tagLesbian SexA Tongue Lashing from the Boss

A Tongue Lashing from the Boss


The elevator door dinged shut behind me. I was smiling ear to ear and my whole body tingled. The weekend I'd spent with Daddy had been the best one ever, I couldn't even believe that it had really happened. Every now and then I'd freak out a bit, but then he'd touch me or kiss me and I would swoon all over again. Even now my knees felt like jelly, thinking of the way he'd sent me on my way this morning, fucking me in the shower, my legs wrapped around him and his enormous cock stuffed inside of me. I wanted to call in sick but he'd been insistent.

Once I told him about Debra and how she was my next target, Daddy grew very interested in my endeavors at work. He'd lie on the bed jacking off as I told him what I planned to do with my sexy pixie of a friend. I knew she was bi, and Daddy found that the most interesting of all.

The more the weekend wore on the hotter both of us got about the possibilities of bringing her into our play. We shared sexy stories about how it would be to taste that sweet pussy, or how I'd love to watch him impale her and make her scream.

It was so hot in fact my pussy was sopping wet by the time I hit my floor. As I glided across to my cubicle, I realized how my tits strained against the tiny t-shirt I wore that day. The only man around to appreciate it was Lucas Fisher, my boss. I saw him watching me from his office, the windows of which all faced out over the floor. Damn, and I had hoped he wouldn't notice that I was late. It couldn't be helped... I hadn't wanted to leave and Daddy didn't want me to go. By the time I left the hotel room to run home for a quick change I was already running behind. I ducked my head and disappeared into my cubicle.

Mr. Fisher never made it over to my cubicle to chastise me, so by the time of the first coffee break I was able to relax and chat with my friend Debra. She grabbed me by the hand and herded me toward the back booth in the break room.

"Okay you slut. I want the details."

I glanced over my friend. She was petite, maybe 5 foot, 100lbs soaking wet. Her breasts were firm and perky without the benefit of a bra, which she never would have worn anyway. Her hair was short and dark whereas mine was fair and long, and she had these enormous violet colored eyes that would make anyone weak in the knees. My eyes fell on her full lips, painted a dark purple today to go with her goth-black outfit. She always wore heavy boots, pants with skirts and corset tops. Her white skin called to me but I shook away the thought of how I'd fuck her. There was time for that.

"What makes you think there are details?" I grinned innocently. She slapped the outside of my thigh.

"Don't play with me, Cassie. You left the land of virginity this weekend, didn't you?"

I held up my hands. "Guilty as charged."

"So how was it?" was her insistent reply.

I grinned ear to ear and leaned forward. "It was so hot." I glanced side to side. No one was within ear shot. "It was my dad."

Her eyes widened. Not with disgust, it wouldn't have been disgust. I knew she and her stepdad had an affair for years. He was her first also. It had been her mom's idea. They were decidedly progressive. "Get out! How did that happen?"

I told her the details, about the internet dating service, about the shock of finding out that big fat cock belonged to my dad, and finally succumbing to the desire that had been driving us both wild for weeks. She kept licking her lips and squirming in her seat as we talked softly. As the soft pink flush rose up in her ivory skin all I wanted to do was reach over and kiss her.

"So you know what this means," I concluded softly.

Her eyes ran hungrily over my lips. She nodded. She slid out of her chair and headed pointedly toward the bathroom. I needed no coaxing.

Once behind the door we fell into each other's arms. Her tongue probed into my mouth and my hands slipped down her back to cup her ass. She locked the bathroom door and pulled me over toward the counter. I lifted her easily onto the counter, my mouth never leaving her sweet smelling skin. I tugged down her corset to reveal her small but perfect tit. As my mouth clasped over the erect nipple, sucking it into my mouth, she groaned and ground her pelvis against me. "You are a slut," she decided with a smile.

To prove her point my hand disappeared between us, rubbing in between her legs. She gasped, throwing her head back. I sucked her nipple and fondled her through her clothes until she was practically screaming for me to fuck her.

With both hands I slipped her pants off, leaving her only in that wispy scarf skirt she was wearing over her pants, and a tiny thong. She spread her legs wide and pushed my head down. With a palm on each of her thighs, I dove right in, my tongue swirling around her clit and slopping at her wet slit. She bucked against me, grunting and shaking, wanting that orgasm I wouldn't give her.

