tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to the Nudist Beach

A Trip to the Nudist Beach


Occasionally I would spend the weekend in London and I would head off to Hastings on the South Coast of Sussex where there was a nudist beach I had heard about. On my first visit I took the train from London, it was a Saturday morning and I took a small rucksack with me for essentials such as cash, G-string, towel, sandwiches, beer and a map etc, I wore a skimpy running vest and a very tiny pair of loose fitting white nylon shorts which were almost completely see through leaving very little to the imagination.

When I boarded the train in South London, I felt maybe that I had gone a little too far with the shorts, my penis kept flopping out through the leg and they were almost see through so everything was visible if anyone cared to look. At first I felt a little uncomfortable but after a while I decided what the hell just go for it. I got a couple of dirty looks from a few people but otherwise no-one seemed to notice so I settled down on the train for the short journey to the coast. The trip was pretty uneventful apart from two girls who joined my carriage at Sevenoaks, the carriage was quite full and when they sat down opposite me I had to quickly try and rearrange my shorts to try and cover myself. The problem was that the vibration of the train was causing my penis to become erect and this was becoming evident through the thin white nylon of the shorts, my singlet was too short to pull down to cover me so I just had to sit there hoping my shorts could contain me.

The girls quickly noticed my predicament and were giggling and staring at my bulging crotch and the clear outline of my erect penis. To make things worse the precum on the tip of my penis was making a little wet patch and this was making the nylon transparent at that point. Throughout the journey my penis stayed erect and as the train arrive at my destination I realised I had another problem, I was going to have to get up to get off the train and the two girls opposite knew this and were watching me with anticipation.

If I stood up there was no way I could hide my penis and it would protrude from under the brief piece of nylon currently covering it. Furthermore the back of my shorts during the journey had pulled up and I could feel that my buttocks were almost completely exposed. I decided that the best thing to do was just stay seated after the train arrived and wait until everyone else had alighted. The train pulled into the station and as this was the end of the line there was no hurry to get off, so I sat and waited for all the other passengers to depart. I still had a raging erection and by now the tip of my penis had pushed the foreskin back making me even harder as the wet patch of precum spread across the front of my shorts.

All the passengers had alighted but the two girls opposite me were still there, they were smiling at me and obviously waiting for me to move, so I thought Ok here goes. I stood up to get my rucksack from the overhead baggage shelf and as I did I felt my penis pushing back the nylon of my shorts, and as I reached up I felt it burst out from the constraint of the thin nylon material. I was now completely exposed to the two girls who just stared in silence at my erect penis and balls (they too had flopped out and were fully exposed). I stood facing the girls; they continued to stare and said nothing.

"What are you going to do about that?" asked one of them without taking her eyes from my penis.

My penis was only inches away from her face, I didn't reply but nervously looked around, there was no-one nearby so taking a firm grip of my erection I started to masturbate as they both watched, their eyes completely focussed on the exposed tip of my penis. I was so excited that in a very short time I could feel the familiar sensation as my penis started to throb and pulsate, I clenched his buttocks tightly and with one final stroke thick hot white cum erupted from the tip and spurted all over the clothes of my audience. The girls were too mesmerised to say anything, and just stared open mouthed as I squeezed the last drops of cum from my still erect penis.

The two girls just sat and stared at me in silence as I quickly rearranged myself and did my best to make the shorts decent again; I held the rucksack in front of me as I got off the train to hide my still very obvious erection. The girls were still sitting there as I got out of the carriage and as I gave them a little wave, they responded back with big grins and made wanking motions with their hands, I grinned back at them and made a rapid exit.

Back in the carriage the girls looked at each other, they were stunned at what had just happened, and as they each noticed the cum splashes on their clothes, they burst out laughing.

"I wonder what it tastes like," said one to the other as she scooped up cum from the leg of her friend's jeans.

