tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Time to Play, and Grow Ch. 05-06

A Time to Play, and Grow Ch. 05-06


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction that came to me in a dream. It contains many sexual practices including straight, gay, and bisexual actions, and is based heavily around transgendered sex and life. There may also be talk and possibly some levels of BDSM. This is not a fantasy, only the imagery of a world unfolding inside my own mind.

Chapter Five -- A Time to Put Away old Thing

The time pasted slowly at first. Alex tried to act more feminine, but always found that she fell back on old habits. It seemed at least his smell hadn't changed as Grace the cat became more and more friendly. Perhaps she did recognize Alex as her favorite human after all. Some things never would change however, as Alex quickly went back to her old morning routine. The only new addition was taking the meds with her espresso. Without anyone to help coach her, Alex quickly gave up on practicing being ladylike and adjusted his aim at acting less manly.

As the light crept through a crack in the curtains in her bedroom Alex pulled the covers tighter, not wanting to leave to silk like comfort of her bed. Peering at the clock it was only a little after eight but she knew she couldn't sleep any longer. Sliding out of bed and still half asleep she shuffled to the bathroom. Walking past the mirror to the toilet in a trance she lifted the seat and reached down. The realization struck that she was supposed to be sitting to pee now came almost as quickly as the realization that she was holding onto her penis. Alex looked down at the organ, her favorite organ, which he hadn't seen in weeks.

"Wow, now that's some morning wood." She chuckled to herself. It seemed slightly longer than she remembered it, closer to eight inches in length, about the same in every other respect though. Gripping it lightly she slowly stroked her hand up and back down the length. Her knees began to buckle and came together quickly as grabbed for something to steady herself. The pleasure was indescribable, but she had to stop, she still needed desperately to pee. Seeing no harm in it she continued to stand as she relieved herself, feeling somewhat nostalgic of the old days when it was always so. Once done she thought about continuing the pleasure, however a voice ringed in her head. It was the sweet voice of Tera, telling her again and again, no sexual activity. She so desperately wanted release, but she had swore not to. As this mental debate continued the decision was made for her. Her erection had already begun to subside and retract. She watched in awe of this previously unseen event unfolded before her.

As Alex sat at her computer reading the news on her homepage and nursing her second cup of espresso her phone rang. "It's Tera!" she thought happily.

"Hey Tera"

"Hi Alex. Hey, I've got some free time today, you ready to go do some shopping?" she asked.

"Hell yeah! I can hardly wait to get some clothes that fit."

"Great, I'll swing by around eleven, and we can hit the mall."

"Can't wait, see ya then."

Almost leaping from the computer Alex ran to the bathroom to shower. She still had plenty of time but she was ecstatic to see Tera again, and couldn't wait to get to the mall. "The mall, I actually want to go to the mall?" She thought, thinking back on all those time at the mall as a man. Nothing fun ever happened at the mall, except to watch the hot chicks walking around wearing little skimpy outfits. "ha, now I'll be one of those chicks."

Alex felt as giddy as a school girl to see Tera pulling into the drive. She hadn't been able to really put together any kind of outfit that worked. She felt as though she looked like a tomboy still dressed in men's clothing. She ran out to meet Tera, and jumped in the car ready to go. Exchanging greetings and even a slight embrace of a hug, almost like old friends. Tera could sense something wrong as Alex hadn't said more than two words after they had gotten underway.

"What's up? You're awfully quiet over there."

Meekly Alex said, "Just a little nervous about shopping for clothes."

"Why? You've bought cloths before." Tera felt slightly puzzled by the remark.

"Yeah, as a guy. It was easy then; I just bought whatever I wanted and whatever was comfortable. This just feels different."

Tera laughed, thinking about how scared and panicked men get when trying to buy women's clothing. How they almost always seem to freak out whenever they have to go into a lingerie store. "You're worrying too much again. I'll be there to help you, and besides it's easy. Instead of picking out clothes because they look comfy, look for clothes that will show off your body, and then try them on to see how comfortable they are."

"Wow, it's no wonder women take so long to clothes shop if they have to try everything on." Of course by the time the words had left her mouth she already felt slightly stupid for saying them.

