tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Time To Remember

A Time To Remember


Madison had always been fascinated by the past, and she loved touring the museum looking at the paintings and sculptures. She especially loved the Medieval exhibits. The City museum had the best exhibit because it was set up to recreate the keeps of days past. She imagined, if reincarnation was real, then she must surely have been alive during the time of knights and ladies; kings and sorcerers, because she felt so at home among the tapestries and chain mail armor on display. Women weren't expected to be tiny leggy models back then, and because she was a little on the heavy side she knew she would have been more at home there. Ah yes, she would loved to have been Lady Madison.

Today she really needed to lose herself in her daydreams so she decided that the museum was the perfect place to go. She stayed for hours, eating lunch in the museum cafeteria. Late in the day, she grew very tired and decided to take one last tour of her favorite rooms in the Medieval exhibit, before she went home to her lonely apartment. There were very few people around when she walked into the exhibit, but she was glad. She didn't feel like talking to anyone, anyway. Finally, the few stragglers left. She knew she should be going too, because the museum would close very soon, but she delayed. She sat down on a bench to rest and found her eyes drooping until, at last, she was fast asleep.

She never knew what woke her, but she felt very strange. Instead of the hard bench that she remembered, she found herself on a bed of large velvet pillows, surrounded by drapes of deep red. "Okay I'm dreaming," she thought but was reluctant to wake up because she felt so very luxurious and pampered. She stretched and rose from her bed.

She looked down to find herself dressed in a gown of emerald green, embroidered with gold rope. Shaking her head she felt her thick braid of dark black hair sway and fall against her back. She took it and lay it across her ample breasts and noticed that it had the same good gold rope twined among the braids. She knew that the green of the dress matched the color of her eyes. This was a GOOD dream already.

Looking around her she noticed that the ropes that usually surrounded the exhibit were gone, so she began to explore the room. She noticed the wooden engraved chest in the corner and decided to investigate it further. Leaning down she noticed that the engraving on the chest said "Madison". She ran her hand over it, loving the feel of the warm wood beneath her fingers. Excited, she lifted the latch and opened the lid. Inside were several things - a silver brush and mirror, a couple of beautiful emerald necklaces, and a gorgeous jade ring. Lifting it, she tried it on her left ring finger.

"Do you like your wedding gifts, my lady? I chose the green to match your eyes," a deep voice spoke behind her.

Startled, she turned to find the most breathtaking man she had ever seen standing there. He was tall with broad shoulders. He wore the costume of a knight. He smiled lazily at her and she felt butterflies begin to take flight in her stomach.

"If this is a dream, please don't let me wake up now."

When he spoke again, she realized that she had voiced her thoughts aloud. "Ah my lady, tis no dream, we are finally man and wife, and I for one am glad of it. Waiting has been torture. Stealing kisses from those plump lips of yours only whetted my appetite for you."

His words caused her breath to catch in her throat. His voice was like steel on silk, rough but strong. She wanted to answer him but was unsure what to say, she didn't even know his name. So she remained silent, but smiled shyly at him.

He growled low and walked toward her purposefully. When he had almost reached her, he took her hand and pulled her against him. She felt the rough chain of his armor through her dress. The steely roughness of it meshed with the velvety softness was strangely exciting.

Taking her chin in his hand, he tilted her face up so that she looked into his deep black eyes. She suddenly felt so right in his arms. She had dreamed of those eyes many nights. He wore a beard and she longed to feel it against her skin.

As if he read her thoughts he leaned down and took her lips with his, softly at first, then assaulting her mouth with his tongue. Her arms snaked around his neck and her hands weaved themselves into his hair. Her moan of pleasure awakened an answering growl in his throat. The kiss seemed to last an eternity and she never wanted it to end, but slowly he drew away from her.

"Wife, I refuse to mar that lovely skin of yours with this armor." With that he walked across the room and began to remove it. Underneath he wore a sea blue tunic and black leggings. Over these he wore black leather boots. He sat on a chair and removed his boots.

When they were tossed aside, he leaned back in his chair and looked intently at her.

"Come her Lady Madison, I want to hold you."

She walked toward him, feeling her body begin to tingle. When she reached him, he pulled her down into his lap and she snuggled against him. He began to kiss her ears, sending sweet shivers down her spine. How could a woman's ears be so truly connected to her entire body? She felt her pussy grow wet. Then he slowly slid the fabric of her gown down her chest reveal first one then both darkly nippled breasts. He rubbed his calloused thumb over one and it responded by growing rock hard. "THIS is torture," she thought, "Sweet torture."

