tagErotic HorrorA Trance in the Cellar

A Trance in the Cellar


The old Victorian home lent itself well to the festivities at hand. It was ornate but run-down, with enough cobwebs that the addition of the store-bought, cotton webbing seemed not only redundant, but silly. At least the inhabitants of the home were artful enough to avoid decorating with cardboard cutouts of smiling pumpkins, opting for black velvet hangings and broken doll parts strung about. Each room was dimly lit by soft lanterns or candles, and the music played was seductive and dark.

From behind her table in the corner of the main room, the young woman reading Tarot cards could observe them all. At the ripe old age of 28, Ellie had grown into a bit of a hermit, though it took less coaxing by her friends to get her out on this, her most favorite of holidays. Generally, though, humans frustrated her. She often wondered why people so consistently felt the need to put on a mask of perfection to the world. If everyone would just loosen up and agree that we've all got flaws, Ellie reasoned, then we might have an easier time with patience, forgiveness, and working together. Instead of getting drunk and having clever banter with the rest, Ellie decided to spend her evening dressed as a gypsy, reading cards, for nothing but the satisfaction that came of it. Though she did not let it on to those that sat in front of her, Ellie didn't believe herself psychic, nor could she see the future. Rather, Ellie was attracted to the Tarot deck through her interest in psychology: each card represented a different aspect of the human condition. By understanding the cards, Ellie gained a broader perspective of what made people tick.

"Where's your crystal ball, lady?" a familiar voice called her out of her intense bout of people watching.

"I don't need one. Those are for hacks," she replied, and smiled sweetly at Austin, her best friend's brother. At this point, she might as well have called him her other best friend, for they'd be a regular trio for the past three or four years. "And what are you supposed to be?" Ellie asked. He was wearing a cowboy hat that had been spray-painted silver, with two wire antenna attached.

Austin flashed his brightest double dimple grin. "I'm a space cowboy, of course."

Ellie grinned under rolling eyes. "That's just your excuse to walk around with your shirt unbuttoned, isn't it?" For as long as she'd known him, Austin had been in every way the ladies man, and with his charm and looks he'd never had a hard time of it.

"Can't let all those years of kung fu training go to waste," he replied, while tipping his hat to a tiny girl with huge tits in a revealing cat costume.

Ellie shook her head, "you never waste a second, do you?"

Austin shrugged, but didn't reply. "How 'bout you tell me my future, purdy lady?" he said with a thick Texas drawl.

Ellie smiled. "As long as you don't start talking in space-language, kay?"

Austin nodded and removed his hat, and they proceeded with the ritual of the cards that Ellie had basically crafted to her liking. Then she laid the cards, it was a fairly straightforward layout.

Ellie cleared her throat and told Austin what she saw. "There is a fiery woman in your life right now...she is very passionate, intelligent, a little dramatic. You have deep feelings for her, romantic feelings," she chuckled, "Imagine that." Clearing her throat, she said, "You will soon have to make an important choice. It will have to be a clear decision, no standing in the middle ground, or you'll get torn in two," she paused, "Happy Halloween," she finished, for there was really nothing else to add.

Austin blinked a few times, looking at her as if he expected more. After a few moments, he cleared his throat and joked, "how comes you talked to that there goblin for half an hour, and this is all I get? Some kind of intergalactic racism, I 'spose." With that, he tipped his hat, gave her a one-dimpled grin, and gave his seat to the next in line.

A mousy looking gray-haired woman sat before her. Aside from being dressed in all black, she did not appear to be wearing a costume. She smiled at Ellie, if you could call it that, really, it looked more like a crack slowly forming in the sidewalk.

Ellie drew a deep breath and got to the business of the cards. It was a very complicated reading, full of contradictions, and it ended on a sour note. But, as always, Ellie read the cards as she saw them and did not sugarcoat the dark stuff.

The woman took the news without reaction. After Ellie was finished speaking, she reached down deep into a large black handbag, and withdrew some sort of jewelry. "My dear," the woman said, her gray eyes suddenly very bright, "you have a tremendous gift. Please, bend your neck, so that I might give you a pendant."

