tagGroup SexA Tribute To Bisexual Men

A Tribute To Bisexual Men


My name is Nicole. I am a young Black woman living in Boston. Man, do I have a story to tell you. It's about the time I met the love of my life and was introduced to a whole new world. In life, sometimes things happen and you never see them coming. Since you're going to be hanging with me for some time, I think I should let you know who you're dealing with. I'm a caramel-skinned sister, standing five feet ten inches tall, with short black hair and pale green eyes. My eyes are naturally green, I get them from my father's side of the family. My father was biracial. Half Mexican and half Black. My mother was a jet-black African American beauty queen when they met and produced beautiful me. Since there are males reading this, and probably some jealous hussies, let me let you know the fine details of my physique. I got chest. I got face. I got ass. I've got a bubble butt, actually. The kind that makes the boys go crazy and drives the girls mad with jealousy. I've been called a dime piece and an ebony goddess by many a man. Since it's an accurate description of me, I don't bother correcting them.

Anyway, I live in Boston and I go to Suffolk University. I want to become a police officer someday. My father was a cop. My mother was a social worker. Being a civil servant is sort of in my blood, wouldn't you say? So, here I was at school when the whole thing began. I was in my accounting class when this fine-looking brother walked in. I mean, the boy was fine! He was around six-foot-two, dark-skinned, a bit hefty but pretty in the face. He was well-dressed and had a great smile. He had a football player's build and I loved that about him on the spot. By chance or by design, he sat in my row.

I smiled to myself. Maybe God was smiling down at me on this day. I looked at him and noticed that he was even cuter up close. I had to get his attention. I 'accidentally' let my pen fall and he picked it up for me. I smiled, thanked him and asked him his name. The brother's name was Stephen. He was a new student at Suffolk, straight from Georgia. I licked my lips. Since he was new in town, he probably didn't have a girlfriend. This was too easy.

The next time I ran into Stephen was at the school library, later that day. I didn't follow him, I swear. There he was, sitting at a table by himself, reading. There's something so sexy about a cute guy reading. Most cute guys I know aren't too bright. They get by on their looks, just like many dumb females I know. I could tell that Stephen didn't fit into that category. I approached him and greeted him. He smiled at me and pulled the chair for me. I usually pull my own chair and I don't expect anyone to do it for me but a nice gesture is always appreciated. So, we sat down and started talking. Stephen was reading Fundamentals of Criminal Justice. I was surprised. We were both in the same field. Stephen laughed and told me about his dream of one day becoming a police officer. I grinned, since it was my dream too. He went on, telling me about his life in Atlanta. I didn't really listen. I was too busy imagining that fine body of his in a dark police uniform. Man, officer Stephen would be welcome to strip search me any damn time! Heck, I'd probably fake being a criminal just to feel his manly hands on me. We talked for some time. So much that I almost ended up late for my next class, Psychology. I didn't really mind. Stephen was so cute and smart and easy to talk to. He seemed a bit shy but in a good way, you know. A cute guy who's a bit shy is a lot more appealing that a good-looking guy who is cocky. I've heard men say that good-looking women are often bitches. Well, good-looking guys with a lot of confidence can sometimes be jerks, too. It goes both ways.

When I went to my dorm that night, I did my homework real quick and then lay on my bed, thinking. Last year around this time, I was a senior at Randolph high school. I still lived with my dysfunctional family. Now, thank heavens, I was finally on my own. All my years of hard work in high school paid off. I was a young Black woman in a school full of rich white kids. It's only my brains which got me there. Maintaining a high GPA. Key to keeping the academic scholarship I had won. It's weird, you know.

All those years, I wanted to be on my own. I wanted to escape my abusive mother and my psychotic kid sister. They messed me up in so many ways. If you live in a house full of broads, you know how I feel. Maybe that's why I usually hang out with the guys. Men are a lot easier to deal with than women. Take it from me, a woman who knows. My thoughts wandered back to high school. All those years, all I wanted to do was escape from my nightmarish home. I wanted to see the world. I wanted to have a life. I didn't have time for dating. While other girls and boys went on dates, I spent many a night at home. The highlight of my day was playing basketball with my friends, Luke and Franklin. Unfortunately, neither of them ever saw me as more than a buddy. I went to sleep, dreaming of freedom and hope, and wondering if I would ever find a strong Black man to be by my side.

I went back to school the next day. It's tough out there, being surrounded by rich white kids all the time. Most of them didn't even have to work. I did. My scholarship provided me with free education and a place to stay in the dormitories but what would I do during the summer? I needed money if I wanted to get myself an apartment. I worked as a delivery girl for an adult Video store. Basically, I drove a truck full of porn videos, DVDs and adult magazines and even toys and accessories. It was fun. I've always been a bit kinky. I loved working alongside the guys at work. I'm the kind of girl who can be just one of the guys when she goes somewhere. Men can actually be themselves around me. I laugh at crude jokes, and I tell a few. Also, being the kind of girl who owns a porn collection also helps. The good thing about the job was that we sometimes got discounts on videos at various adult video stores. That was awesome. All I had to do was show them my work ID and I would only pay fifty percent of the regular price of any video and DVD. What can I say, I love my job!

Sometimes, I get really bored. This was my second semester at Suffolk. I had a lot to deal with. Five classes isn't an easy load, even when you're smart. I was a lonely girl, I can tell you that much. There were a lot of hunky guys on campus. Good-looking white, Hispanic and Asian males. Unfortunately, there weren't many Black guys and most of them had girlfriends. I don't have anything against men of all races, and I would definitely hook up with a white, Hispanic or Asian guy if he was cute, smart and knew how to treat me right. But my preference is for Black men. What can I say? I like the way they smell and taste!

