tagLoving WivesA Turning Point Or Just A Phase?

A Turning Point Or Just A Phase?


My wife and I are about 40 years old and live an average life. We both have jobs, work Saturdays, and enjoy raising our young son. For us sex is usually once a week and can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half, sometimes Friday night and sometimes Sunday afternoon. A while back we went thru a phase where she enjoyed anal but that came and went like our other phases. Currently we enjoy the fantasy of her having sex with other men; something she hasn't done in the 15 years we've been married. Normally I initiate sex and take the lead. She gives hints as to what she wants; only rarely taking control.

Recently, what started out as a normal evening took an unexpected turn and went a new route for us. It was late in the evening as we settled into bed. We both had to work in the morning so I wasn't expecting a long drawn out affair but infered from her body language that she was ready for something. We began by caressing and rubbing each other. She grabbed my cock and began masturbating me which usually means she wants me between her legs. This time was different though. As I began to sit up she asked me to get her red friend from the drawer. Her red friend is a silicone dildo. Its not too long but its just over two inches thick. It's rarely used as it provides quite a stretch.

"This is different", I thought. I handed it to her and she began rubbing her clit with it. We don't use this toy often but when we do she always likes me to mount her first. "Why not this time," I wondered. Red is a tight fit. It takes a while to work it in. Warming up to it, she asked me to suck on her nipples. Thats fine, but then I can't watch the toy slide in which is a big thrill for me. As I massaged and sucked I could tell by her movements and facial expression she was getting ready to push the head in. Then the moment came. Her eyes were clamped shut and head tilted back, her mouth sprung open – the distinct head of the dildo had just penetrated her entrance. Her mouth moved to a more relaxed position and she let out a low moan letting me know she was slowly pushing it in. I was in heaven with her.

She rested for a minute, getting comfortable with the fit, then began moving. I changed my position and could see she was fucking the length of the dildo in and out of her cunt – something she doesn't usually do. Mostly she prefers very shallow movements with this toy.

I reached down to take the dildo from her but she had other plans. She had me kneel between her legs. She instructed me to hold the base of the dildo and move as if it was my dick. We both enjoyed me fucking her like this for a while. She stretched out her arms and braced herself against the headboard, pushing against me for maximum penetration. "Wow, she is really enjoying this", I thought. Next, she took the dildo back and told me to move again. Now she wanted me kneeling next to her.

"I want you to beat off onto my tits", she said.

Sitting next to her, I sat up straight and began beating off, occasionally rubbing the head of my dick on her left nipple, spreading the precum around. She kept fucking herself and telling me how much she wanted my cum on her tits. I could tell she was fantasizing about fucking someone else with me next to her so I played along. She told me how much she liked his dick and how she could fuck him all night. This went on for a while and eventually I decided I wanted to fuck her; I was ready to cum. She said, "No, not yet, I'm about to cum."

A moment later her body stiffened and shook as her orgasm took over. This was unusual for us as she doesn't often cum while riding a dildo. Her orgasm set me off and I told her I was about to cum.. Her eyes opened with a big smile. "Shoot it on my tits!" she said with authority. Well, ok, but I was hoping to cum in her cunt. I continued to stroke, my orgasm grabbed me, and I emptied my load all over her left tit.

My posture relaxed and I slumped down a bit as my orgasm subsided. At this point we were usually finished. I looked into her eyes and saw something that said we weren't done yet. She reached over and grabbed my dick as she leaned up and popped the head into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and licked. This was definitely unusual as she won't let me cum in her mouth. The moaning sounds told me she was enjoying herself. She relaxed and laid her head back down on a pillow. With a smile, she looked me in the eye, scooped some cum off her tit and licked her finger. "Mmm, that's good." Then she scooped up a bit more and raised her finger to my lips. I smiled but didn't open my mouth – the thrill had dropped off for me. Her palm rested on my chin as her finger, slippery with cum, began tracing my lips. Her finger pressed and I allowed it to enter my mouth. "Suck", she said simply. I did. No mistaking the taste; not my thing but not awful either. As her hand withdrew my tongue instinctively licked my lips. Giggles told me she loved that.

The dildo was still lodged in her cunt and she began stroking it again. "My gosh, she's still not done", I thought. No, she wasn't. She placed a hand on the back of my head and started to pull down as she said, again with authority, "Clean my tits." Her DD tits cover a bit of acreage, so to speak, and by now the cum had begun to liquefy and spread. The sexual moment had passed for me but I could see she was still in the middle somewhere so I decided to play along for her. I wrapped her left tit with my hands and began dragging my tongue all over. I bathed her tit with my tongue as she continued to fuck her friend. I can't say I was turned on by the bleachy, acrid taste, however, after a minute or so it began to fade. Then I concentrated on suckling her teat with just the right vacuum; this was about her.

It occurred to me that I still had not been in her cunt tonight and she was about to cum for the second time. I sucked hard on her nipple as her orgasm ripped thru her. Afterward, she relaxed, I withdrew, and the dildo finally came out.

As we laid there, her hand reached over and began lazily stroking my dick. To my amazement I began to stiffen. I sheepishly asked, "Do you mind if I put it in for a minute?"

"Sure", she replied simply, apparently not caring if I did or not.

I climbed in between her legs and felt my dick enter her cunt for the first time in at least a week. I sank in with no resistance. The flesh was wet and loose, hollow. I asked her if she could even feel me. She said, "I can feel you fine but I can't bear down on you." She meant her muscles were too loose and she couldn't grip my narrow shaft. She was just too stretched. It felt nice for both of us but obviously wasn't going to get us anywhere. She was much too loose to stimulate me and I was much too narrow to rub her adequately.

After a few minutes I climbed off and laid down. Surely the evening was over. She handed me the dildo and said something about how I had some cleaning to do. I'm not sure what she had in mind but I took the toy and headed for the bathroom. Over the sound of the running water I heard her moan again. My return to the bedroom was met with another surprise. She had located her plug-in vibrator and was already moaning her way to yet another orgasm. Her knees pulled up and toes curled as she began to squirt all over the bed. Her orgasm followed. She shook and shook. One orgasm became two and they just seemed to blend together. Her face was contorted and her body covered in that sheen of sweat that tells you this is an all-consuming experience. She couldn't possibly be aware of my existence. Reluctantly she switched off the vibrator and collapsed in exhaustion. I put the vibrator away.

After a rest, (her rest), we got up and fixed the bed. We crawled back under the covers and had one last kiss before drifting off. She smiled mischievously and said, "That was nice. I think we'll do it like that for a while."

"Well, maybe we'll use a smaller dildo. I don't want your cunt getting all stretched out." I needed to assert some control.

"I don't know why it would matter. You aren't going back in there. From now on I want your cum on my tits!". She closed her eyes with a big smile and settled in to sleep.

I'm sure she was just playing with me. I'm sure she was.

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