tagErotic HorrorA Trucker's Hunger

A Trucker's Hunger


The following was initially created for the Halloween Horror contest, though not posted until now for personal reasons.


The life of a trucker was by and large a lonely one. Long hours across the open road usually occupied by large big males who would meet at the occasional pit stop. Sasha was a notable exception to this of course, one of the few Female truckers; she nonetheless was a big, very big girl, a real cowgirl. She was a great Ebony woman, over six feet tall and in despite a large round appearance, in peek physical shape.

Currently the large dark woman's was hauling down the interstate in her oversized rig. The large semi behind her clanked nosily here and there as she scanned the road, always on the lookout for someone to share her cab with, someone to break up the loneliness, someone that might feed her hunger. For while she looked normal, she had a dark and terrible secret, a hunger dwelled inside her unlike any other.

High on the crest of a hill, she spied a slender silhouette. She strained her eyes as she downshifted the big rig, slowing it down as she pulled along the apparent Hitchhiker.

It was a teen, a young one, thin and slender who looked around 18 or 19... Sasha licked her lips as she eyes him over from inside the cab. "He's Perfect."

Outside, the teen looked up at the rig, his heart beating a bit faster as it stopped next to him. His name was Tyler and he had been hitchhiking for the past few days leaving his small town him behind for dreams of finding excitement in the world. He had just turned 18 and he wanted to try and find something out in the world bigger then himself Looking at the window on the rig as it slowly lowered, he wondered what he might have found as he heard a heavy, husky voice from inside.

"Well hello there young cub, Your a long way from home it seems, what has you all the way out in the middle of no where?" Tyler looked up, clutching his small duffle bag of his belongings at he looked at the imposing lady.

"Ah, I was on my way to Central City I, had an interview with one of the talent scouts there, was going to get into acting" he said, his voice seemingly growing confident as he spoke of his anticipated work. The big black woman smirked, as she looked him over.

"Well sweetie, your in luck, I'm heading that way anyway and I'd love ta have ya abroad" She said as she popped open the door on the bigrig. Tyler gasped at the body he saw looking down on him, the Dark woman's was amazon-esque in her statue and size, she seemed to be crammed into the cab of the rig. Tyler swallowed nervously as she reached a hefty hand down to him.

"But just so you know, I don't let just anyone on board, if you ride with me, I expect certain services from my passengers" she said as she clasped the teens delicate almost efem hand. The teen was about to inquire just what she had in mind, but a hefty yank from her arm pulled him inside before anything could be said.

He fell into the passengers seat with a thud as the door closed behind him. No sooner then it shut, he heard the doors lock, the moment after that, he became aware of the smell... He gasped as he began to breath deeply, he hadn't noticed it before, but the cab was infused with a deep Musky stench that made him light headed. The big dark woman grinned as she watched a familiar look come over the teens face. No mater who it was, they always seem unprepared for the smell, and it worked on them every time...

"So tell me, what's your name cub?"

"Ty-Tyler, madam" he said, not sure why he added the 'madam' as he looked up at her.

"Tyler? Nice name sweets, I'm Sasha, though you can just call me Mama for now" she said as she shifted gears, pulling the huge Semi fully off of the road into an out of the way place as she gathered the teen up in her hefty arms.

"And how old are you Tyler?" she asked stroking him.

"Ah, J-Just 18 Miss Sasha" he responded shyly again as Sasha chuckled.

"18 are you? Well to me you are just my little boy. And you know Tyler, one of the things about being a Trucker, is you don't get to make many stops, so its been a while since I've had a good bath you know, however, I'm thinking part of your 'payment' for the ride can be in performing, certain duties." she said as she grabbed the teens duffle bag, tossing it in the back of the cab, she chuckled as she pulled the slender teen against her. The heavy musk of her body odor surrounded the teen like a cloud as she began to undo the heavy jacket she wore around herself as she stretched her legs, parting the immense denim dress she wore bellow.

"Now be a good teen and come to Momma Sasha, I've got such wonderful treats for you." she said as the Teens mind swooned. Just moments ago he was simply waiting to get moving to his destination. In an instant everything seemed to change, thoughts of sex with the husky woman filled his mind as the scent of her body permeated the cabin.

