tagInterracial LoveA True Marriage

A True Marriage


I'm a nigger bitch.

I once saw a porn clip where a black woman kneeling before a white man stared straight into the camera and said: "I'm a nigger bitch." After saying those words she turned and began to suck the hard white cock in front of her.

Being black, it is probably expected that I would have felt it to be offensive. But I didn't. Seeing her beautiful face and hearing her say those words before turning to suck a white cock was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen. But I had raceplay recordings where a black woman called herself nigger bitch and a nigger slut and a nigger whore before that moment. She called herself nigger bitch and the men and women she had sex with, who often even spit on her or pissed on her, called her a nigger too. She loved being treated that way, and they were happy to use her as their hot black fucktoy.

Now I'm a white owned, white cock worshipping, nigger whore and I love it.

It was bound to happen, I guess. I'd thought about the fact that my secret might be discovered many times, especially when doing it while my wife was at home. But with years having passed with my being able to do it and not be discovered I guess I let my guard down. Then the day arrived that I came home from work expecting to relax and enjoy a nice dinner with the wife and kids only to find that the kids were not there and my wife was seated, completely naked, in the middle of the livingroom floor surrounded by stacks upon stacks of my favorite porn. There was a video recording playing on the big screen that depicted a beautiful black woman riding the big white cock of an extremely attractive blond haired white stud. As I watched the scene shifted to a closeup of the thickness of the bare white cock stretching the opening of the hair fringed black cunt and showed both his prick and her pussy covered in the creamy white juices of her profuse discharge.

"How long, Kev?" Crystal asked softly, her hazel eyes gazing up at me. She calls me Kev, which is short for Kevin.

"The dates are on the boxes containing the sd cards," I answered, removing the jacket of my suit and loosening my tie. As I started to take a seat in my favorite chair she stopped me and had me join her on the floor.

Holding up a small blue box, she peered at its date.

"2005. Ten years, hunh? That's a long time. That's as long as we've been married. And how long did you plan to keep this up? Did you ever plan to say anything about it?"

I sighed as I gazed at the beautiful black woman I'd married. Looking at her, I couldn't help but smile. Even though we'd been married for nearly ten years, and she had given birth to four kids, she still looked like the small, slim bodied, nineteen year old coed I'd met and fallen for.

Crystal is an exquisitely beautiful woman with long, silken, ebony hair that hangs in straight lines to the small of her back. The fall if her hair frames an entrancing face that one would expect to see on the cover of a black fashion magazine, and she has been. There is a slightly Asian cast to her gleaming topaz eyes that, when added to her mahogany complexion, high cheekbones, slender nose, and soft pouting lips, gives her features an exotic look that most men can't seem to resist. In addition to a fantastic face, she possesses a trim physique with small, round tits adorned with Hershey Kisses as areola and nipples, flat belly, small hips, and a tight little ass that displayed just the right amount of rise to make it a mouthwateringly enticing apple bottom. She could have had any man she wanted, but she chose me and I was happy she had.

Don't take that the wrong way. I am quite attractive myself. Dark skinned and dark eyed with a slender face and a medium softness of lips that most women found to be extremely kissable, I also possessed the trim, well-toned form of a distance runner. I never had any problems getting any woman I wanted either. Crystal once told me that it was because I am visual art, standing sleek and elegant like a gazelle and moving with the predatory grace of a panther. A complement which was a real boost to my ego, and which I loved to playfully remind her of on occasion.

At that moment she appeared to be worried. Peering into her eyes, I could see vulnerability and confusion there, as if she could not understand what was going through my mind and feared the worst. Just from observing the emotional turmoil she was experiencing, I was moved. There was no doubt in my mind that she loved me. I figured her concern was regarding what the recordings she had uncovered meant regarding the fate of our marriage. I knew I needed to assure her that her place in my heart was safe and our marriage was secure.

As I lowered myself to the softness of the plush cerulean carpet of our livingroom, I reached out to caress her face. Gazing into her eyes and continuing to smile warmly I spoke softly and disarmingly.

