tagLoving WivesA Totally Unromantic Love Story Pt. 03

A Totally Unromantic Love Story Pt. 03


We have had the conflict. Now it's time for the denouement. Our protagonist needs a handy god-from-the-machine to sort out his irreconcilable situation (to continue our pretentious classical allusions). Fortunately he just happens to have one in his pocket, which is one of the wonders of the internet age. Plenty of monkey sex in this one for those who think I am too sappy. I hope the four of you who like my stuff enjoy this. And as usual thank the rest of you for reading me.


When you have been a parent as long as I have, your kid waking up is like an alarm clock. And Billy was starting to stir. The sun was streaming through the windows. It would have been a beautiful day except for the events of the night before.

I had not had the happiest of dreams. But on this day the transition from sleeping to wakeful was the most unpleasant experience of my life. Reality hit me like an NFL linebacker with rabies. And the road ahead was paved with nothing but desolation and despair.

Billy was still slowly coming around. So before I got back to him I took a piss in the ensuite, brushed my hair and teeth and pulled on a t-shirt and jeans. I was ready to deal with things now.

Billy was looking up at me with his bright blue eyes. He said puzzled, "Where's Maddie?" His reminder of our loss triggered a momentary throbbing in my head that nearly stroked me out.

But I had to hide it. You can do those kind of super-tough things for your kid.

I blithely lied, "Oh, she was so happy to see her sisters that she wanted to spend the night with them. I know that you will want to do that with little Chelsea when she gets bigger.

"Now how about some breakfast. Milly can't wait to play with you."

He smiled his beautiful little-boy smile and said with absolute sincerity, "I LOVE aunt Milly."

I said, "She loves you too. She wants to take you to the University's museum today. They have ACTUAL dinosaur skeletons there. You can see them."

His eyes went wide and he said with hushed reverence "Really???"

I laughed with sheer love for my little nerd. My life will always have meaning as long as I have Billy.

I brushed his hair and dressed him in a pair of shorts and a polo shirt with an alligator on it. He slipped on his miniature topsiders. He fit in this new preppy universe a whole lot better than his daddy.

We went out into the hall. Maddie's door was closed. Mary was sitting in a chair outside our door reading a Kindle. She looked like she had been posted there. She was extremely nervous. I didn't blame her.

She must have been waiting for Billy and me to get up.

I gave her a warning look and said cheerily, "Oh here's Mary. She can't wait to take us to breakfast.

"Maddie will be along as soon as she wakes up. She had a lot of fun last night and I know she must be a lot sleepier than we are."

Mary caught the drift. She said, "Oh yes, Maddie had such a good time last night that she is exhausted. So she wanted to sleep for a little while longer."

I said, "I told Billy about Milly's plans to take him to see the dinosaurs."

Mary looked puzzled.

I said lightly but with meaning, "Don't you remember the thing we discussed last night? Milly told me that they have real dinosaur skeletons at the museum and that she wanted to take Billy away for the day to see them while Maddie and I talk about the fun she had last night."

Mary "got" it. She said with fake joviality, "Oh yes, how could I have forgotten THAT. Milly is downstairs at breakfast waiting for you. Why don't you two go down there? I was just going to wake Maddie up."

Billy said, "I thought she was sleeping with her sisters?"

That sent a jolt of electricity through me. He was way too perceptive for a 4 year old. This wouldn't be easy.

I said, "She did but her sisters woke up before she did. They didn't have as much fun as she had." I kept every bit of sarcasm out of my voice.

I grabbed him and said, "I feel a tickle attack coming on!" He squealed with delight and I walked down the stairs, embracing him in a deadly tickle hold, while he giggle ferociously.

Milly was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. She had a huge grin on her face but it didn't reach her eyes. Those were pools of abject misery.

I said continuing the fake jolly mood. "Here's Milly and she is going to take you to the museum for the day." Billy jumped out of my arms and ran to her.

He impulsively hugged her around the waist. She kissed him on top of his head. Then she bent down to talk to him and he kissed her on the cheek.

Billy announced, "I love Milly as much as I love Maddie."

Thank God he didn't see Milly's look of anguish, or the way her eyes began to mist.

