tagLoving WivesA Unique European Vacation

A Unique European Vacation


Well I suppose the beginning of our relationship is a good place to start my story...It started about 6 years ago when I was finishing up my junior year in college. With the start of my last year just around the corner, I told myself I wanted to do something really worthwhile before I graduated. That's when I found out about an exchange program from my Japanese class and decided to give it a try. Perhaps it was the fact that I was a third generation Japanese-American and that I wanted to learn more about my roots first hand, that made me do it. Regardless, I was able to earn enough money over the summer to make it happen.

My group finally made it over to Japan, and we were immediately given a formal welcoming party by the faculty and student members of the English department. Among the students, one sweet girl caught my eyes and I was bitten by the love bug at first sight. I found out her name was Miho and that she was an avid student of the English language. Lucky for me, I had only taken 1 year of Japanese before arriving in Japan. Eventually I found the courage to ask her out and she accepted my date. We ended up dating for both of the semesters until I had to go back to the US. During this time, I found out she came from a rather traditional Japanese family and believed in being a virgin till the day she got married. So needless to say, we only went as far as light petting and me having to get my rocks off by myself in my dorm room. Regardless, I was still so much in love with her that I decided she was the one for me. So I asked her to marry me and she accepted (after discussing it with her parents and getting their blessing).

So after we both graduated, I had our wedding in Japan and honeymoon in the US. On the first nigh as husband and wife, I was able to see my lovely bride completely nude for the first time. Standing there in front of me at just 5 feet tall and 95 pounds, her white, porcelain skin and shiny, long black hair made her seem like a 14 year old girl. She had very small and perky breasts with protruding eraser-like nipples and her bush was neatly trimmed to a small triangle. Man, it was everything I had fantasized about for a whole year and my rock hard dick showed it.

Being somewhat inexperienced myself, the love-making ended faster than we had both imagined. Basically, I laid her on the bed, climbed on top of her, kissed her for a bit and then inserted my dick inside her. It felt so warm, wet and tight that I came in about 5 strokes. (I only had one other partner before then and it didn't last that long either.) As hard as I tried, I couldn't get it up after my first orgasm. Not wanting to leave my new wife high and dry, I decided to go down on her. I noticed that she was bleeding a little bit and knew she was a virgin just like she told me. It was my first time doing so and I actually found it very exciting to lick and kiss a woman's most private part. After 15 minutes of my inexperience oral love-making, I was able to get my wife to come with a little bit of a muffled sound as an expression.

Afterward, as we laid there in bed, I noticed she was often looking at my penis with a quizzical look on her face. I asked her what she was thinking and she told me that she was a bit surprised.

"Surprised about what?" I asked

"Well, I was often told from my more experienced girlfriends that American men had...well...a large penis." She shyly said. Sensing she may have hurt my feelings a bit, she quickly added, "But yours is a nice fit for me."

"Err...well, I think your friends meant to say that some American men have larger penises. But I'm an Asian decent and I think mine is on par with the rest." I tried to proclaim with some pride.

"Well, it doesn't really matter because I like how you feel inside of me." Miho said which made me feel a lot happier.

As the years went by, our love-making sessions got slightly better. We tried various positions but found only 2 positions that we could try because my dick wasn't long enough and kept popping out. And as hard as I tried, I couldn't last very long inside of her and couldn't get it up the same night. So we ended up with a routine where I would end up giving her oral sex in order to give her an orgasm. By the 4th year, our sexual passion had significantly deteriorated. Often times, Miho would pretend she wasn't feeling well or just came out and said she wasn't in the mood. That was when I started to go online to get materials to beat off from.

The sites that often got me horny and excited were the ones showing nude Japanese girls having sex, especially the interracial pics. Perhaps it was the contrast between these well-endowed white or black guys pumping their extremely large cocks inside the petite Asian girls that got me so horny. Then I gradually combined them with various erotic sex stories and doubled my horniness. Eventually, I somehow found myself reading more and more of the "Wife's sexual stories", and the ones with an emphasis with the husband watching his wife getting fucked by another man were real turn-ones for me. At first, I often wondered why it always made my dick super hard, perhaps it was the taboo of the situation, but eventually I didn't care. I just knew it made me hot and horny.

