tagNonHumanA Treat Turns Tricks Ch. 04

A Treat Turns Tricks Ch. 04


Chrystal Baumgartner lay comfortably naked on the thick cushion in Dean Tolliver's inner office. Her wrists were cuffed to one end and her ankles to the sides of the other. The Dean had managed to catch her at the end of the day when most of her work was finished and told her to come with him, that she had something he wanted. She responded with a shrug and a resigned smile. The Dean wasn't her idea of a sexually attractive man but the modifications that Teddy, the university's resident alien being and (to put it bluntly) Master, had made to her body and brain left her placidly compliant to any man's desire. Given Chrystal's hourglass figure and sultry personality, male desire was in plentiful supply.

She watched through half-closed eyes as the Dean undressed and smiled at his enhanced genitals. Triple-sized testicles hung below an erect phallus too thick to encircle with one hand. Teddy had not modified only the women of Benthamsthwaite. As he tore open the condom wrapper and unrolled the thin skin over his manhood, Tolliver enquired conversationally, "Tell me, darling, do your parents approve of your new fiancé? It must have come as a surprise to them to hear that you're getting married with no hint that you even had a boyfriend."

Chrystal ground her hips suggestively. Tolliver would have her, probably a couple of times. She would enjoy it though not volcanically. Placid compliance was more like being a dutiful wife to every man on the faculty. "They were a little bemused, Tolly. Everything went fine the first evening and morning of their visit but after lunch I started to feel the tension rise. You know how it is with Moe; everybody wants him, men and women alike. It's taken a bit but he finally accepts it so when he saw what was happening, he gently suggested that he go back to the motel with them and spend the night."

Tolliver knelt between her knees. "And how did they take that?"

Chrystal lifted her pelvis, "They were surprised but both of them were so hot for him they couldn't refuse. When I met them for breakfast the next morning Daddy had a satisfied but slightly puzzled look on his face. Mother, on the other hand, couldn't stop smiling all day long. They're completely enthralled with him and naturally he's going to take advantage of that and introduce them to Teddy tonight. Oh!"

Tolliver's weight pressed down on the girl and his outsized cock spread her wide. "Mmmm . . . You're delicious, Chrystal, and well worth how long you've made me wait. I'll have to think about trying out Mordecai, as well. Teddy's turned him into such an androgynous figure even men who think they're straight want to fuck him. So your mother is going to be added to the stable, is she? Intriguing."

While the Dean was having his way with Chrystal, her fiancé, Mordecai Goldglum showed her parents around the Faculty Club. To the casual visitor it seemed self-satisfied, comfortable and reeking in privilege. Thick, leather covered club chairs sat between hand-wrought reading lamps on thick rya rugs in rich colors. Solid hardwood paneled the walls that were hung with original artwork. The bar tender handed the trio well-crafted, large cinnamon and nutmeg scented drinks to sip as they toured. At last Mordecai touched a hidden switch on one wall.

"Here's the best part," he murmured seductively over his shoulder, "just follow me downstairs."

By now Chrystal's parents could no more refuse than fly to the moon. They were mesmerized by the young man their daughter had decided to marry. His long, auburn hair, slim body and smooth hairlessness attracted Benjamin like no woman had since he married Sheila. Sheila, for her part, was hypnotized by his smoldering gaze and spicy male scent. Once they were all in bed and her husband finished buggering Mordecai, Ben rolled over and fell asleep. The younger man then turned to her and fucked her longer than she ever remembered any man doing, even back as an undergraduate. Unquestioningly they followed him down a long stairway lit with gas lamps on wall sconces. Finally, in what seemed the bowels of the earth, they arrived at a thick, iron-bound door. Mordecai pushed it open.

Inside the room, the air was warm and smelled like the drinks from the bar. Moe closed the door behind then and threw the latch, locking them in. The heat in the room began to concentrate in the Baumgartner's crotches and amazement in their brains as they looked upon the room's inhabitant. Mordecai walked over to what looked like a ten-foot tall purple sea anemone and patted the trunk fondly.

"This is Teddy," he told the other two. "We're not sure what he really is or where he came from but he's been down here in the basement for over a hundred and fifty years, right back to the founding of Benthamsthwaite College." The young man began to undo his clothing. "Over the years he's essentially taken control of the place and everyone in it. Teddy gets what Teddy wants and what Teddy wants now—is you."

