tagInterracial LoveA Trip to Singapore Ch. 02

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 02


From the beginning, the sex was good. All the time spent together on the internet paid dividends. I knew how she thought she liked to be touched, I knew what signs of arousal she exhibited, she knew what I liked and tried to please me, Saturday night was more of the same.

She met me at my hotel, no sooner than the door had closed than we were tearing each others clothes off. I felt hot and sweaty from my days work -- she didn't care. Her mouth was all over me, kissing my neck, my mouth, sucking my tongue -- sucking my nipples. I pulled her shirt and pants off, releasing her breasts from her simple white bra, and sucking her nipples into my mouth. I walked her back to the chair where I pushed her onto the back and didn't bother to remove her panties. Pulling them aside, she pulled me by my cock and I slipped easily into her sweet pussy, she was wet enough that there was virtually no resistance. We fucked there, with me standing, Bridge sitting on the back of the chair, her legs wrapped around me, pulling and holding me deep inside her love tunnel. After we came we held each other, I slowly moved inside her, cum dripping out and falling on the floor, until finally my softened cock fell out. We went in and climbed in the shower where I washed her body from head to foot -- kissing nearly every inch of her dripping body while I did so. Afterward, she washed me, and although she didn't kiss all over my body, when her mouth passed by my now re-hardened cock she gave it a quick kiss.

When I began to shop for Bridgette, being a typical male, I had no idea what I wanted to get her. I searched on the net -- found Victoria's Secret and Fredericks, Wicked Weasel and other sexy bikini sites, lingerie and clothing sites. I got ideas and then continued searching for erotic, exotic clothes. I got lots more ideas, but it didn't all come together until I visited the local mall. Thinking I'd look for a ladies clothing store and beg for help, I found exactly what I was looking for. Being one that normally visits the mall maybe once a year, I'd never realized there was a Fredericks and a Victoria's Secret store, but there they were. Once inside VS, on a weekday morning with virtually no one else around I found myself greeted by a more than pleasant to look at young lady. When she asked if she could help me, I told her yes, that I knew what I liked but didn't know how to proceed.

I explained that I was planning a sure-thing seduction, and when she looked puzzled, I told her the truth - that I had a girlfriend I'd never met that lived in another country, that from her descriptions of herself and her life she had been constrained in everything she'd ever done but wanted to break out and experience life; that I had to go to work in her country and she'd already agreed to meet me knowing that at the very least we were going to have an affair -- but it was going to be a sure-thing seduction. I told her I had a few ideas of what I wanted, and the results that I wanted. I was looking for things that would allow a normally conservative woman to exhibit her sexuality, to feel that all eyes were on her, to make her feel wanton. I knew I wanted a few things, I wanted a shelf bra and something to wear it with; I wanted a "little black number" with a plunging neckline that would be worn braless; I wanted some thong bikini underwear; I wanted some bedtime lingerie; and I wanted some help to fill in the gaps between. I gave the sales girl the list of measurements and we were off and running. Between both stores I found everything I wanted and more.

Bridgette, as it turns out, was virtually the same size as the VS sales girl. At 170 cm, she's tall for an Asian, but pretty average for an American girl. I showed her Bridgette's picture, she said that was a big help as it showed Bridgette's skin color. The sales girl knew her colors, gave me a list of colors that would be best for Bridgette's skin tone, and she knew how to pick what would look good from my descriptions. I found the only thing that I'd missed was shoes size. A few days later I asked Bridgette what size shoes she wore, and went back to the same sales girl with the information. She helped me shop for shoes, and I had a complete sexy wardrobe to take to my conquest to be. Some internet shopping to buy a few things that I hadn't found locally and all that was left was to travel to Asia and meet my new lady friend.

When we climbed out of the shower, Bridgette was putty to my hands. We got dried and as she started out of the bath I pulled her to me, kissed her mouth, and then picked her up. Her legs naturally clamped around me, and I walked her over and sat her on the counter. "Do you trust me?" I asked. She nodded in reply. I had my hand between her legs, stroking her pubic hair. I asked her if she'd ever shaved before, she said she hadn't and I told her I wanted to shave her. At first she was hesitant, but finally she agreed to let me.

