tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Time to Play, and Grow Ch. 01-02

A Time to Play, and Grow Ch. 01-02


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction that came to me in a dream. It contains many sexual practices including straight, gay, and bisexual actions, and is based heavily around transgendered sex and life. There may also be talk and possibly some levels of BDSM. This is not a fantasy, only the imagery of a world unfolding inside my own mind.


"Whatcha thinkin about?" she asked as she rolled over to face him. Alex was lost in thought, far away from the moment, far away from her. Sarah slowly began rubbing her hand up and down his chest, working her way further down with each pass.

"Hmm. Sorry, what did you say?"

"I asked what are you thinkin about."

He wanted to ignore the question. Alex knew he couldn't explain the thoughts that were on his mind. He didn't understand them himself, how could he possibly put them into words for Sarah to understand.

"Nothing really. Just wondering what I should do now."

He had known Sarah for the better part of a year and although they didn't start of as lovers, he had always admired her grace and beauty. He wanted her, but more than just wanting her. Somewhere deep inside, on a level that he couldn't understand, or didn't want to understand, he wanted to be like her. He pulled away from her, moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I know, you should make me some coffee." She said, as she playfully slapped his hip.

Alex proceeded to get partially dressed, throwing on a t-shirt and started walking for the door.

"That's not what I mean."

The stout odor of the freshly brewed coffee, stirred Sarah out of the bedroom. Once in the kitchen she found Alex waiting with a cup of the brown morning nectar for her. He had always loved watching her strut around the house the morning after their interludes. She never wore a single article of clothing. Her feminine curves, small supple breasts, and that perfect sway in her hips as she walked through the rooms. Even the way she sat with her legs pressed together as if to show off her thighs. Or perhaps it was a slightly more perverse reason, something dirty. Perhaps it was to keep inside that which he had left in her, the efforts of their love making.

Her poise always brought him around for a second time. Watching her movements, her gestures, made him want her again. Any other day it would have been so. However on this day she had to be at work soon and he knew they wouldn't have time to go another round.

"I don't know what you're worried about. Your family has plenty of money." she said, while holding the coffee cup only inches from her lips. "Why don't you just get some money from your parents."

"You don't understand. I know I could but their money always comes with a catch." While he looked at her, he was trying to memorize the curves of her breasts. How they were so perfectly proportionate to her slender body. He wanted to hold them, caress them, tease them, until she was begging for him for more. "They will want me to use some of it to come visit them, or they will want to come visit me."

"Jeeze. You say that like it's a bad thing to have parents who want to see you." She scoffed.

Alex almost felt bad for having said it. He didn't mean it in that light, the words simply came out wrong. He dropped his head slightly, "That's not what I mean. Me borrowing money from them, they see it as an investment. They will want to check up on me to see if it is going to good use."

"Ah, I see." She paused and she took another sip from the steaming cup. "Well, wouldn't it be a good investment for them. They do love their son don't they?"

"Heh, yeah they do, but they love their money too." He tried to shift his legs around as to not let it be too obvious that he was getting hard at the sight of her. Although it didn't work as he could see her eyes looking down at his growing erection, and the slight devilish grin, developing on her face.

"You know I can't stick around for another round right? I have to be at work in less than an hour."

Alex tried not to show the disappointment, "Yes, I know. I just can't help it. When I see you like this I just want to do stuff to you." Finishing off with a smile, she blushed and almost choked on her coffee. He put his arm around her and leaned in close, whispering in her ear, "dirty, naughty things."

She abruptly started laughing, putting her coffee down on the table before them as to not spill any of it. She turned to kiss him, letting her lips part slightly. Sliding sideways on the couch so as to have her on top of him, they kissed deeper, her tongue delving into his mouth. His arms wrapped around her, rubbing the small of her back with one and running his fingers through her silken hair with the other. She pressed her breasts into him and lifted hips away as to fit a hand between them. A small gasp escaped his lips as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and slowly began stroking him.