He held out his hand to Sheila with a compelling smile and to her own amazement, she stepped forward and took it. "Take your clothing off, Sheila, you, too, Ben. We're going to have a little foursome down here."

Fully naked, Mordecai started unbuttoning Sheila's blouse. She watched helplessly as her clothing fell away exposing her mature figure. Mordecai's cock stiffened at the sight. Eyes wide, she looked over her shoulder for support from her husband to see him also naked and aroused. When she was nude, Moe gently pulled her over to the trunk of the purple alien and pushed her back against it and pressing himself against her for a long, passionate, probing kiss. As the kiss continued, Sheila felt something wrap around each ankle and wrist. When Mordecai broke away and stepped back, the tentacles pulled her tight to the trunk forcing her back into an arc that pushed her breasts out.

"Don't be afraid, Sheila. What you're going to get is what everyone at Benthamsthwaite has gotten for more than a century. Ben's parents and grandparents did. The only reason he didn't is that he went to West Point for college instead of staying here. But now that he's home . . . ."

Ben was also ensnared and bound. Teddy's uncounted arms pulled him against his wife and began to stroke them intimately. A voice like a low-pitched flute began, "Chrystal's DNA is wonderful. You can be very proud of what you've produced. I am disappointed that you only chose to have one, though—so I'm taking this opportunity to correct that."

"But—but I'm over forty!" Sheila protested as Ben's erection rubbed against her labia sending tingles outward to her thighs and belly.

The musical voice buzzed in a way that suggested a chuckle. "Fifty years ago or so ago, that would have been a problem. However, I have much more control over my pet's bodies than I did then. I overriding your birth control, Sheila, and by morning you will ovulate. By then you will be full of Ben's semen and you will conceive. And since Ben has retired from the Army and has a comfortable pension, you two can move back here where we can lots of fun together—and you will!"

Ben entered her with a grunt and a moan while she hummed in response and then both of them gasped. Over their shoulders they heard Mordecai snicker as two additional arms probed the couple's anuses. "He's going to modify you two, just the way he has all the rest of us. The drink you had upstairs started it and now he's going to inject more enzymes and amino acids into your gut. They enter your bloodstream very fast through the mucus membranes. Teddy, will you get enough changes done with just this one night?"

"Oh, yes. I will have them now and when they are done with each other, they'll fall asleep. I'll wake them again at midnight and have them again and a third time at dawn. It will be a little hurried and they will find themselves sleeping longer at night and eating more than they're used to for a week or so, but within a month and a half they will be fully modified. And when they sell their Sunnyvale home and move back here, they will fit right into our lusty lifestyle. And as for you, Mordecai, come here, bend over and spread. You I'll fuck just for the fun of it."


The following morning Howard Baumgartner picked up his dazed older brother, his equally dazed, but smiling sister-in-law and his smirking nephew-in-law-elect from the Faculty Club and brought them back to his cottage. Benjamin opened the front door to the smell of bacon and biscuits and froze in the doorway.

"Hey, son," called out his father, "I hear Teddy finally got to you two. 'Bout time, I'd say."

"Amel, you hush!" Lucy Baumgartner beamed at her older son and daughter-in-law. "Sheila, don't mind the man. Sometimes he has all the couth of a wet mop. You just come right over and sit next to me. I want to know all the details but I want them girl talk—none of this guffawing caveman nonsense."

After breakfast Lucy took charge of the group as befitted the matriarch of the family and hustled them out into the living room. Once everyone was settled, she stood in the center of the room and began to speak. She held up her hand and began to tick points off on her fingers.

"So as I understand it, Marilynn got knocked up on Halloween. Sheila, after a break of some twenty-two years is in the family away again as of this morning and our little hottie Chrystal will be married and be bred next month. Am I right? Good. Well, then, I think that calls for a celebration. Tonight Howard does his incest thing with Chrystal again, Amel fucks Sheila, Ben has his way with Marilynn and I am going to try out everyone's favorite new toyboy. There's nothing like a little orgy to break the ice."

"Mother!" Ben was aghast.

"Oh hush, Bennie, just because you've been away for almost ever is no excuse. You're back at Benthamsthwaite now and it's time to adjust. You will find that as a 'new chum' the ladies will all be in line to try you out. Don't be a party pooper.

And don't give me any appalled look, Sheila, you can feel you haven't a choice. After those doses of funny chemicals Teddy pumped into you last night? Dear, by dinnertime you'll be just like the rest of us are—a placidly compliant little slut, happily available to every cock that shows interest. Starting with your father-in-law will just make things easier. Mmm, I can hardly wait! Now off with you, there are things that need doing, I'm sure."

