tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Toorak Robbery

A Toorak Robbery


I'd been casing the Kelly family for almost a month since I had discovered that every Saturday and Sunday night a large amount of cash from their bookmaking business was stored in a hidden safe in the Kelly home in Toorak. On Monday mornings Mr Kelly would take the money to be deposited in his bank.

While the family had a reputation of being one of the most refined families in Melbourne's "rich list" I had discovered they had several secrets. The parents, Graeme and Elizabeth were in their early 40s and both worked in high profile roles. Their children were "spoilt brats" who attended University.

The oldest was Phillip appeared to spend most of his time hanging out at Goldfingers, an upmarket table-top dance club in the centre of the city. His sister Marcia who had just turned 18 was studying art and seemed to spend a lot of her time in some of the more disreputable clubs and bars. I had also discovered that their father, Graeme, was having an affair with his 20 year old secretary. I was confident, as I set up the robbery, that my usual approach of sexually humiliating the family would force them to disclose the whereabouts of the money. Another big plus was that more than half of the families I robbed in this way had chosen to keep quiet rather than report the crime to the Police and publicly admit what else had happened.

At 41 Elizabeth Kelly was a stunning woman. She always dressed impeccably, this and her height guaranteed she was always noticed wherever she went. She was very prominent in the Catholic Church, the National Trust and was actively positioning herself for nomination to the executive of the Right to Life organisation. Her moral values would be an important lever in getting away with the robbery I was planning.

Graeme stood over six feet and was in pretty good shape for a 44 year old executive. He was noted for having a wandering eye and his frequent strayings from his wife of 19 years. Phillip took after his father, he stood 6'6" tall with a hard muscled body and what seemed an insatiable appetite for sex. He had well-trimmed brown hair and hazel eyes. He was very handsome and seemed to spend most of his time (and money) trying to surround himself with attractive females.

Whilst Marcia had missed out on her mother's good looks, she had some attractive did have large brown, almond-shaped eyes and a smile that captured your attention. Her real strength was her tall, tight and shapely body. It was the type of body that turned heads everywhere she went, long shapely legs, a flat stomach and tits the size of ripe melons.

What was clear from my spying was that Marcia had learned how to take advantage of her body to get what she wanted. She seemed to genuinely enjoy leading older guys as part of her self-indulgent lifestyle. I had seen her let drunken executives run their hands over her large soft breasts in return for drinks or an ecstasy pill. On a recent night she had masturbated a door man, who appeared older than her father, to gain entry to the backstage at a pop concert. Whatever she was she wasn't a prude.

My team? I'm a heavyset man with a university education and 12 years service in Special Forces. My "technician" is Tim a depraved bisexual man with a beer gut and a nasty scar on his face who is one of the best in the business when it comes to fixing alarm systems and opening safes. Larry is a big Kiwi who provides all the muscle needed and takes great pleasure in "breaking" our victims.

Everything was set by July and our plan was to be ready to go each Sunday, watching and waiting until the family were all at home and it had been a "winning" weekend for the bookmakers.

To my great delight it all fell into place on the second weekend. At 9:00pm, five minutes after we saw the housekeeper leave, we entered the house quietly via the garage. Our surprise was complete! The entire family was sitting at the dinning room table drinking coffee and port when we burst in, dressed in black and wearing our specially fitted ski masks. We quickly moved them into the bar and began binding the family using cable ties. This is the most dangerous time in any house invasion, a time when men try to play the hero by attacking their attackers. First I secured the father to the rail that went around the bar. Graeme's discomfort at what was happening increased dramatically when he saw the way Tim and Larry were ogling both his wife and daughter. I could see his concerns grew worse as he pleaded that there was nothing of value in the house and he saw the lecherous grins we had on our faces.

"We know about your bookmaking stash and your gonna plead with us to take your money before we leave." I told him.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Graeme demanded.

Deliberately, I ignored him and turned to his daughter "My friends and I would like a little action while we wait for your father to tell us where the safe is, why don't you take off your clothes for us Marcia."

"Fuck you!" Marcia shouted back.

"Now that ain't a nice, young lady." I said, then stepped quickly to where her mother was standing, as Tim bound her hands behind her back, and drove my fist into Elizabeth's stomach with as much force as I could muster. The mother collapsed with a choked scream, doubled up and writhing on the floor as she gasped for air.

