A True Story


This is a true story. I could make something up and write about other people who are far more interesting and do more exciting things, but I'm too much of an exhibitionist to let an opportunity like this go by.

And too much of a voyeur to not like to think that other people tell true stories too, in the guise of literature.

Don't tell me if this isn't true please. Let me keep my illusions. ;)

I discovered how to masturbate when I was very, very young and since then I've done it at least once a day. I was sexually abused as a child and learned more about sex than many people know as adults before I was even in my teens.

But that's another story perhaps.

In the story I'm about to tell, this figures in because I've always had at least two sex lives. One with someone else, and one by myself. Only occasionally and in certain relationships, did the two ever come together. And this is one of those rare and for me, powerful moments.

I was living at the time in a two bedroom ranch style home, with my girlfriend, and a male friend. He had one room and she and I had the other. It was a good 'starter' house perhaps, for someone who'd just left home as I did, but I can hardly imagine a family living there, or a real adult. The place seemed to be built along the lines of a cheap Mobile home. The internal walls (if I can dignify them with a sturdy sounding name like that), consisted of two-by-fours, with paneling nailed to them. No insulation. No drywall or plaster or anything. Just incredibly thin sheets of some sort of 'wood-like' substance and air. Needless to say any sound travelled almost entirely unhindered from one room to the next, and we seldom had to even raise our voices to call out to one another. You could just speak and be heard distinctly from any room in the house.

This however, made sex a very quiet and sometimes embarrassing business. At least it did for us, we were teenagers (I was just 15 at the time, my friend was 17 I think, and my girlfriend was 19), and although not particularly straight laced or inhibited, we didn't know how to share things like that very well.

On the night in question, I'd been out rather later than usual, and I came in to a dark and seemingly empty house. Not wanting to wake anyone, I didn't call out and I came in as quietly as I could, taking off my shoes by the front door.

It was a hot summer night, and there were several fans on and a fair amount of outside noise (dogs barking, cars going past), so it's not surprising that no one heard me enter. I opened the door to my bedroom and slipped inside. It was very dark and seemed to be empty except for the big fan in the window rattling away on 'high', and I wondered where my girlfriend was. I could see enough by the light of the streetlight outside that the bed had been used, the sheets were all rumpled, the pillows dented, but I couldn't see much else. I unzipped my shorts and let them drop to the floor. Stepping out of them I started to pull my t-shirt over my head and as I did so, I turned towards the double closet that was to the right of the door. I saw some vague movement and I stopped with my shirt halfway up, and tried to peer through the gloom. In the deep shadows of the closet, I could see a faint, ghostly white shape moving rhythmically. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I started to make out the shape of my girlfriends bottom and part of her back. She was apparently on her knees, facing into the closet and only her ass and legs were sticking out. She was moving her bottom in slow circles and as I watched, I could make out her fingers coming up between her legs occasionally, sometimes sliding into her.

I was in awe. This was amazingly erotic to me and though I couldn't guess what was going on, I was far too excited by it to wonder at first. I felt my cock swell and stiffen as I stood there and as it bobbed slowly up, I finished taking off my t-shirt and dropped it to the floor. Moving as silently as I could, I took a step or two around to where I could get a better look and then knelt on the floor, onto my knees behind her. Then it became clear to me. She was looking through a hole in the back of the closet, into our roommates bedroom. I could see a tiny glow for a second as she turned her head to presumably get a better view. She was on her hands and knees, her head down near the floor, pressed against the flimsy wall, and one hand was running up and down her stomach and then running up between her legs. She was as open and exposed as you can be. Her ass and pussy were wide open in this position and the sight of them was almost painfully exciting. My cock was incredibly hard and throbbing at this point, and I grabbed it and began stroking myself, fascinated. I honestly could have cum at the slightest touch and it was hard to avoid getting myself off.

This was a wonderful moment for me. I'd watched a great deal of porn and seen people do much more explicit and unusual things than this, but I'd never seen anything as powerfully erotic as this before, and seldom since.

This silent, 'partnerless' dance went on for maybe a minute before I must have made some sort of noise, because she whirled around and made a small squeaking sound, putting her hand over her mouth and looking at me with horror. I gasped and started to stammer something but she shook her head with a frown. Then she looked down at my cock which was stretching painfully in front of me and she smiled the most lascivious and nasty smile I'd ever seen.

I think perhaps she felt the full power of seductive womanhood at that moment, because her whole demeanor changed from embarrassment and surprise, to command and utter calm. She motioned for me to come over and pushed some shoes and dirty clothes aside, made room for me next to her. I crawled over there and knelt next to her and she grabbed me and kissed me deeply for a moment, and then she pulled back and pointed to the hole, mouthing something I couldn't understand.

I knelt way over because the hole was near the floor, and looked through and found that I could see directly to my roommates bed on the other side of the room, and he was at that moment fucking some girl I'd never seen before. She was on her back, legs spread wide and waving in the air while he lay on top of her pushing himself into her with long, rhythmic thrusts.

It's difficult to describe what I felt like at this moment. It was as if I was surrounded by hot, sweaty sexuality and it was intoxicating.

I started to pull back from the hole but a hand stopped me from pulling all the way back and I turned to look back and saw that my girlfriend was lying on the floor now, looking at my ass from the same view I'd had of hers a few moments before. I realized that I was exposed to her as she had been to me a moment before, and she was looking at me with the same lust.

Without saying a word I simply lifted one leg and straddled her face, thrusting myself into her mouth and simultaneously pushing my face between her legs. She was dripping wet and I shoved my tongue into her.

In a moment she came so hard she bit my cock and sunk her fingernails into my skin, both which actually hurt a great deal and I tried to pull out of her mouth but she grabbed my hips and pulled me into her, sucking so hard that I came anyway and it felt like she was actually sucking the cum out me.

We lay for a long while like this, faces buried between each others legs and then I finally found the strength to get up and turn around and kiss her. Our faces were both soaked and my cum tasted unusually sweet mixed with the salt of our sweat and her juices from my lips.

We fell asleep like that, entwined on the floor and wet and sticky, just out of the reach of the fan, in a pile of dirty clothes, shoes and boxes.

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