The only single Black men on campus were either gay or they had issues. I was one unlucky sister! I mean, I'm a good-looking girl and all that, yet I don't seem to have any luck in that department. The last boyfriend I had, Thomas Jenkins, was a fine Black stud who unfortunately went to Georgia Tech. We parted amicably enough. I was all the way in Boston. Long distance is never a good thing for any romantic relationship. I think it's a good thing we ended. We spared ourselves a lot of pain and heartbreak. Thomas was probably having fun in Georgia, with a hot chick on his arm. I was alone in my bed night after night.

I needed something to spice up my life. Naturally, I thought of Stephen, who seemed to be the only single, attractive Black male on campus. Unfortunately, I didn't see him for some time. He didn't show up in class. I thought something might have happened to him. He didn't seem like the type to cut class. Speaking of spice, I went to the adult video store and picked up some videos. I have no interest in watching a chick with fake breasts doing it with some guy. No thanks. Straight porn bores me, the women are always faking it and it is not fun to watch. Now, gay and bisexual porn really get me going. Something about watching two hunky men going at it with each other gets me all hot and bothered. I loved porn videos featuring Black men with big dicks doing it with other Black men. Some sisters say they don't like gay men. I do. I really like watching them. Male homosexual sex has a primal quality that heterosexual and lesbian sex simply lack. A guy knows what a guy needs.

So, I popped the video into the VCR and started watching it. The first scene was really hot. I saw a tall, dark-skinned brother lying on a bed by a large pool. A few moments later, a good-looking light-skinned brother joined him and they started kissing. Just watching them got me hot. I slid my hand into my panties and started fingering myself. I watched the two men go at it. The dark brother positioned himself behind the light-skinned guy and grabbed him by the hips. He thrust his cock into the guy's ass and started pumping it into him. He fucked him good. I watched that big black cock sliding between the other man's butt cheeks. It was hot. The dark brother really knew how to pump his cock into a man's ass. The light-skinned guy was screaming and jerking himself off as the dark guy fucked him. They went at it until the dark guy came and pulled out of his male lover's ass. It was over. I looked at the wetness between my legs. I had come, simply from fingering myself while watching two men fuck each other. It was amazing. I popped another video into the VCR and started watching.

This new video had some hardcore bisexual content. I sometimes like watching two bisexual men fuck each other while a hot woman watches participates. It's the action between the men that I like watching. Females don't do it for me. Anyhow, I started watching this new flick. The first scene was kind of hot. I saw a tall, nice-looking Hispanic man walk into a room. There was a female in there. A thick Black girl with an okay face, big tits and a big ass. The Black chick got up from the bed and greeted the Hispanic dude, who was obviously her lover. They kissed and started fucking almost right away. The Black girl took the Hispanic man's cock into her mouth and sucked it. She licked his balls and sucked his cock while he stroked her short hair. He was thrusting that big cock of his into her mouth and she took all he had to give. Finally, he came all over her face. He then flipped her on her back and spread her legs wide open. I watched as he slid his cock into her ass and started pumping away.

Now, this scene might seem hot to you but to me, it was just okay. I like watching two males having sex. A man and a woman doing it doesn't really fly with me. Still, I liked watching a bitch with a huge butt getting fucked in the ass by a big dick. I know plenty of straight men agree with me. Still, this was a bisexual video, so this straight stuff wouldn't fly for too long. Surely enough, a third party joined them. I watched as a tall, beefy Black guy strode into the room, naked as a jaybird. I looked at him, and gasped. No, it couldn't be! No way! That body, that face! The newcomer to the scene could have been a clone of Stephen, the guy from my class at school! I watched, fascinated. I couldn't believe it. The Black guy joined the Hispanic dude and the thick ghetto chick on the bed. He kissed them both, then lay there while they sucked his cock and balls. The Hispanic dude sucked the Black guy's nuts and the ghetto chick licked his cock. As the scene went on, I knew that this was in fact Stephen that I was watching on the video.

The scene continued. Now, the Hispanic dude was on all fours, his butt cheeks spread. Stephen, or Stephen's clone, came up behind him and entered him from behind. Stephen grabbed the Latin guy by the hips and started pumping away, fucking him hard and fast. The Black chick who had ghetto written all over her watched the two men going at it and fingered herself. I was basically doing the same thing, and it seemed to turn me on even more that the man who was doing things with the other guy was someone I knew. Oh, yeah. The sex was sizzling. Stephen continued to fuck the Hispanic guy, and the ghetto chick got under him and started sucking the Latin dude's cock. It was the hottest thing I'd seen in a while.

When Stephen was done screwing the Latin guy, the fine Black stud told the ghetto chick to assume the position, and she quickly complied. She spread her ass cheeks wide open and he rubbed his cock against her tiny hole. He applied some lube on her crack and then pushed. His cock slid right into her asshole, and he started pumping away. The bitch was screaming at the top of her lungs. The Latin guy watched this, jerking himself off. Stephen fucked the ghetto chick for a while, drilling his dick deep into her tight back door. Finally, he came, flooding her hole with his seed. It was over.

I watched all this, and realized that I was sweating and feeling quite hot, all over. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. My panties were damp from what I had just watched. A no holes barred threesome between two bisexual men and a woman. Hot! I fingered myself while watching it a second time, and came several times that night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Tomorrow, I would see Stephen at school. Amazing. The tall, handsome Black stud whom all the chicks at school wanted was actually bisexual. Not only bisexual, but he was also a porn star. Man, I knew there was a reason why I liked him so much. He was a hunky bisexual Black male. Something I fantasized about every night. I really wanted to get close to that sexy body of his. I didn't care if he had a boyfriend or a girlfriend, he needed to give a horny sister some play. Tomorrow, I told myself. That's when the fun of seduction really begins.

The End.

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