A Touch of Death Ch. 12


I tried to answer him, but my throat seemed to swell closed. He pulled me into his arms as all the stress came flowing out and I cried. He didn't say anything, he just held me until I cried myself out.

"You need rest," he finally said. "We'll get a room nearby, put some food in you, and put you to bed. Morning is early enough to be back here." His tone brooked no argument. Still, I think he was surprised when I gave in without argument.

The drive to the hotel was a blur, as my exhaustion had finally caught up with me. I stumbled up to the room and begged off on eating until morning. Ty left me alone in the bathroom to take a hot shower.

The hot water was heaven. I washed my hair and lathered up my tired muscles slowly. When I finally felt clean, I sat down on the floor of the tub to let the hot water wash over my back.

I must have fallen asleep, because a knock on the door woke me up.

"You okay in there?"

"Fine," I said. "I'll be right out."

My nap had given me a temporary boost of energy. I turned off the water and dried myself off with a fluffy towel. I tied it around my hair and wrapped a second towel around me before going back into the bedroom.

Ty had a small cart with some hot sandwiches set up at the table. He had changed into a clean tee shirt and shorts. A matching set lay on the covers of the bed.

"I figured you'd want some food, no matter how tired you were. The clothes were all I could turn up on short notice."

The shorts had a tendency to slip down on my hips and the shirt was tight across my chest. All in all, I didn't think he minded.

We ate in relative silence and I felt warm and cozy at the way his eyes kept sliding off my face. I promised myself that he would get his reward for being such a good boy tomorrow morning.

By the end of the meal, my exhaustion had returned with friends. I tried to clean up the table but he led me to the bed, instead. I didn't resist at all as he slid under the covers with me and spooned against my back. I reveled in the sensation for the entire ten seconds it took me to fall dead asleep.

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