Milly said brightly, "Let's get you two fed" and led us into the dining hall. It was not QUITE that baronial but it was close.

There was a buffet set up in chafing dishes on a side-table, in the same fashion as the classic complimentary hotel breakfast. I scooped out some scrambled eggs and a sausage for Billy. I had a yogurt. That was all I could stomach.

Billy was chattering away to Milly about what dinosaurs he hoped he would see. She was looking at him with sadness.

He picked up on it and said, "Why are you so sad Milly?" The shock wave hit me again. This was going to take some intricate maneuvering. He was way too smart.

I said as rationally as I could, "Aren't you going to be sad to leave Milly when we go home? Well she doesn't want you to go home either."

He said in an equally reasonable tone, like he was talking to a total idiot, "Well then, she should come with us."

We both laughed and Milly leaned over and kissed him on top of his head.

She said, "Unfortunately I live here but we will always be best friends, even if I am not with you."

The sense of loss in her voice was palpable.

He looked at her again and said in the sweetest voice, "I love you Milly." Milly started to tear up.

Mary came downstairs. She said to me, "Maddie's up and she wants to talk to you."

I said, "I will as soon as we get Billy on his way to see the dinosaurs. Please tell her to wait up there and I will be up in a minute."

Milly took the hint and said with considerable jolly energy, "Okay my junior paleontologist, let's get going. The dinosaurs haven't had breakfast yet and if we make them wait too long they might eat YOU."

Billy squealed and took her hand as they headed out the door. He started playfully swinging on her arm the way kids do then they are hanging onto an adult they trust.

Milly was laughing with real joy now.

She turned to me and the sadness returned to her eyes. She said, "Take your time but remember what I said."

I promised her that I would.

Milly and Billy exited stage left. I heard the garage door open. At that moment Mary and Maddie made their appearance, coming cautiously down the stairs.

Maddie was still walking unsteadily and it looked like she had a monster hangover.

She was wearing a simple tennis skirt and polo top with boat shoes and no socks. She was clearly terrified.

She was beautiful. Even after the night she had just experienced. She had put on a little bit of makeup, eyes and lip gloss. Her hair was carefully pulled back from her face in a ponytail. She wouldn't even look at me.

She walked silently over to the buffet and got some coffee, black.

She sat down opposite me still looking down.

Mary sat next to her. She had obviously filled Maddie in about what we had witnessed the night before.

The room was silent for a few heartbeats.

Finally Maddie raised her eyes to me. You could see the absolute desolation written in them.

I looked back at her sadly and said, "Maddie, I love you with all of my heart and there will never be another woman in my life. But there is no way I can trust you after what I saw and heard last night."

She wailed, "WHAT??!! NO!! YOU PROMISED!!"

I continued with, "Billy loves you. He considers you his mother. It will kill him when I go home without you. All I pray is that you have enough human compassion to cooperate with me to do whatever it takes to keep this from ruining him.

"As much as it is killing me I will work with you for his sake. I can't help that I am stupid but I will not let my gullibility affect my little boy.

"Fool me once, shame on me. But there is no going forward from this. I can't put Billy at risk again."

Maddie started to cry, "Noooooo." Then she put her head down on her crossed arms and sobbed with outright abandon. She was like a little child whose heart had been utterly broken.

She was so obviously hurting that I wanted to hold her and comfort her. After all, I loved her like my own life.

She raised her head and looked at me beseechingly. Tears and the mascara that she had put on were running down her faultless cheekbones.

She said in a voice dulled with wretchedness, "Mary told me what happened. I wish I could explain it. But I have no recollection. You have to believe me when I tell you that I simply don't remember anything.

"The last thing I clearly remember was you being dragged off to the library by my dad.

"Then Bitsy handed me a glass of champagne. I told her that I was not going to drink while I was pregnant.

"She scoffed at me and told me that one glass wouldn't hurt. My friends all joined in. They said that they just wanted to toast the happy couple.

"I took a couple of sips for appearances sake. The next thing I knew I was woozy and about to pass out. That was the last thing I recall.

"Then I woke up in bed this morning feeling like a truck had run over me.

"I know that somebody fucked me last night. Mary says it was Chad Smithson. That makes this even more dreadful.