Setting right there on the counter I got some shaving cream and a new razor and lathered her pussy hair up. I took my time, careful not to nick her prize, and proceeded to shave her totally smooth. By the time I was finished her lips were glistening with moisture, and when I looked up, her nipples were erect again -- Bridgette was visibly aroused. I cleaned the remaining soap from her pussy with a washcloth, then knelt between her knees and licked, using just my tongue on her pussy and clit until she writhed uncontrollably in orgasm.

So far Bridgette had always dressed in a typical conservative business fashion. Although she'd had lacy panties, they'd been just a standard form; her bra had been a plain, white, lined model. Her clothes not revealing, but yet her form revealed itself. After I licked her to orgasm in the bathroom, we walked naked back to the bedroom and I opened the drawer to reveal the first of several outfits I gave her over the next couple of weeks.

As we had evening plans that night, it was the "little black number" with the neckline that plunged to her belly. The folds of material covered her breasts completely, as long as she didn't move too fast and let the material twist. I pulled out a matching black lace tanga panty for her although I considered asking her to go pantyless. I figured I was pushing it, as it turned out I was. Once she put on the dress, she kept saying "I can't go out like this!" I kept telling her she was stunning and looked marvelous. When she tried on the shoes we'd picked out, she found they were probably a half size too large, which considering that everything else fit like a glove wasn't too bad. I just let her protest -- and after a while I was pretty sure that she would wear what I'd brought her, despite her protests. She went into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup while I got dressed. When I followed her in, she had taken the dress off and was standing in only her shoes and tanga, which didn't do much to cover her gorgeous bottom. I just stood looking at her body, both the front through the mirror and the backside directly. I thought "Damn --did her ex-husband make a big mistake or what?"

A wonderful evening, dinner, entertainment, a walk -- what more could there be? Sex? Oh yeah, but that was later. Everywhere we went, Bridgette was a head turner. She was hot -- without a doubt. Later that evening we were standing by a fountain and I pulled her to me to kiss her and discovered an unexpected benefit of the dress. The deep plunging neck gave me easy access to her breasts. Slipping my hands inside the cloth I could either cup her breasts or slide the cloth to the side leaving her bare breasted in front of me. I glanced around, at the moment no one was there so I slipped it clear off, then holding her now exposed breasts with my hands rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. She didn't stop me, but when another couple walked around the corner I pulled the cloth back in place and they were none the wiser. I started to suggest we call it an evening, when she said "take me back to your room". She didn't have to ask twice.

I tried to please her, and altogether it was a memorable, pleasurable evening.

When I awoke, Bridgette was asleep beside me, lying on her side, her beautiful ass beckoning to me. I ran my hand over her bottom, and soon she was awake also. I had her move onto her hands and knees, entered her from behind and soon she was cumming again. With my lust from the night before somewhat slated, I slowed and paced myself and I soon had her cumming a second time. She stopped me and had me lie on my back and climbed right on top. She was now paying attention to me, milking my cock with her pussy while I fondled her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She was good, but I was determined not to come before she did again, and amazingly I did. I could feel her getting wetter, her motions becoming more urgent, trying to get me to orgasm, and when I was about to come I could tell she was also and reached for her clit. All it took was a touch and she orgasmed for a third time - I raised my hips, forcing my cock as deep into her as I could as I emptied my balls into her.

Bridgette collapsed against me, her head resting on my chest. We fell asleep with her laying atop me, my cock still in her the last I remembered. When I awoke, the bed was a mess, as were our genitals. I stroked her hair and cheek; she awoke and began to play with the hair on my chest. "How do you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?" I answered.

"You just keep doing it to me and always seem to be ready to do it again. How do you do it, my husband was never good for more than once or twice."

"Are you complaining?"

"Oh heavens no -- I was just wondering how long we can do this before I wear out." She rolled off, cuddling in the crook of my arm. We talked for a while, then decided we were both hungry and decided to shower and get some food.