The sound of breaking glass echoed from the other room, and Ellie blinked into the hags' eyes. She couldn't explain it to anyone, but she felt compelled to do the old woman's bidding, though her heart was suddenly pounding in her chest. The woman's brittle hands reached over her head, they smelled of medicine. Held by a dainty chain, the stone itself heavy and unforgettable.

The woman gave Ellie another sidewalk-crack smile, and rose without a word. Ellie looked down at the pendant that slipped into her cleavage. It was a large iridescent stone, cut into a teardrop shape. It was polished, so highly polished, in fact, that she could see the room reflected in it, in mesmerizing detail, the world turned upside down.


Before Ellie even saw the place, she knew she'd never been there before. She could smell it, an odd mixture of rose, smoke, and mildew. Slowly, as if they were weighed down with lead, Ellie opened her eyes. It did little good, as the room was pitch black except for a single candle on a nearby table. She could make out an assortment of what might have been doctor's instruments on the table with the candles.

As Ellie tried to lift her head through it's haze, she realized she could not go far. She was chained to a stainless steel table , her arms raised over her head, and her legs splayed wide, shackled in chains that descended from the ceiling. A chill crept into her spine and spread throughout her body. The temperature of the cellar was as of a stark autumn night.

She was completely nude, though a thick leather strap ran under her breasts, pinning her firmly to the cold table.

Iced blood pumped through her, for a moment she struggled to breath. Although she was certain she'd never been in the room before, that was all she knew. She had no idea where she was, or how she'd gotten there. She could not even remember the Halloween party. In fact, she was hard pressed to find her own name.

But that was not what she was worried about at the moment. She was in danger. Once she was out of danger, she could try to remember her name. She tugged at the restraints around her wrists, and found her arms firmly pinned. The shackles around her ankles seemed equally durable. It was the struggling that caused her to recognize a different sensation between her wide spread legs: someone had inserted something into her pussy.

With her vaginal muscles, she tried to expel the foreign object, without luck. She could tell the object was smooth and embedded deeply, and gravity worked against her, as she lay flat and was bent, perpendicularly, at the waist. Still, she buck her hips and increased her effort, only to stimulate herself in a very irritating manner.

"Ah. I see my pet has found her toy," a voice from the recesses of darkness spoke.

Ellie at once forced herself to cease struggling, and said nothing.

The man stepped out of the darkness. She could see the outline of his body but could not make out the features of his face. She could tell, though, that he was smiling at her, in a disturbing, lecherous way.

He let out a hollow chuckle. "My pet," he said, "please don't stop on my account." He stood at her side at the edge of the table, eye level with her exposed cunt.

"Tsk, tsk," the man shook his head. "You would do better to heed my suggestions, pet," he said calmly. "Please. Try and expel the toy."

"No." She said it with as much strength as she could. If she could have made out his features in the dim of the room, she would have been certain to say it to his face.

He responded by slowly and with the lightest of pressure, tracing her skin with his fingertip. Starting between her breasts, his finger traveled so slowly that it cause tingles.

"My lady," he said, as his finger dipped slightly into her belly button, "certainly you would not like to betray me." At the word 'betray', his deftly turned his finger and gave her skin a quick slash with his sharp nail, just above her pubic mound. A small rush of blood trickled down her pussy lips.

His face was turned enough towards the light that she could glimpse the faint outline of a smile. "My sweet, please. I do not wish to harm you. In fact, I'll make you a deal: if you succeed in pushing the toy from your cunt in under ten minutes, I'll undo your shackles, and you'll be free to go."

Grimacing, she contracted her vaginal muscles around the slick, smooth object that was lodged inside her and pushed, but it was so deeply embedded that it slid right back into place once her muscles relaxed. She pushed harder, and it seemed to only go deeper inside her. Worse, the action was causing her juices to stir, like an itch unscratched. After several long, hard pushes she tried a quick, steady, pulse. They toy buried deeper, as her desires grew. The man watched closely the actions of her sex, cheering her on quietly in little aah's and mmm's.

The flexing of her muscles around the slick, solid object was a sweet and terrible torture. Her pussy lips were swollen and throbbing. His face was so near her juncture that she could feel the heat of his skin. She bucked and pumped and panted, but no amount of effort would release the toy. Panting and dripping with sweat, she stopped trying, as all it was doing was causing her further arousal.