Outside the station I decided to go to a nearby pub and study the map in order to work out how to get to the nudist beach. There was a pub next to the station so I went in got a pint and stood at the bar and studied my map. There were a couple of other people in the pub and after a while one of them, an attractive woman in her 30's came up to the bar and sat down next to me. At first she said nothing but I could sense that she was looking at me, I took a swig from my pint and briefly looked in her direction.

"They don't leave much to the imagination do they," she said with a big grin.

I looked at her quizzically, she grinned and pointed to my shorts and as I realised what she meant I made a lame attempt to rearrange them but only succeeded in exposing more of my bum.

"Oops," I said, "I didn't realise they were so small," she grinned back at me, then looked over at my map.

"Where are you planning to go?" she asked. When I told her I was going to the beach at Fairlight Glen, she smiled knowingly and stared again at my shorts.

"I thought so, my friend and I are going there this afternoon, why don't you come with us we can give you a lift."

She nodded across to her girl friend, "Come on join us for a drink before we go."

This sounded like a good idea and I readily agreed to join them. As I walked across to the table I felt rather self conscious as her gaze was firmly on my shorts, whilst I'd been sitting on the bar stool they had ridden up and now the tip of my penis was peeping out from beneath the sheer nylon. As I sat down my penis flopped out completely and with big grins the two women introduced themselves to me as Linda and Carol.

The three of us left the pub about half an hour later and we drove to a parking area about 3 miles outside the town. We got out of the car and the women indicated that we should follow a path down the side of the cliffs and then to the beach. The path was very secluded and as it was a warm day I took off my singlet and put it in my rucksack, walking now in only my very skimpy shorts. The two women smiled when they saw me remove the singlet and suggested that as the shorts didn't really cover anything I might as well take them off too, I laughed and declined suggesting that I had better wait until we got to the beach for that.

After about 10 minutes walking further along the track, it was so quiet and there was no-one else around so without saying anything I just slipped off my shorts leaving me completely naked, I was behind Linda and Carol as we walked along the track and it was only when Linda looked around to see where I was that she saw I was now completely naked (albeit I had a rucksack on my back), she gave me an appreciative smile and nudged Carol who also turned round and gave me a thumbs up.

We were now going down a very steep path which meandered back and forth across the side of the hill before getting to the cliff edge. There was nobody else on the path other than the three of us and walking along naked with 2 fully clothed attractive women was making me feel horny. My penis had been erect for a while as we walked and every now and then the women would look back to check where I was and watch my penis bobbing up and down in front of me as I walked.

When the path reached the cliff top there was a series of steps leading down to the beach below, a sign at the top of the steps indicated that this was a clothing optional beach and nudists may be encountered beyond this point. I was just about to follow the two women down the steps when I saw a couple coming up. The steps were narrow so the three of us stopped at the top and waited for the couple to come on up. They were fully clothed and when the woman saw me she stared directly at my erect penis and loudly made a comment about people like me getting the beach a bad name. I was a little taken aback but just smiled and then followed my two friends down the steps, proudly displaying my erection for all to see.

The beach was very pebbly and the only sandy area was close to the water line, Linda and Carol indicated to an area of sand located in the very middle of the beach and suggested that I should join them which was accepted by an excited throb of my penis. The girls were still clothed and it was only when they had laid out towels and put up sun shades did they strip off. I stood and looked around him, there must have been about 20 or 30 people on the beach all naked, there were more men than women which I guessed wasn't unusual but it was a very pleasant place and the atmosphere seemed to be friendly, however my erection was drawing a few disapproving glances from the more traditional nudists so I laid out my towel and sat down, trying to make my erect penis less obvious. My two friends had by now stripped off and were standing completely naked in front of me rubbing sun oil on to each other's gorgeous bodies, my penis gave a twitch of excitement and I realised there was no way it would go down. They were both very attractive women and they made sure the whole beach got a perfect view as they rubbed oil on to each other's shaved pussies, needless to say my penis was rock hard as I watched them and the temptation to masturbate was getting very strong, but I could see that I was being given disapproving stares from some of the nearby beach goers and desisted from touching himself. Linda noticed my obvious discomfort as I sat nursing my erect penis and laughingly suggested I should go into the sea to cool off, I declined and continued to enjoy the view whilst trying to discreetly wank myself off. It wasn't long before I had relieved myself and finally my penis was starting to soften much to the amusement of the girls who had discreetly watched me cum.

