tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to Tasmania

A Trip to Tasmania


My wife and I recently became semi retired; we both recently turned 50 and have been together for 25 years. We have three children who all live away from our home in various parts of the world.

Recently we purchased a small caravan with the view of taking a few trips around the country. Our first trip was to be Tasmania. My wife Helen and I are quite fit; we use our local gym regularly and hike whenever we get the chance. Our sex life is also quite active and monogamous.

I am 6.1 tall with a solid build weighing about 90 kgs. Helen is 5.10 tall, blonde 60 kg with small narrow hips and firm and still perfect breasts.

We took the spirit of Tasmania ferry from Sydney to Devonport, on the North coast of Tasmania. The boat trip takes 20 hours and we were given the only cabins available segregated 4 birth cabins. Each cabin is designated as a male or female berth.

There were no problems with the loading of our car and caravan, they were soon safely onboard and we sought out our respective cabins, as it turned out we were opposite one another.

Helen was lucky, she only had to share with one other, Yvette a French woman. On the other hand my cabin was full, a French man Roger (the husband of Helens roommate) and two overweight truck drivers who were headed to the bar to get on the piss.

I wasn't looking forward to a noisy snoring and smelly farting night ahead.

Helen and I teamed up with the French couple, Roger and Yvette; their english was very good with fantastic accents, a little different than Helen's who is from the Netherlands.

Roger and Yvette looked to be in their late 30's fit and trim. Yvette had breasts that swayed as she walked, drawing stares from men and women alike.

We came up with the solution to the problem with our roommates. Roger and I would bunk in with the girls. Roger and I took the two upper bunks with the girls beneath us.

We spent the rest of the evening together, at first watching the South Coast of New South Wales slide by and disappear into darkness, afterwards we had dinner together. We finished the night off with a couple of drinks where we told our life stories and finally a walk around on the ships deck before turning in.

Back in our cabin, the couples took turns using the bathroom, Helen and I went first with a shower together and then into our respective beds. I was well asleep by the time the French couple finished and was in their beds.

I later woke to noises coming from the lower bunk opposite. I could barely make out a shape on the lower bunk. There was a slow rhythmic moaning, punctuated occasionally by a slurping noise.

I noticed that the upper bunk opposite was empty. Roger and Yvette were making love only a metre away from us. I immediately had an erection, something I never have a problem with.

It was'nt hard to figure that the slurping noise was that of a hard penis sliding in and out of a wet slippery cunt, a very wet slippery cunt. I could also see the slow movement of Roger on top of Yvette slowly moving back and forward, each forward movement answered with the muffled groan and the withdrawal brought with it the slurping noise.

I also picked up the sound from a different direction, a muffled sigh and deep swallowing noise. It had to be Helen, she always swallows when she is excited. So I was not watching alone and I desperately needed some company to take care of my stiff cock which I was holding firmly in my right hand.

I rolled off of the top bunk, crawled over Helen and settled in behind her leaving both of us looking toward the others. As soon as I stopped moving I knew that I had caused Roger and Yvette to stop, it was disappointing, the silence was deafening.

I said to them, 'Don't let us worry you, keep on going.' Helen immediately admonished me with a 'Tommy'. But as luck would have it Roger and Yvette had a short muffled conversation in French and started up again, this time they didn't concern themselves with keeping quiet.

Roger was moving faster with stronger strokes into Yvette who lifted her knees up pulled them back to her chest, she didn't keep quiet either with every stroke there was a loud ooohhh! The slurping and impact of flesh upon flesh was also much louder, it was combined with the obvious kissing and tongue action going on just a long arms length away.

Helen and I were both engrossed with this voyeuristic performance, with my hard cock pressed up against Helens bum, and her pressing back into me. I ran my left arm over her flat waist and up to her hard nipples of her lovely titties. After a few soft pinches on both nipples that drew a few ohhs and a swallow, I felt the caresses answered with the pressing of her bum against my stiff cock.

I moved my hand down to her kutje, a Dutch term that we use for Helens cunt. As my hand softly passed over Helens mound and short fine public hair, I felt her legs move apart for me, her kutje was swollen and very wet. I paid particular attention to her clitoris and before long she was making as much noise as Yvette, just across the way.

Helen had one hand behind her back playing with my cock, gripping it like her life depended on it. The fucking on the French side got into overdrive with the bed covers thrown off and by the way they were bucking into each other it was going to end soon. We couldn't see any detail, just two shapes of white skin vigorously colliding and moving together.

They were both very vocal, although I couldn't understand any of it; it was a fantastic turn on. I rolled Helen towards me onto her back, her eyes had been glued to the other two the entire time, she kept them there while her legs parted automatically and she pulled her knees back to allow me to moved between them.

My cock slid straight into her swollen and wet kutje, she came almost immediately by gripping me tightly with her legs and arms. We locked lips and tongues as we started to fuck each other in earnest.