"Pet," he said, with his sharp nails nearly digging into the inside of her thigh, "I did not tell you to stop."

What could she do? She was in no position to argue, and at this point, a secret part of herself hopped that if she complied with his wishes he might help relieve her. She began bucking and pushing again. The man spread her pussy lips further apart for a clearer view. When she emitted a tiny, sweet grunt at his touch, he rewarded her by blowing a cool jet of air at her swollen clit. She involuntarily bucked her hips closer, wishing for contact, anything to relieve this excruciating tension.

None came. At one point he glanced at some clock she could not see, and said, "Would you like to stop your struggle now, pet?"


"Yes..." "Yes, please?"

"You may address me as Master, or Teacher. Is that understood?"

"Yes. Master."

"Good enough, cunt. What would you like to do, now?" he asked.

"I would like you to release me. Master." She answered honestly.

Without a word, her master turned to the table of instruments. Without delay, he selected a rough leather strap, and before she could brace herself, he lashed her exposed ass with a solid thwack. It burned like hell, and before she could recover, he did it again. "Now, kitten, what would you like to do now?" His voice was a block of ice, but he caressed the welt, allowing his finger to dip for a moment to her outer pussy lips.

She fought through the tears forming in her eyes. "I want... I want you to eat my pussy, Master," she said in a pitiful whimper, for though she hated saying it, it was as true as her first request. She could hear the smile in his voice. "Of course, I would love to pleasure you, now. But I don't believe that time has come yet."

She trembled in the restraints, not voicing the obvious question.

He walked around to the side of the table, and lovingly stroked her long, hard nipples, causing her a slight intake of breath.

"I am now going to prepare you for your tagging," he said as he presented two small metal devices. Squinting in the dark, she saw what they were. Alligator clips. There was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

He was tugging on her right nipple now, pinching and pulling it between his thumb and forefinger. Though he was rash, the actions sent bolts of pleasure through her body. He pinched the very tip of her nipple and tugged it up with his left hand, and she knew what was coming in the other hand. "Sssh," he soothed. "Relax, this isn't so bad."

She tried to take a deep breath as the clamp squeezed her sensitive nipple tightly. At first there was a shock of white, hot pain that course through her body, but as that subsided she became quite aware of the stimulation the clamp was giving her.

Her master repeated the process on her other nipple. This time, she secretly yearned for the clamp, and the white hot pain caused her clit to throb.

He looked into her flushed face, damp with persperation. He could see the desire behind her eyes, and knew this would be a fun one.

"Well taken, my pet. I would like you to lie here and enjoy this feeling. I'll be back in several hours for the piercings. You'll get a special treat if you can expel the toy."

Hours! Oh, god, she thought, barely hearing the word 'piercings'. The pulses of pleasure and pain racking her body might kill her by then. But she had no choice. He was already gone.

She struggled against the restraints, half trying to escape, half trying to find a way to get herself off. Of course, both actions were useless. She ground her hips up into the air, wishing there were something hard and slick to meet her. She was as close to orgasm as she could possibly come when a voice penetrated her mind. "Ellie," it said softly.

Images flashed through her mind, like a slideshow. She saw herself as a child, splashing through a sprinkler on a summers day. She saw her first day of sixth grade, how she'd spouted a C cup over the summer, the stares of her classmate, her embarrassment as her principal called him to the office, suggesting that she start wearing a bra. She saw a scene from a night out dancing with Austin and his sister. How drunk they were, both siblings playfully flirting with her on the dance floor.

Then she saw a house party, decorated with dismembered doll parts and cobwebs. A strange old lady was putting something around her neck.

Ellie snapped to. Suddenly, it was all clear, and she knew what she had to do. Again, she tested her wrist restraints. They were wide leather cuffs, she could not tear them. But, the left cuff was slightly looser. It was enough to give her hope.

The leather strap was wide, but not terribly thick, so it was enough to give the material a slight amount of give. Steady and focused, Ellie went to work, ignoring the heat in her belly and the electrical sparks coursing throughout her body.

It was slow work, and though Ellie had no concept of time, she knew she must act quickly. Each second she slipped her wrist just a bit closer to freedom was another second of terror at hearing the footsteps of her "master". She shuddered at thinking what he might do if he found her wrist free, and tried not to think about it.