After the shower she began to get dressed in her clothes and I stopped her. I took her grandma bra and holding it away from her dropped it in the trashcan. I took out a sexy see through bra and matching thong underwear set and had her try them on. At first she said "I can't wear these, what about my kids?"

"You're not dressing for your kids, or parents or co-workers," I answered, "You're dressing for me." I then pulled out some new clothes for her to wear, casual but sexy, resort style, and had her try them on. She liked them immediately, and soon we were off to see the town. Bridgette showed me her city, from top to bottom. When we finally returned near evening, we immediately jumped each others bones again before getting dressed to go out to dinner. Another evening, similar to Friday and Saturday, but this time she had to leave somewhat early to get her kids from her ex-husband.

We only got together for a couple of hours during the week. Each time there was that urgency of lust that took more time than we wanted. Each evening we were to go out to dinner, to spend a little more time getting to know each other, but instead we got to know each other in bed just a little more. And then, always too soon as far as we were both concerned, she had to return to her home and kids and another days work.

It was the third week in Singapore that the job came to a screeching halt. The gremlin of Engineering reared its ugly head, and the fix was a week and a half away. Highly unusual in my business, but suddenly I found myself with the opportunity of several days down time.

I immediately put a call in to my travel agent back home. It was the end of the day for her, but I told her what I had in mind and the next day she called me back with the options. I called Bridge and told her what was happening and asked if she could get away for a long weekend. I told her if she could, we would fly out Thursday morning and we would come back Tuesday. It took her maybe an hour and she called back -- she could get away. I called the travel agent and told her what sounded best and a couple of hours later I had a confirmation, we were off to Thailand.

Bridge took care of her kids arrangements Wednesday night, and then joined me for a late dinner. She came to the hotel, and as we were going out, my co-worker Peter and his wife, Annika, were just outside the hotel going to dinner also. A word of hello, introductions, a mutual invitation and we all agreed to join each other for dinner. Annika had been there for just over a week, she was flying out again on Sunday.

Peter and I have worked on different jobs together over the years. This was the first time however that I'd ever met his wife. Annika was a real sweatheart -- I found myself liking her immensely.

I didn't say anything, but knew that Peter never lacked for female accompaniment on job sites. Early to mid 30's, blond and good looking, he always seemed to find a girlfriend. I'd talked to him before about this; he said that although he was happily married, he and his wife were often separated for several months at a time. He said he that his wife had some boyfriends on the side when he was gone, and she knew that he had girlfriends, but when they got back together -- they were a couple, but they had an open marriage and often shared with others. All in all, I thought, a fairly healthy acceptance of their life and job requirements.

After dinner we bid them goodnight and Bridge and I started our long weekend properly -- in bed.

I pulled more of my "presents" for her when we got back to the room. Another negligee, a thong bikini which I was pretty sure I could convince her to wear outdoors, and a second one that I was sure she would wear for me -- but probably not outdoors. The first was only slightly skimpy in front -- with her pubes shaved she could of course wear anything, although it was total butt floss in back. I asked her to put it on, just to get her used to having it on. She did, and at first was adamant that there was no way she'd wear it and be comfortable, but as the time went on and I kept playing with her butt and telling her how hot she looked I knew I had her. When she put the second one on, I again wasn't sure she'd ever wear it anywhere except right there in front of me. The bra cups didn't cover her breasts, if her nipples were any larger they wouldn't have been completely covered. The narrow cloth strip barely covered her lips; together she was as close to nude as it's possible to be without being there. Although she professed embarrassment, when we ended up fucking without taking it off a few minutes later it was obvious that it turned her on. Later after we showered, she wore the baby doll negligee for me. It had split bottoms, she ended up wearing it all night.

In the morning we packed up to leave, everything of mine plus a suitcase for her clothes. When she came out wearing the skirt and blouse I made her raise it and show me what she was wearing underneath. She had one of her new thongs on, but I told her to take it off, I had one last present for her. I opened my bag and took out a pearl thong.