He was not new to sex, but so far his only experiences had been with the other young girls in his town, few had barely been as tall as he was, now, he found himself embraced in a giant of a woman as he began to give into the stirring in his loins, letting his face sink into the immense pillowly breasts that took up most of her upper chest.

"Just relax, don't worry about things my boy, Mommas going to make you feel so good, and you, are going to make Momma feel ever better." She said as she undid her jacket full, revealing her naked flesh to the word. The dark smooth breasts seemed firm yet round, their nipples large as she pulled his face in between her basketball like bosom. As if acting on instinct he began to lap and suckle, pulling in her massive nipples into his face as she moaned pleasantly. Already her loins ached, the burning in them growing steadily as she cursed to herself... The Hunger in her called out...

The teen was so warm, so tender and full of life, she ached to enjoy him totally and fully, wondering how long she could hold off her more primal desires as she felt the teen suckle at her massive breast flesh.

She tightened her arms around him as she guided his face where she needed it. The teen moaned over and over as he lapped over her breasts, his face slowly moved along her chest and muscles..

His hands felt so wonderfully soft and delicate, his fingers sliding over her immense swollen breasts, dancing across the large orbs of flesh as Sasha let him explore her... Once more the Teen was simply stunned by the situation he found himself. He had experienced women before, but never on such a scale... His face licked hungrily across one breast, then the other, his face occasionally slipping into the tight crevice between the orbs as he breathed deeply of the sticky sweat that had developed inside. The huge dark woman's sweat making his eyes water. He tried his best to ignore it as his lips clasped around one of her nipples.

To his shock and surprise he felt the nipple begin to leak. A thick creamy fluid flowed from deep inside her bosom, the teen couldn't imagine it was milk; indeed it tasted thicker, richer, almost tart. Yet he didn't care. He drank deeply as his eyes fluttered the more he drank, the more he needed. Moving from one fat nipple then to the others as the dark woman's watched his belly grow.

Eventually she pulled the teen away, thick fluids oozing down his face as she looked at him and his cream filled belly. His face already getting a slightly blank expression as his mind fell into her trap "Ah, nice and full now," she said, patting his cream filled belly, The Hunger stirred yet again...

"There's a good boy, keep going, Mommas got a special surprise for you" She rumbled as she felt the time had come to move to the next step. She lifted up one of her immense arms to reveal her dank, musky and surprisingly hairy underarm. Not giving Tyler time to realize what was happening, she presses the teen's soft face into the dank armpit. The teen didn't know what hit him as the thick musk washed over him. Sasha simply laughed as she lowered her arm, trapping the teen in a cloud of sweat and hairy pit musk... To his credit she felt him begin to actively lick the sweaty thick underarm. Yet he could not possibly hold out for long, none of them ever did. He passed out within a few minutes, lungs full of pit sweat as she felt her cunt swell.

"Ah, that should keep you nice and docile, at least till we arrive at our destination..." She huffed as the Big-rig pulled back out onto the road, lumbering along as the great Dark woman's watched the signposts. She was lucky to pick the teen up when she did. She was close to where she needed to go, the place she had taken so many others before this teen, where she could finally feed her Hunger.

About an hour later she finally pulled off the main street onto a seldom-used dirt road. Another ten minutes later she came to a seemingly abandoned motel. Appearing disused and rundown, yet the parking lot was not quite empty.. Other big rigs were parked in the lot, a few rooms where lit, yet with candles or lanterns instead of electricity as Sasha slowly slipped out of the large Truck, cradling the unconscious teen in her huge arms. She padded into the motel, no one in sight as she made her way down a hall.

From other rooms sounds of passion and cries of sex could be heard... Some of the cries where pleasure, some of pain, some of fear...

Sasha listened to them, as one would hear an old friend as she went into a room at the end of the hall.

The room was simple and run down, a huge bed dominated it, almost at the expense of any other furniture. It was not a normal bed, but one large enough for one of her size and bulk. The mattress seemed stained with layers of past fluids, cum, piss and cunt cream that mixed to fill the room with its stench. As the dark woman placed the teen down she fell back into the bed, drinking in the smells and rumbling, it was indeed like coming home for her.

It took a while for Tyler to regain consciousness as he was released from the prison of the Dark woman's hairy armpit. As he came too, his eyes were filled with the sight of a fully naked Amazon like trucker.

