tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to Santa Barbara

A Trip to Santa Barbara


My wife, Mary, and I, flew to Santa Barbara for a 6 month stay. The company we worked for shipped us out here on a volunteer TDY.

When we arrived, we had reservations at the local hotel. It was privately owned. Mary was checking us in. Our room number is 203."

Mary said "Ben, would you mind going across the street to the 7-11 and buying two 6 packs of Miller Hi Life beer in the bottles? I will take care of checking us in."

"By the time you get back I will be finished here. I will leave our room door cracked open so you can get in."

I said "Okay, I can do that."

So I left the hotel and went across the street to get the beer. I walked back to the hotel and took the steps up to the second floor.

I walked down the hallway where I saw an open door. It was 203. I went inside and closed the door and saw Mary. She was laying on the bed naked. It got my attention.

Mary said "I could tell on the plane that you needed a blowjob. Do you want it now or later?"

I said "Later. But what about you. Do you need something?"

Mary said "Would you mind going down on me. How do you feel about that?"

I said "Yes, that would be fine with me."

Mary said "Okay. Lets try it. It has been awhile since you given me oral sex. I don't feel like any ball banging right now."

I said "That's okay with me. I've been wanting to go down on you. You know that."

Mary said "I know baby. We will start doing this more often. Okay?"

I said "Yes, that sounds really good." I got naked. My dick was already hard. I climbed in bed and kissed her 3 times. I let my tongue slide from her lips to her boobs. I started kissing and sucking her nipples. That really got her going. Her nipples are really sensitive.

My tongue slid down across her abs to her pussy. I kissed her clit. I slid my tongue down the right side of her inner lips to the bottom of her pussy. I then slid my tongue up the left side to the top. I kissed her clit. That started the drum rolling.

I repeated my tongue going around her pussy back to the top. I kissed her pussy and sucked it. She was starting to roll her body back and forth. I slid my tongue down and back up to the top again and then I attacked her clit.

I started sucking her clit and flicking it with my tongue and sucking it and flicking it kept doing this until she grabbed my hair and her body went stiff. I moved my body getting ready to put my dick in her pussy.

When she relaxed and started breathing, I slid my dick in her pussy. I kept going in and out. This relaxed her. She was moaning and enjoying my dick.

I said "Mary, are you ready for another orgasm?"

Mary said "Yes, I like another one maybe 2 more."

I said "Great, I'm ready to go." I pulled my dick from her pussy. I got back down on her. My tongue kissed her clit. She moaned with that. My tongue went down her pussy and up to the top and to her clit. I kissed it and then sucked it.

She was getting close. I went back down and up for the second time. I started flicking and sucking her clit again. I kept doing that.

My tongue went back down and up for the third time. I started sucking and flicking her pussy over and over until she grabbed my hair again and her body went stiff again. Orgasm number 2.

When she relaxed and started breathing again, I slid my dick in her pussy going in and out. She was still enjoying her second orgasm while my hard dick was going in and out. I kept doing this for about 1 minute.

I said "Mary, ready for number 3?"

Mary said "Yes, one more, that's all. I don't want to go to five. 3 is enough for today."

I said "Okay my love, here we go." I pulled my dick from her pussy and then my tongue was going down and back up to the top of her pussy and straight to sucking her clit and flicking my tongue.

I kept doing this 2 more times. I could feel her body getting ready. i started sucking her clit and flicking my tongue. I kept doing that and then her body went stiff again. She finally relaxed.

My tongue started lapping up her pussy juice. I got as much as I could.

Mary said "I want you dick in my mouth."

I said "Okay baby." She was still lying down so I placed my knees one on each side of her. I put my hard dick on her lips. She opened her mouth and I slid my dick inside. She lapped all the pussy juice off my dick. She likes that as much as she like cum.

She kept sucking my dick until it was clean. I said "I don't want to cum right now baby, maybe later tonight?"

Mary said "Whenever you are ready, just let me know."

She then said "I noticed a sauna and hot tub downstairs."

I said "You want to go?"

Mary said "Yes, I want to go. Go ahead and put on 20 rings."

I had to remove my rings before we left home. We knew we had to go thru metal detectors at the airport.

I said "Where did you put them?"

Mary pointed and said "Top drawer over there."

I found the rings. I counted 20 and laid them on the bed. It took me 6 minutes to put them on.

Mary put on her thong suit. She gave me a towel. She had me wear it over my shoulder hanging down just low enough to cover my dick. My balls were hanging out with my 20 ball rings on.