"I am sure that they already told you that he date-raped me in college. It creeps me out to even be in the same room with him."

She said, "Bill, I love you and only you. I have no idea why I was with that man. You don't have any concept of how much I hated and feared him.

"If I was going to cheat on you he would be the last person on earth that I would do it with.

"The only explanation I can offer is that whatever I was given completely wiped out my memory and removed all of my inhibitions.

"What you saw was a pure animal reaction. It wasn't a conscious response. You and Billy mean everything to me.

She looked at me pleadingly, "You have to believe that I would never willingly let that evil son-of-a-bitch touch me."

I said, "You are obviously planning to go with the drugged defense. And maybe it's true. I don't know about things like that. But I imagine that whatever drug you were given is probably out of your system by now. So we will never be able to find out."

She looked at me like the noose was around her neck and I had just pulled the lever on the gallows.

I added quickly, "But fortunately I have the whole thing on video."

Both Maddie and Mary gawked at me astounded.

I ducked my head in embarrassment and mumbled something apologetic, along the lines of, "I didn't have the stomach to listen to this last night.

"So NOW we are going to find out exactly what happened" and I punched the play button on the I-Pad that I had put on the table between us.

When I force-paired Chad's phone I had copied the souvenir that he had made of his pas de deux with Maddie.

That was what I had sent to his wife.

The clip started several seconds after he had pushed his cock into her. He must have taken out his phone when he bottomed out. And then videoed the rest of their little tryst holding it in his hand.

The first several seconds featured a prolonged gasp and moan. It showed asshole-breath's cock, which was impressive, buried to the hilt in Maddie's slit.

From the perspective of the phone you could see his shiny rod start to emerge and then disappear again between her outer lips.

She threw her pussy up to meet him and they got a good rhythm going. The focus was on his cock sliding in and out. Her moaning was continuous.

Maddie wailed and started to reach for the I-Pad to turn it off. Mary took a gentle hold of her hand. She shook her head. Like me, she knew that we had to get the entire thing out on the table.

The cinematography was remarkably good, given that he was fucking her at the same time.

This was obviously a trophy fuck, rather than one for his personal enjoyment. He was concentrating on the photography instead of the act itself.

You could hear Maddie grunting and moaning loudly over the very liquid slap of flesh on flesh. She was repeating, "That's it! That feels so good, harder, harder."

The perspective shifted to Maddie's face. She was in the throes of extreme ecstasy. Her head was thrown back, lost in a frenzy of erotic sensation and unrestrained abandon.

Maddie burns white hot. And when her buttons get pushed the inevitable outcome is what we were seeing.

I froze the picture. I said, "This was the point where I left the scene of the crime. I witnessed everything we have seen so far in the flesh." Maddie blanched with shame.

I added, "Up until now your story COULD be true. But I have never seen the video. And there might be something really incriminating after this. Are you strong enough to hear the rest?"

Given the stakes I was definitely not sure that I was.

She gave a quick fatalistic nod. It looked like she had just put her entire happiness on one throw of the dice.

I pushed "play" again.

There were extreme effort noises, the sounds you would expect when two people are finishing off a really intense fuck.

Then we heard Maddie's voice loudly imploring, "Oh God Yesssss! I love your cock! MORE, MORE, give it to me Billy. Give it ALL to me. I'm yours!! I'll always be YOURS!!"

Then there was the sound of two people loudly cumming.

There was a short silence with a lot of panting in it. Then there was some jerky moving around as fuck-face pulled out of her, still holding the phone.

She moaned loudly over the loss. He chuckled at her response.

Then he stood and muttered something like. "You won't remember this. But I'LL always know how much you loved having my cock inside of you again."

Across the table Maddie's face was a mask of horror.

My selfish emotion was joy. She HAD been drugged.

We heard the sound of him reassembling himself, the picture jerked crazily as he did it.

Then he stumbled off up the path wobbling like he had just gone a couple of rounds with Iron Mike Tyson.

From extensive personal experience I knew that a bout with Maddie can do that to you.

He focused back at her for one last shot. She was lying in exactly the same position where we had encountered her, out cold. As the clip ended he was chuckling, totally pleased with himself.

