tagNon-EroticA Tiny Slip Ch. 01

A Tiny Slip Ch. 01


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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

SPOILER ALERT!: This story reveals the identity of the Consultant of Crime. If you have not read the previous stories, the author strongly advises you to read them before continuing with this story!

Part 1 - Prologue

Southeast Asia. Somewhere on the other side of a politically drawn line, early 1973.

The Captain watched as the Green Berets and his own men of the 173d Airborne evacuated the body of their dead comrade, as well as the wounded. He ordered the retreat, and the men began falling back.

But the Enemy had regrouped, and were coming after them. He felt as much as heard the bullets whizzing past him. He turned and stood, firing his machine gun into the advancing enemy soldiers, slowing them down just enough to give his men time to get out.

He barely felt the bullet that struck his upper right shoulder area, driving through his lung and deflecting off his scapula and out his back. He maintained his fire...

The explosions of grenades between him and the enemy rocked his world. He felt himself being grabbed from behind as two other men began raking the enemy. Then smoke grenades were thrown to cover the retreat.

"Come on, Captain," said Navy Corpsman Cordell, dragging his Captain along. "Time to get out of here." One of the other soldiers came up, grabbed the Captain's legs, and together they ran with him to the last helicopter to take off. Everyone was aboard, including the dead Green Beret; none were left behind to face dishonor and desecration at the hands of the Enemy.

As the lush jungle canopy got smaller below them as they headed up and to the east, the Corpsman attended the Captain's wounds. He'd been hit at least three times, once in the upper right shoulder, once in the left side, and once in a glancing blow in the neck that by the Grace of God and the Universe had not ruptured an artery, vein, or his trachea.

Still, the wounds were serious, life-threatening. The Corpsman did all he could, working through the tears blurring his vision, and rolling down his cheeks.

"Good job, Cordell." the Captain whispered. "Tell all the men... I'm proud of them."

"You'll have to tell them yourself, Captain." said the Corpsman. "Don't you dare give up on me now. You have your wife to go home to."

The Captain's face formed a little smile. The Corpsman got the picture of the Captain's wife from his shirt pocket over his heart, the corner stained in blood from the side wound. He handed it to the Captain, who just stared at it...

Part 2 - Brand New Day

"But at last he made a slip—only a little, little slip—but it was more than he could afford when I was so close upon him. I had my chance, and, starting from that point, I have woven my net round him until now it is all ready to close." ------ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 'The Final Problem'

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Channel Two News." shouted the lovely redhead at 7:00am, Wednesday, June 22d, from in front of City Hall. "Channel Two News has learned that the Town & County Council did not act to suspend Commander Donald Troy in their Executive Session last night. However, they have called a Special Session for this afternoon, and have 'invited' several important persons in the County to attend, including Sheriff Daniel Allgood, former Chief Griswold, and University President Sidney P. Wellman."

Bettina continued: "This meeting will occur before the evening's festivities begin at First Baptist Church, where the Reverend Robert Patterson will be speaking. The Reverend Patterson will then give a large rally speech at the University Basketball Arena."

"Meanwhile," Bettina said, "suspended Detective Julie Newton of the TCPD was transferred to County Jail last night, where she will continue to be interrogated for what the FBI is calling serious financial crimes on a national level. And now let's go to Sports with Nick Eastwood! Nick!..."

No mention of the death of the Iron Crowbar.

"I thought Reverend Patterson was going to speak at the football stadium." said Joanne Warner.

"They only sold 2,500 tickets." Cindy replied. "So they decided to move it indoors."

"Why did they take Newton to County Jail?" asked Lt. Wes 'Coldiron' Masters.

"Lt. Goodwin of Internal Affairs ordered it." Cindy said as she sipped her coffee. "Security reasons, so I'm told. She expressed fear for her safety here at Headquarters."

"Hell, she's safer here than at County Lockup." said Teddy Parker.

"I agree." Cindy said. "But the decision was made by higher powers than myself."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If this was going to be my last day on this earth, I thought to myself, it would include one hell of a good breakfast. I made a great steak-and-cheese omelette and a stack of pancakes... then I remembered how Carole would 'help' me make pancakes, and I had to work through the pain. The bodies would be flying back here tomorrow...

