tagNonHumanA Treat Turns Tricks

A Treat Turns Tricks


A light breeze knocked the leaves off the big oaks and maples that grew in the central quad of Benthamsthwaite College as Chrystal Baumgartner pedaled her bike down the walk and toward the faculty housing. She pulled up in front of her aunt and uncle's brick cottage and went inside. Before she could climb the stairs to her bedroom, she heard her aunt's voice.


"Yes, Auntie?"

"Come here for a moment and sit down, dear. Now tell me, are you by any chance still a virgin?"

"Auntie, what kind of a question is that?"

"A straight-forward, binary yes or no question, Chrystal? What other kind could it be? Your mother thinks you are experienced and I wanted to make sure."

Chrystal blushed. Her mother had not only been frank when explaining 'the birds and bees' but downright graphic and it had taken some time for the girl to accept that's what men and women did. But the evening she found herself in the back of a van with her then current boyfriend and her panties around her ankles, she was both willing and eager to explore the idea personally. Being warned that like other things, sex took practice to perfect, she was not disappointed when fireworks failed to happen—that time. By the time she was hired at Benthamsthwaite, though, she had the hang of it.

"Mother is right, Auntie. I don't have a boyfriend here but I had three back at Rutgers. No, I'm not a virgin. Why do you ask?"

"Just checking, dear. And I presume you take all the usual precautions?"

"Of course!" Chrystal was slightly indignant, "I'm not naïve. No matter how nice the boy may seem you can never know for sure what he may be carrying and I certainly don't want to get pregnant—at least until I choose to."

"Good, good," Professor Baumgartner beamed at her husband's brother's child, "I like to see a person with a good brain use it. People can be so careless, you know. That's all I wanted to know, Chrystal. We're having pumpkin soup with toasted pine nuts on top. I really don't hold with wasting good pumpkin on silly jack-o-lanterns when there are so many good ways to eat them."


"Good grief, Marilynn, you're going to give Chrystal as a Treat to the Medievalist's Convocation on Halloween? But—but she's your niece!" Nikko Maartensen was aghast.

"Every woman is someone's daughter and most of us are someone's niece, Nikko. What difference does that make? I don't remember you're having any moral equivocation when the Soroptimist chapter introduced young Benson to the joys of anal penetration. As I recall you strapped on that big dildo of yours and actually whooped as you pounded the dear boy's butt. When Harold and I had him a week later he said that was the main reason he chose you when it came time to return the favor. You did seem to enjoy it."

"Of course I did. I always do. In fact, just remembering it is making me wet. I guess I was just being overly conventional. So, does she know?"

"Not yet." Marilynn smirked, "First we'll give Teddy a night with her to make sure she's good and ready. Then all those horny historians can have as much fun with her they want. I did make sure she wasn't a virgin before I told the Dean. Wouldn't want to traumatize the little piece, after all. I remember well the first time I got handed over to one of the men's clubs here. My graduate advisor told me I had a choice. I could either strip down on my own or she'd cut my clothes off. Since I'd had at least two stiff brandies, I shrugged and got ready to get shagged. I lost track of how many men did me that night. Chrystal will get much the same treatment and be the better slut for it."

"Well, since a slut is what being on the faculty at Benthamsthwaite is all about, one may as well be good at it. You and Harold both had Benson? I didn't know he was bi."

Marilynn's smirk broadened. "Benson is a bottom with a penchant for having his prostate stroked. Once I was on my back on the coffee table with my arms and legs wrapped around him, he was in no position to resist when my husband lubed up the boy's ass and sodomized him. I told him to take it like the good catamite he was and he did. You'd be amazed how many men are willing to be buggered when they're fucking a woman."

"Marilynn, you're soaking my panties!"

"Excellent. I'll lock the office door while you take them off. Just bend over the desk while I get out my harness."

The young philologist did as she was told, peeling out of her respectable tweed suit and scandalously meager bra and thong. However, thinking about the difference in their heights, she left her stockings and heels on, the better to give Professor Baumgartner access. Marilynn grinned in anticipation. She took her time disrobing and fitting on the dildo and harness. Then she opened the closet and withdrew a light riding crop. She ran her hand over Nikko's smooth bottom, probing the woman's sex with her fingers.