"Well, not really. It may take you a little more time at first cause you don't know your sizes yet, but it gets easier from there."

Alex knew she was right, she knew it before she even said it. She felt relieved as they pulled into the mall parking, but the relief was short lived as they started their walk into the overly large structure. Alex felt even more self conscious about her appearance than ever before. Walking through the large corridors Alex wasn't sure where to go, she was just heeling behind Tera like a frightened puppy. Tera lead her into a department store and straight to the clothing department. Looking at all the choices she had to choose from brought home the thought that she really had no idea where to begin. All the sizes were different that what she was used to.

Tera handed her a pair of jeans and t-shirt, "Here, start with this. Go try them on."

Alex did as she said and headed toward the men's dressing rooms.

"Hey," Tera shouted stopping Alex dead in her tracks, "other one." She pointed toward the ladies rooms.

"Ah, heh. Force of habit." Alex said in a low voice as to not attract more attention.

Tera stood waiting, and looking at the clothes nearby for a few minutes. She was starting to feel impatient as she stood the.

"Well, how do they fit?" she asked through the door.

The door cracked open, and with a quick look left and right Alex stepped out.

"These jeans aren't much fun to get on, but the shirt seems to fit."

Tera paused and looked her up and down, reached out and pulled at the shirt, then tugged a belt loop on the back of the jeans.

"No, I don't think so. They are still too loose." She walked back over to the rack and fetched another pair. "Try these, one size smaller jeans, and two sizes smaller shirt."

Again Alex disappeared to the changing room and took even longer than before.

"How you doing?

"I don't think they fit."

Tera opened the door a bit and peeked inside. Alex stood there admiring the curves accentuated by these new articles of cloth in the mirror, the form fitting t-shirt and jeans.

"Looks perfect to me." Alex jumped at hearing Tera's voice behind her. Immediately she moved her hands to cover her breasts even though she did have a shirt on.

"Movie your' hands, let me see."

Alex lowered her hands slowly to expose her painfully obvious nipples pointing out through the thin cotton fabric. Tera cracked a smile as she put her hands on her knees and bend over slightly. As she bowed her head slightly the smile turned to laughter. Although she was suppressing much of it, it was enough to turn a few nearby heads. Fraught with embarrassment Alex turned bright red and turned her back to Tera again covering herself with her hands.

"It's not that funny!" she exclaimed.

"I'm sorry, your right, it's not. But your reaction was. Almost priceless." Tera straightened up, forcing the laughter to a stop, "I completely forgot you don't have an undies."

"Well I do have some, just not any like that."

"Any like what, you mean like, A BRA?" again Tera smiled, fighting back a snicker.

"Yes like that."

"You know you can say it, it's not gonna kill you."

As the day progressed they stopped at several stores and browsed around. It had taken some time but Alex began to feel less and less embarrassed with each purchase. With Tera's help even getting new shoes was less difficult than she had thought it would be. The transition to women's sizes was easy with the help of the internet. 'Isn't technology grand,' she thought. After a few purchases she had decided to change into one of her new outfits, nothing fancy just a pair of jean that hugged her new hips and showed off her ass a bit and one of the new t-shirts, one of the ones with a bit thicker knitting. As they stopped at the food court for a quick lunch, Alex felt one store in particular that kept drawing her eye.

"Do you want to check it out?" Tera said, between bites of her flat bread burrito.

"Uh, what? Uh, I mean, I don't know maybe."

"Its okay, to admit that you are interested. Everyone loves the look of a woman in lingerie, even the woman wearing it. That's why they make it, and why it sells for so much." Tera trailed off a little at the end.

Of course Alex wanted to, as a man he had loved seeing Sarah all dressed up. It always made him feel sexy seeing her dressed in her most sensual and sometimes suggestive apparel.

"Come on, after lunch we'll check it out. There's no harm in just browsing."

The two friends strolled casually into the boutique with Tera leading the way. Alex was overwhelmed with the aroma in the air, a pungent sweetness that all but overpowered her sense of smell. The smell was flowery and reminded her of something that her grandmother or even perhaps a French prostitute might wear. As she began to look about the store, she was in awe of the price of every item she saw. Thus far she hadn't really even looked to admire the clothing, only the prices.