Phillip rushed me, only to be felled by a savage blow from Larry who then stood over him holding his preferred weapon, a baseball bat.

"Please don't hurt them." Elizabeth pleaded.

I took a couple steps away from the mother and pulled out my knife. With a harsh quiet voice I addressed the defiant daughter. "Unless you want some serious damage done to your mother, I'd suggest you strip. And I mean now!"

Marcia blushed. "You can't expect me to strip naked in front of my family."

"It doesn't look like you have a choice now, does it!" I spat back.

Marcia fumbled with her tube top. I could see the shame wash over her as all eyes in the room were upon her. She pulled off her top, revealing a white lacey half bra, and began unfastening her pants. As she did so Larry began getting undressed. In moments she was standing in her bra and matching white panties, her misty eyes looking at me as she mouthed the word please over and over again. I grinned at her and just nodded my head as I said. "All off!" Tears welled into her eyes as her shoulders drooped. Larry was behind her and naked. He prodded her with his bat. She shuddered but still didn't move. "Please... Do I have to?" Another much more forceful prod with the baseball bat and she sighed loudly and slowly removed her bra. As her wonderful tits came into full view I heard Elizabeth gasp! What had grabbed everyone's attention were the golden nipple rings dangling from Marcia's rapidly hardening nipples. No wonder she was reluctant, judging by the looks on her family's faces this was something her parents had never seen and it seemed I had underestimated Marcia. She then took a deep breath and quickly slid her cotton panties down her legs revealing her totally shaven mound and another ring. This one was larger and pierced her labia near her obviously protruding clit.

By now Tim had forced the mother and son onto bar stools on either side of Graeme and secured their wrists and ankles to the stools. The parents appeared mortified as they glared their daughter who was standing rigidly in the centre of the room. Her pierced and shaven body a statement of rebellion to their the parent's comfortable upper class values. What was adding insult to their sensibilities was a nude Larry, a traditionally tattooed Maori, his huge cock rising nastily behind the self-conscious young woman.

Tim was working quickly, doing what he did best, menacing the bound members of the family as he deftly cut their clothing away to exposed their sexual organs. Elizabeth was flushed bright red as her clothes were cut away to reveal her firm compact boobs. Like her daughter, her nipples were large and erect. When her panties were sliced away I was surprised that the mother had a very lush bush of long black hair that totally covered her pussy. Seeing the two ladies exposed like this was a wonderful sight and in line with our plan to absolutely degrade them. Both Tim and Larry moved over to Elizabeth and began to roughly "play" with her tits. We wanted everyone to know that if something didn't happen quickly that the mother was in for some serious fucking from my men.

We weren't disappointed! As soon as her Mum started shrieking Marcia began pleading in a high pitched, strained voice. "Please, not... not my mother. Please guys don't hurt my mother!... I'll do whatever you want if you don't hurt my mother."

Graeme groaned as looked at his Daughter then back to his Wife in horror.

"Daddy, It's the only way, it'll kill mum if we let them rape her." She muttered, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

I was grinning as I walked over to the daughter, it happening just as I had hoped. I lifted her chin so she had to look directly into my eyes. "Let's get this straight," I replied. "You're saying that you will voluntarily do whatever we want?" She nodded. "Including fucking all of us?"

"Yes..., whatever you want." "As long as you leave my mother and family alone."

The look on Elizabeth's face was to die for! It was as though she couldn't believe the sacrifice her daughter was willing to make on their behalf. By the way she looked us I knew that she would rather die than submit to sex. That her daughter willing to take us all on just to save her from being raped hadn't sunk in beyond her fear.

I nodded to Larry and he forced Marcia to bend over to where Tim now stood before her with his hard, uncircumcised cock jutting out from under his oversized beer belly. "Suck him" Larry commanded. Marcia avoided looking at her family as she took the ugly purplish red cock into her mouth and began sucking. Then she shuddered and I knew she could feel Larry's huge brown cock rubbing between her spread legs and up against her bald pussy. She was fighting back tears as Larry shoved his tree like cock between the lips of her pussy and without any preparation began fucking her with long powerful thrusts. I could only imagine how she must feel being fucked like this in front of her family.

