tagErotic HorrorA Touch Of Evil

A Touch Of Evil


Her eyes seemed to burn as they stared into my soul.

I lay in my bed. She had awoken me without making a sound or giving me the slightest motion.

Her deepened gaze was enough to stir me from my sleep.

She wore a long black dress and had long black hair. Her eyes though, her eyes were blue as the pale spring ice. It was those eyes that I looked into that night. It was those eyes, which arrested my mind.

It was those eyes set in that beautiful and pale face like two cold sapphires in a ring of silver that were gone.

I looked around the room but she was gone. The only evidence that she left was that I was awake.

I tried to pass it off as a dream but her eyes haunted my dreams as soon as I closed my eyes.

She had reached out and touched my leg before she disappeared. I could even feel where her fingers had been placed.

But she didn't touch me I don't remember her moving.

All she did was look at me.

What a gaze it was. She ran her cold eyes over my whole body; I could almost feel her gaze like a cold wind over my flesh.

Or did she merely stare deeply into my eyes as if looking for the trigger of the gun. She seemed to be older than me by a few years although her eyes seemed much older than her years.

Her eyes were beautiful though. They radiated heat through their cold looks, as if some blaze burned beneath the ice.

I cannot describe her beauty since her eyes captured me for the time that she was here. All I know is that her beauty was like a snowfall inside a fire. The dress aside from being black and tight, I cannot describe.

Although cold sweat seeped from my body, I thought her merely a dream.

Even so I could not sleep again that night.

I didn't see her again for three years.

She returned to me the night that I killed my father.

He was trying to teach me how to drive on the gravel back roads around the farm.

"Don't turn on the goddamn signal until you can at least see where you're turning!"

The sun had set only moments ago but the cold winter night started early that day.

The thin crescent moon hung to the east and to the west Saturn sat only a small distance away from Antares, the red heart of the scorpion of the stars.

"You gotta watch out for deer along these roads the damn things will run in front of you like they're too fucking stupid to realize the danger!"

I glanced into the rear view mirror and saw Saturn become red and form a pair of glowing eyes in the night with Antares.


He grabbed the steering wheel and cranked it to the right. I faced the road again and saw her.

Her hair was blond, as golden as the burning sun. Her dress shone silver in the moonlight, but it was she.

I turned the wheel to the left to avoid her but the truck's speed was too great. We tipped onto the passenger side crushing the pillars that supported the roof above my father's head. When the truck then fell over onto its roof, the part above my father collapsed on him. It crushed one of his shoulders and pinned him to the seat but didn't kill him.

The truck stopped then, leaving me hanging by my seat belt but otherwise unharmed.

The door opened and she stood there.

I couldn't see the color of her eyes in the darkness as she reached in past me and undid my belt.

I woke up to find myself outside of the truck lying on the ground with her standing beside me.

The night was calm and the cold began to dig through my clothes.

She looked down on me and a slight smile came to her rose red lips as the truck suddenly burst into flames.

It was only then that I realized that my father was still inside the truck.

I could see him as the flames slowly spread across his helpless, screaming body.

I tried to get up and found that I couldn't so I began to crawl back to the truck.

She bent down and placed a hand on my thigh. I stopped moving and looked back at her. Her face seemed grave now and her eyes seemed to reflect the red flames, when pain shot through my leg.

There was blood on her hand when she removed it from my leg and I saw white bone piercing my skin.

She watched me coldly as I collapsed on the ground screaming in pain and for my father.

His scream stopped before I was lost to the pain.

I don't know how much time passed before I woke up, but a large stain had spread from where my shattered thigh was.

My leg was numb now as was the rest of my body.

The truck rested in front of me. My father's skeleton smoldered where he had last sat and the fires were out.

The night was still and dead.

I gazed to the west and saw Saturn and Antares staring at me. Then Saturn slowly resumed its original luster and the two celestial bodies set in silence. I didn't even notice the clouds that had built up behind me until slow gentle flakes began to fall from above, it was as if the angels had come too late to put out the blaze and instead sought to ease my suffering with icy numbness.

It took me half a year to recover from the frostbite, hypothermia and my shattered thigh.

For a week I laid in the hospital bed delirious with pain and painkillers.

