A Trick, A Treat


Jamie drove down the long spiral toward the ground, and he asked, "So, was that good? The acting, I mean?"

"It was wonderful. I had no idea it was you until you were almost to the car, and I really liked your Lance."

"I loved your Kitty, too." He chuckled and added, "Both ways."

"Thank you for remembering my fantasies. The way you took me was just..." She let out a sensual growl, unable to find any words. "I didn't even think about doing it in public. I can't believe we did it, but oh my god. Then you top it off by indulging my pilot fetish, too."

She moaned after flicking a glance at him. "Where'd you get the uniform?"

"It is Halloween," he replied with mock condescension. "I had to go to three or four places to find it, actually."

"Well, remember where you got it, because we might just need it again," Jamie suggested as she pulled out onto the road. Now off the twisting ramp, she turned to him and licked her lips while twitching her eyebrows.

Jeremy waited until his wife paid for the parking at the gate, and then asked, "So, am I forgiven?"

"I suppose. Someone told me that I should give you a dressing down for not keeping up the maintenance on the car, though."

He laughed. "There's still some good wine left from the party. A few people are staying in town for another night, so we could have a mini-party tomorrow."

"I'd like that." She reached over and traced a finger up his thigh. "What do we do with the rest of tonight, though?"

"Well, I did sort of pick up something else while I was hunting for this at the costume shops."

"Let me guess — Princess Leia?"

He actually blushed when he nodded his head.

Jamie put her foot down on the accelerator, more than ready to skyrocket into another galaxy of bliss as his scantily-clad slave Princess. Never in her wildest dreams had she expected a Halloween treat this sweet.

She moaned at the thought and said, "I think the Force is with you."


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Hey, it fits the description of the category to the letter. I thought readers might enjoy the change of pace, and the comments should be fun.

Won't you leave me a vote and maybe drop me a line? After all, it only takes a few moments of your time.

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by Prinzmettle08/05/17

Very nice!

A well-told story, even if I got suspicious near the end. Thanks.

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