"Mmm, looks like somethin else woke up," She coyly whispered in his ear, "but I have to get going or I'm gonna be late."

She pulled away from him and walked to the bedroom. He felt betrayed, abandoned, as she left him. Though he forgave her instantly as he watched her hips sway back and forth almost hypnotically. He thought back to the few times when she let him enter her anally. He loved the feeling of her ass, loved being inside it. Before she could take him he had to teacher her how to prepare for anal sex, how to relax and take it. He had taught her much and at the time it felt as though it was taking forever, but he believed it was well worth the wait. He longed to be inside her ass again, but he knew it would have to wait for another day.

He stroked his ridged member for a few minutes fantasizing about Sarah before he began to lose his train of thought. His mind slipped back to worries of money, and the future. Deciding that now was as good a time as any to put on some pants.

They said their goodbyes as Alex walked her out to her car. Followed by idle banter of a wonderful night together, and talk of doing it again at an unset date. He had become accustomed to this routine of hers. She would always promise an again, but never set a when.

Alex returned to his coffee, and then decided to check the internet posts for work. He didn't want to quit his job, he liked working with Sarah. He just could no longer tolerate the way the company was treating them. Always demanding more and never paying, or rewarding the excess work. It had started to feel like a slave labor, dead end job. He wanted more, in life, and in pay. More than the company was willing to give. He could hardly remember the last time he was sent out for training. Those times had always felt like a corporately paid retreat for him. Fuel expenses, nice hotels, decent meals, all paid for by the company. He knew he had to study during the time between lectures, but he always managed to find the time to hook up with an attractive woman, or a hot guy for at least one night.

As Alex scrolled through the pages of posts of companies seeking new employees something jumped out at him a bit.

"Private medical firm seeking men and women for clinical, medical, and social study."

He clicked it and read through the post, then read it again. It wasn't his thing to volunteer for anything of that nature but the money sounded good, and it was supposed to last for several months. It sounded great to him, the idea of letting some doctor examine you once a week and give you some pills, spending the rest of the time getting paid to just enjoy all his favorite hobbies. He thought about how long it had been since he had taken his favorite motorcycle out for a spin, and how great it would be to be getting paid all while having fun. He promptly bookmarked the page and said to himself, "maybe."


Several Days had come and gone with little progress in his search for employment. In his kitchen where once there were piles of dirty dishes and old pizza boxes was now a clean, disinfected countertop. There were no more piles of laundry in his bedroom, only a neatly organized closet with clothing grouped by color and level of dress, from casual to business. His favorite motorcycle once covered and dusty, now low on gas with bugs splattered on the headlight, as was his prized white sports car his grandfather had bought for him as a college graduation present. Even his home gym was no longer dusty but instead covered in a thin layer of sweat that he had thought he had wiped clean. While Alex was enjoying himself and his time alone, the ever present worry that he may soon run low on money was still there, in the back of his mind, nagging at him to once again seek employment.

As days turned into weeks there was a depression that began to set in. Even with the occasional visits from Sarah, or Thomas, his two closest friends. Friends with whom he was intimately close, he still could not brush off the dark thoughts filling his mind. Alex had even stooped so low as to call his parents in the hopes of seeking out a loan or gift, gift being preferred. However he discovered they were no longer in the country, but on vacation on their yacht. He knew he would not be able to reach them before his money problems had reached a critical level. It seemed that there was just no need for someone of his chosen profession at the moment, at least not by any business within driving distance.

As he was playing a game on his favorite computer in the evening the desire to look at the job listings pulled him back into reality. Alex pulled up his favorite web posting site on the net and began browsing again. There were so many postings that just saddened him. No real companies nearby seeking managerial types.

"McBurger World in need of General Manager, starting pay $12.00 per hr"

"Ha!" he thought to himself, "Why don't they just hire some teenager for that, no real trained manager is gonna work for that!"

"Car Place Collision Center seeking customer service rep"

He scoffed, "No way in hell am I gonna stoop that low." He continued scrolling down beginning to tire of the pathetic postings, until he saw it again.