She came to me then only in my dreams.

Dreams where I woke with sheets flooded with sweat.

Dreams which aroused, dreams which frightened, dreams that made the most burning lust run cold and turned the brightest day into the most despairing night.

She came to me in a blood red room. One hand brushing her streaming red hair, the other hand gingerly fingered the low neck line of the thin white lace gown that she wore.

Her eyes, now a deep green, shone at me as she came closer.

My body ached at this vision. Pain preceded pleasure as she slipped the straps of her gown over her pale shoulders.

My unholy passion was mere kindling before her.

Her hair lived as its own entity and grew as it fed on me until I was lost in its waves.

She'd touch me then. I wouldn't see her but I could feel her hands, her mouth, her tongue on me as the dream continued.

Then she would appear suddenly out of the fire of her hair. A raging demon her eyes would glow red and she'd scream as she bared her teeth and leapt at me.

I awoke with obvious arousal as the sweat turned cold on my flesh.

I once again felt her on me. I could feel where her hands had been, where her mouth had been, where the flames had licked, but the room was not red and she was nowhere to be seen.

The doctors said it was the morphine and the fever.

They had no idea.

She waited for two years before she appeared once again and finally I was able to talk to her.

It was at a party on a Saturday night. I had gone there with some friends but they ditched me and went somewhere else before long. I ended up sitting by myself in a corner and everybody at the party ignored me. Everybody except for her.

I had my head hidden in my hands when I heard an unfamiliar voice ask, "Are you alright?"

She wore a tight red dress and her hair ran like flames down to her waist. I slowly looked up into the face that had stood there and coldly watched as my father burned. The eyes were green just like they were in the dream.

I couldn't speak at first and just sat there staring at her. Her frown finally tore me out of my silence.

"No I'm fine, it's just been a long night for me."

She sat down next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, "I know how it feels, the girl I came here with just left with some guy and now I have no ride home."

I had to smile, "I'm afraid I can't help you then since the same thing just happened to me."

She looked at me and smiled, it was the same smile that I had seen before, the smile that chilled my hot heart. Still I could not resist her as she moved closer to me. Her body touched mine. Her heat infected my heart. I set my hand gently on her thigh as her arm slid around my back. Our lips touched, my hand slid past her hips and onto her waist. I moved closer to her. Her hands reaching for me and finding their goal. Nothing could have stopped me from going all the way, and I didn't even try.

I woke up the next morning in my own bed. I don't remember what happened after the sex. She stands at the foot of the bed, her eyes melting the cold ice of the morning. Her hair still burning red, her eyes now a gentle blue. Then I open my eyes and she's gone, I don't even know what happened last night. Was the girl that I was with her?

A number was written in red on my bedroom mirror. It appeared to be lipstick. I immediately got up and ran to the phone dialing the number before I could even realize how the clouds had creeped over the morning sun.

The phone on the other end began ringing. She picked it up and I heard her giggle lightly.

"Hello?" I asked, it was more of a question than a greeting.

She giggled again and we were cut off. I quickly redialed but all I heard was the operator saying, "the number you have dialed is no longer in service."

I hung up the phone and looked into the mirror past the number. Bite marks ran along my shoulders some deep enough to draw small drops of blood. I turned and saw long jagged scratches running down my back many of them still raw. Some actually bled.

I focused on the number again. The lipstick was deep red and as I watched the first digit released a drop that ran down the mirror. More drops followed from the other numbers forming a puddle at the mirror's base. I dipped my finger in it and raised it to my mouth. Salt like that of the sea caressed my tongue as I licked the drop off of my finger. It was her blood that she had used to write the number it was her blood whose flavor sent arousal through my veins; it was her blood that I remembered drinking last night.

It was her blood that had stained my room red overnight.

All I could think about was she now. In every woman I saw her face, but in every woman I realized that nobody could compare to her.

I picked up a girl at a party, her name might have been Cindy, and we went back to my room. I began to kiss her roughly, biting her lips and forcing my tongue into her mouth. She began to undo my pants but I didn't have time for that. I grabbed her hair and bared her neck to me. She moaned, she had no idea at all. I kissed her neck first and sucked on her fragile skin. Her blood rose to the surface and I could almost taste it. All it took was one small bite with just enough pressure to pierce her skin. She moaned again as her blood began to flow from the wound into my mouth. At first I savored it's metallic flavor but then it tasted rotten in my mouth and I pushed her away and spit her blood out. She collapsed to the floor, white as the sheets that were now stained with her blood. Her heart did not beat again.

