced the guys were getting bolder and bolder and holding me tighter and getting a little feel occasionally. Peter seemed to just let them and wasn't really taking a lot of notice. I knew I was getting a little drunk, so I tried to slow my drinks down but the guys just kept toping me up. Peter asked if I was ok and as we danced he held me tight, whispering in my ear and biting my neck. He knew this makes me hot and when I said you better stop he said "its ok there are empty rooms we can play in later".

As the night went on even some of the other guys dancing with me were whispering in my ear. I kept trying to stop them discreetly but it didn't seem to work. Some ever began getting erections as we danced which I could feel when they held me close. Secretly it did make me even hotter knowing I was doing this so easily.

Later about midnight or so, Peter took me by the hand and we went upstairs and found an empty bedroom. We went in and started making out, kissing and undressing each other as we went. Eventually I was almost naked on the bed as he kissed me all over, his hands roaming all over, down into my panties and his fingers exploring my soft folds. I knew I was quite aroused and this only made me a lot more turned on.

He had me suck him as he lay on the bed, his fingers feeling me, fingering me as I sucked his hard big cock. Taking it in my mouth and flicking my tongue around the end and sucking him till he came in my mouth. Spraying his cum, his man juice into my mouth. Some went onto my breasts and he rubbed my breasts with it. He told me to lay on the bed and said spread your legs as he tied my wrists and ankles to the corners. He had planned this I'm sure but he said he didn't.

He said the ties were already on the corners and wanted to try it anyway. I let him tie me as he assured me the door was locked and no one could come in.

There I was laying on a bed, totally naked and tied up in a strangers house. Peter then said wait a moment I just have to go to the bathroom I will only be a sec.

"No don't leave me here like this" I said. He just got up and walked out pulling the door behind him shut, but not locked.

I lay there totally horny but at the same time drunk and not really aware of my surroundings. I sort of started to get drowsy and my eyes half shut just thinking of how he would have me when I noticed the door open and close again. "Peter what are you doing" I asked. Without an answer I blindfold was put over my eyes. "Peter please what are you doing".

Sssshhhh was the only reply I got. Then I felt hands wandering all over me, squeezing my breasts, tracing up my legs, around my neck. My body was alive having my other senses restricted unable to see or really move. I felt more hands and then I realised more than one person was in here with us. I felt more and realised there must have been 4 or 5 people.

I thought maybe Peter had organised this as he knew I got turned on talking about the 3 some in my past. So I just played along letting them do as they like, loving all the attention I was getting. My breasts were being fondled and the other kissed and sucked. My legs had a tongue and lips kissing and working there way upwards. My pussy had fingers playing, feeling me. One then two fingers, in me fucking me slowly. My clitty was getting attention too, being rubbed and teased. I knew before long I would orgasm as I could not, not with this attention. Then as I was being fingered I began to orgasm, my whole body contracting and waves of pleasure washing over me, through me.

Then I heard talking, getting louder and louder. I heard Peter saying "let me through my girlfriend is in there".

"Just wait its ok she is fine, have another drink you will be in there soon".

What was happening, was all I could think. Then a cock was pushed into me, fast and hard before I could even think about it I was being taken really hard and fast. I could only think of what was happening in the room, not how it happened or anything else. I had hands and mouths all over me, cock filling my tight wet juicy pussy. Making me moan as he took me, making me feel waves of lust, as he fucked me.

My legs were un tied and held up high as he kept pushing it hard and fast deep inside me, then I felt him go all rigid and I knew he was cumming in me. Putting his seed in my pussy, filling my lil pussy with his hot cum. He hopped off only to be replaced by another guy, shoving his hardness straight into me as far as it would go. My pussy so wet from both myself and the cum from before. As he pushed deeper I felt wetness leak from me. He did it harder than the guy before, not even caring how it felt for me. His hard cock slamming into my now swollen wet pussy. Then again he squirted his hot cum deep in me.

Another replaced him, this time he felt bigger a lot bigger. I moaned as he slid it into me taking his time as he knew he was big. Then once all the way in me he began pumping his cock in and out of my pussy, my legs held up high then pushed back so he got even deeper. I shuddered with another orgasm as he took me, as he used my pussy as he filled me with his hot cum. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed through my whole body. I just shook and shook as my orgasm went on and on..

I couldn't even at this stage tell you how many were playing with me or doing things to me. I was sort of in a trance just having orgasm after orgasm. I was being taken one after the other over and over. I had cum running out of me and where I was laying was soaked. Then finally it began to stop, they began leaving till finally I looked up and Peter was the only one with me.

He was on top of me just laying there his cock in me, cum leaking from me. He looked at me and kissed me untying my wrists and letting my hands free at last.

He helped me up and took me to the shower and helped me wash myself clean.

Then helped me dress and we left and went back outside. I just sat there still not really with it. Some of the other girls just glared at me, obviously knowing what had just happened .

Soon after we left and I asked Peter if he planned it and he said no not at all. He explained that when he came back from the bathroom he was stopped from going back in the room, then when they did let him he saw me there orgasming and they told him I had thought it was him. So at this stage he had no alternative than to let things go as they were. And since it appeared I was not being hurt and enjoying it he let it.

That's what may or may not have actually happened. Em.

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You made me cum and I wasn't even there. I would have loved to have been able to fuck your sluty cum filled cunt. Adding my cock to all the others fucking you would have been so sexy and hot I would havemore...

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