"Private medical firm seeking men and women for clinical, medical, and social study."

He checked the date on the listing, it was recent.

"Hmm, they must still be looking."

He read the post, but it was still the same non-descript posting as before. With talk of some social and medical experiments that were being conducted by a private company who wished to remain unknown. Staring at the screen, reading it again and again, with thoughts of what possible kind of things it could be, Alex finally decided that he could see no harm in just calling them.

The next day after his morning ritual or a cup of espresso and a cigarette, he dialed the number into his phone. After only a few rings a woman answered,

"Doctor Morgans office, how may I help you?"

Surprised by the reception he stammered with his introduction. Before he could properly word his intro she interrupted,

"If you are calling about the medical study we only have a few slots left, and the doctor is kind of specific about what she is looking for at this point. Are you prepared to answer questions of a rather probing and personal nature?"

"Yes, I suppose so." Alex replied

"Good, then I will give you the office address and you may come on in for the interview." She told him the address as he wrote it down, then repeated it to verify he had it correctly.

"What time should I come in?

"Right away, the sooner the better." She stated bluntly.

"Oh, alright I'll see you soon then" and with that she hung up on him. He found it odd that a receptionist would be so rude, but then again he thought in the medical field its really only the doctors and the medicine companies that make all the money so he can't blame her too much.

Pressed, dressed, and in his favorite car, Alex arrived at the address he had been given. It seemed rather large and yet very bland for a doctor's office. No markings on the side of the building and all the windows tinted black. Once inside there was not much of a waiting room, and the only thing the receptionist was filing was her nails. As he walked up to the counter, she looking him up and down.

"Are you here for the final position? I bet the doc is gonna love you for it." Her rude manner felt even stronger in person.

"Huh? Wait, last position? On the phone you said there were two?

She looked up at him, from her chair. As she tilted her head forward and her eyes up to meet his she said, "Honey, the other position is a female only slot, you wanta try for that?"

She reached over to grab a plain vanilla folder, and passed it to him over the counter.

"Here fill these out, and make sure everything is truthful and accurate."

As he took the papers to a chair to start the paper work he could almost make out a comment from her about the role he would play in the trials, but not clearly enough to make out what was said. She was right though, as he filled out the forms the questions became more and more personal in nature. Asking about his sexual preferences, and lifestyle choices. Alex almost started to think it must be some sort of sex drug, another stupid potency, or erectile dysfunction test. Although there was not a single question asking about and inability to get it up, or keep it up.

Once finished he turned in the folder to the rude woman and sat down to wait as the doctor would see him shortly, or so he was told. After what felt like hours, although there was not a single clock anywhere to be seen, he was asked to come back to an exam room, by a much prettier and seemingly nicer young woman. Once again he found himself waiting alone. The room filled with strange medical posters depicting the anatomy of the genders, plus a couple funny motivational ones. He found the layout of the room strange for a exam room. There was a table with two chairs, almost like and interrogation room and the medical table looked like that of an gynecologist's office. The door creaked open slightly, then in stepped the same nice young lady.

"Hello, my name is Miss Jones. I'll be conducting your interview and exam today." She walked to the table, and placed the files she carried down as she sat. Had he not felt so uncomfortable by the atmosphere of the room Alex may have taken the chance to flirt with such an attractive woman. She stood somewhere near his height, although he couldn't be curtain of her height with her black business like heals on. Her hair was a shoulder length dirty blonde, with a few light streaks or auburn. However it was her eyes that captivated him the most. She had the most stunning blue eyes he had ever seen. They were as blue and deep as the ocean, and he felt that in throws of passion he would be lost swimming in those eyes.

"Excuse me, Mr. Royal. Mr. Alex Royal is it?" breaking his thought and pulling him back to earth.

"Yes. Yes, sorry I was just a little taken in." Alex blurted

"Taken in? By what may I ask?"

"By your beauty. You have the most stunning eyes I have ever seen."