"Ooh, how about this one." Tera said as she pulled a small dark pair of lacy panties from the shelf.

"Ah I don't know, how much is it?"

"Jeeze, stop shopping like a man in Wal-Market, just picture yourself in them as you look, worry about the price until after you decide if you like them or not."

Alex stopped to think about how she had been acting, when Tera handed her the sheer article of so call clothing and told her to try them on. She found her way to the large and very private dressing area. As she was about to enter a young attractive woman blocked her way.

"I'm sorry miss, but store policy. You can't try on underwear." She said with a smile. Alex had been running on autopilot the whole time, just following Tera's advice or commands, which ever the case maybe.

"Oh, right. How silly of me, I forgot." A quick rebuttal, to try and save what little grace she felt she had left. Alex traced her way back to find Tera almost nose deep in the more provocative clothing.

"Uh, you forget something Tera?"

"Hmm? Oh right, can't try those on in the store, well we'll just go ahead and get them, of you don't like em, you can bring them back. What do you think?" Tera asked as she pulled a leather corset from the shelf and held it closely to her chest. Alex felt a stir as she pictured the statuesque Miss Jones wearing the corset, and nothing else but her charming smile. Immediately as the stirring sensation lead to a feeling of tightness in the panties she had purchased only an hour ago, her face turned read again and she quickly lowered the bags she was carrying to cover any possibility of exposure.

"I'll take that as a yes."

"That's not funny. And besides I thought this trip was for me?"

"Oh come on, I'm only getting one thing, and clearly you think it'll look good on me."

"Oh ha ha."

"Alright, I think we're just about done anyways, lets grab the matching bra to those and get outta here."

After paying the outrageous number on the register they made their way back to the parking lot. Their minds filled with images of how they would look in the new apparel and how comfortable it will be to get home. Upon finding the car they loaded everything into the trunk.

"Uh Tera, I think we have a problem." Alex pointed to the right rear tire which was now completely without air, the aluminum wheel almost touching the pavement.

"Oh no, you think we can make it home?"

Alex couldn't believe the question, seriously? Driving on a completely flat tire?

"Are you nuts? We can't make it fifty feet on that." She said in a slightly scolding manner. "Let's move everything out of the trunk and I'll put the spare on."

They moved all the bags and Alex started to remove the tools and the spare from the roomy luxury import's trunk. She felt somewhat surprised to find a full size spare. She started get down to jack up the car when Tera started in about the new cloths. Alex thought it silly at first, but on some level inside she felt that Tera was right. She pulled her old t-shirt out of the bag and carefully laid it out by the side of the car. As she then laid down and started to raise the vehicle up some stopping just before the wheel left the ground completely. Alex unbolted the wheel and started to put the spare on when she heard a voice behind her.

"You ladies need a hand?"

Tera abruptly replied "yes" as Alex said "no thanks" without even looking back. She tried to pick up the wheel but the fifty pound wheel and tire barely budged at all. She even grunted just a bit on her second try. She knew that she hadn't been exercising lately and she had spent a month and a half in a medically induced coma, but how could she have become so weak she thought. She stood up and stepped back from the wheel.

"Alright, I guess we could use a hand after all." Alex said to the young muscular guy now standing only a few feet away. He was at least six feet tall with a military fit body, with one hand in his pocket and the other on his hip he made her feel small, small yet protected. A plethora of images started running wild in her mind, thoughts of his strong arms holding her tightly, her face pressed against his firm chest, even thoughts of his rigid manhood invading her tight ass from behind as she lay on her stomach with him kissing her neck gently. However these thoughts quickly were replaced with a fear of him. The thought of a man she didn't even know holding her down and forcing himself upon her, images of her being tied to a chair or a bed and him beating her into submission. All with the realization that if it was to happen she wouldn't have to strength needed to stop him.

"My god," she thought, "is this what every woman things when they are approached by a guy they don't know?" By now the young man had already attached the spare to the car and tightened the lug nuts, and was lowering the vehicle back to earth. With some effort Tera lifted the flat tire into the trunk and waited until the man handed her the tools. She didn't bother to put them up, only to lay them down in a disorganized fashion before closing the deck lid.