Then like most of you readers, I started to fantasize about my own lovely wife getting seduced and fucked by one of those well-hung studs. Many of my fantasies from that point on was about my wife and another guy. Even when I was fucking or sucking my wife, I was constantly thinking about seeing her completely giving herself to another man and thoroughly enjoying herself with him.

Eventually one weekend afternoon, my wife picked up on my new behavior when she noticed I was able to have a hard on after I had fucked and was licking her. She had asked me what had brought on the change in my libido, and I gave her some lame answer which she didn't accept. She kept at it for another 15 minutes, till I broke down and told her I was just thinking about some of the erotic stories and pics I've seen on the Internet. She didn't know what to make of it. First she yelled at me for being "unfaithful" to her, then she cried saying that she couldn't satisfy her own husband. It took me a while to calm Miho down and told her they were only erotic pictures and stories and nothing more. She then asked me to prove it and to show them to her. So we went to my computer and opened up some of my favorite sites. First, I showed her some of the stories and let her read part of them. Then I showed her some of the pics and videos of the Asian girls having sex. As she was looking at porn for the first time, I knew she was shocked and amazed at the same time. Then I realized that I was running late for an afternoon gym workout with my boss. I told her to shut down the computer when she was done and that I had to go. She was so mesmerized by the pics that she didn't even bother to respond.

Later that evening when I got back to our home, I was lovingly attacked by my wife before I even made it past the door. I tried to ask her what had gotten over her, but she just grabbed my hand and took me to our bedroom. There she tore off my clothes and demanded that I make love to her. I couldn't get hard right away, so I decided to go down on her. As I looked at her panties, I noticed they were soaking wet. I just pulled them aside and began to lick away. She was so horny that it only took one minute for her to come. By then I was pretty hard and decided to mount her. It also only took me one minute to come as well. I sensed a bit of disappointment in her and asked her what had come over her. She told me it was those stories of the wives having sex with another man. She also admitted that the pics of those gaijins (foreigners) with big penises fucking the Japanese girls added to her horniness.

"I didn't realize western men had such big penises!" Miho exclaimed.

"Well, only some of them. Remember, these are porn actors so they need to have large penises." I defended myself.

Then something made me ask my wife, "Did you fantasize about one of those men fucking you with his big cock?"

Her hesitation and stutter told me her answer of "I was just thinking about you coming home so we could make love" was full of crap. So we just left it at that.

Over the course of the following 2 weeks, I noticed Miho was more horny than usual and evidence had shown she had been surfing my porn websites. So during one of our loving-making sessions, I was just getting her to the point of climax from fingering her and sucking on her breasts when I quietly whispered in her ears, "Wouldn't it feel good to have a big cock inside you now?" Immediately, I shoved 2 of my fingers inside her and tried to stretch her out a bit.

"Ohhh" was the replied I got.

"Yes, your lover's got a nice fat cock and he's slowly opening you up with it." I whispered again in her ears as I inserted a total of 3 fingers inside of her. Judging from more "Ohhhs and ahhhs" I knew she didn't object to me verbally painting an erotic image inside her mind.

"God, yes. I can see him inserting his entire big dick inside of you now. Oh, your pussy is so tight but I can still see your juices leaking out. You must really like it now because there's so much of your juice lubricating his cock." I suggested to my wife. "And he's admiring your beautiful Asian body. He especially likes how tight you are. It makes him feel like he's fucking a virgin." I added.

I began to increase my finger fucking tempo as I told her,"Oh yeah. He's really fucking you now. You like his big, foreign cock fucking your little pussy now don't you, Miho?" I raised my voice. Finally I saw her faced tightened up and knew she was about to come, so I concluded with, "Oh Miho, you're making him so horny that he's going to come soon. I think he wants to come deep inside your womb. Do you want that Miho?" And with those words, Miho's entire body convulsed like I've never seen before and she was leaking so much juice onto my hand that I was amazed that she had it in her.