She smiled a bit, with a ever so slight blush coming to her cheeks. Obvious that the flattery hits its marks she reply, "Mr. Royal, save it for the study. Which I am not a part of." After a short pause he heard her mutter, "my eyes huh? Smooth talker."

It brought a smile to his face though he tried to hide it, poorly.

"Now mister Royal, I'm afraid we need to go over some of these questions you filled out just to be on the safe side." She opened the folder and shuffled threw the papers till she found the one she was looking for. "Do you have any medical allergies at all?"

"No." He could tell this was not one of the questions on the page. That question was on page two and she clearly had gone farther back than that.

"You put down here that you consider yourself bisexual." She looked up at him, locking eyes. "Is that true?"

"Yes, it is. I'm not sure..."

"Trust me all of the questions are of valid importance. We wouldn't want you signing up for something you aren't willing to do." It felt to him as though she had said that many time.

"I'm afraid I do need to know, when you are with a man, do you prefer to be the penetrator or the one being penetrated?" The look on her face was quite serious, although there was a slight blush to her cheeks from the embarrassing nature of the question.

Sheepishly, he replied "I guess, the once being..." pausing to deal with the embarrassment, "penetrated."

"That's okay. There are many guys like you. Just not as many that can admit it."

The questions went on in the way for some time. She asked about current relationships, asking about pets, and relatives. The topic of current expenses can into play. However, it was her final question that stirred the most curiosity from him.

"Do your parents know about your sexuality, and if so how accepting were they?" she asked.

"Yes, they do. Although I held back on telling them for years they were surprisingly accepting of it."

"But," she added, "would they be accepting of you if were transgendered?"

The question floored him. Alex had no idea what to say, the question itself raised a red flag in his mind. What exactly was he signing up for in this place? What kind of medical and social experiment were they planning?

"I... I don't rightly know. I think they would be, but what kind of a question is that?"

"An important one, Mr. Royal. I think it only fair that you know what you are signing on for. You have answered my questions so I will answer some of yours as I am sure you have them."

As Alex stopped to poise the questions in his mind she cut in,

"Mr. Royal, do you feel out of place? As though at times you may have been born into the wrong body?"

"Well. Sometimes, I guess, but..."

"Don't worry Alex, it is perfectly natural for some people to want to change places."

"...but I like my... you know." He said as he looked downward.

"And that's fine, many men do, and many women too. I'm not saying you have to give it up, just the identity of being a man. That's all. Look at you, you are an attractive man, but you're body build is somewhat slender, and toned. You would be a very beautiful woman."

He wasn't sure what to say to this. He would be lying to say the thought never crossed his mind. It had even occurred to him that it would be easier to meet men if he looked like a woman, although it might make it harder to meet women. The thought of having a vagina had even ran through his mind once or twice. By how it would be easier then have to give himself and enema before every date with a guy. However the thought of going through with it was on a different level all together.

"Look, the doc may not even think you are right for the study anyways so why not just bear with this until she decides. This study is so well funded that just for showing up and making it this far you will be compensated. If you do get into the study, on top of your pay, which will be pretty good, all your bills will also be taken care of while you are here."

I thought about it briefly and decided why not, it's not likely I'll be picked anyways.

"Alright, but first I have a few questions I want answers to. Firstly just how many people are subjects in this quote, study? Secondly, are we all undergoing this type of change? And finally, I have a cat that I really don't want anything to happen to, so can I bring her here with me?" Alex leaned forward with his arms on the table, eagerly awaiting her reply. Thinking this may be the question that gets him kicked out, but damnit his is not going to let his kitty starve to death.

"To answer your first two questions, the core group of the study is four people, including you, but only two of you will go under the knife for the surgery. Doc Morgan is one of the best in her field, and she has some of the best doctors and surgeons in the country backing her up." The seriousness on her face lifted as she continued, "Your cat can't come here, but we will make sure she is well taken care of, even if that means I have to take care of her myself. I love cats so I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to it either."

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