After breakfast, Mordecai went to Howard's study. He stared at the equations on the white board, waiting for an 'aha!' moment. They always came; it was just a matter of time. The young man was so deep in thought that he didn't notice another presence in the room until a pair of hands closed on his hips. As he started in surprise, the thumbs hooked over the waistband of his sweatpants and the boxers beneath and whisked them down over his buttocks and onto the floor. Cool palms fondled his smooth cheeks and stealthily worked around to the fully enhanced 'package' that hung from his groin.

"So sorry, Moe dear, but though I was going to wait until tonight I couldn't come with a good reason why I should." Lucy's whisper held a gleeful note. "And now that I've had a good look at that fine ass of yours, I understand what all the commotion is about. You are a hot one. Howard and Marilynn told me all about your delightful ability to switch gender roles freely, so I've decided to find out on my own. Arms up, boy, I want you naked."

Following orders, Mordecai felt his hoodie and tee shirt get pulled up off his head and his newly auburn hair fall to his shoulder blades. Lucy tossed the shirts aside and turned him toward her, running her eyes with approval up and down his hairless body.

"What color was your hair originally, Mordecai? That auburn is a very rare color."

"Dark brown until Teddy changed it"

"Mmm. And your eyes? Were they always emerald green like that?"

"No, just brown."

"Well, my dear, I approve of the changes in your color scheme and of course—these!"

She reached down with both hands and lifted his scrotum, heavy with palm-filling testes. The cock above them stirred and began to swell.

"You're really going to have to mount Chrystal at the wedding reception, you know. All the guests will want to see you fill her pussy to overflowing. It will probably set off an orgy but given the dose you'll give my granddaughter, there will be no doubt who the baby's daddy is. Oh, my, you thicken up nicely. This is going to be fun."

"Uh, Ms. Baumgartner . . . ."

"Call me Grandma, dear, as 'Oh Grandma, what big boobs you've got?' It's so cute that way."

The older woman undid the ties on her dressing gown and let it drop. Her pink skin and white hair made a surprising picture, given how fit and ageless she looked. She walked over to Howard's desk, thought about clearing off a space in the middle to perch on but thought better of it. The tiny woman pulled a hassock over, stepped up onto it and bent over the desk. She swayed her hips slowly and enticingly as she looked back at Mordecai through half closed eyes. Lucy smiled as the young man's phallus stood at full attention. Benthamsthwaite men were always impressive when aroused, no matter how often she saw them.

"Come on, dearie, give Grandma a good fucking. You know you want to. And then tonight, I'll return the favor. We're going to have wonderful times together."


After dinner that night, Amel Baumgartner took his daughter-in-law by the hand and led her up the stairs to one of cottage's guest rooms. Sheila flushed and stammered and tried to pull away but the older man's grip was inexorable. Besides, she wasn't pulling very hard. When they arrived at the landing, he switched grips and taking her ass in his palm, gently propelled her down the hall. Sheila's eyes grew wide as they approached the slightly open door and she swallowed and tried to voice a protest as she was pushed through it and heard the latch click behind them.

"D-Dad, this isn't—isn't right!"

"Sheila, baby, it may not be right but it will be fun. You're not outside any more, girl, you're at Benthamsthwaite College now and things are different here. And you know why, don't you?" Amel undid his tie, leisurely unfastened his cufflinks, and unbuttoned his shirt.

Sheila stood frozen and speechless. She watched as her father-in-law slipped the suspenders off his shoulders, unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall. His shirt and undershirt followed while he stepped out of the trousers and slippers beneath them. If her eyes were wide before, they grew positively popped when she saw how filled his jockey shorts were. The older man's smile widened when he saw the object of her attention.

"Oh,yes, honey, I'm a big healthy, fucker. All Benthamsthwaite men are, including Howard. And, of course, Ben will be. It takes about a month. Mo did you a couple of nights ago. Don't you remember?"

"Uh, not really. Things were kind of confused."

"Then I expect you will remember tonight a whole lot better, Sheila me girl. Daddy's gonna ride you half the night. By morning, you'll walk bowlegged. I might even do you up the Hershey bar road. An hour or so of sodomy will have you sittin' on pillows tomorrow, but you'll get used to it. Won't be long, you'll ask for it. Now, get out of those clothes!"

