tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA True College Tale

A True College Tale


When I was a sophomore in college I lived in a double with my roommate Dave. While I’m a fairly good looking guy, Dave always had more luck with members of the opposite sex. In fact, during our first month at school together I was pretty much in awe of this. And, of course I, on the other hand had little luck with girls. Whether I was too shy, or just didn’t have the sex appeal I’ll always wonder. Anyway, I did my fair share of ogling women, and I still do. I’d watch them walking around on campus, sitting, eating, and of course out in the bars each night.

There were so many great looking girls that I wondered who it was who was getting these delicious cuties to go to bed with them. I lusted after women constantly, imagined how they’d look out of their clothes, or in their panties, the things they’d say to their lovers, and how they’d sound as they made love. In class I’d always spend more time scanning the large auditorium for sexy coeds than paying attention to the lectures, which accounted for me failing a good number of exams. It was in my sociology class that I first saw Jackie. She was a stunning girl with a face like an angel, long blond shoulder length hair, slim with tight jeans usually, and an incredible ass. Once I got behind her when she was climbing the stairs in front of me and I thought I’d just die right there if I didn’t fuck her right away. But, such are the things of college made from, and mine to this point was certainly no exception.

Weeks later Dave and I were bar hopping at the Elmwood Strip. There’s a place in Buffalo if you know the town, called Mr. Goodbars. We were down a few beers when Jackie walked in. When I saw her my heart nearly stopped, and I leaned over to tell Dave that the girl of my nightly fantasies had just come in. Well, he began scolding me for not going right up to her and working up a rap. Finally, I gave in. Nervous as hell I made my way over to her. Wasn’t she the girl in my sociology class, I asked. And then she looked at me....and smiled...and I nearly dropped dead from nerves....my stomach hit the floor. I willed myself to be cool and bought her a drink.

We talked about how boring the class was, and how we could barely understand our professor’s accent. Fifteen minutes later I couldn’t believe she was still talking to me...and that’s when Dave came over. I wish I could say that I was able to hold my own then and there, but as Dave talked and laughed she began to look more and more at him, and less and less at me. He reached over and put his arm around her all the while joking and kidding with her. For the second time, and not for the last time that night, my stomach fell. I felt that familiar feeling....the one where you begin to feel like a third wheel. I told Dave that I wasn’t feeling so hot and that I was going to drive back to the dorm. We had only my car between us, but I wasn’t surprised when he said he’d catch me later. Half-heartedly saying goodnight, I took a long last look at Jackie and made for the door. The drive home was an extreme low point and finding the halls quiet, I went to my room. Falling asleep after jerking off to fading memories of hot, unobtainable pussy was too familiar to me.

Later that night I was awakened by the sounds of the door opening and Jackie’s all too familiar laughing. My heart began racing and I was instantly awake. Dave kissed her in the doorway and the last thing I saw was her leaning in close to him as the door shut quietly. In the darkness I could hear their kisses continuing and Jackie’s soft whispers. They made their way across the room to Dave’s bed which if you know anything about college dormitories was only about 10 feet away from mine and directly across from me. A delicious feminine giggle....and the sound of Dave’s zipper slowly being pulled down...a soft oooh...as Jackie felt Dave’s cock in her hands...

My cock was hard under the covers and my hands found it...my eyes straining in the darkness to see. Soft kisses again although this time I knew Jackie was kneeling in front of Dave. And then her slurps...soft and barely there. Dave moaned in pleasure as Jackie sucked his cock. I remember thinking how unfair life was, before the excitement I felt in my loins washed away my regret leaving me with only steamy aching between my fingers. Barely breathing I noticed that there was some light leaking in from the blinds, and that my eyes were getting used to the dark. I heard the bedsprings as Dave quietly sat down...She turned her back to me and went back to sucking him. In the darkness I could barely see the outline of her light panties against her body. She made a lot of noise and kept popping Dave’s cock out of her mouth...I heard her whisper to Dave, in between her mmm’s and soft ooohs, that he had such a nice cock. The sound of her whispers were driving me crazy with wanting. Then there were more sounds of clothes coming off...her bra and panties laying on the floor in a heap with jeans and socks....the sound of bedsprings soft again and I knew she had climbed in with him.

More bedsprings and then quiet...he was licking her. Jackie began to moan softly...each throaty sound electrifying my cock. Damn! He was tasting her pussy right now, in this very room...probably holding her ass and those perfect legs...and I knew...I knew...that soon he’d take his cock and slide it inside her hot young wetness...and fuck her. I wanted her...so badly...tears rolled over my cheeks as her breathing quickened...her sounds became the essence of pure sexual enjoyment. She was going to cum soon...and then stifling her own throaty cries, she did...they were the sexiest sounds I’d ever heard.

More kisses....bedsprings...and a whisper of wanting to be on top...the sounds of their bodies moving and then of their mutual pleasure as she slid on top of him...Dave was moaning now....I could hear his hands as they slapped her ass...pulling her closer and deeper onto him...and then the rhythm of bedsprings....slow rocking...the sound of his cock in her...so quiet, wet soft plunges in time to the rocking bed...I squeezed my cock in my hands under the covers in time to their motion...fantasizing about having her this way...about being the one to make her whimper...about how good it must be to be between her legs....humping...smelling her perfume...feeling those desperate kisses as she teased my roommate with her whole body...what it must feel like to have her tits sweaty...nipples hard rubbing along my chest.

Faster now....the unmistakable sounds of two people urgently fucking...lost in the pleasure of the steamy sex only two strangers can have....loud moaning and Jackie began to cum on top of Dave...losing herself on him...she cried out as he fucked her hard from underneath...the sounds of their bodies slapping together....I imagined how delicious it must feel to cum in Jackie....and then I heard my roommate grunting....knowing that his cock, overwhelmed by pleasure, was now jerking inside her...his cum squirting deep in her pussy...splashing inside...and her satisfaction as she felt him....they lay still for a time....my cum having wasted itself all over my blanket...stomach...on my fingers....my cock throbbing...my ears ringing...

Later she sucked him hard again and they fucked some more....I came quietly too...and at sometime in the early morning, they dressed and went out. I couldn’t satisfy my horniness and reaching for my bottle of lube, I jerked off long into the morning hours...once moving across to his bed to smell the sheets....smelling her musk everywhere.

When I did get up the nerve to start attending sociology again, I sat far back in the auditorium....watching her....remembering the night absolute joy was only ten feet away.

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