tagGroup SexA Trip to Singapore Ch. 04

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 04


The following day back to work, our equipment finally caught up, and now the installation and testing was behind. Although production had failed, it was once again up to the field people to bring things in on time. For the next week, we worked 12 and 14 hour days. I tried to call Bridge at night to check in, but didn't get to see her again until Saturday. Every evening we talked, only now on the phone whereas before it had been through e-mail and instant messaging.

The first night all we could talk about was how much fun we'd had. As Bridgette said, the entire vacation she'd felt so "deliciously naughty." Wednesday night she told me about talking with her girlfriend at work, Nan. Nan was 27, single, and a real party girl. She said that although she's never been a close friend, that they'd had discussion many times, and being single had shared information about their dates and weekends.

This time she said when Nan came by she just said, "What did you do, fuck non-stop all weekend?" When she asked her why she would ask such a thing, she just looked at her and said "Because you look like you did." She said she couldn't hold back and broke into a grin. She said she'd tell her later, so they went to lunch and she told her the whole story -- the pearl thong, finger fucking on the plane, skinny dipping, sex on the beach -- the thong on the beach that didn't cover anything -- she admitted everything. Nan was agog, saying it was the most daring affair she'd ever heard of. After she told me this, of course she said she wished we could be together as she was so horny. I promised her we'd get together on the weekend.

Late Friday night when I called, Bridgette told me all about her day, how she'd had to sit in an otherwise boring every Friday morning meeting, and unbeknownst to her co-workers - had an orgasm during the meeting. She said that in the morning she'd been really horny and wanted to be naughty again just like the previous weekend, so she'd put on the pearl thong. She said she wore it with her skirt around the house while she was getting the kids ready, then when she was ready to go to work she just decided to wear it all day. No one else would know, and she could entertain herself all day. Since her skirt was fairly long, she wasn't worried about being discovered. When the meeting came, she sat back crossed her legs and discovered one of the pearls was resting hard against her clit. Every time she bounced her leg a little the pearl would move and tweak her clit -- just a little. She told me how just before the meeting came to an end, she just started bouncing her leg again and again until she came; in the meeting, completely surrounded by her co-workers - both male and female. She said that after the meeting she'd had to go take the thong off as it distracted her so much that she couldn't concentrate. Every movement teased and tickled, keeping her thoughts on her clit and how to come again instead of her work. She said after she took it off, she went without panties for the rest of the day -- which was also "so naughty" as she was in the work environment.

From being like honeymooners and nearly fucking ourselves raw to getting nothing for the next 4 days, it was like turning a light switch off. By Saturday we were both craving each other and although that night was good, I had to work Sunday. When I got home fairly early Saturday evening, worn out and fried, I was rejuvenated to find Bridgette in my room, dressed in a sweet little negligee that left no doubt about why she was there. It didn't matter that I was feeling dirty from work and needed a shower, she didn't want kissing or hugging -- she wanted fucking, hard and fast and furious. Soon she was on her back on the bed, her legs around my waist while I stood at the end and pistoned her until we'd both cum hard. Afterward we went into the shower and cleaned up. I shaved my beard in the shower but when I started to lather up down below, Bridgette said she wanted to shave me. We got out, then shaved each other on the bathroom counter like before. Shaving each other didn't have to be arousing, but with a little needless manipulation by hand it was. Once we were both hairless we finished each other off with our mouths and tongues.

Sunday at work Peter casually asked what I'd done the night before as I hadn't joined the rest of the crew for dinner. I told him that Bridge had come over and we hadn't gone out -- just stayed in and "ate each other for dinner". He laughed and said that was fun but didn't do much for the stomach. He told me how his wife had gone home and mentioned that she thought we were pretty nice. He said that he probably shouldn't tell me this, but that was her code language to him that we were a couple that she would like to share with.

I asked Peter again about their relationship, and he told me that although they were married, they spent so much time apart that they both realized early on they couldn't remain monogamous and remain married. He said he'd been away from her for as long as six months at a time, and although some thought it an unusual relationship, it worked for them. He said that she had a friend "with benefits" back home that she'd visit quite regularly when he was away; and that he often had ladies that he met on the road. He always told her about them when he got home.

When I asked about their play, he told me that it was not uncommon in Sweden, that in the old days, it was very common for couples to have friends that they regularly met and swapped with. Before television, when the days were cold and short, the nights were cold and long, that sex was the universal entertainment. He said that besides the couple on couple swapping, that they had also gone to a swingers nudist club one summer where almost anything went.

