tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to the Cabin - Day 02

A Trip to the Cabin - Day 02


T and I had a great nights sleep after our show last night for the old man who was the neighbor next door. After we woke up we had a leisurely breakfast and by 11 am we had finished a bottle of champagne and already had a good start on having a great day.


T told me that I should clean up the breakfast dishes as she was going to change into her swimsuit and go out and get some sun and tan a bit. I finished cleaning up the dishes, made a large pitcher of Sangria for later in the day and eventually made it outside to find T napping in the sunshine. She'd taken off the top of her swimsuit and was laying on her back as she let her bared breasts get some sunshine.

She was on the opposite side of the cabin from our neighbor so she wasn't worried about him seeing her. Even though he'd already seen her nude the night before she wasn't bold enough to start the day off showing her body to him. I teased her a little about the chance she was taking laying on her back but she just shrugged and told me that the old guy wasn't around as she'd heard his truck leave his place so what's the difference anyhow.

I sat in a chair next to her for the nest half hour or so and eventually heard the old guys truck pull up at his cabin. Since he was on the opposite side of the cabin T didn't even move. Although I was certainly enjoying the view of her tits getting baked by the sunshine I thought I'd see if I could add to the situation and tease her a bit but telling her I was going over to meet the neighbor.

As I got up to leave she made some kind of smart remark about not being gone too long and I mentioned that perhaps I'd invite him back for a drink. She just waved goodbye to me and rolled onto her stomach as I rounded the corner of the cabin. It was easy to find the old guy as he was busy unloading his pick up truck.

He didn't seem to friendly, and wouldn't say much or even make eye contact at first but eventually he stopped what he was doing and started to make small talk about the weather, the lake, the neighbors and so on.

I asked him about the rain last night and if it was too wet to be outside and when it looked like he was going to walk away from me I stopped him in his tracks when I said "we didn't mind you watching". He shook his head and muttered something under his breath that I didn't quite hear and then he looked at me and said "you saw me out there watching you?"

I quickly explained that I liked to show off T now and then and since she was in the mood and he was outside I took full advantage of the situation. He asked a few more questions about "swingers and such" to which I explained that only if she was in the mood did we do any exposing, and rarely did we do more.

I told him that T was feeling a little frisky today and perhaps he'd get a chance to see her in person if he cared to come over for a look. It took some more quick talking on my part to convince him that I wasn't kidding him, wasn't going to beat him up or anything but that we could just offer him a cold drink and see what happened after that.

I could see the wheels turning in his head and he finally said "ok" so I told him to follow me and let's see what we can find. As we rounded the corner of the cabin so we were approaching where T was sunning I hollered out to her that I was bringing over the neighbor, just in case she wanted to cover up or run into the cabin instead.

When we got closer I was pleased to see that she was still laying on her stomach and the top of her swimsuit was nowhere to be seen. It was obvious to me that if she was to get up, or turn over, she would either have to grab the towel she was laying on, or she would have her tits totally exposed to the neighbor.

We walked up and I motioned for him to sit down as I introduced Bill to T. It sounded just like any introduction at work or business, but T was still topless and the sides of her breasts were clearly exposed as she lifted up slightly and said hello. She stayed on her stomach so that she was mostly covered up as we talked a little and learned more about the old man.

After a few more minutes I offered to get something cold to drink for everyone and offered beer or Sangria. Bill didn't know what a Sangria was so opted for the beer and T asked for a Sangria. I think he was hoping that T would get up topless and get the drinks as he looked a bit disappointed when I went into the cabin. I took my time and watched him as he kept moving about and looked T's back, legs and ass over and over agin. T hadn't moved but kept on a conversation with him as I while I was inside.

After a few minutes I came out with the drinks and gave Bill his beer. I put my glass down and asked T where she would like me to put her drink. She said "I'll take it" and with those few words changed the situation completely. As she started to lift herself off of the chaise lounge she pulled up the back of the chair at the same time as she left space between her towel and her naked tits.

It was like a moment of slow motion as her tits came away from the towel and hung away from her chest swaying side to side as she lifted the back of the lounge at the same time. I could hear a sharp intake of air and looked over to see Bill with his mouth open and his eyes locked on T's bare breasts. Once she'd pulled the chair back high enough she turned around and leaned back on the chair just as if she was fully dressed.

T was naked from the waist up sitting up and facing an almost complete stranger who was sitting just a few feet away from her. Yes, he had seen her nude the night before (which she later told me made it easier for her) but this was almost face to face, in person, exhibitionism of her naked tits. I'll give her credit, she acted as if nothing was different, that it was something she does every day.