Roger and Yvette had finished and were lying cuddled together watching us. As we fucked Helen and I watched them watching us, it made it that more exciting and all the time bucking our groins into one another. I leant down kissing and sucking Helens titties and open mouth, I could tell that it was one of those times that her excitement was overwhelming as she does not normally like sloppy kissing.

Now as we were fucking the kissing was as sloppy and wet as hell. Helen approached her last orgasm, she had had a couple of smaller ones and she was building up to one of her big ones that don't happen every time.

With Helen exclaiming 'fuck me' fuck me' we came together with her legs locked around my backside and her nails stuck into the flesh under my arms, I spurted and spurted into her already sopping kutje. We were lathered in sweat and caught the applause and congratulations from the bunk opposite.

Roger and I stayed with our wives in their bunks for the remainder of the night.

We all awoke at around the same time the following morning. The night before we had decided that we all wanted to get up early and watch the sea and the islands in Bass Straight. We all rose at about the same time walked about naked washing and getting dressed.

It seemed so natural for us after what were had experienced the night before and during our morning chitchat we found that we all frequented and enjoyed nude beaches.

It wasn't hard to notice that Roger had a long thick cock, very similar in length to mine, mine I thought was thicker and he was uncircumcised.

Helen and Yvette were very similar also with trimmed fair pubic hair and prominent swollen vagina lips, the swelling probably due to the closeness and nakedness of us all in that small cabin.

Yvette had medium sized perfect tits with prominent swollen areolas. The women used the bathroom together; Roger and I could hear a long muffled conversation interspersed with much giggling. Roger and I agreed that we liked watching and being watched and would do it again if the opportunity arose. We also concluded that either of us were not into swinging or swapping partners.

The morning was spent watching King Island slide by and over brunch the four of us talked about what we expected on our trips to Tasmania. As I said before we have a small caravan that suits our needs and intended staying at Camping grounds both commercial and in National Parks, but the first few nights we were staying with friends in Northern Tasmania.

Roger and Yvette had a hire car with camping gear and intended to do much the same other than stay at a few Bed and Breakfast's. We hoped that we would cross paths as we exchanged notes on various camping grounds and National Parks. The ferry pulled into Devonport and we disembarked and were on our way. Helen and I left our friends home after a few days and made our way to the east coast and found the National Park Camping ground known as Scamander. The camping ground was hard to find and about 15 Kilometres inland off of the coastal highway.

The way in was dusty as most of the way was on a dirt road. As we neared the camping area we noticed the river, it was so serene. We also noticed that there no other people anywhere in the area. The designated camp was right alongside the small river and it wasn't until we were right in that I noticed a car and a tent, as I drew closer I recognized Roger waving at us.

We parked and set up camp next to Roger and Yvette's tent. We found that they had arrived several hours before us. It was a hot afternoon and being a basic camp with only bush toilets we were keen on getting into the river for a wash and cool down.

Before Helen and I had a chance to decide on how we were going to swim, the others made the decision for us. They both appeared naked at the waters edge. In no time at all we joined them in the water swimming and splashing.

After 20 minutes we made it back over the muddy embankment onto our towels laid out on the grass. I enjoyed watching my wife naked in the company of others, I also enjoyed watching Yvette's naked body. My cock was half filled with blood the entire time.

The afternoon sun warmed our bodies and with the sight of the others, it started to turn us on. The conversation soon turned to sex. At first we all agreed that we enjoyed watching others and being seen naked and that being naked together at that time was a turn on.

I saw that Helen and Yvette's vagina lips were both prominently swollen as they both laid with their legs a little apart taking in the sun and allowing the slight breeze to roll over their bodies. Roger and I were also in a similar condition with semi engorged cocks, us both being in that condition for most of the afternoon. Roger asked if we had any particular fantasies.

I let on about one of Helens where she was naked and touched simultaneously by a small group of people, both male and female. Where they ran their hands over her arms, legs and body without any penetration. A soft erotic massage,something that would turn anybody on. Yvette immediately said lets do it taking Helen by the hand and standing her up. I expected Helen to protest and back out but she meekly complied with Yvette's directions.

Yvette stood Helen upon the towels and faced her, basically breasts to breasts, she positioned me on Helens left side facing her left shoulder and Roger on her right. Helen closed her eyes and we commenced running our hands lightly over her body.

I was fully aware that she loved it when I ran my hands right down her spine to her bum, so I started with both hands on her shoulders and neck and my right hand slowly down her back. My left hand moved down her chest avoiding her breasts.

Yvette knelt down with her head just in front of Helen's kutje. She ran her hands from Helens bum down the back of her legs to her feet and worked their way back up at the front. Helen was standing with her feet together.

I saw Yvette place both her hands between Helens legs near her knees and apply a little outward pressure. Helen got the message and moved her feet about 12 inches apart. This gave Yvette the space to glide her hands up on the inside of Helens long legs.

I hadn't noticed, but my cock was now at full throttle erection and rubbing against Helen's thigh, I looked around Helen's titties and saw that Roger was in the same condition on the other side. Roger was running his right hand over Helens flat stomach and hips and with his left mostly on her bum, he was moving nearer and nearer to her pubic mound and titties ever so slowly.