"My, you are wet, my dear. I could just start fucking you right now, but I think a little more stimulation is called for."

With that she brought the crop swiftly across Dr. Maartensen's ass, calling out a squeal and leaving a faint red welt.

"You do that so well, darling. I think I'll just make your butt all red before I get started. Then you won't be able to sit still in the department meeting. Tolliver will notice, suspect the reason and then insist on taking you back to the administration building for some serious butt-fucking before letting you go home. Then your husband will smell the sex on you and probably push you down on your knees and drop his trousers. You'll be fucked pussy, ass and face by three different people tonight. Doesn't that sound delightful?"

Without waiting for an answer Marilynn started a military tattoo across the upturned behind in front of her. Squeals turned to sobs and pleas for mercy. By the time Nikko's ass was reddened to her tormentor's satisfaction, the younger academic was in tears. That's when Marilynn took her place behind. Grabbing the younger woman's hips in her hands she lined up the big, realistically veined silicone phallus on the swollen labia and with a grunt and a thrust of her hips, drove it in. Nikko moaned.

"Go ahead and moan, Nikko. It's going to be a long afternoon for you, my girl. I won't let you up until I've cum so get ready for a hard ride."

The following morning Nikko was glad it was Saturday. She was too sore and tired to try and teach but that didn't stop her husband from rolling her onto her back and getting off between her breasts. Once he'd gone back to sleep and she had cleaned up, Dr. Maartensen sat contentedly over her coffee and, as she had so often in the past, thanked her lucky stars she taught at Benthamsthwaite.


October 30th came and preparations for Halloween parties occupied most of the campus. At Dean Tolliver's insistence, Chrystal joined a group of administrative assistants who were in charge of building a haunted house at the base of the hill below the faculty club.

"I didn't know there was a tunnel down here." Chrystal had cleared out the shed that was to be the basis of their project and found it had a door in the back. Picking up a crowbar, she prised it open and starred into the dark.

"Tunnel? What tunnel?" Benson Murphy looked over her shoulder. "I didn't know there was a tunnel here either. I thought it was just an old tool shed or something that was dug into the hillside. Gee, has anyone got a flashlight? I wonder where it goes."

Something in the cool, damp air of the tunnel made Chrystal quiver. She felt no fear, just a growing sense of unease and anticipation. Benson pushed a light into her hands and she turned it on. The tunnel was remarkably well made with a finished stone arch overhead and smooth flags beneath her feet. Small clusters of mushrooms grew from the joints in the stonework and trickles of water ran across the floor. For some odd reason she felt a need to explore the tunnel alone.

"Benson, you stay here by the door. That way I'll be able to turn around and see the light behind me if the flashlight fails and I get lost or something. I'll only go in a little way."

"Chrystal, it would make better sense if I was the one who went down the tunnel. I'm bigger than you are and . . . ."

"Now don't give me any macho crap, Benson Murphy! I said I was only going in a little ways. Now hold the door." With that and a bright flashlight, young Ms. Baumgartner crept into the gloom.

One hundred feet brought her to a turn. Should she go back or continue? Thinking she might regret the decision but feeling compelled to go farther, Chrystal turned the corner and walked another hundred feet to come to a large, oaken, iron-bound door.

Now that's just ridiculous! I know it's almost Halloween and all but this door looks like a cheap stage prop. Who would put it way back here? We need it up by the front. I wonder if it can be lifted off the hinges.

Behind her, Benson heard a voice quietly command, "Close the door, dear." Professor Moriarty was emeritus and a little long in the tooth but she was still spry and vigorous and she was not one to waste time in discussion.

"But, Professor Moriarty, Chrystal's in there," Benson protested.

"And there's not a thing in there that will do her the least harm. Close the door!"

In the dark, Chrystal heard the faint 'boom' as the rear door to the shed shut firmly. She started. Why had Benson done that? Oh well, there was a door ahead as well as behind and the flashlight showed no signs of weakening. She reached down and grasped the lever. It swung easily in her hands but the great door creaked theatrically when she pulled it open. Hmpf! More kitsch.