Still, I resolved to eat well, and did so, washing it down with delicious coffee, thinking of all my Detectives at the coffee klatch. Good Detectives. Great people.

I spent a good bit of time with Bowser and Buddy, giving them a lot of skritchins and loving, talking to them and letting them show their love for me like they liked to, mostly by licking my face and pressing their bodies against me while I gave them belly rubs.

After my toilet, I dressed today in my 'black' uniform. It looked good, it gave me ease and freedom of movement. I would need to be able to move today. And if it were my last day, at least I would look good when I went down. Damn good.

"Okay, guys," I said, "it's time to take you to your place of protection." The dogs were in as grave danger as I was, I knew. Fortunately, there was a place they'd be safe, and people to protect them.

We drove to the headquarters of BOW Enterprises, with me being careful to make sure I was not followed. I walked two leashed dogs to the office of the Chief Executive Officer. His assistant Mariko bowed, complimented the dogs, then led me into Todd's office.

"Hello Commander." said a cheerful voice from behind the desk. It was Lieutenant (Ret.) Tanya Perlman. "I see you brought your cute buddies today."

"Buddy and Bowser." I said. "How are you and little Pete doing?"

"Just fine." Tanya said. She began driving her wheelchair to a door to the right side of the room as one entered it, to the left of Todd's desk. Going through, she drove down the hallway and stopped at an elevator, which was barely noticeable in the wall. We got on, and descended a couple of floors. Getting out, I found myself in a narrow hallway with gray concrete blocks for walls. Going left (back underneath Todd's office a couple of floors above), I opened a gunmetal gray door. Tanya drove in, leading the way, and I followed with the dogs.

"Come on in, guys." said Barry Oliver. It was another room, well-protected. Also inside were my nephew Todd, Teddy Franklin, Seth Warner, and Lt. Teresa Croyle, who was holding little Pete Feeley. Buddy went right to Teresa, so she gave Pete back to Tanya and took Buddy into her lap. Bowser sat on the floor near them, skeptical and wary.

"Hi, Uncle Don." Todd said with a bright smile. "As you can see, this is our safe room, as well as where we meet to talk about our secret technologies. We can monitor everything just like the Security Desk up front, and when we go on lockdown, it'll take some serious firepower to get to us." I just nodded as I looked around, seeing the monitor screens.

"How's Cindy?" Teresa asked.

"Still very pissed off." I said. "So if and when you come into Headquarters, do reconsider not being crowbar-armed."

Teresa was officially assigned to protect the BOW Enterprises CEO and top Staff. It had been Todd that had helped move Cindy after Teresa had knocked her out with a sleeping drug; it was Your Iron Crowbar that had anticipated the need for that to happen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He put on his suit and adjusted his tie. It was going to be a big, big day. His lovely Sinon had been transferred to County Jail, making her extraction easier... though no less deadly for the 'Peace Officers' working there.

'Sinon', he thought to himself. What a perfect name. A mole within the walls of the Enemy's stronghold. 'Sinon' had been the name of the Greek left with the Trojan Horse outside the walls of Troy, buried to his neck. He had told the Trojans that the Horse was a gift in admission of defeat in the War. The night after he and the Horse were brought inside, it was Sinon that released the Greeks from inside the Horse... and the rest is most very ancient history.

Likewise, Julie Newton had been his 'Sinon' inside TCPD Headquarters for a long time. She adored Harold Malone, she would fuck Malone's balls off whenever she got the chance... but she was loyal to him, the Consultant of Crime, first and foremost. Ditto that for Angela Harlan, the Black Widow, being loyal to the Consultant first and foremost... but she got caught. Julie didn't... until now.

He had listened to Bettina's broadcast this morning, and had not heard what he'd wanted to hear: a report that the Iron Crowbar was dead, and by his own hand. It is just as well, he thought to himself. What I have in store for him... will be much, much better.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"We're not getting anything." said FBI Special Agent Martin Nash. Sitting in Cindy's office with him was Special Agent Eduardo Escobar. "We've talked to her for hours. She's all but admitting to every bit of it, but says that Commander Troy instructed her to do every bit of it."

"Where's her proof?" Cindy asked.

