tagNonHumanA Triangle of Angel, Demon, Human

A Triangle of Angel, Demon, Human


A Strange Friend

A girl was sitting at the bench outside the Bus Stop. She was brown skinned, about six feet tall, and had long velvety black hair. She was waiting for her friend to show up so she could leave these humans before her inner demon decided he wanted to eat.

Her name is Shekena-Volukar-Tinetsur, but the human friend she had made, Laura, calls her Shiro. She didn't mind Laura, as she knew what Shiro was and still liked being with her. Shiro is a Demon-Angel hybrid, known as a Chaos being, or Chaosean. She had an Angel father and a Demon mother, but they disowned her and cast her to Earth when they realized what she was. After coming here she learned of her inner demon -- It had a man's voice for some reason and called itself Asdeidra, or as Laura calls it, Draco. It loved to feast on humans and rape them, mostly in that order. With Laura's help, Shiro tamed that demon. Now, they are going to someone called a 'Prophet' to see if he could help her.

Shiro smiled as a white car pulled up. She started to get up, but then sat back down as she saw it was a man coming out of the vehicle.

(My, he certainly looks tasty.) Draco said in thought-speech, which is the means that Draco and Laura communicate.

(Remember, Draco, the human said not to eat anyone today. At least until we get outside the crowded city.) Laura said to Draco.

Shiro looked at the man and sighed. Here was yet another person coming to pick someone up, and more than likely it will be a woman, probably an ugly one, and she'll try to tell Shiro about Jesus. It would be the fourth time someone has tried to talk to her about him, and she was kind of annoyed.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the man, who had walked over to her, said, "Are you Shiro? Laura asked me to pick you up. You look exactly like she described. C'mon, let's go."

She hesitated. She didn't think that this man was very good. Being half Demon enables her to see into other people's hearts. Her Angel half can see the light in their hearts while the Demon sees the darkness. Right now she sees very little light in this man. She shrugged and followed him into the vehicle, pulling a 44 Magnum and placing it in her coat, just in case.

After they made it to their location, the man looked at Shiro and said, "Are you ok? You haven't said a word. Do I make you uncomfortable?"

Shiro nodded slowly while looking into this human's eyes. She saw good intentions, but that didn't change how she felt about him. She got out of the vehicle, closed the door, and looked at the building. Her mouth hung open as she looked at the glorious mansion set tastefully back behind the gate with DD on it. Shiro remembered that Laura's father, Dietrich, was a multi-billionaire. Shiro wondered why there were two Ds on the door.

(Maybe someone put that one on as a mistake...) Laura thought.

They walked up to the entrance and the man rang the doorbell. Shiro heard it echo throughout the building, but didn't sense anyone there. Then she sensed someone entering a room on the second floor, but could tell from the person's build that it wasn't Laura.

Shiro ran up to the wall underneath the window that lead into the room, and jumped into the second story window.

The man walked underneath the window and said, "What the- how did you do that!?"

Shiro looked at the man in his tuxedo and she started giggling to herself. It was only the butler! She sighed and then looked at him.

The butler looked at her and said, "So, you are Miss Shiro? I've been expecting you. Quite a jump you did there, were you worried I was a crook?"

She nodded, wondering how the human could've guessed that. It was like he was reading her mind...

(Hey, Shekana. Can we eat him?) Draco asked.

(Why? He doesn't seem like one you'd eat. You always go for the stronger ones.) Laura inquired.

(Yeah, but his heart is so full of evil, I'm sure it will make me stronger.) Draco said cheerfully.

Laura was about to ask the butler his name, but he said, "I must make haste, it appears Samuel is at the door. Please, head downstairs and make yourself comfortable." He said.

She noticed that he looked fearful, but couldn't see anything to make him afraid, so she went downstairs. On the way down she sensed pain coming from upstairs.

(What? It's coming from -) She started, but then she realized that the man wasn't a butler, and he was here to hurt Laura!

She stormed into the room just as the 'butler' had pinned Laura to the bed. She was half-stripped, showing her breasts and part of her vagina. He had cuffed her hands to the bedpost and held her legs with his hands.

Laura closed her eyes and let Draco take over. Both Laura and the man stopped and stared at Laura/Draco.

Draco sighed and said, "You have much darkness in you, Raphael."

The man stammered, "H-how do you know my name!?"

Draco laughed demonically and said, "I see the darkness in you, and now I'll take it as my own!"

Draco's eyes glowed yellow and the man stood paralyzed. "I-I can't move! Oh, god somebody HELP!" He screamed.

