tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Train Ride to Remember

A Train Ride to Remember


After a hard days shopping with a friend and a few glasses of wine to unwind I board the train home. A bit tipsy, we're laughing, and chatting, examining our purchases. It's quite late, but the trains quite busy, we see two free seats and sit down.

You look up over your newspaper as we take our seats. You smile to yourself listening to us discussing our upcoming holiday; your attention peaked as we mention the bikinis we'd bought. You look up to see me holding the top up against me. You begin to imagine us wearing them, touching each others breasts through the fabric, kissing, hands wandering, but your eyes focus on me, it's me you're imagination fixates on.

I get a sensation of someone watching us, I look up and shuffle slightly in my seat "mmmm I'm glad you were watching, you're hot" I think to myself. I smile at you, jolting you from your fantasy, you smile back, but a bit embarrassed at being caught looking, you look back to your newspaper, heart racing. You overhear me whispering to my friend that I think you're sexy and how I wouldn't mind you removing this bikini I'd just bought, were I to meet you on holiday. You smile your mind enjoying the thought. You try to control your thoughts as you feel your cock twitching thinking about rubbing up against my semi naked body.

The train pulls into a station, you notice that we're standing and find yourself relieved that I hug my friend goodbye and then sit back down. I take a book out of my bag, but I can't take my eyes off you, I'm happy I have this sexy man to entertain my eyes on the journey home, I've still got a long way to go. I begin to fantasise about you leaning over to me, kissing me but my mind keeps skipping straight to you fucking me hard over the seats. Now it's my turn to blush as I realise you are looking straight at me smiling, I smile back and my heart starts pounding in my chest as we hold the gaze for a moment, then I notice your eyes peel away, moving down my body, over my breasts that are slightly revealed by my low cut top, to my legs, which are crossed. I take my hand to my knee and glide it up my thigh moving my skirt higher revealing my toned, tanned thigh.

You shift in your seat as you feel your cock twitching again and stretch your legs away slightly toward mine, as your eyes follow the line of my leg to my foot as it flicks off my shoe. Your eyes follow my foot as I uncross my legs, leaving them slightly open allowing your eyes to wander up my inner thigh, to see a glimpse of the fabric of my knickers. Pretending to be reading I watch you from over my book, coyly smiling as I follow your eyes, your coy smile showing you like what you see, which turns me on more.

My attention pulled away for a second as I notice the train pulling into the station and the movement of people in the carriage as they leave. There's less passengers now. As I open my legs a bit wider, pushing my legs against your legs, I scan the carriage and notice people sat behind and to our left, but all seem engrossed in their own business. Bolstered by this I return my attention to you and see the movement of my legs did not go unnoticed, your eyes transfixed on the tops of my thighs.

As your eyes enjoy the view up my skirt, your mind wanders, thinking about how much you want to run your tongue up those thighs remove those knickers and bury your face in between my legs, as your fantasising you feel my foot grazing your calf. Your attention pulled back, you look up at me to see I'm pretending to read my book. My foot continues up your thigh, you feel your cock throbbing as my foot grazes past to your other thigh and back down your other leg. Replacing it back outside of your leg, without lifting my gaze from my book, although I'm not reading a word, my heart is pounding in my chest all my awareness focussed on sensing you. I feel your legs touching mine, pushing my legs further apart. I smile and reposition my hips welcoming you between my legs as I look up from my book to meet your gaze. You're smiling back at me as our eyes lock, I see a mischievous twinkle in your eyes. I follow your eyes down, as yours head back up my skirt, mine fix on your crotch as I see your cock bulging in your trousers. I subconsciously lick and bite my lip as our legs rub against each other, I can feel my pussy getting wetter I'm so turned on.

As the train slows to another station, you sense people around us shifting and move my legs closer together with your legs. I respond by lifting my legs up and positioning then onto your thigh, positioning one calf over the bulge in your trousers, you reposition yourself to allow me to rub my leg against your swelling cock. Our gazes fixed I'm getting more turned on watching your facial expressions. I move my foot to your cock, rubbing my foot over your now hard cock, your hands over my legs disguising to some extent what I'm doing. This should be your stop, there's no way your getting off this train, you know most people get off here and the train will be quite empty, this thought and the feeling of my foot on your cock makes it throb harder in your trousers.

