tagLoving WivesA True Champion

A True Champion


The vanity mirror gave me a clear view of my husband watching me as I applied my makeup and got ready for this night we had planned for months. His eyes were stuck on me, riveted to my naked body as my arms reached up to brush liner on. My breasts jiggled slightly as my arms moved and his appreciative gaze added confidence to shaky resolve.

He crossed to me and placed his hands on my bare shoulders, "Are you sure that you want to go through with this?"

"Now wait just one damn minute buddy," I said as I turned to face him, "you're the one that brought home that flyer! What do you mean am I sure!'

"Sarah," he continued, "I just don't want you to think that I am forcing you into anything, trying to get you to do something that you don't really want to do."

I laughed. "Jake you jerk, you're the one that had the hard on when you gave me that ad. You're the one that talked about it when we made love for the next week! If I remember right you're the one that cuddled up to me and whispered into my ear how hot you thought it would be as you rubbed your hard dick against my ass!"

At least he had the grace to blush at my jabs. I knew that he was concerned and I wasn't ready yet to put his fears at ease.

"Come on Sarah, if you really don't want to do this we can just go to dinner and maybe a movie tonight."

I stood up from my vanity and took him in my arms. "Jake, I love you1"

I walked to my jewelry box and removed two gold rings connected by a small chain. Facing Jake I slipped one ring through each nipple making sure that the chain hung untwisted between my breasts. My nipples were hard and tingling points and my breasts were firm with the heat of my fantasies. From another draw I retrieved stockings and sat down again to slip them over my legs.

Jake loves my nipple chain and had worked for months to talk me into having them pierced. He was so nice to me as he worked to get his way that I didn't tell him I was not only willing, but eager. Finally I let him persuade me, at great cost to him in new clothes. His gratitude and appreciation kept me wet and well fucked for months after I let him watch a stranger pierce my nipples.

I was putting on a show now for Jake and I could tell from the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying it. I let my hands run far up my legs to almost touch my bare pussy. I slid one hand over my trimmed bush and smiled at him.

I reached down and picked up the shoes that I had laid out earlier. I had selected black straps with 4 inch heels for tonight. I slipped them on and asked Jake to fasten the straps for me. When he knelt in front of me I pulled his face to me, smothering him between my legs. He turned his head and his tongue darted out to swipe across my wet slit. I wanted to keep him there, but we were on a time table and had no time right now for this kind of fun.

Straps finally done up tight I stood and walked to my closet. There I chose navy blue cotton wrap dress. I slipped my arms into it as I walked back to the bedroom. Jake looked at me, half smile and half concern showing in his face.

"Is that all you're going to wear?"

"I really don't think much else is called for considering where we plan to spend the evening."

He grinned, "I guess you're right, besides I really like that dress."

I tied the sash, not bothering to fasten any of the buttons. The dress held closed at my waist, and stayed open in a deep v over my breasts. The chain connecting my nipples was visible and against the thin material my nubs stood out plainly. Every step would open the lower lapels and reveal long stocking clad legs.


In the car Jake couldn't take his eyes off of me. The dress parted over my thighs and left little to the imagination. The fabric moved over my breasts and bared me to his sight with each twist I made in the seat of the car.

I was on the edge of the most thrilling sexual adventure of my life and the excitement coursed through every part of my body. One of my lifelong fantasies was about to be acted out and my devoted husband had no idea that I was acting out my desire not his. Oh I knew that he was going to get a big thrill from all of this, but not nearly the bang that I was expecting. He had brought home the flyer and presented it to me as a "joke" at first. I knew better by the size of the hard on in his pants. Over the next few weeks he teased and joked and dropped hints that were so obvious I had to laugh. Finally I again let him talk me into "his" fantasy.

We drove for an hour to reach the meeting place. They had hired a martial arts studio for the night. On consideration it was the perfect place. The studio offered a large open area and floor mats to soften things for us. There were showers for afterwards and seating for those not participating in the actual events. The place would also be sound proof and offer little chance of anyone looking in from the street.

