A Twist in His Sobriety


He pushed her hair onto her head and off her shoulders and neck and then held her down, lightly, across her shoulders. With the other hand he picked up the brown suppository and pushed it, uncerimoniously, into her rectum.

She was agitated for a moment as she felt his finger invade behind the suppository but then she adjusted.

"Oh shiiiit...I, uh, Jack...that felt, uh, interesting...but, I...ohmygod...I've...never done this...uh...this much shit before..."

"Don't worry, Fiona, my dear...you're in good hands with me."

Through the rapidly thickening pleasure fog in her brain she heard the sound of a zipper. Felt one of his hands on her hip and then the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass.

She struggled some as he penetrated her but the bliss covering her brain and the heightened skin sensations from the X converted the pain into a jolt of pleasure.

And it surprised Jack when he felt the head of his cock make contact with the heroin suppository and push it deeper into her. He felt a wave of giddy bliss as the suppository made full contact with the mucous membranes of his urethral opening.

He smiled before he took her in earnest. This was kind of like shotgunning grass except they were sharing heroin through her ass.

"Head up bitch," he said as he pulled her head off the counter by her thick mane and made her watch in the mirror, "this won't take long."

Their first fucking ended quickly and somehow they helped each other to bed.

* * * * *

Jack sat beside the bed, smoking.

The first light of dawn was pushing into the room, under the heavy drapes. He put his fingers to his nose and inhaled her scent and in that single moment he relived the past three hours from the recall of her delicious scent.

After they had fucked - as roughly as Jack could - Fiona drifted off to sleep and he took a couple of pills from her case that he recognized as hydrocodone and relaxed beside her.

Hydrocodone never let him get to REM sleep and so he dozed, in and out of light sleep, waking to stroke her back, caress her sex lips, her mouth, the backs of her thighs.

He'd craddle his body against her and murmur things to her. Time seemed to stand still.

A little before the dawn started to intrude under the drapes, he got up and sat beside the bed.

She was a beautiful, wrecked sight. Her long hair tangled over her face and shoulders, her makeup smeared and the swell of one of her breasts pressing out from under her body as she lay on her belly.

He wondered what she would be liked when she woke.

He got up and brushed the hair from her face. She was breathing deeply and regularly so he decided it was safe to leave her for a bit.

Unshowered, hair uncombed, wearing the closes he started yesterday with he went to the valet, Enrique. It was 5:45AM.

He gave Enrique the claim stub but Enrique stood in front of him, stern faced.

"Uh...she's fine. She's sleeping. Here," he pulled a fifty dollar bill from his pocket, along with his suite's card key, "you two seem to have a relationship, would you check on her and order whatever she likes for breakfast from room service. I'm going for a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. I'll be back in an hour or so."

"You're not afraid I'll go take advantage of her or kill her and blame you?"

Jack smiled. "Enrique, you've been in Hollywood too long and I'm too naive. You wouldn't have stared me down just now if you hadn't watched over her before."

Enrique cracked a small, approving smile, handed the claim stub to another valet while keeping his eyes fixed on Jack, "Very good, sir. Phillipe, get Mr. McCloud's car," and Enrique walked into the hotel.

* * * * *

Jack stood on the beach just north of Malibu, the sun coming full up over the Santa Monica mountains.

Jesus, what had happened, he wondered. He laughed. He didn't know he had it in him. But she brought it out and he rode the wave.

When they had gotten to bed after the scene in the bathroom, he buried his tongue in her dewey cunt and ate her and she fucked his face for all she was worth. It depended on your viewpoint, Jack mused.

From there it was a smorgasbord of delights; rough and hard, obscenely urgent ("God damn it, Jack! Slam that cock into me NOW! And don't you dare fucking loose your woody or come to quick...") and paradoxically, seemingly timeless and in slow motion under the influence of the drugs.

Back at the hotel, Enrique was helping a dazed and confused Fiona to wake up.

"Mrs. Davis! Mrs. Davis!" Enrique gently slapped her face, "Wake up! I have breakfast for you."

After a moment, Fiona squinted. "What the FUCK...oh, Enrique... it's you...Hi, Enrique...what's up?" She giggled and her eyes started to slowly close.

"Stay awake please, Mrs. Davis. Mr. McCloud asked me to check on you and give you breakfast. Are you alright?" He noticed the needle puncture site on her neck that looked like a hickey now and the bruises beginning to form along her throat where he held her roughly and pressed her to the bed while he fucked her.

Again a giggle, "Oh, God Enrique...I don't think I've ever had a night like that. Yes, I'm fine - aside from being awakened from a sound sleep - what time is it...?"

"Uh, 6:30."

"...Aside from being awakened from a sound sleep just two hours after having reached unconsciousness. Where is my roomie?"

"He went for a drive up the PCH. Said he'd be back in a while."

* * * * *

"So, anything interesting happen on your trip dear?"

"Ummmm, I spent a wild night with this bohemian mad woman from Pacific Palisades. She was really kinky."

"Would I like her? Would you like a threesome with her?"

"I don't know, now hold still..."

Jack took the very white, full hips of his wife and mounted her doggie style quickly and hard. Vicki gave out a cry and then started urging him on with moans and obscenities.

He was very ungentlemanly, a fact which Vicki was quick to point out. He took her quickly and roughly and came quickly and did not give her a chance for pleasure.

They lay together in their bed, sweating and panting.

"Thinking of her when you fucked me, eh?"

Jack smiled, turned and kissed his wife, deeply and tenderly. "Believe it or not my little fuck slut, no, I wasn't. She was like going on a bender. She was fun for oh, 6 hours, but then I needed a break. She was just a "twist in my sobriety." Now I am back with you and our friends and lovers."

She snuggled into his chest, "Good."

Jack pushed her away and onto her back. "I think I owe you an O." He slid down to her red haired sex and started licking.

"Ummmmmmmm, lick me good you bastard..."

And he did.

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