I ran to the bathroom and the blood came up my throat as it once did hers but this time the toilet was the vampire. My vision blurred as the blood ran out of my mouth. I heard a noise though. It was a woman giggling. The same giggle that I had heard over the phone. I looked over and there she stood. Black boots that rose up to her knees, a matching skirt that didn't fall past her thighs and a white blouse of perfect silk complimented her long hair, black now as it had been when I first saw her. She walked over to me and put her hand on the back of my head.

"Oh poor baby, was the milk spoiled? You have to feed from the right breast or you'll end up dead meat like your slut over there!"

I looked past her into the room where Cindy lay. Only a small pool of blood had seeped from her neck the rest was part of me now.

"Did you think that she would taste like me? Did you? Maybe you only got a bad piece of her, take another bite maybe she's better without all that blood."

I wanted to tell her to go to Hell. I wanted to grab her and tear her throat out. I wanted to kill her, but most of all I wanted to kiss her. I stood up, catching the last remnants of Cindy's blood with my tongue as they rolled down my lips. I tried to get closer to her but she just moved away until Cindy was between us.

She looked down at the body. Cindy's eyes were wide open; the blue in them seemed to be fading as we watched.

The woman, this angelic demon of Hell then looked back up at me with only her eyes. Now fire seemed to rule those eyes and her hair became a blazing flame from blackened ashes.

She reached down and closed Cindy's eyes with one of her graceful hands. Then she bent down and kissed Cindy on her dead lips. Her tongue briefly ran across the bloodless lips before she stood back up. She looked at me again this time a smile came to the lips that had just kissed the dead woman. She put a hand on my shoulder and with gentle force pushed me down to my knees. She let her hand slowly trail down her skirt until it rested on the edge between fabric and her thighs. Then she held the fabric and pulled it up ever so slightly. Even that small amount of her thighs brought forbidden emotions to me. She placed her hand on my head and my mouth watered with anticipation of what she desired. But her hand did not lead me there rather it led me down to the dead girls face. Cindy's eyes had opened and I stared into them. Her eyes were red now and her hand held the back of my neck and pulled me down onto her.

The giggling was heard again as the dead woman kissed my neck and began to reach for my pants.

I felt another hand on my back and saw the woman of my dreams squatting down next to me.

"You can kill her again you know," she said and then snapped her teeth together exposing teeth that were once white but now were stained with her crimson lust.

I knew what she wanted and as I looked at Cindy's ivory neck I knew that it was what I wanted to. I tore off her shirt and I feasted on her breasts like a child mad with hunger at a rotten corpse. It was with her cooling flesh in my mouth that I rose up and kissed her again. As her own body went into her mouth she stiffened and a moan like a climax, came between her lips.

I pulled my head back and looked into her eyes. They burned red but then changed to the beautiful blue that they once were before they closed again, never to be opened in life.

I stood up above the corpse like her innocent soul rising from her torn bosom.

Now blood did not fill my stomach but rather Cindy's flesh did. Now Cindy's lifeless body was torn to pieces by passionate teeth. Still I heard the giggling again, this time my blood ran cold, as my body got hot. I looked up to the laugher. She smiled down to me.

"Good, maybe now we can get going."

"Where are we going," I mumbled trying to keep my gory meal down.

She looked at me and smiled. It lit up her face like a flame might light up a burning body. She was truly beautiful and I could not resist her no matter where she asked me to go. She moved closer to me and put her hand on my leg.

"Where are we going," I repeated.

At first she looked down at her hand and then ran her eyes over my naked body, then she looked into my eyes and I saw the hottest fires of hell burning there as she was changed into a burning demon before my eyes. Her skeletal face seemingly burning in her flaming hair, her clothes that I had admired so much now were beggar's rags, curling in the flames. The entire room descended into flames as she whispered in a voice that held none of her earlier lust, "We're going to Hell."

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