As her orgasm was subsiding, I quickly jumped on top of her and fucked her with 5 strokes before I came. My orgasm was so intense even Miho felt it. "Well, I guess I wasn't the only one enjoying the story." She said with a smirk. We didn't know what else to say that night, so I left it alone.

A couple of nights later, we made love again. I repeated my new technique by using my fingers and telling a similar story. This time, I added to her pleasure by periodically licking and sucking on her clitoris while trying to tell the story. I thought Miho couldn't match her orgasm from the other night, and perhaps it was the added oral stimulation, but she proved me wrong and came like a stream. Again, I mounted her and came quickly inside with just as much raw power as the last time.

After we rested a few minutes, my wife kind of surprised me by asking a bold question of, "Do you fantasize about me cheating on you?"

"No! Well...I admit the thought of you having sex with another man turns me on. However, I would prefer that you didn't do it behind my back." I answered awkwardly.

"So if I didn't do it behind your back, then that means you would want me to do with your consent? But why? Do you want to have sex with other women?" She began to get upset.

I quickly reassured her, "No, It's not my way of wanting to have sex with other women. I really don't want to have sex with other women. I just...well, I want to see you enjoying yourself while having sex with another man."

"But why? Wouldn't you get jealous and angry?" She asked.

"Perhaps just a little, but the thought of seeing you enjoying yourself on another level with a stud, just totally turns me on. I don't know why, but it just does." I answered.

"And by stud, you mean a man with a large penis? Miho asked.


"Much bigger than yours?"

"Yes. Someone with a very long and very thick cock."

"And it has to be a non-Asian man?"

"Well, another race just makes it even more exciting don't you think?" I countered.

Miho paused for a moment before replying, "No, I can't do it."

"You can't or you won't do it if there is an opportunity?"

"I just can't break our marriage vow." She nervously said.

"Listen, I know this whole thing is kind of strange to us, but it seems like there's a lot of couples out there who do this sort of thing regularly and enjoy it. Heck, it's probably the most popular category among all the story sections. And besides, you're really not breaking anything if I give my consent. And I really do give you my consent." I tried to explain.

"You really OK with me having sex with someone else? A gaijin with a large penis?" She double-checked me.

"I really don't mind. I actually encourage it. All that I ask is that you either tell me all about it or let me watch. That way, we'll both enjoy it. You don't have to decide right away. Just think about it and give it time to get comfortable with the idea." With that said, she turned off the light and we both went to bed. But I knew she was thinking about it.

After that night, I wanted to play it safe, so I occasionally tested the water with the story-telling again, but the effects were not so consistent. Some times she'd be excited and others, she'd be going through the motion. But my dreams didn't die.

Months went by with no further advancement of fulfilling my fantasy, until I got my opportunity and didn't know it. It turned out my company wanted to send me to Germany for a 5-day technical conference. I decided to take the opportunity to make a 7-day vacation out of it since my birthday was on the same weekend. Needless to say, my wife was ecstatic because it would be our first trip to Europe. My company had set me up at a fairly generic business hotel, but I decided to end the week on a high note with 3 nights stay at one of the 4-star hotels in Munich.

Well, the days of the conference were pretty boring and uneventful. By the time I got back to the hotel, I was usually too exhausted to really enjoy the town and my wife was somewhat disappointed having to spend most of the time by herself in a foreign place where her Japanese-accent English made it difficult for some of the Germans who did speak English.

Finally the conference ended and we packed up our suitcases and headed to our upscale hotel. When we got there, we were quite impressed with the wide, spacious, marbled lobby. As soon as we entered our suite, we were even more impressed. Both of us have never stayed in a 5-star hotel suite before, and so the room took our breath away. The room was not as large as I had expected, but the layout was so...well, very European and classy. The bed was a plush king-size and we had a decent size Jacuzzi hot-tub. And of course, the window view looked out to their famous gothic cathedral (which I couldn't remember the name), and its square was bustling with people.