"You swap with friends back home?" I asked, trying to figure out just how relationships like that worked.

"Not all of course, but a few. There are a some friends that we almost always share with, but with Annika and I gone so much it's not like we're getting together with them 10 or 12 times a year. Sometimes we get scheduled together at home for 6 months or more, but when we only cross paths for 2 weeks or so, being with Annika is more like being on a honeymoon."

"I think it would be difficult to tell the difference, if somebody asked you over for dinner -- how would you know it was for "dinner" -- or," I tried to think of a euphemism for what I wanted to say, but couldn't, "dinner and sex?" I finished.

"It's never been a problem, usually it's not a surprise. Most of the time it's the context. If someone said "Hey Peter, you and Annika want to join us for dinner and the evening?" It's certainly different than someone saying "Hey Pete, we're asking a group of friends over for dinner to celebrate my wife's birthday on Friday, can you and Annika join us?" Just like with you and Bridgette, we've already set the groundwork; we went to dinner, had a good time. You know our relationship, and I've already told you that Annika found you attractive. So if Annika was still here and I said "Hey Jim, would you and Bridgette like to come over for dinner and the evening tonight," what would you think?"

I nodded, thinking about it. "So Peter, what are you doing now that your wife has gone back? I asked.

"Actually," he paused slightly, "nothing. I never go looking for anything, I just don't turn it down when it finds me."

I didn't think it was taking too much of a risk to follow up with, "So, if I were to ask if you'd like to join Bridgette and I for dinner and the evening next Saturday, you'd be up for it?"

He looked at me for a moment, and said "You sure you know what you're asking me?" I nodded, then told him that Bridgette had indicated after we had dinner the previous week that he was attractive, and that one of her fantasies was to have two men service her at the same time. I said that since our relationship was based upon fulfilling fantasies, this was perfect. He agreed, and soon we were back to work.

Bridgette and I got together once during the week for a "quickie" -- if you can call two hours of hot steamy sex a quickie, but she couldn't stay. However after working nearly two straight weeks, we planned on taking Sunday off. Saturday evening Bridgette met me at the room where we took our time, got cleaned up and showered and shaved. We'd gotten into a routine that whenever we showered together we shaved each other afterward. Bridgette said she liked my cock and balls smooth, no stubble, so I'd taken to shaving them every time I shaved my chin. But we both liked the play that went with shaving, so when we showered together we'd gotten into the routine of shaving each other. Tonight when she put her mouth on me, after she'd sucked me hard I pulled her off and said "Let's save it for dessert". I did the same for her, licked her clitty just a bit -- a tease -- then told her we should get dressed while we still could. I'd told her previously that we were going out for the night and she'd told me she had a new dress she wanted to wear for me. Now when I told her she wasn't getting anymore until "dessert", she kicked me out of the bathroom so she could get dressed without me seeing.

When she came out of the bathroom, my mouth must have fallen open. She'd gotten a form fitting tube dress that fit her like a second skin. Two white pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, were the perfect accents. Her little nipples were nubs in the bust line but other than that there wasn't a panty or thong or bra line to be seen. Bridgette radiated sexuality, and knew it. I drew her to me, kissed her and ran my hand down her back and across her bottom, cupping her ass and pulling her against me. I felt something across her hips, and asked her what it was. "My pearl thong," she whispered back, nibbling my earlobe, "All I've got on is pearls." Bridgette was horny; her demure attitude from when I'd first met her had completely disappeared. She was sexy, knew she was sexy, and was dressed to show off.

As we were heading toward our appointment, anytime we were out of earshot of anyone else, she was talking to me about the things we were going to do to each other once we got back. In the elevator she whispered how she was going to suck my cock, how she couldn't wait to get my cock inside her. At the taxi stand she whispered how if I didn't finger her off at dinner she just might have to do herself. As we seated ourselves in the taxi, Bridgette practically sittin on me, she whispered that maybe if there was a long tablecloth at dinner perhaps she'd just have to slide under and get her "dessert" at the restaurant. She was hot, she was randy; she both looked and acted a woman in heat.

We were right on time at the restaurant, and Peter was at the bar waiting. When we walked in he waved and said "right on time". He gave Bridgette a hug, and stepped back admiring her. "Wow, you look fantastic".

She thanked him, and when she looked at me I said "I guess I forgot to tell you we were meeting Peter for dinner."

"She doesn't know?" Peter said glancing at me.

Bridge looked from Peter to me and asked "Know what?"