"Really, baby, I never intended for you to see those. And as for why I didn't say anything... What would I say?" I asked, stroking my fingers through the high strands of the carpet. I shrugged. "What would you have said if you were in my place? You've kept your secrets as long as I have mine. Why didn't you tell me about them?"

I chuckled softly.

"Besides, I'm sure you can imagine how much I have dreaded the idea of having this conversation with you. It really isn't something I expected we would ever have to talk about when we got married. But now that the cat's out of the bag, so to speak, I guess we really should talk."

"Where do we start?" Crystal asked with a small smile, the fear in her eyes lessening in response to my lack of an expression of anger.

I pointed at the display on the screen, where the black woman was with another white man, riding up and down on his cock. This was a dark haired man with a huge prick. From the moans of pleasure emanating from the speakers, and the way her wide stretched black snatch was creaming on his prick, the woman was enjoying herself immensely.

"Maybe we should start with you. When did you discover you possessed a love of white dick?" I inquired, continuing to observe the tv screen where Crystal could be seen bouncing up and down on the big white prick that filled her hair fringed black pussy.

"It's more than that, and you know it," she responded, turning her face so that she was looking at herself on the screen and when I returned my eyes to her I found myself gazing at her profile. She slowly cut her eyes toward me, her pink tongue flickering out to moisten her plump brown lips in that seductive way she did, and which she knew drove me crazy. She was watching herself whorishly riding a white man's cock, and with us talking about her love of white cock she had become extremely aroused. "If you're going to ask, ask me the right way."

I immediately knew what she wanted so I did as she asked.

"Okay then, I'll ask the question in the right way. When did you become a little nigger cumdump for big white cocks?"

With my having said those words, referring to the issue in such an explicit manner, she visibly relaxed. It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her, or some invisible shackles had been released, freeing her. She lay back as if floating on a cloud.

"Yes. That's exactly what I've been. It's what I am. I'm a hot pussied nigger slut and I love... No. I worship white cock." She laughed happily. "You don't know how good it feels to be able to say that. And being able to say that to you is even better."

Crystal turned up the volume on the television. Not much, but loud enough that we could both hear what was being said. The man on top of her was another blond haired man, and she lay on her back with her legs raised along his sides and her hips rising and falling in time with his strokes as he pounded her hard and deep.

"Yeah. That's right, bitch. Fuck me back. Show me how much you want my white cock in your nigger cunt," the man growled. His thrusts were vicious, slamming his cock into her depths. "You're a nasty little nigger whore, aren't you? And you love fucking white men behind your husband's back don't you?"

"Oh! Ohhhh! Yes!" I heard Crystal answer.

"Say it, slut! Say you're a nigger whore. Say you want white meat more than you want your husband's black cock."

"Yessss! Oh God, yeah! I'm a nasty little nigger slut who craves white cock. I'm a nigger whore who loves white cock more than black cock. I want white cock more than I want my husband's black dick. And I love fucking white men behind my husband's back. I'm nothing but a hot black piece of ass, born to be used for the pleasure of white men," Crystal moaned heatedly, undulating obscenely beneath the man. "Fuck me. Fuck my nigger cunt. Fill me with your cum, baby. Oh! Oh! I'mmmm cuuuummmmiiinnnngg!"

I'd seen that scene before. And not just that time. It was repeated many times over the years, though not always in exactly the same way. There were variations of acts and words, but things were usually similar so I was not surprised by the sight. Over the years I'd heard Crystal called a nigger slut, black bitch, nigger cunt, whore, and various other racial terms. I'd also heard Crystal call herself those things as well. And I'd seen her with both men and women, being spit on, pissed on, and employed for their sexual pleasure in various ways. It was obvious that she found her greatest carnal thrill in being degraded and sexually used by white people.

Not that I was any better. I loved seeing her get off with them just as much.

She rolled over to face me.

"And you've known about what I've been doing the whole time we've been married?" She asked.

"Not the whole time we've been together. I didn't even suspect that you could have such desires when we were dating. But, then, we weren't together twenty four hours a day when we were dating."

"When did you know?"