Martin Nash said "Her attorney provided us... and the SBI investigators of Commander Troy... with a number of emails and texts. Texts are from burner phones that were bought in Fillmore County, in the Rome Wal-Mart. There's a sales receipt that Commander Troy did buy a couple of burner phone while he was in Apple Grove last year."

"But are they the same ones?" Cindy said.

"The ones used were from same batch of one hundred as the ones the Commander bought." Nash said. "Yes, someone could have come in right behind Commander Troy and bought them, but Newton's lawyer, as well as the rabid dogs of the SBI, are going to push hard to say it's a connection."

"Or a frame-up." said Cindy.

"It gets worse, though." said Nash. "Newton is saying that the ammonium nitrate bought from Ward Harvester and used to kill those rogue CIA agents on the Bypass was bought by Commander Troy himself, through intermediaries. She provided a paper trail link through front companies that the CIA has used from time to time. Dr. Casey B. Walker of CIA Counterintelligence gave some documents to the SBI... who gave them to Newton's lawyer... that show the front companies were indeed used to buy the ammonium nitrate, and that Commander Troy was behind the purchase."

"If anything, it'd be Laura that made those purchases, which would make them legal."

"Ma'am," said Eduardo Escobar, showing respect, "I'm sorry to have to say this, but Dr. Fredricson is now dead, and cannot vouch for her husband in this. They can twist it however they want, and she's not here any more to counter them."

Cindy bowed her head, more due to the pain of her cousins Carole and Jim's deaths than anything else. She could also feel the sorrow the FBI Agents were feeling for her right now. She willed herself to continue.

"Did Walker give those documents to the FBI?" asked Cindy.

"No." said Nash. "Walker did not give the FBI those documents at all. That in itself might be a crime, but good luck bringing any charges or any accusation on that. That's way above all our pay grades put together."

"Where is Jack Muscone? And Sandra?" she asked.

Nash said "Mr. Muscone is at the Federal Building. You know how you always complained about Commander Troy not telling you stuff? We have the same problem with Jack from time to time. And Sandra?... Well, I'm not sure. She said she had a mission from Jack today and left, and I haven't heard from her since."

"So guys, just between friends, off the record..." Cindy said. "How bad is this?"

"There's nothing as bad as losing his family." said Escobar. "But it's going to be very rough for Commander Troy in the next few weeks. Even if he survives all this and is exonerated... his reputation will be destroyed..."

Part 3 - Security Arrangements

The Precinct Captains meeting was at Precinct 1 today. Captain Ross was presiding in Commander Troy's stead.

"All right, guys," she said, "I can sit here today as Commander Troy's surrogate. If he gets suspended, I'm not sure what's going to happen. It will be up to the Chief. But for now, we have two issues. One, security for the Reverend Robert Patterson. Two, Julie Newton in County Jail. Okay, Captain Briggs, tell me about the security for Patterson."

"It's all set." said Briggs in his casual, laconic voice. "The Reverend Patterson has a private security detail that makes the U.S. Secret Service look tame by comparison. The TCPD will be handling mostly parking and crowd control at the Church and its perimeter, and at the University Arena. The Campus Police will be doing most of the traffic control on Campus. There's really a lot less for us to do than I expected."

"But..." Cindy said, then made sure to keep her voice under control as she continued: "... but what are we doing to monitor possible threats to the Reverend. I don't need to remind you guys what happened when Jonas Oldeeds came in here. The Commander nearly got his head shot off... and Jonas Oldeeds did get his head blown out. And then there's the possibility of someone firing at the Church, firing a rifle, or even a small missile like an old LAWS rocket."

"Yes, ma'am." said Briggs. "Again, the Reverend Patterson said his security was handling most of that, with our cooperation where asked for, of course. The Church itself recently installed a new security system, and Pastor Westboro gave Patterson's people access to it. The Church itself is not overlooked by too many buildings, mostly the Catholic Church on the other side. Not many sniper nests nor opportunities, ma'am."

"Are we going to have bomb-sniffing dogs go through the place?" asked Cindy.

"Ma'am" said PCpt. Damien Thompson with a grin, "we've got you." He was referring to Cindy's nose at the Community Center.

"I'd rather have Sergeant Seymour go through, if it's all the same with you guys." Cindy said with a smile. "Oh, don't tell me... Reverend Patterson's team will handle all that."