I made a solemn pledge that I was going to pull out every trick in the hacker handbook to make his pathetic life absolute shit.

Most importantly, we all understood what those last few seconds meant. Maddie thought that she was fucking ME.

It is a fact that the Titanic sent the first radioed SOS. The operator transmitted to the bitter end. He did not want to die without letting the world know what had happened.

The last few seconds of the fuck had the same hopeless quality to it.

Like the Titanic, catastrophe had struck Maddie's conscious mind. But her subconscious was still active. And it could STILL forlornly transmit her thoughts.

It was obvious that this was NOT some clever ploy to cover up her cheating.

In the state Maddie was in there was no WAY that she could be THAT devious. First, she was barely conscious. Secondly she obviously didn't know that she was being filmed. And finally, there was nobody else there to hear her except the piece of shit who was actually fucking her.

Fortunately, the dumb-shit had RECORDED it. And that recording was irrefutable proof that she had NOT betrayed me.

To say that BOTH Maddie and I were relieved was an understatement.

She looked like the Governor had called with the reprieve, just as the executioner was reaching for the switch. And I felt like bright skies had come out after a force five hurricane had blown over.

There had probably not been so much relief written on two faces since the end of World War II.

Then as if it was scripted, the culprits walked in for breakfast.

They must have both heard what I had just been playing. Both of them looked thunderstruck. Mary gave them an outraged stare.

Her voice had steel in it as she said, "Mother and father, we have to talk."

The mother looked defiant. She said, "You don't tell me what I HAVE to do young lady."

Maddie looked at her mother with absolute contempt and said, "Sit down mother!!"

Her mother saw the look. It was pure unmitigated loathing.

Her father read it. He took his wife's arm and sat her down at the table. He said, "You knew that we would have to have this discussion sooner-or-later My Dear."

Maddie's mother sat down looking defiant. I thought to myself, "Maddie got her brains from her dad, not her mom."

I looked evenly at her father and said, "You know who I am now and what I do, don't you?"

Her dad said, "Walter filled me in after you left. You should have told me."

I said, "It was really none of your business. But I might make YOU my business depending on what happens next."

Her mother snorted with anger and said, "Is that a THREAT young man?!!"

Her dad surprised us all. He said harshly, "For once in your life Martha, SHUT UP!"

I said in my mildest tone of voice. "I just have to know why you did it. You owe us that."

He looked a little sheepish and said, "Until my conversation with Walter we honestly didn't think you were good enough for our daughter.

"You must understand how it looked to us, no education and no discernable career path. You were just not the right sort...

"And a parent protects their child. You would do the same for your son, right?

"So YES, we conspired with a few of Maddie's friends to get her back together with somebody who we felt was more suitable.

"At our request, some of her friends contacted her old boyfriend Chad Smithson and he flew all the way here from Omaha on a moment's notice to try to talk her out of marrying you.

"They grew up with each other. He is from a good family. He has a Harvard MBA and he has a very promising career. He never understood why Maddie and he broke up in the first place.

"He told us that he had always loved her and that he would do ANYTHING to get another chance with her. He wants to marry her."

I said conversationally, "Did he say how his CURRENT wife would feel about that?"

Both of her parents said, "Chad's MARRIED?!!"

I said mildly, "Probably not for much longer" and hit "play" again.

While I was still force-paired to Chad's phone I had recorded one last conversation.

A very angry female voice said, "You TOTAL BASTARD!! You aren't on a last second BUSINESS trip!! Somebody just sent me a video of you fucking that whore Maddie Wilson.

"I have ignored your infidelities, because I didn't have concrete proof. Needless to say I am going to use this clip to fleece you for all that you are worth."

Asshole-breath's voice whined, "Anita, it isn't what you think. I couldn't help myself. You know what a slut she was at Harvard. She came on to me. She wouldn't leave me alone. I'm only human. It was just sex. I love you and only you..."

He had maxed-out the bullshit meter. So he ground to a halt.

She terminated the call with, "And don't bother to come home. I will have the restraining order in place before you get back!!"

I said conversationally, "Since the final thing I did last night was add old Chad, to TSA's No-Fly and CAPPS II, coming home might take a bit longer than either of them anticipated."

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