She stepped into a room, spacious and dimly lit. Another door led out of it but within the space itself was nothing. Nothing, that is, but what looked like a purple sea anemone grown up to the size of a small tree. Its tentacles waved softly, she heard a faint hum and smelled something that might have been caramel, might have been cinnamon and nutmeg but was not like anything else she had ever encountered. She starred at the thing. It did not look to be any kind of a threat so she walked closer. When she was less than a yard away, a single arm slowly reached out and waved gently under her nose. The smell was captivating.

As the girl watched, little amber drops of liquid formed on the surface and the scent grew stronger. Guardedly, Chrystal leaned forward and touched her tongue to a droplet. It was delicious, absolutely delicious. She had to have more and took the tentacle in her hands and stuck the end in her mouth. A flood of the nectar filled her mouth and shot down her throat, giving her a suddenly warm and tingly sensation. She sucked again and this time the arm ran into her mouth, ducked below the gag reflex and slithered down her throat. More fluid pumped into her stomach.

Heat radiated from her stomach and flowed down her belly. It spread to her thighs, making her muscles weak and soft. Two more tentacles wrapped around her wrists while another entwined her hair. The one in her mouth thrust and withdrew without ceasing. A vague thought drifted across her mind, I'm deep-throating an alien. That's what it has to be.

"Hello, Chrystal," a soft voice emerged from the center of the thing, "I'm very glad to make your acquaintance. Everyone calls me Teddy and I want to welcome you to my kennel, little pet. We're going to have great fun together tonight. We're going to have great fun together in the future and you are going to be great fun for lots of others of my pets. In time I will chose a good stud or two for you and then you will bare me more pets. Won't that be wonderful?" The last sentence was followed by a noise that might have been a chuckle, had the source been human.

She made a feeble attempt to withdraw but it held her fast. More arms reached out to shuck her out of her ski pants, pull her sweater and bra over her head, lift her off the ground and toss her boots to one side. Another pulse ran down the arm in her throat sending more fluid into her stomach.

"Chrystal, today's young female keeps herself shaved. Don't you keep up with fashion? Not that it matters. By tomorrow, all this untidy body hair will fall out and wash away in the shower, gone forever. That will make you even more attractive. And I want you to attract. But right now I detect just a touch of resistance. A bit more dopamine and some extra testosterone will fix that. Now, aren't you feeling just a bit horny, my pet?"

Hanging helplessly in its grasp, Chrystal hated to admit it to herself but the thing was right. She could feel the quivering in her loins and thighs, the moisture forming in her sex and the membranes swelling. What was it doing this for? In answer a thicker, blunter tendril approached. It wavered in front of her eyes, giving her a good view of the obvious slit in the end. It looked just like the biggest phallus she had ever seen, even on the internet, and it was certainly bigger than any man's she'd known.

Teddy pulled her into its center, laying her on a nest of tentacles and spread her legs farther. Then with alarming slowness the thing moved the tentacle down to just outside her labia.

Again there was that odd, chuckling sound. "And now that I have your mouth, and a wonderful feeling mouth it is dear, I'm going to enjoy your pussy."

Chrystal grunted as the great thing entered her with a rush, stretching the walls of sex wider than they'd ever been. It grew a bulge right under the edge of her G-spot and then began to piston in and out with a slow, relentless rhythm. The tentacle in her mouth withdrew allowing her to moan.

"And you are enjoying this, aren't you? So you aren't being raped, my dear Chrystal, but ravished. You're being taken against your will but having great fun in the process. And this is but the first of many, my pet."

Chrystal felt the tension rise to unbearable heights until her shoulders tingled and sparks shot across the inside of her eyelids. She cried out and went limp.

When she recovered Teddy was waving another arm in front of her face. It, too, had a slit in the end and the tip exuded a glossy, slippery-looking fluid. Without being told, she knew what the alien intended.

"No, please," she whimpered, "I don't do anal. Please?"

"Wrong, Chrystal, you have just never done anal. That ends tonight. Some of the modifications I do on my pets are best absorbed in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Besides, like human males I love the tightness—not to mention the power in overcoming your resistance!"