The women had finished oiling each other up and were now stretched out on their backs absorbing the sun's rays; I didn't really fancy just laying in the sun all afternoon and decided to go for a walk along the beach, it was occupied mainly by couples and single men, many of whom could be seen skulking amongst the bushes and rocks at the foot of the cliffs, presumably either wanking off or voyeuring the naked women, or other men. I stayed at the water's edge and after a while I plucked up courage to go for a swim, the sea was bloody cold and didn't look terribly inviting but I was hot and needed to cool down. I didn't stay in for long and soon emerged from the water back to the warm sand, my penis had shrunk with the cold water and I felt strangely embarrassed as some of the younger sunbathers watched me as I walked back to my towel. The effect of the sun and the few beers earlier had soon caught up on me, I closed my eyes and very soon I was fast asleep.

I must have been asleep for some time and woke up with quite a start as I felt water lapping around my feet and up my legs, I sat up and looked around me, the beach was almost deserted. It looked as if I was the only nudist still here, there were a couple walking their dog about 30 yards away and apart from them I seemed to be on my own. My two female friends had gone and as I searched in my rucksack for my watch I found a note, it simply said 'Nice to have met you, Linda and Carol x', oh well I thought, nice to have met you too. The water was splashing up near my bum now and I realised that I needed to move quickly, so I grabbed my rucksack and sodden towel and retreated further up the beach. I looked at my watch and it was 5.30pm, the sun was still warm and I decided to enjoy being naked for a while longer. I had brought some sandwiches and a couple of cans of beer so I sat back on a nearby rock and had my little picnic. Over the next hour or so the only visitors to the beach were people walking their dogs and a group of people who appeared to be setting up for a barbecue.

The last train to London was 8.30pm so if I was to catch it I would need to get back to town pretty soon; it was 6.30pm now so packing up my bits into the rucksack I headed off towards the steps up the cliff. I climbed up the steps completely naked and at the top instead of following the path I had previously come down I turned left along a sign posted path to the town, two miles it said, so I headed off up the path still stark naked.

For about half a mile or so the path followed the line of the cliffs through woodland and then opened up on to a large open grassed park area overlooking the town in the distance. I stopped at the edge of the woods and looked across the open expanse ahead of me; there were quite a few people around so I decided it would be sensible to slip my clothes on. I took my rucksack off my back and went to get my shorts and singlet out, I rummaged around inside the bag for a few seconds but I couldn't see them, so tipping all the contents out on to the grass I checked again, no singlet and no shorts, even my red G-string had gone too, all I had was a wet towel, a pair of trainers, my wallet, a can of beer and an uneaten sandwich. Strange that my wallet was still there and then it dawned on me, Linda and Carol must have done it as a trick.

I couldn't stand there all night naked so I quickly retreated back to the woods to assess my situation. All I had to wear was a wet towel and the trainers on my feet, it wasn't a good idea to head into town wearing only a towel so I decided to head back to the beach and spend the night there and see what developed in the morning. I had eaten so I was OK and it was still very warm so it could be very pleasant sleeping on the beach.

Back on the beach again, the first thing I did was to take the wet towel and lay it out on a rock to dry in the early evening sunshine. At the far end of the beach, about 100 yards away the barbecue party was going strong, they didn't appear to be nudists and I felt a little awkward about approaching them, so I stayed clear for the time being.

