tagGroup SexA True Story

A True Story


Jam nights were always on Wednesday, and we always went. It's where you could get up on stage and play rock and roll or whatever with the other muscians in town. My wife, Brandy and her best friend, Denise would sit and listen, but in order to communicate, they had to write on a tablet back and forth to each other. Loud was an understatement. My 30th birthday was coming up soon and Brandy knew too well of my 3 way fetish. She decided to ask Denise if she would help us celebrate by giving me a double blow job. She agreed. The only stipulation was NO SEX. When Brandy told me about this, I freaked. Her plan sounded great to me. I couldn't wait! We rented a hotel room (in case it got noisy) and I got naked and crawled into bed. The girls turned out the lights because they're self concious and joined me, one on each side. All at once, they started rubbing my thighs then my dick and balls. I was in heaven. As Brandy began to kiss me, Denise went down on me. Pinch me I'm dead!

Brandy left my face to join Denise, one sucking my dick and the other with one nut in her mouth. They were digging this as much as I was! Denise came up to kiss me while Brandy continued expertly mouthing my piece. Denise and I played tonsil hockey for a bit then I started sucking her double D. Then my Wife jumped on my dick while I fingered Denise. Brandy comes quick and after she did, she needed something to drink. I couldn't help myself. I rolled Denise over, threw her knees up and started pounding her. Brandy wasn't happy, but it WAS my birthday! I invited Brandy back into bed telling her I missed her and with her head hung, she came. Denise jumped on top of my dick and my wife rode my face. Every man should experience this. Brandy really likes to watch me beat off so she asked me to come that way for Denise. When I was ready, I gave them the "get up signal" and started whackin. I started getting into it to give them a show then shot straight up in the air getting both me and them. Brandy licked my belly as Denise traced her finger through my seed. We thanked Denise and she got up to shower and left. I held my wife and drifted off to sleep. A couple of Wednesday's later, some guys were rockin it out on stage and I was talking to friends. Brandy and Denise were doing their usual, writing back and forth on the tablet. I sneaked up behind Brandy and read some of what they wrote. On line caught my eye! Denise said "If you werent with Doug, who in here would you do?" Brandy wrote "Jimmy, because he's clean and has nice arms." Brandy saw me reading and looked nervous thinking I'd get pissed. I'm not the jealous type. So to prove it, I walked over to Jimmy who was waiting for his turn to get up on stage, and said "My wife would like to fuck you and it's alright with me. would you do it?"

Fender P bass. 1,100.00. GK amp. 850.00. Look on Jimmy's face, well you know! He aske me if I was serious and I said yes. He said "sure! I'd love to". Brandy wanted to know what I said to him and I told her. Payback. For 2 weeks she was buzzin asking all kind of questions and she even wanted to back out of it once. NOT HAPPENIN!

One day I went to Knights Inn and reserved a room. I didn't even know if Jimmy was available but Brandy and I could use it if he wasn't. I took some candles, Redi-whip and a sexy nighty for Brandy went to set up the room. Later that night, Brandy and I went to the hotel and when she saw I had set it up she got very nervous. She said "tonight?". Yes, I said. I can't do it! said Brandy. Too late honey. It's done. I called Jim from the room phone and he answered. "Jim, Brandy is waiting for you (she was shaking with excitement) we are at the Knight's Inn. Don't be long. She's getting cold. He said he'd be right up and hung up. Just as I looked at Brandy who was holding her face, the phone rang! It was Jimmy. He said he called back to see if it was for real or if I was fucking with him. Once again, "I'll be right there". That was the longest 9 minutes of Brandy's life. When Jim showed up, the candles were lit and Brandy lay on the bed in her nighty, me in silk boxers. Jim's not shy, he stripped down to his underwear then joined Brandy on her left. I started to shake the Redi-whip then applied some to each nipple creating "titty eclaires". Jim and I went to work me concentrating on her tit while Jim diddled near her sopping twat. She was moaning with every touch. I shot some whipped cream on her pussy and asked Jim if he was hungry. Didn't have to ask him twice! While he ate Brandy, I offered her my meat through the hole in my boxers. She loves sucking dick and it shows. She is the best. I was really into this scene. I felt like I was in control. Different from the girl-girl-me thing. So, I continued to call the shots. I told Jim to fuck her like the little slut she is and he lost the briefs and picked up her legs. She just kept grunting and sucking on my knob. Grunts turned to squeals as Jimmy impaled her. After a couple of minutes of this I ordered Brandy on her knees. She complied. Jimmy and I switched ends and I started on her "Dougie style". Jimmy knealt in front of her and she sucked him like she liked it! I reached up and pinched a nipple on one of those massive swinging mellons and a few strokes later, I erupted, filling her soaked pussy. I pulled out and sat down, exausted and she continued to work Jimmy over. I told her to make him come. Her pace picked up and a couple of minutes later he grimaced, his back arched and she swallowed him not spilling a drop. I thought I saw his eyes fall into his skull! We all got something to drink and talked for awhile. After a bit, Jim got dressed and left. Oh what a night.

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