"Oh my boy, your awake, Mommas been waiting for you, been... Hungry for you." she said licking her lips as she lifted a foot, rubbing it into the teens crotch who looked down, finding himself just as nude.

"Oh! m-miss Sasha, ah 'momma' W-where are we?" he stuttered stiffening a moan

"Some place safe, just you and me. I have needs little teen, needs I can only get from someone else" she said pulling him forward as the teens head swam. There was no pretense of lovemaking or foreplay. She needed sex and the teen was all too happy to comply, hours of her scent and smells in his lungs made it all but impossible to refuse.

Sasha smiled as she used her broad foot to arouse the teen's cock. Just 18, it was still quite large, and surprisingly uncut. The foreskin peeling back as it grew erect, the Teen moaning and whimpering as she used her toes to pull and play with it. Finally it was erect enough for her needs and she switched positions.

Moving she pulled the teen with her, giving him a clear view of her cunt for the first time. Even in Tylers musk addled state, he was still shocked at what he saw. Ever for her size, the pussy still seemed immense, as if unnaturally large. A thick, greasy immensely hairy bush greeted his eyes. Yet even through the thick black curly hair, fleshy swollen cunt lips could be seen. Again for a brief moment there was the feeling something was not quite right, the swollen sex pulsed oddly. Sasha smiled, this was one of the moments she enjoyed, when they began to realize how she was different, but she did not want him to think too much as she pulled him forward.

"It's time my boy, time to give Mom your seed"

He almost fell into her, as her hands guiding his slender, but quite long Teenhood into her waiting depths. Wonderful wet warmth's seemed to envelope his whole crotch as he hilted inside her hairy snatch with ease. As he begun to push, he felt more that it was no ordinary sex. Her cunt seemed to quickly swallow not just his cock, but his balls, and his crotch. He winced as it grew tighter and tighter around him, milking him almost as if it were 'sucking' his cock. "No, can't be so big, impossible" he huffed to himself, even as he felt the tightness grow. The sark woman' grunted and huffed as with enjoyment, her hairy crotch swallowing much of the teens' crotch, yet squeezing tighter then a virgin's ass.

"Ooohhh! There's a good teen! Just keep it up! Give me everything you have!" the Big Black lady grunted as she ground back against him, her cunt squeezing his balls and cock together, with unnatural force. She wrapped her arms around Tyler, holding him close, gently, almost lovingly as her crotch 'chewed' his cock. She sighed, a part of her feeling a pang of sadness, he would not last long, they never did. It was only a matter of time before him whimpered and began to cum.

The teen's orgasm seemed to be the most powerful of his life, as though her cunt was forcibly pulling the rich teen cum from deep in his balls. His head was thrown back as he huffed, moaning and crying over and over as his balls contracted.

The force of his first orgasm seemed to push him, almost unwillingly, into another, which crashed over his body. The dark woman's huffed in time to the teen as she felt him shivering in orgasm. His seed pouring out from his loins into her hungry depths/ The big burly dark woman's clenched tightly as she pushed herself into orgasm as well, a thick wave of femcum washed over the teen from her deep inside her cunt as the teen slumped forward and passed out.

Sasha rumbled deeply as she basked in the warmth of afterglow, her cunt gurgled with the seed from Tyler as she slide her large fingers slowly open and down the huge petals of her sexflesh; the oozing sexlips still fluttering from her orgasm, as she looked down to the exhausted teen. Raising one of her large hands, she slowly rubbed it over his body examining him, sure she might have left some bruises around his hips from the amount of squeezing her sex had done, not that it would matter much.

"Ooohh. You pleased momma very very much little teen. I think you are going to make such a wonderful cub for me. Sadly my dear no rest for you, there is still so much more to do" she rumbled as she slowly moved to pick up the exhausted teen. Lifting him till he was face to face she licked him till he regained consciousness.

"Wake up my lovely teen, you made mama very happy, but you also made a terrible mess." Tyler whimpered soft, he felt sore all over, his cock throbbed painfully as it retreated back into its home as he shivered slightly...

"S-sorry ma-mama .." he said, not sure why he was the one apologizing after the workout he had received from her, yet something in his mind seemed to demand it of him.