We left the hotel room. We went to the hot tub. Mary got in. I hanged the towel on the loop. I was standing there naked.

Mary said "The water is great. Come on baby, get in."

I said "Okay." I climbed in and sat next to her.

We got comfortable. She started stroking my dick until it was rock hard.

Mary says "Ben, I want you to keep your dick hard while we are in the hot tub."

I said "No problem. You know I love keeping my dick hard."

Mary said "Damn, I forgot the beers. I'm going back to the room to get 2. You stay here until I come back."

Mary grabbed my towel to cover her bare ass and left.

A few minutes later 2 ladies showed up. They hung up their towels and got in.

One said "My name is Stephanie and this is my friend Lori."

I said "I'm glad to meet you. My name is Ben."

I was checking Lori out, She was really nice looking and a hot body. Her bathing suit was skimpy. Not covering much. I was glad they showed up.

The hot tub didn't give me much cover. If one of the 2 ladies look, they would see my hard dick. My dick head was just below the water level. If they just look, they had to see it. If I moved a little, my dick head would be above the water.

Lori asked "Are you on vacation?"

Ben said "No, my wife and I are on TDY for 6 months."

Lori said "Where did you fly from?"

I said "Orlando."

Lori said "What company do you work for?"

I told her.

Lori said "That's interesting. We work for the same company. We flew in from Louisiana. I'm an engineer and Steph works in quality."

I said "So you work on the External Tank project. I'm an engineer too. My wife works in a Tair station."

Lori says "Yes we do. You probably know that is where the ET's are built. I'm sure we will bump to each other at work next week."

Steph whispered something to Lori. Lori smiled at me and was looking at the water where my dick head is.

Step said "Ben, it looks like you don't have anything on."

My wife showed up at the right time with 2 beers in her hand. She hung the towel up and got in. She handed me a beer.

Mary says "How are you 2 doing?"

Lori said "We are doing fine. My name is Lori and this is my friend Stephanie."

Mary said "I'm glad to meet you. My name is Mary and this is my husband, Ben."

Lori said "We already met Ben."

Ben said "They work for the same company. Lori is an engineer and Stephanie works in quality."

Mary said "It sure is a small world."

Lori said "Yes it is. Now that you're here, we notice that Ben is naked."

Mary says "That's my fault. I hope it doesn't bother you."

Lori says "Not at all. We both like what we see. We were just wondering, what are those metal things he has on?"

I was stroking keeping my dick hard.

Mary said "Oh, they are metal rings around his balls. They are really fascinating."

Lori said "Would it be okay if we could get a better look of the metal rings?"

Mary says "Sure. Ben go a head and stand up for the ladies."

Ben says "Okay", and stands up. I was thinking I'm glad my dick's hard. You get a better look of the rings when my dick is hard.

Lori says "Wow. Your balls hang so low. You look so sexy with those rings on. I never seen anything like that. Why does he wear them?"

Mary said "He likes the feeling of them." She whispers softly "It's great for sex. I have 5 orgasms every time we have sex."

Stephanie whispers to Lori "Did she say 5 orgasms?"

Lori said "I think that's what she said." She looks at Mary "Did you say 5 orgasms every time you have sex?"

Mary said "That's right. I do."

Lori says "How does Ben bring you to 5 orgasms?"

Mary says "Lets just say he's a good lover."

Mary tells Ben to sit back down.

Stephanie says "How can he do that? Do those rings have something to do with that?"

Mary says "They have a lot to do with that."

Stephanie said "I have a boyfriend and Lori is married. We been best of friends since high school. I can speak for both of us. Neither of us have orgasms when having sex with our men."

Mary said "I'm sorry to hear that. That's unfortunate. I had the same problem with my first husband."

Lori said "Yes it is. So can you tell us how you are able to have 5 orgasms every time. That seems impossible."

Mary said "I can tell you, it's true. But there's really nothing you can do."

Stephanie says "Can you please tell us."

Mary says "Okay. First I want to tell you, If we are having sex for intimacy and love, we have sex the normal way with Ben on top and sometimes I'm on top. Usually, neither of us cum in this situation. We know that when we start."

"However, If Ben needs to cum and believe me, I know when he needs to cum, I give him a blowjob. Even when I'm sucking his dick, it is with love."

Lori say "Okay I understand that. That is really nice. But no orgasms."