There were already a dozen cars in the lot when we pulled in and more arriving as we parked. At the front entrance a receptionist greeted us. She was a pretty young lady dressed to impress in a sexy way. Once she checked our names against the list we were directed inside.

Inside the front doors screens were set up that blocked the view of the studio and moved all traffic to the right. Turning the corner we were in the main room. People milled about, mostly men and a few women. The eight or ten women that I saw were all very attractive and like the receptionist dressed provocatively.

There was a low stage area at one end of the room and above it hung a large banner.

"Welcome to the 1st Annual

National Cocksucking Championship"

People were arriving rapidly behind us as the starting time approached. I couldn't really believe that I was here, that so many were here today. I tried to pick out the contestants from the gals in the crowd but it was impossible. I knew that a dozen would compete and there was easily three times that many women in the room. What visible sign would there be to separate the participants from the spectators? How could you tell a cocksucker from the others by looking?

Jake held my arm protectively as we crossed the room and approached the stage. I knew that my legs flashed with each step I took and that my breasts moved freely under my dress revealing that they were unrestrained. I could feel the eyes of many strangers on me and I wondered if they were trying to determine if I were a participant.

"My name is Sarah and I am a contestant today," I told the middle-aged man at the stand. He quickly reviewed his list and then handed me a badge on a string to hang around my neck.

"Did you get the copy of the rules that we mailed to you?"

"Yes, last week," I replied.

"Do you have any questions? If not I need you to sign the forms releasing us from any liability and granting permission for filming, then you can join the others back stage."

I jotted my name on the forms quickly, before I had time to think long enough to change my mind then Jake led me toward the back of the stage.

There were already five other gals back there and believe me they were all pretty. I was concerned that my thirty-year-old body might not meet up to the standards they would set. I greeted them with an inclusive hi and introduced myself. They were friendly enough and all in high spirits.

The spectrum of beauty was covered, blonde and brunette, talk and short, dark as night and pale as a winter's dawn. My five foot three inch body and curly brown hair would fit right in.

A couple of years ago I had a little enhancement done and I knew that my almost natural 36 c breasts would be as good as any in the room.

More girls wandered in to the stage room with their mates. The men seemed to be overwhelmed by the selection and variety of the eye candy on view. The girls seemed nervous, but in control of their excitement or fears. I knew from personal experience that the selection process had involved more than a statement of willingness. I had gone through several interviews by phone and filled in two different sets of forms before I was accepted. We were all nervous, but we all understood the coming events and were prepared to give willingly.

Less than thirty minutes later the Emcee came back stage to announce that the time was near. He asked all the men to leave and they grumbled complaints but obeyed.

"Ok ladies," he began, "you have all read the rules and know the way that we will judge this competition today. You can wear as much or as little as you want, but plan on whatever you wear getting more than a little messy before the day is over."

We all laughed or giggled at that.

"You can come out on stage dressed and remove the clothing later or you can come out as you plan to compete. You have each given me a short introduction that I will read and once I finish you walk out and stand in a line to my right. Got it so far?"

We all nodded or mumbled a yes.

"Anyone wanting to back out now is your chance. We would appreciate it if you didn't start anything you don't think you can finish."

He waited a few minutes then nodded to us. "Ready?"

He walked onto the stage and we heard the applause marking the beginning of my fantasy.

"Sheila comes to us from Dallas," he announced over the PA system as he started the first of the 12 introductions for contestants. "She performs in a gentleman's club there. Originally she wanted to be a singer, but discovered she had other oral talents. Sheila plans to use her prize money open her own club."

I watched as Sheila walked onto the stage completely naked and barefoot. The applause was loud and long as she displayed her body to the crowd.

The routine continued for the next eight girls as my turn approached. Some of them remained dressed, some stripped to their panties and two of them imitated Sheila walking naked onto the stage. I still wasn't sure how I would handle it. Then my turned came.