After Draco consumed the man's soul (and the rest of him) Laura regained control and went to un-cuff Laura.

"I'm so sorry you had to see that, Human. But I couldn't think of any other way to free you." Laura apologized while removing the second cuff.

"Oh, I'll live. Now I know that you love me, or at least like me enough to protect me I'm glad I asked you to spend Christmas with me." Laura said, with her soft and beautiful voice.

After the real butler had made them tea, Laura and Shiro sat down at the table outside by the pool. Laura sighed and set her cup down.

"Shiro, the prophet will be here tomorrow morning to help us with... Draco." Laura began. "But I know that he saved me last night on his own accord. I don't want to kill him, but maybe just remove him into his own body."

(HAHAHA, that human cares how I feel, how preposterous! ...Although, to be honest, I find it flattering that she'd consider my voice in this matter. Shekana, tell her that I appreciate her concern but see no way, as I don't have a body of my own.) Draco said.

Shiro explained what Draco said to Laura and after two or three minutes Laura said, "Well, maybe the prophet could help us with that. Who knows? Maybe he can take away your-"

Shiro swung a gaze at Laura, dumbfounded by what Laura almost said. She almost told Shiro's secret; that she had both sex organs due to her male counterpart.

Laura laughed and said, "Don't worry Shiro. No one will ever know. My butlers and maids have no idea."

Shiro glanced at the two by the garden, obviously eavesdropping, and she sighed.

(Of course she wouldn't tell, the human likes me too much...) Laura thought

(But, does she love you for who you are, or for your powers and abilities?) Draco responded with mild interest.

Laura walked over to Shiro and bent over, so their faces were less than an inch apart.

She looked into Shiro's sky blue eyes and said, "Shiro, are you interested in girls? If you were, I could show you a thing or two that a man couldn't do."

Shiro looked into Laura's green eyes, and then Draco began to take control

(WHAT ARE YOU DOING, DRACO!) Shiro accused.

(NOTHING, I'M NOT CONTROLLING THIS!) Draco replied in a high pitched voice that would be comical in any other situation.

Laura looked as Shiro's blue eyes changed to hazel. "Um, Shiro Are you OK??" Laura asked.

She grinned and grabbed Laura by the head and pulled her in into a very passionate and intimate kiss. Both Laura and Draco were dumbstruck. Never had either of them talked about a getting into a relationship with a woman. It was against Angelic law to have a woman love a woman, and Draco never saw her as attractive; he seeks only power and freedom. After their three minute kiss, Laura looked up at her maids, who were by this point jaw-dropped.

"Go, get out! If I catch you eavesdropping again, I'll fire you and make you wish you were never born!" Laura yelled.

The two maids ran out as fast as they could. After they left, Shiro regained control over her body.

"I-I'm so sorry, human. I-I-I didn't want to embarrass you in front of your people..." Shiro said, with a blush on her cheeks and her hands in her lap.

Laura laughed and hugged Shiro. "I never knew you liked me that way, or was it Draco? I saw your eyes change to brown right before we kissed."

Shiro was taken aback by what she heard. Draco's eyes were Violet and her eyes were Blue. Who had Brown eyes? Was there a third person in her, one formed from both Draco and Shiro? If so, why hasn't he or she shown his/herself before?

After Laura went to sleep, Shiro stood in front of the mirror. In the mirror she saw Draco and could speak to him normally. She noticed one of his horns was gone.

"Is there someone else, Draco?" Shiro asked.

"Yeah, there is. I had no idea that she was there. Well, that answers where the dick comes from." Draco said with a snarl.

"What do you mean?" Shiro asked, already putting the pieces together.

"She's a combination of both of us. She's a Futanari Chaosean. Even worse, she's fighting to take total control of us. I tried talking her out of it but she ripped off my horn and whooped my ass. She's a fighter." Draco said, looking embarrassed about being beaten by a girl.

Suddenly someone walked up behind Shiro. Shiro wasn't frightened because good came off of him he was good, almost like an angel. He was a smaller man with a wider build and glasses.

"You must be the Futa Chaosean. Now, we shall separate your two halves from you, yes?" The man asked

Shiro nodded. Draco nodded. The third person nodded and screamed, "Yes, so that I'm not bound to these hopeless rejects! I demand power and prestige! I will not live the lowly existence anymore! I will RULE these hopeless creatures, do you hear me!?"

The man laughed and said, "She's quite lively, huh? Well, I guess she's the one that I'll destroy."