I watched as Marcia continued sucking the cock in her mouth, Tim had a good hold of the back of her head and was thrusting deeper into her open mouth. She was gagging and struggling to pull away but Tim's strong hands held her head in place. I knew it wouldn't be long before she was forced to swallow every drop of his hot, briny cum. She was getting brutally reamed in both ends. Larry was leaning forward and playing with her large hanging tits as he fucked her. This seemed to be the only pleasure for Marcia, as she moaned each time Larry flicked her nipples soon he was teasing her by tweaking the golden rings that pierced her nipples.

Larry was quickening his pace behind her and beginning to tense his muscular body. She seemed to jump forward and I knew his semen was spurting deep into her stretched pussy. As soon as he pulled out I got behind her and slid my long thin pecker into her wide-open hole. I could feel how sloppy she was and took a few moments pleasure. I paused and looked around and was pleased to see that both father and son were now fully erect. Her mother's face was vacant, wide eyed and totally drained of colour. I grinned again, how I loved it when a plan started to come together.

My pleasure at what I was seeing was interrupted by Marcia's sudden convulsing and Tim's foul language. He had his cock deep down her throat and I knew he was blasting his load into her gullet and that she was struggling to get air into her lungs. Then he was gone and Marcia slumped to the floor my slicked rod flopping free from her slack cum filled pussy.

I quickly stepped over Marcia and walked over to her mother making sure to swagger so my cock waved vigorously. Elizabeth was in shock so I tweaked her hard nipples before leaning forward to lick and suck each one in turn. She squirmed away from me as I whispered my evil intent into her ear. "You're daughter's a pretty, young woman. But I want something else."

"No, you bastard! You promised." Marcia shrieked. "Leave mum alone!"

These words awakened Elizabeth and she began screaming, jerking her head around and struggling so hard that the black nylon ties were cutting into her wrists. I ignored the threats and pleas that came from both Marcia and Graeme and dropped to my knees and pushed the 41-year old's legs apart. I felt her attempts to recoil as I ripped the last remnants of her silken panties away to fully expose her very hairy pussy to my gaze. Elizabeth began bleating incoherently as I pressed my finger inside her pussy.

"Damn, guys. This babe is so tight!" I said as I got up off my knees and began rubbing my slick cockhead against her exposed pussy lips. Grabbing her ass I pulled her forward and very slowly began inserting the head of my dick into her. Elizabeth thrashed about and yelled the entire time. I waited, the head of my cock just inside her clenching pussy, until she began to calm down, then I rammed forward with all the strength I could muster. Elizabeth screamed as my cock smashed into her tight, dry pussy. I could feel the tearing of our sensitive membranes. With a wave of pain I felt my dick burst deep into this prudish woman. Whatever pain I was feeling was nothing compared to the pleasure I was feeling as I robbed her of her last remaining ounce of dignity. "Oh fuck, this pussy is tight!" I proclaimed as I began wriggling my deeply buried shaft inside the struggling mother.

I knew Marcia would be watching in horror as her mother was raped. I knew she would feel a deep shame at her submission to her own rape, for she knew now it had not saved her mother. I saw that Graeme was seethed with anger as I violated his wife. I knew he wanted to break free and attack me for the vile things I was orchestrating.

What surprised, and pleased me, was how absorbed Phillip was in watching his mother getting fucked. His cock was stiff and dribbling pre-cum.

I continued stroking my meat into Elizabeth's tight pussy. The woman had given up struggling and sat on the edge of the stool sobbing as I grunted like a rutting animal. Each thrust wracked her body from head to toe. It was clear how much what was happening reviled her. I began ramming her harder and faster. Grunting with every stroke. My eyes locked onto Elizabeth's so she would know when I was ready to blast my seed into her womb. She bellowed out for me to stop but received only a satisfied grin in return. Then as I began spewing a big load into her violated cunt, she went quiet and collapsed backwards. When I had finally finished I pulled out and could see trail of cum dripping down onto Elizabeth''s right thigh.

I leaned forward and licked her ear lobe before whispering "Well that was the best pussy I've ever had and I'm sure the others will love fucking you."