Mary says "I'm getting to that. When we are having sex so I can have orgasms, we have sex doggy style. Not as intimate. Ben starts by sliding his dick in my pussy. Some times he slides his dick in and out to relax me. He then gets into a rhythm with his dick going in and out of my pussy and his balls banging against my clit."

"Are you following this so far?"

Lori said "Yes, keep going. This is really something."

Mary says "Okay, He keeps banging my clit with his balls. Orgasms just keep coming on and on until I can't take anymore which is 5 orgasms."

Lori says "That is amazing."

Mary says "Lori, there is more and it's the best part. Something happens to me after 5 orgasms?"

Lori said "What?"

"When Ben stops pounding my clit, My clit keeps quivering anyway. Then I get these, I call minor orgasms, 5, 10, sometimes even more. I feel really overwhelmed every time until they stop."

"Ben's dick never stops going in and out of my pussy thru all of that. It's so soothing on me. It's really hard to explain. But Ben keeps doing that until I'm ready for him he cum. That's about it. That covers everything."

Lori said "That is an unbelievable story. How often do you do that?"

Mary says "We usually have sex 3 times every 2 weeks. But that may very depending on other events we have. But I always have 5 orgasms once every 2 weeks. Sometimes sooner if I need it."

Lori says "What a wonderful relationship you and Ben have. I can feel the love between you. It is so strong. Plus, you both care for each so much."

Mary says "That's nice of you to say that."

Lori said "Mary, I would be thrilled to find a man like Ben."

Ben said "Lori, our marriage relationship is great. But I got news for you. Mary is a fantastic woman. I know if I had met you instead, it would of not worked. I'm very, very lucky finding Mary."

Lori said "You might be right. But I'm starting to realize that all successful marriage relationships must work around keeping the woman sexually satisfied. If that doesn't happen, marriages start falling apart. What do you think Mary?"

Mary says "I never given that much thought. But, what you say makes sense. Its probably true for a lot of marriages. I'm going to look into that."

Lori said "Look at my marriage. I always felt something was wrong, but I couldn't think what it was. Then one day I realized Jim has never tried to keep me sexually satisfied. Now he goes looking for it somewhere else. He won't find it there either, because he is the problem."

Lori says "There are other ways for women to have orgasm."

Mary said "Sure, If only men will learn how to properly perform oral sex on women. Men can use their tongue and fingers to massage women's clits. Most men will do that but not long enough. Women get one orgasm then men expect a blowjob."

Mary said "Ben is as good on oral sex as he is good banging his balls. Before we came down here, Ben had oral sex on me. I had 3 orgasms when we were done. I am still feeling it."

Lori said "How long does the feeling last? I have not had an orgasm yet."

Mary says "It lingers on for awhile, a couple hours maybe."

Lori says "Jim loves when I suck his dick, but he never uses his tongue on my clit. But he keeps wanting to cum in my mouth. But Jim doesn't like licking my pussy. That's what he says. Going thru high school and college, most men had no idea where women's clit is located. I had guys going down on me but they didn't know what to do or how to do it."

Mary said "We all had the same problem in high school. But men wanted us to suck their dicks and swallow their cum."

Steph laughed and said. Not just high school, it's the same thing at our age."

Mary said "Long before I met Ben, I had 0 orgasms with my first husband, He only cared for himself. He wanted blowjobs all the time. I finally divorced him. At the time, I was sure I would never marry again. I figured all men were the same."

No one spoke for a second, then Mary said "Then I met Ben, he was already wearing 25 rings on his balls. I saw them even before we started dating. I was fascinated with them."

Lori says "He had 25 rings on his balls when you met?"

Mary said "That's right. I fell in love with him at first sight. Ben felt the same way. After making love with him, I knew I was going to marry him. And we did 8 months later."

Lori says "I would of done the same thing. Did you have orgasms with him the first time you made love?"

Mary said "Yes, 3 orgasms. It was first time I had an orgasm. I didn't know at the time what happens to me when I have 5 orgasms. We found that out later."

Mary continue "But thinking back, Ben loved going down on me. He used his tongue on my clit until I had an orgasm. He keeps telling me he rather do that then use his balls on me. I was the first person he used his balls on."

Lori said "Really? Which one do you like the most, his tongue or his balls?"

Mary said "I don't know. I should be listening to him."

She grabs Ben's hand and says "Baby you were great today. I like your balls a lot too. I'm going to change and let you use your tongue on me more often."

Ben says "Thank you baby."