Sitting on the rock next to my towel I opened up the last can of beer and ate the one remaining sandwich. The evening sun was warm and as I sat facing west towards the far side of the beach I began to wonder where his clothes might be, but the reality was that Linda and Carol had taken them and the prospect of trying to get home naked was a very real one.

The barbecue party at the other end of the beach was in full swing and every now and then some of the group would look over in my direction. I was sitting on the rock watching the sun set when one of the group, a young man probably in his late 20's came over and invited me to join them. I was a little reluctant at first but the smell from the barbecue was very tempting and I accepted. It felt a little odd being naked in amongst all these clothed people but they didn't seem to mind and very soon I was chatting and laughing with them. The girls paid me particular attention and found the story about my clothes highly amusing although they were rather concerned as to how I would get back to London; I grinned and told them that if necessary I would just wear the towel, which drew a few giggles and suggestive winks from my eager audience.

I slept on the beach that night after finding a makeshift shelter which I had noticed earlier in the day being used by one of the older nudists (they prefer to be called naturists but to me they are all nudists). It was a little uncomfortable and I woke up early with the sunrise. I enjoyed the early morning sun and even braved a swim in the ice cold water of the English Channel which certainly blew away the cobwebs of the night before. For a while I had the beach to myself and thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful sound of the waves breaking on the sand. There were a few dog walkers around who looked at me strangely, when one dog came over to investigate me its owner made a big deal about dragging the poor animal away as if the sight of my naked body would corrupt. Why did she walk her dog on a nudist beach if she didn't want to see naked people I thought as she struggled with the inquisitive animal.

I needed to resolve my predicament, how was I going to get back to London with only a towel to cover my nudity? The thought of the forced nudity actually excited me and for a while I contemplated going without the towel and even masturbated at the prospect. However I realised that even travelling in only a towel that barely covered me was going to be quite a challenge, never mind the prospect of going totally naked. My options were somewhat limited and I had to decide on a plan pretty soon.

It was almost midday and a slow trickle of nudists began to arrive at the beach. I had hoped that maybe Linda and Carol would come back but I was starting to get a little concerned by now and decided to bite the bullet and just go with the towel, keeping it in my rucksack until I really needed it. I headed off from the beach up the steps to the top of the cliff feeling a little apprehensive about what I was about to embark upon. As I got to the top of the steps I stood for a while wondering which way to go, I wanted to stay naked for as long as possible so I headed up the path I had been brought down the previous day with the two women. I climbed slowly making my way up to the top of the hill, I met a few people heading towards the beach some of whom commented upon my nudity, but I just smiled. One rather surly elderly gentleman stopped me and gave me a lecture about getting dressed before I left the beach, I was giving naturists a bad reputation and should cover up.

"I'm not a naturist," I replied to him with a smile.

"I'm a nudist," and continued making my way up the hill, giving him a nice view of my well tanned bum as he stared after me.

At the top of the path I emerged from the cover of the woods, I was about half a mile from the road now and actually had no idea what I was going to do when I got there other than wrap the towel around my waist best I could. As I continued along the path I was approaching a bend when I heard female laughter in front of me; I stopped and listened, the voices were getting closer. I cautiously approached the bend and there walking towards me were Linda and Carol, when they saw me they gave out a cheer and rushed up and hugged me. I was so very pleased to see them and so was my penis, and of course now I could be reunited with my clothes.

The women apologised for their little trick but pointed out that they just couldn't resist doing it as I looked so sweet sleeping naked on the beach, so they had come back to find me. When I asked where my clothes were they didn't answer but just grinned, I felt a bit uneasy.

"We haven't brought your clothes, well at least not your shorts anyway, here is your vest," said Carol as she held her hand out and passed me the vest.

"What about the shorts?" I asked.

They looked at each other and giggled.

"We've brought you something else," said Linda.

As Linda spoke Carol lifted up her dress, slipped off her panties and held them up in the air.

"You can wear these," she said.

But before I could take them Linda reached towards me and quickly grabbed back the running vest.

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