Finally I threaded two fingers together and shoved it deep inside her as I sucked her clit into my mouth. I thought she was going to scream the house down, but fortunately she ended up falling against the faucet and set the water on full blast. No one outside could hear her, "Eat me you bitch, I'm gonna cum!"

I obliged her happily and kept the pace until she spurted out into my open mouth. She only sat there a moment before she reached down to pull me up onto the counter. "Ready for the real all girl experience," she growled as she kissed me hard, nibbling at my lower lip. All I could do was groan. I was more than ready.

I spread my legs as she positioned herself in between my legs, taking her time to kiss her way down my body. Just as I felt her hot breath against my thigh suddenly there was a loud knocking on the door.

"Everything all right in there?"

Damn. It was Mr. Fisher. Debra and I broke apart, she grabbed her pants and wiggled back into them. We both washed our face and straightened our clothes as we hollered, "Be right there."

Right before we opened the door Debra grabbed me for another scorching kiss, whispering into my mouth, "You just wait till I get you home."

And I couldn't. I really couldn't.

As we emerged out into the hallway, only Mr. Fisher was there to greet us. He stood over both of us from an impressive six foot five. His hair was dark, but his eyes were piercing blue. He had a good body under the suits he wore, but after working for him for about six months I knew this guy was a cold fish. He had ice water running through his veins. Most men his age, and I was guessing that was about thirty or so, would love to work in an all female environment. Not Mr. Fisher. He looked at us all like we were just robots and not healthy sex craved college students.

Many girls had a crush on him but he barely acknowledged them unless they did something wrong. He wanted no part of office romance. He was a by the books guy who wasn't going to let things slide just because he could get an easy blowjob. Which was sad, because now that I knew how to give one I could get a lot of free time at the office.

"Debra, you're needed at your desk," he told her curtly, his eyes swinging to me, blazing right through me as if he could tell what had gone on in the bathroom before. How much he sensed was scary. "Cassie, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to stay late today. I have a matter to discuss with you."

That didn't sound good. What had I done to warrant this kind of reprimand?

"Why, sir?" I asked in a polite purr. He remained stoic.

"It's better we discuss this later." He stalked off.

Wow, it was so bad he had to isolate me to bawl me out. I heard about it happening sometimes, and generally it happened to the gals he fired. As I took my place at my desk, I was shaking more from fear than the sexual encounter I had with Deb in the bathroom.

The clock ticked away the remaining couple of hours quicker than it ever had. I sat there like a lamb before the slaughter, and quite frankly I was scared to death of being fired. I'd never been fired before and I wasn't looking forward to this being my first.

There were a lot of firsts this weekend. But suddenly this seemed the scariest and most ominous of all. Finally that final bell tolled, and I knew it tolled for me. I sat at my desk as everyone around me collected their things and filed toward the elevator to take them downstairs.

Deb stopped by briefly, telling me she'd wait for me in the bar downstairs if I wanted. It sounded good. I could use a stiff drink later if this was going to unfold the way I thought it would. I nodded and she blew me a kiss. I smiled, but barely.

I opened my purse and reached for my compact, thinking I should freshen up before my head went into the guillotine. I remembered my panties I'd stashed in my desk on Friday, so I quickly reached for them to stuff them into my purse before I forgot. I reached my hand back as far as it would go in the drawer, but it was completely bare. My panties were gone. I felt suddenly sick as I heard footfalls against the now barren floor.

I quickly removed my hand and shoved my purse to the side as Mr. Fisher stood at the entrance of my cubicle. He was more immense now than he'd ever been. One stray worker scurried past him, muttering a goodbye that he barely acknowledged.

He waited until that person had disappeared into the safety of the elevator before he moved into my cubicle. I could feel the heat of his body and smell the woodsy scent of his aftershave as he bent toward my chair. I was trembling in spite of myself.

"I'm a little worried about you," he began, practically engulfing me as he leaned over me. "You've seemed a bit distracted in your work lately."

I cursed the tremor in my voice. "I'm sorry, sir. I'll try to do better."