Helen had her mouth half open making ooohhh sounds. Her arms were dangling to her sides, I moved her left hand to my cock and she immediately took hold of it, lightly running her fingers along its length.

I also noticed that her other hand took hold of Rogers cock. We continued teasing her in this way until Yvette stood up and moved closer to Helen. Yvette lightly touched her lips to Helen's lips, as this happened Helen took a tighter grip on my cock.

Helen and Yvette's titties were mashed together as Yvette used her tongue on Helens lips and before we knew it they were kissing passionately, with their pubic mounds grinding together.

Roger and I moved our hands to cover both girl's backs, a back and shoulders for each of our hands. Our hands clashed several times on the bums of the girls as we attempted to cover everything. Yvette moved her hands to our cocks also, Helens hand gripped my cock around its base and Yvette had her hand around the top part with the head sticking out between her thumb and forefinger.

My cock was rock hard and needed some attention soon. Yvette moved back off of Helen and Roger and I started to suck on Helen's titties, one each. Helen let out a loud long moan saying, "I can feel that right down in my kutje." I moved my left hand down to Helen's kutje but found Rogers already there, gently cupping her swollen wet kutje.

Roger and I concentrated on Helen for a few moments more when Yvette announced that it was her turn. We moved straight onto Yvette, Helen immediately started to suck on Yvette's right tittie and Roger latched on to the other.

I was left out so I started to play with Yvette's cunt, it was so swollen it was near bursting; she was so wet that it felt as if she had wet herself.

I ran my fingers down either side of her cunt and started to concentrate around and on her clitoris. Yvette was moaning loudly and saying something in French, Helen took her mouth off of Yvette's tittie, and I immediately took her place. Her nipple was hard and the areola was swollen.

Both women played with our cocks and Roger and I kept feeling their bodies all over. We now targeted their breasts, bums and kutjes. Helen pulled me to her and said , "I want you inside me right now."

With that she laid down on the towel and I dropped as if I had been shot. I knelt to her side near her chest and her legs open for me. I brought my face down to her kutje, it was hard swollen and opened like a flower.

I ran the flat of my tongue from the top to the bottom and lapped at her clitoris. She was pushing her groin up into my face with one hand on my head, I felt her stiffen as a small orgasm struck her. When it subsided she pulled my cock that she had been holding towards her mouth, at the same time she pushed my head away from her kutje.

I stayed on my knees, kneeling upright. Helen started to slowly take my rock hard cock into her mouth; I was kneeling beside her with Roger and Yvette both kneeling and watching on the other side. Helen moved her head backward and forward sucking on my cock. I love having my cock sucked, but I also loved having it done in front of Roger and Yvette.

Helen let my cock slip from her mouth and motioned for me to mount her, I moved between her legs and my cock slipped straight into her kutje, which was smooth as silk. I kissed Helen and realized that it was the first time that we had kissed that afternoon.

Roger lay on his back alongside us with his head at our feet end; Yvette went on top of him in a 69er. She hungrily sucked on his cock while Roger lapped at her cunt.

Helen and I slowed down with our fucking as we watched them; I ran my hand over Yvette's back and bum squeezing a cheek . Helen took hold of Rogers's balls and held them whilst Yvette engulfed his stiff cock with her mouth. The 69er lasted only a few minutes before they moved into the same fucking position as Helen and I.

We all four fucked our spouses at a rapid pace with the wandering hands of Roger and I touching breasts, thighs and legs.

Helen had her legs pulled right back to her chest allowing me full and complete penetration, Yvette had her legs spread wide with one over my lower back.

Roger and Yvette orgasmed together only a minute or so before Helen and I. Both our orgasms seemed to last and keep going, I felt as if I had spurted loads of cum deep into Helen. By the time we settled down and I moved off of Helen, Yvette moved in with a tissue box and started to wife my cum from Helen.

It was caked around her vagina and still seeping out. Helen took some tissues and did the same to Yvette, it was really sexy watching them look at each other as they cleaned up.

We had another swim in the river and dressed as the afternoon sun started to drop behind the trees. After a meal in our caravan we talked of our afternoon session.

It was a first for us all and we agreed that we had all enjoyed it, the boundaries that we had set were as far as we would want to go and would want to do it again. As we spoke we were all touching our spouses and it ended up with his watching Yvette on top of Roger's cock fucking him with a passion.

When they finished Helen and did the same, at first with her on top and finishing with her sitting up on my lap with me sitting on the edge of the bed. Before we came I could feel hands on my balls and cock while it was sliding in and out of Helen's kutje, I didn't know whose hands they were as both Yvette and Roger were close by.

The following morning we parted company with a promise that Roger and Yvette would visit us at our home when they headed north from Tasmania. Helen and I talked about our encounter while traveling, she indicated that when we fucked one another it was making love, if it was with somebody else it was just a fuck. I think I know where she is going with that idea.

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