"Alright, all set. You too take care driving home. You might want to stop somewhere and check the spare for air. Just cause it's not flat doesn't mean it isn't low." The man said with a smile.

"Thanks for your help." Tera said giving him a smile as she walked to the driver's door.

"No problem, have fun." He replied continuing on his way, walking toward the mall doors.

With a light thunk the doors sealed shut and the two buckled up before starting on their way. Even with the hum of the asphalt below them and the low level of music coming out of the eight speakers in the car, the silence was obvious.

"You seem awfully quiet over there." Tera glanced across the cabin at Alex's face. She could see it in her expression, a look of disappointment, fear, and shame.

"It's okay Alex, we all get those thoughts from time to time. You just have to keep in mind that not everyone is a bad guy. Most are okay, and sometimes you meet a genuinely nice guy."

"Mhmm" was all that Alex could muster. By now she was feeling more ashamed of herself for thinking of him in a bad way than of the fear she felt before. He was nice and helpful, asking nothing in return for his troubles, and she had pictured him as some evil guy with foul intentions.

The rest of the drive went smoothly with the exception of the silence. Even after they arrived back at Alex's house she didn't say much of anything, just unloading the car and finding her favorite spot on the couch.

Chapter Six -- A Time to Give In

Alex flipped on her DVR and put on one of her favorite shows, trying to take her mind off the events in the mall parking lot. She was lost in thought, so much so that she couldn't make out what was said as Tera walked by and closed the door to the master bedroom behind her. The sound of the door caught her attention briefly. "What's she doing in there?" she thought. After a few juicy lines of dialogue she soon found her attention being pulled back to the show before her.

A slight creak escaped the hinges of the bedroom door as Tera stepped into view. The noise broke the hold the television had on Alex, as she looked to see Tera step into the doorway she was speechless.

"Wow" was all she could squeak out.

Tera stood there, her legs crossed together one in front of the other, one hand high on the door's threshold, the other perched on her hip. The new leather corset adorned her body, accentuating every curve, and pressing her already firm cleavage upward in an attempt to give an illusion of perfection were perfection already existed. The black leather matched the taut black panties she had on. Alex looked on as she slowly began to strut into the room, one foot in front of the other, rocking her hips with each step.

"I... thought..."

"I think it's been long enough, as long as we are careful. Just don't tell Doc Morgan, okay?" Tera replied with a lustful voice. "It's been a while for me, and I know it's been a while for you. At least it has been if you've been a good girl."

By now Alex's body was overflowing with endorphins and adrenaline. The site before her, the sensual sound of Tera's voice, it was all far more than she needed to entice her body into the depraved acts that were filling her mind. It hurt so good, this feeling that enveloped her. Tera stopped directly in front of her. Turning her back to Alex, she slowly ran her hands gracefully down the sides of her body, bending at the waist as she continued past her hips, till her hand reached her ankles. Her legs still together she looked past them to see the frozen Alex still sitting cross-legged on the couch with an eye-catching bulge pushing its way up in the tight jeans.

"Ah, baby, that looks painful." Tera said as she quickly stood straight, and arched her back. Herself feeling a little confined, but relishing in the sensation. She turned to Alex and glided to her swiftly sinking to her knees. Placing her hands on Alex's thighs she tightly squeezed them before starting to rub back and forth slowly moving closer to what she knew Alex was wordlessly waiting for.

Alex couldn't believe the scene. Once again she found herself with Tera between her legs, this time knowing what pleasures are to come. Again she found herself lost in the deep blue eyes that once already captivated her, and the silken dirty blonde hair flowing to her shoulders begged to be touched. Before her was a goddess, a woman of such beauty and she was speechless for it all.

Tera's hands found their mark, but with only a glancing touch it was more than enough to put Alex in a state of ecstasy. Her head rolled back, and a moan of pleasure escaped her parted lips. Alex could feel she was close to climax, and the real event hadn't even started yet. A fear began to set in, a fear of cumming too soon, a fear she knew well, and one every man knows well.

"Oh god, I'm close" she warned.

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