"Now now it's ok, I know what a good teen you are, your going to clean Momma all up aren't you, a good teen cleans up his Mess after all doesn't he?" She said with a sly look. Tyler submissively nodded his head as he felt himself slowly lowered back down. His slender form slid between her immense legs as he was pressed down, slowly approaching the huge hairy pussy that had just taken his seed. Seeing it up close, covered in sweat and thick vaginal juices, it seemed all the more unnatural, yet, in his mental state he could not conceive of disobeying Sasha.

"There we go, good teen, start licking, Momma needs your tongue at work." She purred as the teen looked into her immense hirsute Vagina. He wasn't sure, but he could swear it seemed much larger then before, almost as if dilated. He shook his head, dismissing it as he pressed against the cunt flesh. His mind too saturated with musk and sweat to refuse her commands as he began to lick, tasting his own teen cum mixed with untold amounts of her own honey.

The stench from her hit him like a hammer; the smell at it's most raw and primal here in the very center of her sex. His eyes watered as he continued to lick. Yet it was not long before his lungs began to burn and he pulled back gasping for air.

"Not so fast sweaty, don't suffocate now. Take some deep breaths baby because my wet pussy needs your face and you. It needs it so much little Tyler you have no, no idea how badly" She said as Her cunt swelled more.

The teen sucked in as much air as he could as Sasha's huge muscled legs clasped around his face, squeezing it back up into her hairy cunt. The wet cum soaked pussy was agape and dripping its juices over him as he licked quicker and quicker, feeling his face slip into the wet petals. Sasha felt she could do this all night, but her loins ached, begged for more, she needed him, the Hunger needed him and she did not know how much longer she could hold it at bay. She stopped hesitating as her full weight came down on his face. Tyler was suddenly plunged into tight wet darkness as her big vagina slipped down over him swallowing his entire face.

Sasha howled with pleasure as he was pulled inside, it would be so easy to finish him off right now, but not yet. She wanted to savor this for as long as possible, she knew she would not get another chance for a while after tonight. Mustering all of her will, she forced the Hunger down as she road his face.

Her fleshy cuntlips continued to ripple and pull around the teens face as she pulled him in and out, using his whole head like an immense dildo. Fortunately she would rise up enough that his nose and mouth would come out for an instant allowing him a breath as the thick rank musk filled his lungs. After a few minutes the Dark women could take no more and reached another strong climax, one Tyler could actually feel as her cunt spasamed against his face. Screaming loudly, she dug her hands into the bedding, nails clawing at the sheets as she felt her body seized in wonderful orgasm. Her immense hairy cunt contracted, spewing out thick vaginal slime that soaked the teens face.

Shuddering in ecstasy, she breathed deeply as she came down from her sexual high. Sasha sighed in pleasure as she felt her juices fully wash over the young teen, he was coated head to toe in her slickness, and slick, wet and lubed he was ready at last. The teen hung on the verge of consciousness as Sasha slowly moved him around... She sighed, as she knew the time had come, the Hunger could no longer be denied.

She shifted slowly as she moved Tyler, pulling his face out form her cunt with a lewd sucking "shurlop" sound as he was repositioned.

"Ah little cub, its time, oh at last its time, your all lubed up, mrmm so now my boy, my Tyler, my food... In you go!" She rumbled, her hands clasping his hips as she pulled him forward, his feet easily slipping up into her distended snatch as the teen let out a weakened but surprised cry.

"Wh-whats going on m-momma, miss. What are you doing!" Tyler whimpered, his mind clearing for the first time the whole night, shocked out of its lust induced haze as he watches his feet easily swallowed up.

"Oh dear I am sorry but I have to do this, I've tried to let the cravings go, but, ohhhh mrmmm, it would have killed me not to my dear. It has to be fed and there is simply nothing as enjoyable as having someone, fully inside me. Ah yes, you, are so perfect you know, just, ahh, just the right size. OH! And you taste sooo good!" Sasha moaned as the teen whimpered, trying to pull away as his ankles were pulled in... The strength of the Dark woman's cunt like a powerful vice as it pulled him inside, the grip tight and firm despite the oozing fluids.

"P-please, I don't want this, let me go. Please I promise I wont tell anyone" Sasha looked down and sighed, her cunt contracted again as she slipped a large hand over his mouth.

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