Sheila felt strangely compelled to obey. Wondering at her own behavior, she pulled the sweater off over her head, unclasped her bra and pushed her skirt and panties down over her ass and onto the floor. Naked and vulnerable she stood in her pumps fighting the feeling that she ought to drop to her knees and pull the man's undershorts off. Her face flushed but at the same time a greater heat began at the base of her belly and spread outward in waves. Faster than she could ever remember her labia swelled and liquid flowed to cover them. Her eyes strayed to the bed behind her and she gulped and went to lay down on it. Quivering just a little she looked at her father-in-law and with a tiny sigh lifted her knees and spread her thighs.

Amel nodded in approval. "That's the spirit, Sheila, placid compliance. Man wants you, man gets you—and you like it that way." He dropped his jockeys, unveiling the massive manhood underneath. "Ben isn't the only one who'll change, girl, you will, too. In a month or so you'll be shopping for bigger bras and skimpier skivvies. And your butt? Soon your anus will self lubricate the same way your pussy does now. My boys will enjoy your front and back, same as they will Marilynn. And once that baby is born, you'll only ovulate when you want to."

He climbed onto the bed and knelt between her knees. She reached down and took his phallus apprehensively and put it at the entrance to her sex, then moaned as he penetrated her. "You're—so—big!"

"Feels good, don't it? And now, my dear daughter-in-law, prepare for the fucking of your life."


The following afternoon Lucy let herself into the chamber beneath the Faculty Club and marched over its inhabitant. Standing with one fist on a hip and the other index finger stuck out shaking she began to lecture.

"Teddy, you are a naughty, naughty alien!

The being buzzed with amusement. "Well, of course I am. Otherwise, what would be the point? Besides, you're a fine one to talk. Mordecai was by this morning and told me all about yesterday's shenanigans. You pimped out your daughter-in-law to your husband, your other daughter-in-law to her husband's brother, encouraged your niece's continuing incest with her uncle and seduced Mordecai who is young enough to be your grandson. And I'm supposed to be the naughty one?"

An arm snaked out and wrapped around the chastising wrist to pull the white-haired woman closer. The scent of cinnamon and nutmeg grew stronger.

"Oh, no you don't. You let me go this instant! I didn't come down here to get laid, Teddy, let go!"

"No, Lucy, I won't." Three more arms encircled her other wrist and both ankles. "Oh, Grandma, what a fine ass you've got. I want it. I shall have it. And you will let me—won't you?"

A resigned grin spread across Lucy's features as she watched each piece of her clothing come off and get hung up neatly. "Evil, evil, evil. Yes, Teddy, of course I will. Besides, everyone's been telling me about this new set of glands you developed."

"The ones that lubricate your ass? I knew it would just be a matter of time before you showed up to get them. I remember you as a young lecturer, Lucy. If there was a happier catamite on campus in those days, I'd like to know who it was."

Teddy pulled her up into the nest of tentacles that crowned its thick trunk. He pulled her into the doggy position, squeezed her breasts tightly and showed her a thick arm that, as she watched, oozed droplets of oily gel. "Shall I make it bigger than Amel? How long has it been since you were last fisted, Lucy?" The arm curled around behind her, pushed against her brown eye and began to vibrate. "As much as I've already modified you, Lucy, it shouldn't take more than two weeks for your new 'acquisitions' to be fully functional. From now on, whenever you're horny, and with you that's most of the time, you will be as moist and slippery behind as you are in front. Sodomy will be so much more spontaneous that way."

Lucy felt herself open to the rampant tendril. It pushed past her sphincter muscles and deep into her body. She whimpered contentedly. "Oh, Teddy, you're a devil taking advantage of a poor, helpless old woman like this! But since I've nothing pressing to do this afternoon, take your time."


Early Saturday morning Chrystal woke up, made herself a cup of coffee and wondered out into the living room. Looking down the other hall, she saw light coming from under the door of her uncle's study. Curious, she walked over to it and stealthily pushed it open a crack. Mordecai, as he had so many times in the past month, sat starring intently at the calculations on the white board. Suddenly he blinked hard and as a wondering grin spread across his features, he picked up a blue marker and began changing symbols. First there were only a couple, near the beginning, but as those initial changes influenced the processes that followed, the blue marker soon overpowered the black until, giggling and weeping at the same time, Moe dropped the maker and curled up like a small child in the chair.

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