Ah Ha! She finally slipped her wrist free, and, pausing only to remove the clips from her nipples, she pushed her fingers into her pussy and removed the smooth, teardrop shaped stone.


Austin could not figure out what happened to Ellie. Not but twenty minutes after she'd read his cards, he went back to talk with her, and she had just disappeared. Her bag, her Tarot deck, her glass of wine remained where she'd left them, but after waiting quite some time it was clear she was not in the bathroom, as he'd first thought. He asked everyone he could whether they'd seen her. No one remembered anything useful.

There was a worry deep in the pit of his stomach. Climbing the stairs two at a time, he checked all the bedrooms, but all he saw was his friend Joe getting head from a geisha. Frantically, he checked all the rooms again, the closets, everything. No Ellie.

Back downstairs, he snooped in her purse, feeling only a little guilty. Yep, her keys were still there. Glancing outside he also saw her car where it was. He found Maggie, the hostess of the party. "Hey, Maggie, have you seen Ellie?"

"She's not reading Tarot?" The lusty wench asked.

"No, she disappeared, but her purse and her car are still hear. It doesn't make sense.

Maggie chuckled. "She's probably upstairs getting something that's long overdue for her."

Austin shook his head. "Nope. Checked all the rooms, all the closets. You don't have an attic, do you?"

"No, but I do have a cellar. It's the door next to the mud room." She reached into a draw behind her, and handed him a flashlight. "Here. I don't think the lights work."

The door to the cellar opened with a slow creak, and released an old musty smell. It was pitch black down there, and Austin couldn't figure out for the life of him why Ellie would be down here, but he felt he needed to look, anyhow. He felt a shiver chill down his spine as he descended the steps. He laughed at himself, thinking all he needed was the spooky music from "Psycho" to complete the scene.

"Ellie?" He called. No answer.

With the flashlight he did a quick sweep of the room, which turned up nothing. But there were boxes and piles of...things...lying around, so he started on one side, and systematically worked his way through the wreckage. He was about to give up when he heard a small rustle in the corner. Probably just a rat, he thought, but he had to look.

There she was, curled up into a ball on the concrete floor. The sheer skirt of her gypsy costume was bunched up around her waist. She was shaking and moaning a little, and her eyes were shut.

Austin crouched down by here and tried shaking her out of it, but she did not react. So he gripped the flashlight between his teeth and scooped her up off the dirty, cold ground.

Ignoring the varied remarks of the party guests, Austin carried her out the door to his vehicle, stopping only to gather her stuff on the way. He gently laid her in the passenger seat of his truck, and checked her pulse. It was steady, if a little fast. He considered, for a moment, taking her to the hospital, but discarded the idea, remember her extreme dislike of doctors.

He drove her to his place. He lived in a studio apartment, but at least it was clean and she would feel safe there, and there would be no one else around to pry. Austin wasn't certain, but he guessed that some creep had drugged her and tried to...or had...had his way with her. Though he was not normally a violent guy, the thought made him want to use his martial arts training to punch, kick, dismember...whatever.

The whole ride home, she squirmed and mumbled as if she were thick in dream. Parking near his apartment, he still couldn't snap her out of it, so he carried her in. He felt the dust and grime of the cellar floor in her hair, so he brought her straight to the bathroom, and propped her up on the lidded toilet seat, and proceeded to remove the clothes from her limp body.

In all the years he'd known Ellie, he'd never seen her nude before. Of course, he'd always known she had a beautiful body underneath her clothes, but there it was, more gorgeous than he'd ever dared hope for. She was still squirming and moaning, almost sensually. He sucked in his breath and tried not to think bad thoughts. This was not the time or the place, mister, he said to himself. More than anything, he just wanted to clean her up so that when she came to, she would not be presented with such a grim reminder of the night's events.

He set her in the bathtub and gently soaped her entire body. Though unconscious, her nipples were very erect. He found this arousing, but he wasn't sure if that was sick of him or not. He decided to go with, 'it's only natural," and continued his ministrations in a fond, brotherly manner. He massaged her body gently, and shampooed her long chestnut hair.

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