After a day of sight-seeing, shopping and dining, we returned to our hotel. As we got to the lobby and headed for the elevator, I suggested to Miho we take a look at their swimming pool. It turned out the pool wasn't all that large but nice enough to relax in with minimal people around. We also notice a hallway leading to a steam room. Well, that did it for me. Since I didn't get any workout in at all the whole week, I persuaded my wife to take a swim with me. So we went to our room, got change and headed back to the pool. When we got there, everyone had left and so we had the place to ourselves.

After a halfway decent workout, I suggested to Miho to relax in the steam room with me. As we stepped in, we were taken somewhat by surprise after we were able to barely see through the steam. There was an elderly looking woman and a middle-aged man, both sitting naked on a towel on separate benches. Judging by their ages, they didn't seem to be a couple. The woman looked somewhat annoyed by our presence and talked with a firm voice at us in German. We couldn't understand a word she said and asked if either of them spoke any English. The middle-aged man spoke up and said in very good mild-mannered English, "I believe what she wanted to tell you, though rather rudely, is that you have to take off your clothes before coming in here and use only towels. It is the German custom in such steam-rooms."

"We're so sorry. Please, accept our apology because this is our first time in your country." I replied.

Then we went outside, and began to take off my swim trunk. My wife asked if I was really going in there naked. I said, "Sure why not? When in Rome... Besides, there's a lot of steam in there so they really can't see us naked well."

"Well, OK, but I'm going to wrap a towel around me anyway." My wife said defiantly.

We stepped back into the room and sat down on a bench that was about 6 feet opposite of the man. The bitter old woman realized that she didn't scared us away, and decided that she didn't want to share the room with any "rude" foreigners, so she got up and left.

So it was just us and the middle-aged man, who was barely visible even though he was only 6 feet away. After a few minutes, I decided to break the awkward silence and thanked him for translating to us. As it turned out, the guy was quite nice and amicable. We found out that he was a CEO of a mid-size firm in Frankfurt and that he always likes to stay at this hotel while on a business trip in Munich. He told us that this was the first time he has had the pleasure of actually conversing with Asian people. My wife usually doesn't converse much, but I noticed she was starting to take a liking to him. I guess what woman wouldn't be attracted somewhat to power.

After about 15 minutes gone by, I noticed that his appearance became more and more clear. As it turned out, Berndt informed us that it's that time of the night where they began their 30 minute shut-down of the steam room. As I looked over to Miho to ask her if she's ready to leave, I noticed her eyes were bulging and glued to Berndt. Then I looked over to him and notice that he was now visible to us. I was also caught dumbstruck when I saw the size of his cock dangling between his legs straight in front of us. The thing wasn't even hard and it was about 7 inches long (mine's 4 1/2 inches), looking like a small cucumber thick, and circumcised. The head itself was like a small plum. The man himself was rather ruggedly handsome as well with a 6 foot frame, broad shoulders, a flat stomach, and a chest full of hair. Berndt noticed both of us staring at his member and just gave a smile back.

"Err, I'm so sorry, but...well, I've ah..., never seen another man's penis so big before. And neither has my wife." I apologized to him the best that I could.

"Ah, don't worry. Even the German men and women stare as well. Sometimes it's my gift, and other times, it's my curse." He nonchalantly replied.

"Well, I for one would certainly consider it a gift." I complimented him and we both chuckled.

As Berndt and I continued to converse while my wife occasionally sneaked a peak. All the while I couldn't believe my luck. Here was an attractive nude white guy displaying his huge dong 6 feet away from my wife, who was semi-nude herself except for a towel. The more we talked Miho became more and more comfortable with Berndt and began to actively take part in our conversations all the while looking down at his manhood every now and then. It was obvious that Miho was getting excited because she began to cross her legs back and forth so often that her towel began to creep up her legs. Not wanting to miss out on a peeping opportunity, I could see Berndt slyly trying to sneak a peak between Miho's legs whenever she crossed them. He was clearly also getting excited because his cock became semi-hard and filled out to about 8 inches long and fairly thick. I could tell this was making my wife even hornier.

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