"I figured you were cheating during our honeymoon, when I came back to our hotel room and discovered a pair of your panties in the bathroom trashcan. You had tried to hide them beneath some trash that I had tossed in there the day before, but a little of the bright green fabric could be seen, Wondering why you would try to hide them, I picked them out of the garbage and found they were soaked with cum. I knew it wasn't my cum, so the reasonable conclusion was that you had been fucking someone else," I responded. Then I blinked and smiled at how she had shifted the focus to me. "Hey. That's not fair. You still haven't answered my question. You don't get to ask me questions until you've answered mine. Tell you what, let's shift the questions back and forth. I'll ask you one and then you can ask me one."

Crystal laughed.

"Okay. That's fair," she stated. She appeared to ponder. "What was your question again. Oh yes. When did I become a white cock slut? The answer to that is not easy. I could say that it happened when I came home from school early one day and walked in on my big sister and Mr. Sanders, our forty year old, blond haired next door neighbor.

"Mr. Sanders was married to our mother's best friend and was the father of my best friend. He was on top of Cherry, his lightly tanned white skin a sharp contrast to the midnight black smoothness of her complexion, slamming a long, thick, steel hard crimson prick into her with such force it was almost as if he was raping her. Almost, but not really. As I watched, with every thrust he would say obscene things to her about how much of a slut she was and how nigger bitches were created to be the fucktoys of white men. The only reason I knew it wasn't a rape was because I saw that Cherry had her heals hooked behind Mr. Sanders' ass and was moaning with pleasure as she humped her hips with sexual abandon.

'Yesss! Fuck me hard and deep like that, baby! Oh! Oh! Fuck my nigger pussy! I'm a nasty little nigger bitch and I need a big white cock fucking me!' Cherry said. That was when they noticed I was there. She looked at me without the slightest shred of guilt or embarrassment. 'Every black bitch should be fucked by a big white dick! Every black cunt should be filled with a white man's cock and cum. And every black whore should be bred by white studs!

'That's what I want! Oh! Oh! Fuck me full of white seed and breed me! Breed me like a nigger whore is supposed to be bred! Fuuuuuccccckk meeeee!'

"They didn't stop fucking. They didn't care that I was watching, and I found that to be extremely hot. As far as Mr. Sanders was concerned, he was a white man taking what he wanted from a black slut whose very existence was intended for his pleasure. At the same time, Cherry was reveling in the complete debauchery of a total submission to her desire for white flesh and was actually happy that I was seeing it

"I could say that was when it happened, but I won't. Because the truth is I've always fantasized about being with a white guy. My first sexual fantasies were of sex with white boys. The sight of my sister and Mr. Sanders was just kinkier and more explicit than what I envisioned. But it served to awaken me to what the racial aspect to my desire for white dick really meant, showing me what I immediately knew to be how I wanted to be treated by white men.

"A lot of black women would say that seeing another black woman being ravaged by a white man and used as a cum bucket, while hearing him call her a nigger slut, or a black whore, or a fucking cunt, is repulsive to them. And maybe it is. But to me the sight is absolutely glorious. When I saw my sister being treated that way I realized I was being shown exactly what was missing from my life and what I craved. It was at that instance that I realized that what I wanted was to be completely taken by white men.

"A week later Mr. Sanders popped my cherry and I became one of several black women he was fucking, which also included my mother, my mother's younger sister, my dad's little sister, and my cousin by my mother's older sister."

"If you love white cock so much, why'd you marry me?" I asked.

"Because, even though I have an insatiable hunger for white meat, and have fallen in love with some of my white lovers, there is more to life and sex than you are anticipating," she responded. "Sex with you is just as astounding as the pleasure I get when I'm with a white guy. That's because whenever we've fucked it has been after I was already royally screwed by a big white dick. I always get off on knowing you are getting sloppy seconds after some white stud has fucked a big load of spunk into my womb. It's so hot, having you eat the potent cum of my white lovers from my freshly fucked snatch then rolling a condom down over the length of your prick to make sure you don't get me pregnant and fucking you while thinking of how I never take any precautions to stop myself from being impregnated by any of the white cocks that fuck me.