"That is what they told me." said Briggs.

"All right." Cindy said. "Captain Briscoe, let's you and me go up to Precinct 3 and County Jail. I want to check on security around Newton. Hal, Damien, keep up the good work."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cindy drove her SUV south down University Avenue, then turned right on College Avenue, going west. She went slowly, observing First Baptist Church to her right, the Catholic Church and Methodist Church to her left. First Baptist had a fair sized lawn to its right, as one faced the front door, and a copse of two-hundred-year-old oak trees to its left, part of the same trees that went west towards Courthouse Square.

Cars behind her were not happy at her slow pace, but what are they going to do, blow their horns at a Police vehicle?

She saw some men in suits and ties around the Church, and already was seeing roped off areas. Security for the event was being put in place.

When she got to Precinct 3 Headquarters, PCpt. Briscoe gave her the tour. "Everything's pretty secure here, ma'am. The Interrogation Rooms have that double door lock where you can't open the door to one side and the other at the same time. The jail doors have standard security and are manned by Deputies or TCPD Officers at every important juncture."

After touring the Jail, they headed back toward's Briscoe's office. Cindy said "With all the extra security for Patterson's rallies tonight, a lot of Deputies will be assigned to that, especially on Campus. I want you to make sure that the Officers manning all the posts here know each other very well, and know who should be here and shouldn't be. Put out orders than no one from the other Precincts are to man posts here. I will back you up on that if you have any problems at all."

"Yes ma'am." said Briscoe. "Do you think there will be trouble today?"

"I don't know." Cindy said. "I am doing as the Iron Crowbar taught me, and trying to figure out how I would extract a prisoner from this Jail. Events like the Patterson rallies, with us scrambling to provide security, would be a good time to try something."

"Yes ma'am, that's smart thinking." Briscoe said. "I hope all that crap about the Commander is just that... a bunch of crap. But if it's not, I think you're going to do very well in his place."

"Chief Griswold would applaud your kissing ass and buttering me up." Cindy replied with a grin. "But I pray to God the Commander overcomes this. We may be good... but no one else is the Iron Crowbar..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

When they got back to PCpt. Briscoe's office, a patrolman hurried up to her. "Ma'am," he said, "Mrs. Veasley asked to see you when you were finished here. I don't know how she knew you were here..."

"She's good." said Cindy with a smile. She went to the lobby. "Hello, Mrs. Veasley."

"Ah, hello Child." said Mrs. Veasley, turning her wheelchair from the window to face Cindy. "I need to have a moment of conversation with you. It is of the utmost importance."

"Right this way." Cindy said. She took Mrs. Veasley past the Duty Desk and into the office areas that was Precinct 3. Finding a small conference room, they went in and closed the door. Cindy also activated her anti-bugging device. Greatest. Christmas. Gift. Ever. she thought to herself.

"I can see, Child," said Mrs. Veasley, "that you are considering the security of that despicable harpy Newton."

"Yes, ma'am." said Cindy. "There is something here, something not right... but I don't know what it is."

"Yessss," hissed Mrs. Veasley. "But there is so much more. You must now think about saving Commander Troy."

"How?" asked Cindy.

"Use your mind, Child." Mrs. Veasley ordered. The words seemed to sear through Cindy's soul. "Yesss, that's it." Mrs. Veasley said as she felt Cindy going deep into a reverie...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Julie Newton watched as Captain Ross, escorted by Sergeant Rudistan and Patrolman Morton, looked around outside her cell.

"Okay, it looks secure enough." Cindy said. "Captain Briscoe, I want to interrogate Newton in I-1. Rudistan, Morton, escort this traitor to the Interrogation Room.

"Yes, ma'am." said Rudistan.

"Ma'am," said PCpt. Briscoe, "we have to have at least one female officer escort her."

"What do you think I am?" asked Cindy derisively. PCpt. Briscoe blanched, and Rudistan did not manage to control his laughter.

Once they had Newton in I-1, she said "Where is my lawyer?"

"Oh, I'm sure he's on the way." Cindy said. In fact, when PCpt. Briscoe had said he'd have someone contact Newton's lawyer to get him here, Captain Ross had countermanded him. "I know the legalities." Cindy had said. "I'm going to be doing all the talking."

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