"The next contestant is a little different. Sarah describes herself as a middle-class suburban housewife and the best amateur cocksucker in the state. She says that wining this event will fulfill a lifelong fantasy and she plans to use the money to buy sexy clothes."

The room burst into laughter and applause and instantly my mind was made up. I slipped the wrap dress off and paraded out in heels, stockings and nipple chain for all to see. Of course I had known in my heart that this is what I would do when I selected what to wear tonight.

Standing in the front of the room with what looked to be about a hundred men and women staring at me was a tremendous turn on.

Back in college I had been a frat house slut. I spent many nights naked in a room full of horny young men as they demonstrated their sexual prowess with me and a couple of sorority sisters. Once I left college I left all that behind, at least I thought I had.

The dreams still came ten years later and the feelings that I had then came back in fantasies during the night.

"There will be two qualifying heats," the announcer began. "Six girls will each take on four men, the top two finishers will move on to the final match. The first heat will include; Gabriel, Angel, Maryanne, Beth and Rhonda. The others will make up the second match. Please take your places girls."

The named girls all moved to the matted area of the floor while we others waited on stage.

"Men take your placed for round one!"

Four men for each girl, a total of 24, quickly stripped right there in the middle of the room. I had never seen so much cock at one time in my life. All were hard, erect and read for action. Four surrounded each girl as she knelt down amongst them.

The men were all good looking. Some were young, maybe nineteen or twenty and several were closer to fifty. The display of maleness ranged from five inches to at least eight, from as big around as the cigars Jake likes to smoke to the size of the cardboard tube in paper towels. Several shades of white brown and black were displayed. None were enormous, but all would be at least a mouthful. I was licking my lips as I appraised the situation.

My goofy mind wondered at how unmatched the cocks were to the bodies supporting them. A short rather heavy guy had a dick as long and sharp as a pencil, while the tall thin man had the fattest one in the room.

"Ok ladies," the announcer shouted over the noise of the crowd, "Start Sucking!"

Each of the girls immediately went to work on her men. Gabriel almost swallowed the cock in front of her as she dove into her work. She had a dick in each hand and pumped them rapidly as her head bobbed up and down on the hard cock in her mouth.

Maryanne was deep-throating her first man. It was almost too much to watch as the six attacked cocks and tried to make them cum. One of Angel's men came first in a gush of cum that splattered her. She seemed to take a minute to absorb the thrill and then turned to her second task.

The second round girls were all moving through the crowd trying to see how the competition was doing, maybe learn a new trick. I was naked in a room full of clothed people, not counting the contestants of course. As I moved around I noticed a lot of audience playing going on. Tits were being felt, cocks stoked through pants and hands under skirts as the spectators enjoyed the show. One girl had her tank top pushed up revealing a beautiful pair of tits covered by her lovers hands as he held her tight from behind.

The crowd was shouting encouragement to each of them, mixed liberally with obscenities. The men were responding fast. It seemed that as the first man in each group shot his load into the mouth of the girl the others became more excited and primed to explode. Quickly the competition moved as cum shot into mouths open and willing. Beth and Gabriel were each working on their final man as Maryanne's third came in a shout of completion and she moved so fast to the next cock that she was sprayed by the still spurting one she left. Face covered in cum she took the next dick and he immediately erupted. I was impressed. Evidently the sight of her being sprayed and the cum running down her face pushed him over the edge.

Maryanne was clearly the winner as Gabby and Beth vied for the other qualifying position. It was close, but Gabby finish off her man seconds before Beth and with cum running from her lips jumped up in triumph.

"As our rules stated the girls will finish off their men so that the second round will be fairly matched with all the men having cum once.," the Emcee's voice said over the PA.

I watched as each of the men now enjoyed a less frantic blowjob and soon all were relieved of the tension holding their cocks erect. I was holding my own breast as they worked on the hard flesh and a woman standing next to me ask, "Are you enjoying this?'

God yes!

Maryanne and Gabriel were lead to the stage and each of the pretty sluts had her hand held high in victory. Both were topless, wearing panties and covered in the rewards of their labor.