"Since you've been taping me, you know that I never use condoms with the white guys I fuck, so you know that every time you came home from work and I wanted you to suck my cunt, I was being a really nasty bitch, having you lick the thick gooey seed that had been deposited by my sex partners from my inner walls and taking a chance that I might get pregnant by them."

I nodded.

"I knew it," I admitted.

"And you just let me keep doing it. You let me keep fucking white guys and feeding you my cummy pussy afterwards for years and didn't say anything. Hell, sometimes you even came home and threw me down and ate me out. Wow. Do you like it? Is that it? Do you like knowing you're eating my cunt after other men have fucked me? You do, don't you? You like that I fuck white guys," She laughed. "What do you like most about it? Seeing your wife being roughed up and spit on by white men, treated like a hot piece of nigger ass and banged by big white cock? Hearing me moaning with joy as their huge pricks pound into me. Hearing me begging for their cocks and their cum. Begging them to ..."

She stopped as if she realized I might not have considered what she was about to say and what the results of her having fucked so many men had been. She looked at me.

"Seeing you undulating whorishly beneath the white guys as you begged them to fuck you, cum in you, and impregnate you?" I saw a glimmer of nervousness resurface, but I reached out to gently and lovingly caress her cheek. "I love seeing you like that. I love seeing the whorish way you fuck when you're riding a white dick. I love seeing you cum on their cocks and I love seeing them cum inside you.

"Yeah, it's mean that you are letting white men shoot their seed inside you even though you won't let me, your husband do so, but there is also something so hot about it. Watching you getting your brains fucked out by white men, I feel as if that's what a black woman is meant to do. There is also something so raunchy about coming home from work to my hot wife and performing clean up duty on your delicious pussy following your afternoon trysts. I did say delicious, didn't I? So, yeah, I love the way you taste after you've been fucked full of cum.

"Oh. And of course, I know the condoms weren't faulty when the kids were conceived. We have four kids and I've never fucked you barebacked. Since there was cum in your panties during our honeymoon,

and I know you've never used any kind of birth control, I'm guessing our first was conceived then. But when you got pregnant with the other three is probably on these videos. I love watching as they fuck you when I know you're fertile, knowing they could be knocking you up. And if the way you fuck them during those times is any indication, you like knowing you are ovulating and taking a chance that they might impregnate you too.

"Every time I think of you being knocked up by one of your white lovers my dick gets so hard I expect it to rip out through my pants. I think it's hot that I'm married to a white bred nigger slut. Baby, you are everything I've ever fantasized about in a black woman."

"You're okay with that? You really are as much of a freak as I am, aren't you?" Crystal chuckled playfully. "All this time you've been enjoying the fact that you have a nigger slut hot wife who is cuckolding you, and to think that I had been concerned that you would divorce me."

"I know the feeling. There have been many times when I watched the way you were with your lovers, seeing the way you responded to their touch and the way they fucked you, or listened to you tell them how much you love them and the way their white cocks felt inside you, that I wondered if you were going to take the kids and leave me."

Crystal reached out to comfortingly caress my cheek with the tips of her fingers in much the same way as I had stroked the side of her face a moment before.

"Oh, Baby, I would never leave you," she murmured in a soothing purr. "I may be a rotten little whore, but I'm your whore. I love you."

"I love you too. And I love that my wife is such a hot little white cock slut," I responded, enjoying the warm touch of smooth skin as her slender fingers slid across my flesh. "I also love our kids. I'm guessing we'll be having more?"

"I'm sure we will. And soon, if Sean has his way. But you know that he's asked me to let him knock me up, don't you? It's on yesterday's recording."

"Yeah. I know. But that's not all he asked."

"You're right. That's not all he asked. As you know, he wants to be my bull. I wanted to talk to you about that, but first I thought I should talk to you about these recordings."

I had noticed something. As soon as I brought up Sean's request to be her bull, Crystal lay all the way down on her side and her free hand moved to begin rubbing her fingers through the wet slit of her black haired snatch. It happened unconsciously, as if just the thought of having a white bull was such a turn on to her that she couldn't help herself.

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