I was impressed as T sat and carried on a conversation with the old man for the next 15-20 minutes about his children, his now deceased wife, and why he choose to live up in the cabin with almost nobody around. Evidently he was heart broken when his wife died and since he was a loner anyway he sold his house and moved to this remote cabin.

T noticed that Bill's beer was gone and asked if he'd like another one. When he said yes I started to get up but she told me to stay seated and she'd get it. Bill didn't say anything but just watched T's breasts as she leaned forward and then got up and walked into the cabin. She came back quickly with a round of drinks for everyone and when she walked I could tell that she was already feeling the affects of the champagne and sangrias that she's already consumed. The alcohol and the hot sunshine seemed to be getting her warmed up in more ways than one!

We sat on the deck and before long the small talk was over and everyone seemed to be at a loss for words. I thought I'd see if I could jump our time up to another level so I asked Bill if he enjoyed the show last night. T reached over and swatted me and he quickly nodded and smiled and finally said "hell yea". He told us that he hadn't seen a real live women naked and close up for many years now, and other than a strip joint he'd gone to a few times over the years he hadn't even seen any tits for a long time.

T was a bit embarrassed by the talk and tried to change the subject but I keep on discussing last night and started to tell Bill about some of the other times that T had either been exposed or exposed herself to others, usually at my request.

I questioned T about how could she be embarrassed since she was sitting there with her titties in exposed to both of us. She tried to say that it was different, but soon lost the argument and settled back into her chair.

By now we had all finished our drinks and T once again offered to get us all another round. As she stood up it was easy to tell that she was more than a bit drunk as she had trouble walking between us. As she went into the cabin I told Bill that I thought she might need some help since she seemed a bit drunk and went to help her.

T was standing in the kitchen and I could see what seemed to be confusion and indecision as she turned towards me and asked "now what"? I said let's get some more drinks and this time she said "now what is going to happen"? I reminded her that she had stated no penetration, no sex, and that I wasn't going to ask her to do anything other than show off for our new neighbor. That seemed to relieve her a bit and as I poured our drinks and opened another beer for Bill I asked her if she was willing to do more.

She asked what "more" was since she'd already been sitting there half naked for almost an hour while a stranger stared at her tits. I asked to her to consider the "almost naked" part of sitting on the deck. She said "ok, she'd be happy to get dressed" but knew what I was asking her to do. I picked up the drinks and headed out the door and just told her that it was her decision.

It took several more minutes before the cabin door opened and although my back was to the door I could see from the look in Bill's eyes that T had stripped naked. She slowly came into view and remarked about how hot it was getting and she needed to cool off a bit. She sat down on the lounger and after a quick drink from her glass leaned back and turned so her feet were up on the lounger and pointed right at Bill. She sat that way for some time looking like she was laying on a nude beach somewhere soaking up the sunshine.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes, reached over for another drink and then asked me to get her some sun tan oil. I quickly went inside and got it for her and we spent the next minutes watching as she liberally rubbed the oil on her naked body. She had oiled every part of her body except she had saved her bare pussy for last. As she spread her legs she said that she needed some help with that part and handed me the bottle.

I quickly oiled her up and in almost no time T had her feet up on the side of the lounge and her legs spread wide open. At that time it wouldn't have mattered if a dozen people would have walked up to watch she wouldn't have seen anyone as she was enjoying herself too much.

I was trying to keep from blocking Bill's view as I rubbed her clit with my left hand and was had managed to work 4 fingers into her pussy. There was no way that she could have been spread any wider open and although Bill should have had a great view he moved even closer. In just a minute T stopped, arched her back, grabbed my hand and held on as she had an orgasm that took her breath away. This was longer and harder than usual as it was evident that she had enjoyed being the shown off so explicitly.

After she was finished she looked up at Bill and said sorry, she wasn't going to do anything for him, but that she hoped he enjoyed the show. He looked a bit upset as I think he thought he was going to get to fuck her, but he finally said thanks and got up to go back home.

At the same time T said she was going in to shower and take a nap as she was worn out and a bit drunk! She actually got inside and was in the shower before he was around the corner or the cabin.

I heard the shower running and I knew that after her nap we would have plenty of time to talk about our afternoon and I would have my opportunity to enjoy her body some more. But now she needed some sleep.

I wonder what the evening and the next morning might have for us?

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