My heart beat faster as I knew I was next. I really had thought that it would be no problem to make a couple of men cum. Now that I had seen the workmanship of my fellow cocksuckers I was concerned. Could I get them off fast enough?

With the call for the second group to take it's place on the mats I walked proud and naked to my station.

My group had four nude girls and the others were topless. I was the only one wearing a nipple chain and I hoped the visual would work in my favor.

All of us we rapidly surrounded by our men and at the call of the Emcee they all dropped their clothes to the floor. In front of me stood four of the nicest dicks I had ever seen. I do mean they stood too, tall and erect, full of blood and ready for my hungry mouth to take.

I tried to see Jake in the crowd. I have to admit that I hadn't looked for him since the first round began, I had been mesmerized by the action. I caught a quick peek of him standing in the group of spectators behind my guys. He was all smiles and gave me a thumbs up sign. I dropped to my knees, smiling and ready as the electronic voice sounded the start of my heat. I knelt right in a puddle left by the previous group, the mat was splashed with the cum of the four men who had surrounded Angel earlier.

I grabbed the nearest cock in my hand and forced it into my mouth pumping and sucking for all I was worth. I took another in my other hand and began to stroke it fast and hard.

I heard a "Oh fuck" from above me and cut my eyes up to look into the face of the cock I sucked. As our eyes met I started a twisting turning stroke with my hand and slipped his cock faster in and out of my mouth. His mouth hung open and his eyes stared at me in disbelief and I worked hard to make him cum. Just then I heard a hard groan and a sharp "Oh fuck!" from the ring of men nearest me. I turned to look and saw Jennifer slobbering a mouth full of cum from her first successful blowjob to the second cock in her circle. She turned so fast to the offered dick that she spun cum into the air from her overflowing mouth and she swallowed him whole in one move.

"Oh shit!" I thought and returned to my efforts with a new passion. Almost instantly I was rewarded by the first jolt of hot cum into my mouth. I had been so intent on Jennifer that I hadn't realized how close the guy was that filled my throat.

Wanting to add visual stimulation for my volunteers I began to play with my nipples rather than another cock. I figured that watching me play with myself would do more for all of them instead of just the cock in hand. I smeared some of the overflow from my first man into my breasts and then lowered the stroking hand to my pussy and began to finger fuck myself. I was rewarded by the warm hard flow of him into my open mouth almost immediately. I allowed most of it to leak out and run over my chin and tits as I turned to number three.

Jennifer was just moving to her next man too. I didn't waste the time to look at any of the other girls and I continued my game plan of masturbating while sucking cock. I was taking long deep strokes with my mouth on number three and the thought crossed my mind that I might cum before I got through all four of them. If I did I would lose the race for sure as I let my body takeover my mind and revealed in the orgasm.

Number three began to cum and I moved a hand to hold his cock firmly as I removed my mouth from it and turned to the last challenge of this match. Three continued to blast cum and I directed it at myself covering my check and shoulder as I took the last man deep into my mouth. He was already moaning and pulsing his hips to fuck my face.

The crowd was going wild now as Jennifer and I raced to the climax, literally for all of us. My body was trembling with the approaching orgasm and my last cock was throbbing in my mouth wanting to blast away.

I heard the moan and then the scream of Jennifer's success just as my guy cut loose. His hot fluid splashed against my body as I turned to see Jen's wicked and sloppy smile as the announcer proclaimed her the winner of our heat. He immediately pronounced me second place and I was in the finals.

I remained on my knees, orgasm held in check by the barest thread as I watched the other girls finish off the men left standing.

Jake was at my side, helping me to my feet and telling me how fucking sexy I had looked on my knees in the circle of hard cocks. His pants stuck out several inches as his enjoyment of my act was obvious to anyone looking.

Sheila was on her last man too, and finished just seconds behind us and the other girls quickly brought things to a head.

The announcer called out all the finalists names and invited them on the stage. The first round of girls had time to clean up before strutting onto the platform, Jen and I didn't. Still covered in our success we marched out there for all to see.

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