Suddenly he replaced his fingers with his mouth, and she moaned loudly. He sucked gently, occasionally nipping the bud with his teeth, until she felt as if she would explode. She began to squirm and he groaned. "My lady, if you do not stop that, this, will be over before it begins." His words startled her and she grew still for a moment, suddenly unsure of herself. She was a virgin and had never felt like this even in her dreams.

He set her on her feet then stood himself. Putting one arm behind her knees and one behind her back, he lifted her off her feet. She put her arms around his neck, instinctively feeling safe. He carried her to the bed and lay her down. Rising above her, he removed his tunic to reveal a magnificent muscled chest. This was not the pampered shaven chests of the men who worked out at her club, but a chest built from hard work and covered with a carpet of fine dark hair. She longed to run her hands through it. Finally finding her voice, and her boldness, she told him so.

"In due time," he said. Then his hands went to the ties on his leggings, making short work of them. When they were loosed he slid the leggings down his thighs to reveal his cock, thick and long, and already standing hard. She could not take her eyes from him, he was a god. The wetness between her legs was now flowing freely and she could feel her clit begin to throb in anticipation. When he was completely naked before her, he smiled.

"Methinks you have on too many clothes, lady."

He kneeled on the bed below her and took the hem of her gown and raised it until it pooled around her waist. It occurred to her that she was naked beneath the gown and he could see all her glory. He took her hand and she raised to a sitting position to allow him to take the gown over her head. He devoured her with his eyes. When the gown was discarded beside the bed, he sat beside her and took her braid in his hands.

"Hair this glorious should be free." He took the ties loose and began to unbraid it and comb his fingers through it. When it fell loosely all around her, he nodded his approval and pushed her back against the pillows. Then he lowered himself down beside her, pressing against her side.

He ran his hands lazily down her body, causing a tremor to follow them. He gently parted her thighs and covered her pussy. Slipping a finger inside he groaned his approval of the wetness he found. Taking his thumb he rubbed over her hard clit. Fire shot through her. She was convinced now that she wasn't dreaming, but had died and gone to heaven. When he took his hand away she cried out at the loss.

She felt his hard cock against her thigh and deciding to give him a taste of his own medicine, she reached out and took it in her hand, squeezing gently, then pumping until he grasped her wrist in his fist. Removing her hand he rose up and moved between her legs.

"Tis time I truly made you my wife."

He parted her pussy lips and teased her clit with the head of his cock, then gently began to enter her, mindful of her virginity. She gasped at the sharp pain when he broke her maidenhead, but then forgot the pain as he filled her completely. He didn't move for many minutes then slowly started to move in slow deep strokes. The wetness made it smooth, and soon she was once again on fire. Her hips rose to meet him and then she begged him to move faster, so he obliged until they were both in a frenzy.

She felt the slow building of her climax and begged him to cum with her, to fill her with his seed. Her words seemed to spur his own climax and she felt his cock tighten inside of her. Just as she came undone, she felt his cum shoot hot inside of her and stream down her thighs. He thrust one last time and fell against her, his hot breath heavy against her cheek.

They lay still for a long time. Then he rolled off of her, pulling her against him. She once again felt her eyes grow heavy and she knew the dream was almost over. Just before she drifted off to sleep in his arms, she heard him whisper, "I love thee Lady Madison."

She woke with a start. Her body still tingled from the dream.

"Are you okay, Miss?" a deep voice asked. Shaking her head she looked around. For a brief moment she could have sworn that it was his voice. Shocked she looked up to find the most handsome man staring at her with concern.

"Yes, I'm fine. I seemed to have fallen asleep. Is it almost closing time?"

"Yes, unfortunately," he laughed, "I love coming here. I like to imagine I am a knight and this is my keep. My name is Shaun. May I ask what yours is?"

"Madison. I love coming here too." They started to share their love of the exhibit and Medieval history. The talk moved to other things, about their lives, their jobs. They found they had a lot in common. Soon, a museum worker came and warned them that it was closing time.

"Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me, Madison?" Shaun asked. She told him she would love to, and he offered her his arm. She put her hand on it and they made their way to the entrance. When they came to the entrance they squeezed into the revolving door. The close contact of his body sent a shock through her. She looked up and caught his eye. They were the black eyes of her dreams. When they moved out of the doors, he motioned for her to go in front of him.

"After you, Lady Madison."

THE END...for now

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