All three of them fell silent. "WHAT! What do you mean destroy!? You said you'd free us!" Draco yelled.

"Yes, but in order to bring one person into this world one person must leave. And that will be your choice Draco, Laura, and Katsu-Veroku." He said.

Shiro and Draco nodded and said, "Katsu goes."

The man took off his coat and shirt. Draco was wary of this, as this looked like a sexual advance. Then seven angel wings appeared out from behind his back, a halo glowing neatly behind his head. "Now, step forward Draco!"

Draco stepped forward. He felt himself shivering, but he realized it was Shiro and Katsu that were afraid. He wasn't; he felt he could trust this seraph, as he called him Draco instead of Demon, which meant that he respected Draco.

A light surrounded Draco and then he fell unconscious.

Draco woke up to Laura shaking him. "Wake up, Draco! You made it; you're free!"

Draco rose out of his bed and held his head. His head felt heavy, and strangely light. He reached up and realized his horns were gone. Instead, he felt warmth coming from somewhere behind his head. He rose out of the bed and realized his scales were gone and his tail was missing.

"Don't tell me I'm human..." Draco stammered, afraid of the answer but needing to know.

"No, you're an Angel. A-and I became a Demon." Shiro said as she pointed to her horns.

"Where's Katsu?" Draco asked. He couldn't believe a seraph would spare a demon to kill a half-angel.

"She's gone. She left with that man and I think he took her to Purgatory."

Draco stammered out of the room. His head felt fuzzy, his hands shook. Laura walked up beside him and put a hand on his shoulder. She felt attracted to Draco for some reason, maybe because he understood her most. She pulled Draco around to face her and she gave him a long, meaningful kiss. Shiro watched from the doorway. Realizing that she might be interrupting something,

Shiro started to walk away when Laura said, "No, Shiro. Stay, please don't go..."

All three of them entered the master bedroom together. Draco had borrowed pants from Laura's dad after realizing he was naked, but his shirt was still gone so his muscles showed. Laura had lingerie on and nothing else. And Shiro had a bra and panties on, that was all. They walked over to the bed and Laura and Shiro began kissing passionately. She massaged Shiro's wings while kissing her, enticing a groan of ecstasy from Shiro. Draco started massaging Laura's breasts and kissing her neck. He realized how funny it was; this morning he woke up a Demon wishing to find a girlfriend (or at least someone to fuck) and now he's an Angel with two beautiful women wanting lust and love. He smiled into Laura's shoulder as he realized he was the luckiest demon alive.

They took off each other's clothes and got onto the bed. Shiro was startled when she learned that her penis had vanished and a fuzzy black patch above her vagina was all that remained of it. Draco went down on Laura while she lay on the bed. He used his tongue (and some of his powers) to cause intense groans from Laura as he licked her enlarged clitoris and used his powers to magnify the pleasure she was feeling. He used his tongue to explore her vagina, when he felt Shiro touching his foot-long beast. She licked the tip of it for a pit, playing with the head in her mouth, tasting its sweetness. She realized he was using his powers to make it taste like the thing she loved most -- peaches. She began licking up and down the beast and began massaging his scrotum while she licked his penis. He was flushed with ecstasy and shivered with it. Draco felt a warm liquid hit his face as Laura squirted on him. He licked it up with greedy energy. She moaned and sighed loudly as he did this. Then Shiro and Laura got up and pushed Draco on the bed.

"Wait a minute; let's not get too hasty here. I'm not going to lose my virginity tonight to someone who was me this morning!" Draco said, smiling yet still looking anxious.

"Are you scared, Draco?" Laura asked.

"Yeah, is the great Asdeidra scared of losing his virginity?" Shiro teased.

"No. I'm just nervous is all; C'mon Laura, let's see if you feel as good as you look!"

Laura giggled and said, "That's the first time either of you have ever said my name. I wish you'd say it again."

Shiro said, "Laura" really slow and drawn out.

All three of them looked at each other and laughed. When they all laughed Draco's angelic powers activated on their own and all of them felt themselves getting... bigger?

"W-what's going on, Draco?" Laura and Shiro asked.

They let out a cry as their breasts grew almost two cup sizes and Draco's foot-long beast grew two inches. All three of them looked at their own transformation, then at each other's.

"Wow, I like it! Although, Laura, would this still fit in that?" He asked, pointing at her pussy.

"Maybe; Oh well, only one way to find out." Shiro said with a smile.

Laura laid out on the bed while Draco positioned himself between her legs, his penis poking her sternum. "How is this gonna work?" Draco asked.