It was a dismissal he wasn't going to have any part of. He reached over to flip on the power to my computer. He maneuvered around to find the history of the computer activity, and my face flushed blood red as I saw my dating website come up repeatedly on the screen. "Never going here while on the clock might be a start," he said softly, the timbre of his voice reverberating over my all too sensitive nerves.

I stammered, trying my best to come up with a suitable lie. Finally my head just dropped forward. "I'm sorry, sir."

He straightened up suddenly and headed out of the cubicle. "Follow me," he tossed out behind him.

I did, albeit reluctantly. He led me into his office where a TV and VCR had been set up. He motioned toward the chair right in front. I said nothing as I sat obediently. He sat behind his desk and directed the remote toward the silent TV. With a click I saw the video tape was the inner dressing area of the bathroom. As I watched Debra and I tumble through the door, I realized what was coming. "Also activities like this might attribute to your not being able to keep your mind on your work."

I swallowed hard. "It was our break."

He chuckled, which caused me to look his direction. I realized then he had my bright red thong crumbled on top of his desk. So he knew it all. My brand new sexual addiction was going to cost me my job my first weekend in action.

"What do you think I should do about this, Cassie?" he asked softly. "Clearly you've broken several company policies just in a few days. I could fire you for this, you know."

I gulped again. I nodded. I knew.

"Or I could overlook this because you're a first class worker who gives 110% every time she concentrates on her work."

My eyes shot to his. Suddenly he didn't seem as menacing as he always had. He actually was almost smiling. "Would you do that?" I asked, hating the fact I sounded like a nervous little schoolgirl.

"I'd do much more than that if you'd let me," he said, his eyes piercing right through me. My pussy came alive at the power of that voice. He wasn't such a cold fish after all.

I reassessed him then. Studying the strong lines of his face, the way his shirt opened slightly to reveal a forest of black hair springing from his chest. The tie he wore was long gone now, discarded right by my panties on top of his desk. I realized that his shirt was untucked, and there was a very noticeable bulge underneath.

"I know you were a virgin looking to find someone to fuck on the internet," he continued, his hand sliding down his body and lifting up his shirt. There, in his open fly, was the second most magnificent cock I'd ever seen. It wasn't as big as my daddy's but it was thick, hard and ready. The inner whore in me groaned with how sexy this was, to be here with him and seeing him so turned on. Knowing it was me who did it all. "You didn't have to look far," he concluded, his hand moving up and down his ready shaft.

I licked my lips. His eyes never left mine even to glance down at my nipples straining hard against my t-shirt. Without saying anything I got up out of the chair and walked over to him slowly, purposely. He leaned back in his chair, his hand clasped tightly around his raging member. I pealed out of my t-shirt to reveal my hot tits for his hungry stare, stepping closer so he could put his large hands around my waist. The tips of his fingers touched as he pulled me closer, his tongue dancing all over my bare skin, soft as a feather. I arched my back as I straddled his lap there on the chair, grinding my wet panties against his rod. He groaned as he captured one pink nub into his mouth, gently taking the nipple in between his teeth and flicking it quickly with his tongue. I groaned louder, gyrating against him. His hands moved behind me to cup my ass and guide me up and down his still hardening cock. "How did you hide this cock working around all us girls?" I murmured, my pussy aching to feel him inside.

"It wasn't easy," he growled, the vibrations of his words creating a volt in between my pussy and my tits. "Especially around you." He leaned back in the chair, watching me ride his cock without my top. "Especially when I saw that pic of you on the web. You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen."

I groaned louder then. "Why didn't you try to hook up then?"

"I was afraid you'd never give me a second glance. You never really seemed to notice me here."

"Notice you? I'm scared shitless of you."

His features softened and he put a hand behind my neck to pull my head to his for a kiss. "Even now?"

I let him kiss me slow and soft, but I ended up nodding anyway. He reached for the tie on the desk. "Then level the playing field."

My eyes widened as I realized what he was asking me to do. He slid me off his lap, forcing both of us to stand. He then discarded his shirt and clasped his hands together behind his back.

I quickly wove the tie around his hands. I turned him back to face me. Our mouths immediately met for a hot kiss, his tongue reaching into my mouth as he rubbed his hardbody chest against mine.