She watched in horror as the tendril swelled larger and then swayed down beneath her buttocks. She felt its blunt end touch her anus and begin to vibrate at a low frequency. Within seconds the sphincter muscles gave way and it slid into her, much farther than any cock would go. Now both invading tentacles thrust and withdrew in tandem. The tendril holding her hair pulled her head back, straightening her neck and the first, candy-flavored arm returned and wriggled down to her stomach. Teddy's hum grew louder as the arms sped up until there was sudden pulse in all three and she knew he'd spewed something, a great deal of something, into her. That was the last thing she remembered until the next morning.


Light flooded into Chrystal's bedroom as her Aunt Marilynn drew aside the east window curtains. When the girl tried to hide under the pillow, Dr. Baumgartner lifted it up calmly and pulled back the covers.

"It's well past nine, Chrystal, and time for you to rise and get on with things. Brunch will be at 10:00 so get moving." She shut the door firmly behind her.

Sitting up, Chrystal had that sticky, old sweat feeling. There was probably some other bodily fluids involved, as well. Obviously, as much as she would have preferred to believe otherwise, last night was no nightmare. The certainty was strengthened when, as she showered, all her body hair from the neck down flowed off with the lather and matted around the drain. There was no doubt; she had been taken against her will. Yet, just as Teddy said, she had enjoyed it. The orgasms had been like nothing before and the feeling of helplessness while another being enjoyed her body was—enough to make her start to tingle all over again. Finishing her ablutions, she wore a pensive expression as she dressed.

Coming down stairs for brunch, she found her aunt already at the table and her uncle stacking pancakes, sausage and broiled tomatoes at the stove. She sat down without a word.

"Are you the least bit sore, Chrystal?" her aunt enquired.

The girl mentally took inventory of her body's sensations.

"No, Auntie, I'm not."

"Good. Then your mother's assessment was correct and your previous lovers were virile enough to get you used to a good pounding. That will not be the case tomorrow, however. Tonight you will be one of the more important entertainments at the Medieval Convocation's annual All Hallow's Eve mock Black Sabbath. By the time the members have finished with you, you will be looking forward to a day in bed—alone—to recover."

"M—mock Black Sabbath?"

"Of course. They don't actually believe they can summon the devil and they wouldn't want to in any case. It's just an excuse to eat unhealthily, drink a bit too much and repeatedly despoil young women."

Chrystal looked disbelieving. She put her fork back down beside the plate and cocked her head at the older woman, who chuckled in response.

"Darling, I presume Teddy told you he was modifying your body? He always does. Those modifications aren't visible and they express themselves differently in each sex. While we become placidly compliant (because it amuses him), the men get supercharged. It is one thing when a man carefully trains himself in the Tantric arts and become multiorgasmic. It is quite another when he becomes multipotent, capable of maintaining his erection and ejaculating repeatedly over the course of the hours. You and the other girls will be quite messy by the time they run out of gas."

Chrystal's mouth dropped into an astonished 'O'. "Multipotent?"

"Quite so," Marilynn looked over at her smirking husband, "if your services weren't already spoken for this evening, Harold and I would take you upstairs for a demonstration. It's very impressive when a man shuttles back and forth from one woman to the other shooting his load in to each of them again and again. As it is, the poor dear will have to wait another day or so. He's been panting to get into your panties since you moved in with us, but he'll survive. I'll let him fuck me several times this afternoon in consolation."

Chrystal opened her mouth to voice indignation but the idea trickled around the back of her mind. Getting used repeatedly by several hyper-virile men? For their entertainment at a stag party? I should be horrified but I'm not. Oh god, I'm getting wet; I can feel it. Is this what my life is going to be like from now on?

"Auntie, do you live in a state of constant arousal?"

"No, not constant. However, the image of you getting fucked head and tail, front and back is getting to me. It brings back memories of when I first took my position here. The weight training coach threw me over his shoulder after a faculty cocktail party and carried me downstairs. I screamed and kicked but he pulled my clothes off and tossed into Teddy's tentacles. I fainted at first but came to in a few minutes. The next morning I felt the way you do now and the next night the entire Romance Language department had me, including the women. It's been five years, now. If there's a man on either faculty or the support staff that hasn't gotten into my pussy, my ass or both I want to know who he is so I can set up a date."

"And do you take all sensible precautions?"

"I don't have to. Teddy makes sure we're immune to any diseases and when his 'modifications' are complete we only ovulate when we want to."

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