As the train empties, feeling your throbbing cock against my foot, my pussy tingling in anticipation I realise there's only one direction this can go, my heart pounds faster at the realisation, then slows as I sense you moving. With the train still in the station my heart sinks as I realise this must be your stop. You smile at the disappointment on my face and lean in to kiss me, pausing for a second close to my face, our eyes soaking each other in. I breathe in and realise you smell as good as you look, making my whole body tingle as your lips meet mine, your tongue parting my lips to meet mine. Putting your hands round my lower back you pull me into you, my knees aside your thighs as I straddle you, you slide down the seat slightly as my pussy delights in feeling your hard cock pushing against it. I lower my hips further onto your body, rubbing my pussy over and over your cock as your hands hold round my back, kissing madly, our tongues wrestling exploring each others mouths. You pause for a second and let your eyes scan the carriage in front, you smile as you see a women change seat so she is no longer facing us and shuffle in her seat as she looses herself in a book. Other than that you see a young couple sat together backs to us sharing headphones. I scan the carriage behind us, there's only 2 people, a women with her back to us, and a man facing us from the back of the carriage, but appearing to be asleep.

Happy we can get away with this you turn your face to my neck, I'm pulled back into the moment by your breath on my neck and as you kiss my neck, my body shivers with pleasure. As your mouth moves back to my lips your hand moves round between our bodies to caress my breast. I gasp as your hand reaches inside my top and your fingers find my nipple. I reach my hand under my bum, moving my hips back slightly, my hand finds your cock, gripping it, stroking it firm through your trousers. I undo your zip, reaching my hand inside I take hold of your cock, you gasp as I release it from your trousers, my hand making firm strokes up and down as I move my hips closer again so I can rub your cock on my clit.

Your kissing me harder, your fingers squeezing my nipple, hand squeezing my breast harder as you get more turned on feeling my hand rubbing your cock against my pussy, feeling it getting wetter through my knickers.

You can't hold off, you're aching to fuck me, I'm aching to ride your cock. Keeping one hand on my ass so you can pull me in closer, your other hand leaves my nipple to come between our bodies, finding my knickers and pulling them aside, just as I move your cock in, it rubs against my pussy. I bite my lip and drop my face into your neck, stifling my moans as you finger my clit. I move your cock in toward my pussy, circling around the entrance for a moment coating the end in my juices, then positioning my hips closer so I can lower slowly onto your cock. Slow movements so we don't give the game away too much. You exhale deeply into my neck as your cock sinks gradually inside me, inch by inch, deeper inside me, my pussy tight on your cock at first, you feel it getting wetter as it welcomes your cock deeper inside. I'm biting my lip, face buried in your neck, I move my hand to your shoulders gripping tight, your hands both firm on my ass, squeezing it slightly as I lower fully down into your body and begin circling my hips, screwing into you, screwing your cock deep inside me. We pause for a second both savouring you being inside me, we look up, our eyes fixing and as we kiss, my hips begin to raise and lower on your cock, my movements slow and deliberate, your hands continue to squeeze my bum and push me up then lower me down in time with my hips. Each time I lower into you I push my bum harder into your thighs, circling my hips, screwing your cock a bit deeper inside me.

Looking deep into each others eyes, a twinkle in both our eyes at the thrill of what we're doing, the slow movements frustrating us, making us want each other more. As we hold the gaze I start to move my hips quicker, we glance round the carriage no one appears to be paying attention. It feels like the train gains speed as I do, riding your cock harder and faster, eyes locked, faces close, breathing faster into each other faces, smiling and gasping. I kiss you to suppress a moan as I circle my hips again rubbing my clit against your body, my pussy throbbing, my whole body tingling with excitement. I pull my hips back along your thighs as you pull me back toward you, moving forward and backwards on your cock, speeding up with each forward movement, my clit slamming against your body as we fuck faster and faster.

I hear the woman sat behind us clearing her throat and as I see her shuffle in her seat, it drags me back to reality, I realise we are no longer being discreet, but I'm so close to cumming I don't care and as your hands push my hips back hard into you, I loose myself in the sensations consuming my body. Kissing each other hard to suppress any moans, my hands gripping into your shoulders, my knuckles white, your hands squeezing my bum, your knuckles white, we fuck harder and faster. We pull away burying our faces in each others necks, biting my lip but not managing to suppress all of my moans as we cum together, gasping into each others shoulders, the throbs in my pussy rushing through my body as it pulses on your cock, milking your cock as it explodes cum deep inside me. My body shakes in your tight grip as you pull me close into you, hands moving up round my back to hold me in, our eyes meet as we breathlessly laugh, kissing each other and gaining composure.

The train starts to slow, I tell you this is my stop, you tell me you missed your stop at the last station. Laughing I begin to slide my hips back, moving off your lap, repositioning my skirt and sitting in my seat as you do up your trousers. Grabbing my stuff together, slipping my shoes back on as the train pulls in at the station. Waiting, watching me, soaking up the image of me, my smile, my eyes, how my hair falls and as you start to soak up my body, I lean in and kiss you, taking your hand and leading you off the train back to my place...

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