I hooked my fingers in his pants and slid them to the floor. There on my knees I was eye to eye with that fat delicious cock, and I took full advantage. I ran my tongue right up his inner thigh, around his balls and lightly up the length of him and resting right on the head. He groaned out loud. "You wanna suck that big cock, Cassie?" he asked, that same deep voice making me so wet. I murmured against him, causing him to gasp, "Fuck yeah."

I opened my hot moist mouth for him and he moved his hips to slip right into my mouth. He watched as his cock disappeared in and out of my lips, fucking my face slowly and deliberately. I took my time, alternating between jacking him off and sucking him deep into my throat, a nifty little trick being with daddy all weekend taught me. Mr. Fisher was shaking as he stood before me, and before I knew it I was reaching between my very own thighs to take care of the ache blowing him was giving me. He stared at me, masturbating as I got him off, moaning against his sensitive cock head, flicking it with my tongue. I'd get him right to the edge before I backed off and slowed the pace down again, doing the same to myself and driving us both nuts. If his hands had been free he'd have ended the torture a lot sooner, pulling me up by the hair and twisting me over that desk. But I was the one in control, so I took my sweet time.

Finally I got him going really good and just before he came I quit again, making him growl in frustration. I stood up, lifting my tiny skirt over my ass and pushing aside the tiny panties I was wearing. I leaned over the desk, my ass high in the air in front of him. I realized then that the VCR was still playing Deb and me getting it on in the bathroom. He had it on some kind of loop, which apparently had driven him nuts all night. Because when my ass was bared he went for it, hands tied and all.

He stepped forward and right into my wet, dripping hole. My cunt muscles swallowed him in, sucking him deeper inside my hungry pussy. He began to work his cock in and out of me like a piston, and I responded by banging my ass back up against him. "Fuck me harder," I screamed at him.

"Yes, ma'am," he growled again, bending over me to take bites out of my neck and shoulder as he drove into me like a madman. My hand reached where his couldn't, rubbing my clit as I watched myself suck on Deb's. I could just imagine her underneath me, eating me out with him fucking the shit out of me. It was too hot, and I came hard, fast and long.

The contractions of my pussy took him over the edge, and with one final violent thrust he spent his load inside of me, both of us collapsed on the desk – unable to stand. I never felt him slip outside of me, even long minutes after the spasms had subsided.

"I take it I'm not fired," I giggled, grasping his softening cock with my pussy.

He sucked hard on my neck, leaving his mark. "I'd say you were promoted."

"I hope I'm not locked into this position," I teased as he began to stroke his cock in and out. It was stiffening again. I loved a guy who could fuck more than once a night. He stepped back.

"Well I'd love to help you but my hands are tied."

I giggled more as I stood up, doing a little dance to wiggle right out of my mini skirt and panties before I set him free. As soon as I did, his hands circled my waist and he plopped me right on top of his desk bare ass naked. He leaned over me for another kiss, and I felt his dick stand up straighter in between us. I reached in between our bodies to work him up to maximum hardness, my hand sliding easily over his slicked up cock. He began to fuck my hand while he kissed me harder, his hand on my breast to pinch and tease my nipple. I squirmed against him, especially when his other hand went to my cunt. He began to jack me off in the same rhythm I was stroking him. My moans bordered on screams as his fingers rubbed faster, slipping easily in between my clit and between my pussy lips. Pretty soon I was incoherent to what he was doing.

Right as I started to climax, he positioned his now rock hard cock right at my entrance and shoved in on the first moan. I screamed as I felt him fill me completely up right as I went over the edge. I bucked against him, my legs closing about his hips and pushing him in faster and harder.

He had no trouble obliging me. He rode me hard as I came, but once I was done he slowed the pace back down again. He took the time to work me up over and over again, his hands alternating between my tits and my clit, his mouth all over my neck, my mouth, my nipples. I lost track how many times I came under that huge cock.

I knew from his animal grunts and groans that he was getting close himself. "Lean back," I told him. "Watch that dick pummel me. It's so hot."

His eyes were glazed as he nodded, and he stood up. He took the backs of my knees in both hands to bend me up, watching himself disappear into my hot cunt. My fingers went immediately to my clit. He watched it all as he fucked me harder, and before long we were both cumming yet again.

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