With a white lace top, the pearls did nothing for coverage, but then they weren't supposed to. She protested of course, but I told her I'd be right there with her, and nobody would be the wiser. Finally she put them on, the lace accenting her bottom, the pearls riding between her pussy lips. I kissed her and reached down -- as expected she was wet just from the thought of what was coming. She walked around the room, admitted the pearls were quite sensuous. We walked out of the hotel room and by the time we got to the elevator, she gripped my arm and told me that the pearls were making her really sensitive. About halfway across the lobby she stopped suddenly so I stopped and she told me I was going to have to wait -- the thong was too much and she was afraid her knees were about to buckle. Another pause while waiting for the taxi, she stood as still as she could, I looked over and her face was slightly flushed. She seemed normal standing in line at the airport, then another pause walking down the ramp.

The MD-80 for the flight was only about half full for this midweek trip, and we ended up in a row toward the back all by ourselves. Bridge was hanging on my arm by this time, and once we got off the ground, my fingers found her clit and the pearls and just a few minutes of rubbing them together and she clinched my arm in relief. Once she came, the rest of the less than two hour flight was uneventful, that is until we were nearly there. She pulled my arm to her lap, and again before we landed my finger put her over the top.

No sooner did we start moving on arrival than I could sense her arousal once again. A taxi ride, check in at the hotel and practically before the bellhop had left the room she was attacking me. Afterward as we were lying naked on our bed she again told me how she couldn't believe how much the pearl thong stimulated her, how "slutty" it made her feel being aroused to the verge of orgasm just by walking around, and how naked it made her feel knowing she had nothing covering her privates at all.

Koh Samuai was a vacation paradise. Beaches and bars, nightclubs and hotels and restaurants and shops. After lunch we began our stay with a trip to the adjacent beach.

Officially nudity and topless is at least frowned upon in Thailand, however nothing is ever said unless things get out of hand. Try and fuck on a public beach, you'll be arrested. Walk around naked sporting a boner, you'll get arrested. Sunbathe topless -- nobody will say anything. On the Koh Samuai beach, there were maybe twenty to thirty people spread around near the hotel, and several of the women were topless.

Unlike some beaches I've been to -- nobody walked around topless -- but once they spread their blankets or towels the tops disappeared. On the hotel grounds there was a masseuse advertising, and when we walked by I could see a good looking lady, apparently completely nude, lying on the table, her bottom half covered by a towel, her swimsuit sitting next to it on a chair. Surrounded on three sides by drawn shades, the fourth was completely open toward the hotel. Offically nudity may have been discouraged, but they obviously had a different outlook on life than the typical American.

Bridge didn't disappoint or surprise me, she wore the "larger" thong, along with a pair of shorts to go to the beach. Once we got there, she looked around, and seeing several thongs and several topless, hesitated only momentarily and dropped her shorts. She had me put lotion on her back, and when she turned I admired her totally naked backside, except for the thong strips, as I lathered her up with suntan lotion while she covered her front herself. I had her put lotion on my back side, then we slowly toasted in the tropical sun.

It wasn't long and it became obvious the protocol was to either have a sunshade, or every 5 minutes traipse to the water to cool off. The water wasn't that cool, so after about 15 minutes I went and rented us a shade, otherwise we'd have burned to a crisp that first afternoon, whether we lotioned up or not. I said nothing to Bridge about going topless, I figured I'd let things settle out for themselves.

The rest of Thursday and Friday we sunbathed, and swam, and went shopping and bar hopping and traveled around the island. One of the bars we stopped in was a strip club and/or a brothel, as were several others that we didn't stop in. Several of the nearly naked women, all covered but wearing see through or suggestive clothing, asked us if we were looking for a woman to join us. We assured them we were fine, but when we found the price of the drinks we soon moved on down the road. It wasn't until we had found a restaurant that it dawned on me that Bridge hadn't worn her "pearl necklace". She admitted she hadn't as she didn't think she could have taken the continual stimulation for as much walking as we were doing. I'm sure she was correct.

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