Lori said "I would love to feel his balls on me? I also would love to feel his tongue on my clit. If he is so good at both, it would be nice to feel both ways."

Mary said "I don't think I want Ben's tongue on your clit. I'm sorry. But I will let him use his balls, if you want to feel that?

Lori said "That's okay, I would love to feel his balls banging my clit."

Mary looked at Ben then said "Would you like to have some fun with these 2 beautiful ladies?"

Ben said "If it's okay with you, then it's fine with me."

Lori said "Really, you would do that with someone you don't know?"

Stephanie said "Are you crazy Lori? You're right, we don't even know them."

Lori says " Steph, that's true. But I'm going to do it. You should to."

Mary said "Lets head back to our room. Ben would you get our beers please. We can talk about it there."

I get out and let the ladies see my hard dick and balls again. It was those 2 ladies who got my dick hard. Now they were taking another look at it.

Mary gave me a towel. I laid it over my shoulder.

Mary took a look at it. She adjusted the towel so it was laying on top of my hard dick. So my dick and balls were in plan view.

Lori looked and said "Mary, that looks perfect on him, sexy to the 10th degree. I could suck his dick right now."

Mary said "Ben is a exhibitionist so he likes everything out."

Lori said "You lucky dog. It must be fun having an exhibitionist as a husband?"

Mary said "Oh yes, it has been fun."

While walking to our room Lori got next to her friend Stephanie. She said to her "Have you looked at Ben with the towel on?"

Steph says "No, why?"

Lori said "Just turn around and take a quick look."

Stephanie turns around and looks and says "Shit, that is so fucking hot."

Lori says "I know, fuck. Mary just told me that Ben is a exhibitionist."

Steph says "You're kidding me, right?"

Lori says "No, he really is."

Steph says "Damn, I wouldn't mind having a husband who is a exhibitionist."

Lori said "Me too, fuck. I got the opposite of an exhibitionist for a husband."

Steph says "We both do."

We get to the room. Mary opens the door and we all go in. The door closes.

Ben tosses the towel on the dresser.

Mary asks the 2 ladies "Do you 2 care for a beer?"

They both said yes. Mary handed them each a beer.

Mary says "Have you 2 ladies made up your mind?"

Lori says "I'm doing it."

Mary said "Good, you will have an experience you'll never forget. What about you Steph?"

Steph says "If Lori has 5 orgasms. I will definitely do it too."

Lori says "I'm ready as I ever will be."

Mary says "Then remove all your clothes."

Lori says "Okay." She thought only Ben and I are going to be naked.

Mary says "Lori, Do you want to go for 5 orgasms?"

Lori says "We'll see. I never had an orgasm before."

Mary said to Steph "If you don't mind, I want you to watch, so you know what to do."

Mary says "Well Lori, you will really enjoy this. But first, we need to determine the location of your clit."

Lori said "How do you do that?"

Mary said "It's easy. Ben will put his dick in your pussy and then he will start banging his balls against your clit. If he is not hitting your clit, You need to tell us where his balls are hitting you. If he is hitting your clit, we will know. Are you ready?"

Lori said "Yes, lets do this before I change my mind."

Mary said "Lori you need to bend over on the bed. I'm going to put a little lubricant in your pussy."

Mary says "Okay Lori now is the time. Climb on the bed and get in position on all fours."

Mary said "Okay Lori, that's good."

Mary says "Ben. Do your thing."

Ben says "Okay Lori. Here we go. I'm going to slide my dick inside you."

Lori says "Okay Ben. I can feel your dick going in and out."

Ben says "Okay Lori, I'm going to start banging my balls."

Lori says "This is fucking cool. I love the feeling of your hard dick going in and out, in and out. Ohhhh I can feel your balls hitting my pussy just below my clit."

Mary said "Okay Lori. You said below your clit?"

Lori said "Yes, just a bit below my clit."

Ben will take his dick out now.

Lori said "Okay."

Ben slowly pulls his dick out and Lori moans "oohhhhhhh."

Ben says "What do you think Mary, 1 or 2 rings?"

Mary says "Lori said you were just below her clit. Try 1 ring."

Ben said "Okay I will add 1 ring.

Ben walks over to the dresser. He pulls open the drawer and takes 1 ring. He slips the ring on around his balls. "Okay. 1 ring added. I have on 21 rings now."

Mary says "Okay Lori, here we go again."

Ben says "Okay Lori, my dick is going back in your pussy again."

Lori says "Okay, I can feel your dick. It feels so good, so good."

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