"I asked Peter to join us for the evening -- for dinner," I paused, barely, and continued, "and dessert."

At first it didn't click. As we sat at the bar I saw her do a double take, looking at me with that "what did he just say?" look, that "did he just say 'dessert' because earlier when we were talking about 'dessert' we meant...." I smiled and her eyes got really big, with that "Oh my god, I can't believe it," faintly panicked look.

We sat at the bar, small talking, having drinks for maybe 45 minutes before we were seated -- right on time. A luxurious building top restaurant, we were there just in time to see the sunset. As we were being seated, Peter excused himself to use the restroom, giving Bridgette the opportunity to ask whether she was imagining things or not. I told her it was true, she wasn't imagining, and all her "show off" self confidence melted away, suddenly she was as she'd been three weeks previously, that "I couldn't -- what would people think?" persona. I told her to relax, flirt and be herself; that Peter knew she had a fantasy and that he and his wife were players -- he wasn't going to do anything that she didn't want him to.

Peter returned and we had a very enjoyable meal. Wine, and a beautiful sunset, Peter was truly a gentleman and Bridgette relaxed and before long I could see her sizing up the situation. Cordiality soon turned to mild flirtation, by midway through dinner Bridgette had warmed to Peter and the situation, by the end of dinner I sensed real excitement. A dessert wine after dinner added to the ambiance, and when the waiter offered a dessert to finish the evening, Bridgette answered "No thank you, we'll be having dessert later."

Peter had also come by cab. Singapore being the "fine" nation that it is will fine you and throw you in jail for even thinking of driving after drinking, but the reality is that our company preferred that we use taxi's or other transportation rather than drive ourselves. A shuttle took us to and from work, to and from airports, and in the evenings if we didn't eat within walking distance we took taxis.

The three of us slid into the back of the small (small by American standards) cab and headed to the hotel. Bridgette at first rested her hand on my knee, but as the three of us cuddled by necessity, her hand went over and rested on Peter's leg also. It was only a short drive, in just minutes we were there. Out of the cab, up the stairs and into the lobby; we walked slowly, talking, heading toward the elevator when suddenly Bridgette stopped and pretended to be looking at something. I stopped and was about to question her when it dawned on me -- the stimulation of her pearl thong had become too much.

When we got out of the elevator, she turned and pulled my head to her. I bent slightly and received an open mouth, tongue in my mouth, kiss. Just briefly, then she pulled away, saying nothing. I understood perfectly -- the game was on.

Once in the room, I said I'd pour us drinks, got out a bottle of wine and opened it, and when I turned around Bridgette was kissing Peter. His hands were on her bottom, "feeling the fit" of her dress on her bottom. I said nothing, but when I walked up to them with glasses, she turned from him and gave me the same full on kiss that he'd just gotten. I handed them the wine, and taking hers, Bridgette excused herself to the bathroom. I was wondering how this was going to go, Peter and I exchanged a few awkward comments, and sat down to enjoy the wine. Bridgette had been gone maybe five minutes when the bath door opened and she stepped out. "Are you two going to stay dressed like that all evening?" she asked.

Bridgette was standing in the bathroom door, lit from behind by the light, and was stunning. She'd put on the quarter cup bra, her breasts with hard nipples resting upon them. She had on the "tiny" thong swimsuit bottom, which barely covered anything, and over the top she had on the baby doll negligee. Walking up to the two of us, she held out her hands and said, "It's time for dessert".

Bridgette was practically insatiable. With her help we began to get undressed, and soon we were both naked, cock's hard and ready for play. Understandably she was really interested in Peter, but it was the two of us that took care of her together for most of the rest of the night. We did it all: she sucked me while he fucked her; she rode me while she sucked him; she came again and again and again. I fucked her doggie until I came, then Peter slid in behind, his condom lubricated by my cum and her juices and continued to fuck her the same way. When he finally came half an hour later, she must have already come a dozen times. Together we fucked her until we were both spent - it wasn't enough.

After falling asleep, I awoke early in the morning to Bridgette on top of Peter riding him again. We resumed where we left off, although with much less intensity than the night before. Peter stayed with us until noon. We went out to brunch, then he excused himself -- saying that he'd had a wonderful time, but since we'd been working nonstop for 14 days, he needed to do a few things himself. Bridgette and I ended up falling asleep, slept the afternoon away, and awoke about dinner time. We went out and got dinner, and afterward Bridgette headed for home feeling like she needed to get her kids and at least see them as she'd been gone so much the last few weeks.

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