No one in the room spoke as I looked around to plan my next move. Seeing Phillip's hard cock I walked over. "Shit, boys. Take a look at this thing. Junior here is horny too."

"Fuck you." Phillip answered.

"I'll bet you would like to have someone take care of that for you, wouldn't you?" I asked. "Let his sister suck it." Larry suggested.

Tim quickly dragged Marcia across the small room. She kicked and screamed the entire way but was unable to stop him from shoving her onto the floor before her brother. "Suck his dick." Tim ordered.

Elizabeth kneeled in silence. Refusing to look up at her brother. She was not about to be forced into something so wrong.

"Hey, Tim. When's the last time you fucked a guy?"

Tim grinned. "Now you know I ain't done no guys since I was in prison"

"Well, if sister won't play nice, then maybe we'll let you take Junior's asshole. I'm sure it's virgin."

Phillip jaw dropped and the colour drained from his face as the meaning of our exchange sank in! Clearly the thought of being but raped by another man was horrifying to the 22-year old.

"Hell, while you do that maybe I'll take his mother's cherry asshole too." Larry said.

Elizabeth screamed. "Please... No!."

"Then tell Marcia to suck him." I ordered.

Marcia looked at her mother and back to her brother's penis and then looked up to his face apparently unable to speak. She looked away, not wanting to see him.

I an almost inaudiable whisper Elizabeth's pleaded. "Please Marica, not that black man, not that!"

Marcia sighed loudly and slowly she leaned forward to begin sucking her own brother's cock. "Oh" Phillip gasped as his sister's lips wrapped around his shaft. It wasn't long before his hips began to thrust toward Marcia. I was watching both his dad and mother and knew no matter how much their son protested he was forced they would know he was enjoying incest with his sister.

It wasn't long before Phillip was moaning uncontrollably and thrusting energetically into his sister's mouth. I watched her close her eyes as he pulled back and climaxed aggressively into her mouth and onto her face. Marcia sucked and swallowed his seed as it spurted into her mouth and over her face. Phillip was obviously enjoying the orgasm and he began to milk himself dry over her face and heaving tits. Phillip grinned down at his cum covered sister as she crawled away from him. Then he looked around into the faces of his father and mother.

It was obvious that Elizabeth was horrified at the sight she had just witnessed. Graeme was staring with a look of amazement. He had been forced to watch his daughter and wife raped. Then he had watched as his daughter was made to suck off his son. It was this last act that had aroused him and now he had grown erect. By the way he had fixed his eyes on at his daughter it was obvious he wanted her sexually. I walked over to stand beside him. "Well, look's like daddy would like a little relief too." I rubbed the blunt edge of my knife along the underside of Graeme's dick, making it twitch. "Well I guess we should let him get off too. Bring over his daughter."

"No!" Graeme yelled as Larry and Tim dragged Marcia's over to where he stood. "Please god, no!" Elizabeth screamed.

Marcia was forced to her knees before her father but she refused to do anything.

Elizabeth continued to beg to let her do it instead of her daughter. I moved over to her side and whispered an offer. "Well, if you don't want your daughter to do it you'll have to please Larry. OK?" She closed her eyes and slowly nodded her head. "You'll have to let Larry fuck your ass with his big brown cock" Elizabeth went rigid and screamed "NO! Never!" In a louder voice, so the others in the room could her I said. "So you're turning down my offer" She sobbed and nodded her head. "And you know this will mean that your husband will have sex with your daughter?" Elizabeth looked up pleadingly at her mother. "Sorry Marcia, I can't!"

Determinedly Marcia leaned forward and took the head of her father's cock into her mouth. With more energy than she had just done with her brother she moved her mouth up and down her father's shaft. She was pausing to lick his balls and finger the crack of his ass when she had locked her eyes with her mother in an insolent glare. Marcia was giving her father a fantastic cocksucking. "Oh god!" her father groaned as he began to respond to his daughter's eager mouth.

While Marcia sucked her father, I walked over to where Elizabeth was slumped on the bar stool. As I cut her loose and forced her onto her knees facing her husband and daughter, I whispered. "What sort of mother would save herself by sacrificing her daughter?" Then I slid my cock into her dripping wet hole and began fucking her while commenting on how cute her daughter looked blowing her dad.

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