"Just use your magic, duh." Laura said as she repositioned herself to be more comfortable.

Draco used his precum, which was just starting to form, to massage her clitoris using his dick. She let out moans of ecstasy as he did this. Shiro positioned herself above Laura's mouth, and Laura began licking and tending to Shiro's clitoris. Finally, Draco put the head of his penis to her curtains, and pushed his way through, just the tip however. Laura let out a cry of pain and Draco jerked it back out.

"It's TOO BIG! Can't you do something about that?" Laura asked with big innocent eyes.

Draco used his magic to make her vagina more flexible and this made her taller and wider by a little bit. She shrugged, as if saying she didn't mind the changes, and he tried again. This time when the tip went in Draco let out a small gasp.

(It feels...incredible! I never thought this would feel good, and now I know why lust is prominent in the world; this amazing feeling of love and closeness cannot be experienced any other way!) Draco thought in mad ecstasy.

He began slowly pushing more and more of his dick into Laura. At this time Shiro rearranged herself so she was face to face with Laura, propped up on her hands, with her vagina grasping Draco's dick on the side. She massaged his dick using her vagina while kissing Laura. Draco finally, with Shiro's help, got all 14 inches of himself into her. He slowly began to pull out, getting a gasp from all three of them. He pushed his way back in again, a little harder and faster. She nodded, telling him to go on with it, and he accelerated his pace slowly and surely. Shiro had rearranged herself again but this time so she could kiss Draco while using her hand to massage his dick while Laura massaged Shiro's pussy with her hand. This love triangle continued until both the girls began to moan louder.

Finally, Shiro yelled out, "Oh my god, here I come! It's...it's...ooOOH!!!" and as she orgasmed, Laura also came at almost the same time.

Both of them were panting when Draco said, "OK, do you want to switch?"

Draco lay down on the bed while both Laura and Shiro licked their juices off of his cock. He laid his head back and closed his eyes. This was also amazing to him.

He had a thought just then, (What if Shiro still had a dick? Would I still be able to do this with her? Probably, considering she had a vagina as well, just no scrotum. Hmm, I wonder if she'd try something else if she had it. OK, I'll give it a whirl.) And with that Shiro began to shake.

"W-what's going on? Draco, is this you're doing?" Shiro asked.

Draco nodded and smiled. As Shiro moaned he saw her clitoris start to grow in size and girth. Eventually, it came to a stop -- transformed into a 10 inch penis! Shiro looked at this and then looked at Laura. Laura looked into her eyes and nodded. Draco got off the bed and Laura got on all fours on the pillows on the ground. Draco positioned his monster to point right down Laura's throat while Shiro moved herself to a perfect view of Laura's ass and vagina. They both started at the same time, slowly at first but then going faster, harder, and deeper as it progressed. In minutes, both of them were going balls deep (pardon the pun) into Laura at a very fast speed. Draco got the feeling and began to pull out when Laura shook her head and forced it back down her throat.

Both Shiro and Draco moaned and said, "I-I'm coming!!" as Draco shot his peach-flavored nectar down Laura's throat and Shiro pumped Shiro's vagina full of her hot seed. Then Laura pushed her butt down a bit and began using the new precum that was already coming out to lube her ass.

"H-hey, what are you doing, Shiro?" Draco asked.

"It's ok Draco. I am curious about anal sex. I've heard that it hurts at first but then feels better as you go." Laura responded.

Draco then used his magic on Laura, and then said, "OK, now it won't hurt. I've made those muscles relaxed and changed the electro-configuration of your nerves to allow for maximum endorphin release."

Laura looked at him puzzled, and Shiro said, "Oh, he means that you will feel pleasure no matter what enters you ass or what happens to it."

Laura nodded and said, "Well, why didn't he just say so?"

Draco chuckled and said, "Well, it's not every day I can flaunt my knowledge, you know."

Shiro eased her dick into Laura's ass while Draco, lying underneath Laura, put his dick into Laura's vagina. Both of them began to pump harder and faster in sync. All three of them were moaning from all the pleasure that they were all feeling thanks to Draco's magic. Draco began to kiss Laura intimately while massaging her clitoris, all this while ramming his penis into her vagina. All three of them peaked, reaching a plateau of pure pleasure release that they had never experienced before, the sheer pleasure soaring through their bodies made it impossible to talk or to quiet their moans of joy and happiness. Finally, after a full minute long orgasm, they all laid down on the bed with Draco in the middle.

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